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    Top hat valve seal and valve train

    its what we are here for man! i do have a video of me doing one set of valves start to end when i rebuilt mine, only difference for you is you will need to TDC each cylinder before starting. everything else is the same

    Quadzilla or lift pump first?

    i have two in the bed box lol the belt itself is loose on the pulleys so wear is minimal (very little stretch) it would take foreign object breaking it to fail otherwise

    Top hat valve seal and valve train

    yeah true first time always slower for learning it. i did mine with the head off so rotating the engine wasnt in the steps. use grease on the nut when tightening so you dont bind the threads when compressing (one thing i saw quickly on first set) have a magnet pen to catch the keeper inserts it really helps! lemme know if you have questions but you can do it.

    Top hat valve seal and valve train

    it will take you a couple hours to do the seals by yourself :P

    Vp44 transistor replacement

    that is a good write up of where the wires go and such, but man that soldering job is hideous!!! lol something like this requires a micro tip soldergun to be precise and clean. soldering the transistor to the casing is good to use as a heatsync it also looks like the vp44 housing can support a 4 port rotor head and the 6 port rotor head i would also be willing to do this repair on a known bad pump for someone free and send back to see if it works (for the good of the cummins community). any takers?

    Vp44 transistor replacement

    http://www.digital-kaos.co.uk/forums/showthread.php/73680-Bosch-VP30-VP44-injection-pump-repair-solution/page7 https://www.westfloridacomponents.com/T143PE08/IRFZ44N+IRFZ44+N+49A+55V+Transistor+MosFET+International+Rectifer.html 49 amp 55v If i ever had to replace a pump again ill keep the core and was contemplating doing the transistor replacement and using a non conductive thin oil being pumped through a cpu computer radiator with peltiers in order to ensure the electronics housed on the vp stay cool. as we all know the heat kills these and mosfet transistors generate a sh!t ton of heat which cant go anywhere else but the housing of the pump and which is cooled by the overflow of fuel through it. thus why having psi over 14 to push the overflow valve open and getting flow through is mandatory. this video lists this transistor. 55v 42amp https://www.amazon.com/5PCS-IRLR2905TRPBF-MOSFET-N-CH-IRLR2905/dp/B01G0QHVQS/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&qid=1509288828&sr=8-1&keywords=irlr2905&linkCode=sl1&tag=amp036-20&linkId=8cbb278a6229b5759f168da394f3c19d this vid lists this transistor, 41amp 55v as well https://www.digikey.com/product-detail/en/infineon-technologies/IRLU2905/IRLU2905-ND/305417 i am confident that i could do this repair easily. i have done micro soldering for years what i am thinking is this is the driver that provides current to the plunger for the injector plate or something like that. makes sense that an electromagnet would need a lot of power to hold up against high psi injection system mechanism
  7. i figured it was about time to replace the driver seat as the original one is beat to hell. so fleabay it is and found this gem for good price!! https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dodge-Ram-Driver-Passenger-Lower-Seat-Cushion-Cover-Fabric-Dark-Gray-1998-2001/163206312350?fits=Year%3A2001|Make%3ADodge|Model%3ARam+1500&hash=item25ffdab19e:g:TXUAAOSwjS9a5PvX next ill be tearing out the carpet and hurculining the cab floor as the old carpet is old and stanky... and it is a truck so it will get dirty.

    Quadzilla or lift pump first?

    thats cool they warrantied them, but still left you both down for a period of time till replacement arrived. got to admit if the fuel boss fails its gonna be the belt which is $15 and 10 miuntes to change on the roadside. if it fails otherwise there are serious issues.

    Long term storage

    ive left mine sit for 6-8 months with zero issues. best to have a full tank to keep the fuel "dry"

    Quadzilla or lift pump first?

    look into fuel boss mechanical pump. wont fail like electrics and the psi increases with rpm of engine. same price less headaches.

    24v vp valve cover and other ramblings

    valve covers are cast then machined. unless you mig/tig one together to exact dimensions.

    Replaced Driver's Seat Cushion

    i need to do this to my driver seat.... anyone got $ for me lol
  13. i second the return check valve, when installing my fuel boss a small piece of nylon tape got caught in it and it wouldnt build pressure. once cleaned... pow 21psi! the banjo return on the vp44 can wear as the spring gets old but it takes a lot of miles to wear one out, basically it wont hold 14psi anymore and open easier. they are not cheap either.

    No traction on the boat ramp! What!?!

    i run duratrac now, 35" and they are great in snow, mud, offroad etc. e rated so they have a lot of plys for durability.

    Raptor Fuel Pump

    ill put it simply... i no longer worry about fuel delivery lol.