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  1. i cant use mine with 35" tires so if someone needs one i can remove mine and ship it. we can talk prices if interested
  2. my fuel boss idles at around 19-20, increases to about 25-28 (i stretched the spring a bit when i installed) you may have debris in the check ball valve.
  3. thanks for the information everyone, i will be putting together parts when i get the $ to do so and after this pandemic is over with in a few months. thank you so much! i believe this is the one i need. 2001 ex cab long bed 4wd D80 single wheel axle RWABS https://www.sstubes.com/collections/brake-and-hose/products/blh76_complete_brake_line_and_hose_kit
  4. found this site https://fcacommunity.force.com/RAM/s/equipment-listing which gave me this (shortened version) Vehicle Description 2001 DODGE RAM 2500 P/U QUAD CAB Dana M60/248MM Front Axle Shift-on-the-Fly,241HD Transfer Case 3.55 Rear Axle Ratio Dana M80 Rear Axle all i am finding for these kits are for my truck with a dana70 axle... im gonna have to go to the dodge shop to get part numbers
  5. my truck specific is 2001 quad cab, long bed, drum, rear 2wheel antilock (rear axle) single rear wheel so i presume its the dana 80? ive still yet to figure out if my rear is a 80 hybrid or 70. its the HO engine, NV5600 tranny, single wheels i looked at the glovebox code list (barely can read it) front axle DJF 5200 (dana 60 im sure) ratio AMD (i think 3.55?) rear axle DRL and i see an 8000 at the end (dana 80?) ok i took pics and compared them, i do have a dana 80 rear. specs https://www.dieselhub.com/maintenance/dana-80-fluid.html
  6. So if this is wrong section move please. I had a main brake line failure today, thankfully while teaching nephew manual transmission. he was standing on the brake and thankfully caused the fault which would have been very bad had i been at speed. it is the steel main line along driver frame rail leading to the rear brake valve. all rubber lines still look good but im gonna redo ALL brake lines steel and rubber to have a fresh system.
  7. good vid, i can see where the timing happens.
  8. i messed up two balljoint press tools doing mine, i even used heat and dry ice.... still boogered threads on the presses (cheap advance auto rentals) expect a days work to do them on your own... and a lot of cussing
  9. when i replaced my vp, i accidentally bent the bracket and never put it on. that was about 40,000 miles and a engine rebuild ago and no issues. eventually ill get another to install...
  10. i do my oil changes "around" 10k miles. use rotella with new filter. no problems. i dont tow either and at the rate of such low miles i drive it i only have to change every few years lol
  11. im sure they do however ive not ready anything so far about fuel boss and mine has had zero issues since install back in 2010. hope you get it sorted though.
  12. time to get a fuel boss and never worry about electricity again
  13. i think i may need to get new drums as well, the original ones were pretty marred up when i changed the shoes last and might be a contributing factor in them not seating well. ill make sure to run the adjusters to where i feel drag then. thanks!
  14. so long ago i replaced the shoes on the rear drums. but for the life of me i just never got them set correctly and they never really held the truck (i always park in gear) ive tried looking and cant find a comprehensive procedure for this so does anyone have a proper drum brake procedure to get them properly adjusted, i know how to replace them and such, just getting the adjusters set correctly then adjust the cable to the pedal (i already messed with it long ago) i will be getting new shoes and doing it over again correctly this time. thanks
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