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  1. reading through the thread, this is the thought i had as well, with enough PSI the injectors work both ways lol
  2. raptor 150 oil extractor

    i just take the 5 gal bucket and pour into the recycle bin at the parts store. it should be able to run backwards.
  3. replacement door

    everytime i see it with my peripheral, i think my door is open or missing hahahaa
  4. replacement door

    mounted and adjusted. seals good and everything works! gonna leave the 1500 v8 badge on to spoof people. the cummins badge i took off the old door ill make i to something nice.
  5. raptor 150 oil extractor

    it pulled cold 10-40 from the bmw so yeah its strong but crap bearings
  6. raptor 150 oil extractor

    sure saves my back now!
  7. raptor 150 oil extractor

    if it has a dipstick which my car and the cummins has, it will work i can also use it as a fuel transfer pump
  8. raptor 150 oil extractor

    yassa hahahaa, just put the leads to the battery posts, i have a switch built onto the existing relay harness, shove the clear tubes into the dipstick tube and the outlet into the 5gal bucket... flip it and watch! paid too damn much for this junk to let it go to waste. I also did take it apart to find out why it failed and the bearings they used are very very cheap chinese bearings that are allowing play in the rotor and causing a harmonic which slows the pump down. so now i have a fuel transfer pump or oil extractor!
  9. so i finally found a use for my old electric lift pump. using it as an oil extractor for oil changes. works like a champ, tested it on the bmw. got all of it out (6.5qts) in about 5 minutes. so no more back breaking “get under things” to change oil.
  10. there is one small freeze plug inside the gear case. arrow points to it. but i think the water pump is going if its not mixing coolant with oil
  11. replacement door

    one in georgia now
  12. replacement door

    i need to redo the driver seat and foam
  13. Headlight upgrades

    im gonna do this myself, get the new housings and fit projectors in. i only run hid anymore even now in the truck with cheapo hid projectors (chinese crap) they work but suck. i run 55w hids too, moar brighter!!!! haha i just priced out the mini d2s projectors and apollo 2.0 shrouds from morimoto directly, plus the new housing from amazon and it will be less than $300 to do. winter project now!
  14. replacement door

    so i scored a door on fecesbook marketplace, 2nd gen quad cab with zero rust. my current driver door has the bottom rusted out and will be swapping it out next week. ebay they run over $450-500 rust free.... i got it for $40 HAHAHAHA if anyone wants a mirror shoot me a price as i dont need it.
  15. installing a fuel boss

    when i installed mine, it wouldnt hold pressure at all. took the bypass valve apart and found some debris (white sealer tape of my doing) holding the ball open. cleared it out and never had psi below 15-16 since. at speed i am around 22-25psi warmed up.