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    AC clutch

    i have to replace the whole compressor as when i rebuilt the engine something happened to the coil that actuates the clutch. its dead shorted somewhere and it wont work at all even hooked directly to battery (burns wires...) so yeah new compressor for me...

    Floating Gears

    i just wanted to be part of the conversation :P WHY DO YOU ALWAYS TAKE MY FUN AWAY????? hahahahahaha they did have it on here but its discontinued. i think you can buy a delrin rebuild kit somewhere... http://www.quad4x4.com/catalog/category/nv5600_transmission_parts found this.... https://www.allstategear.com/NV5600-6-Speed-Shifter-Kit-p/nv25683-kit.htm
  3. i will be removing my safety switch on the manual and relocating it hidden somewhere on a toggle. its already messing up and has a dead spot in it making starting tricky haha

    Classified Ad - HX35 Rebuild Kit

    i need one of these, what form of payment do you take?


    you know the drill mike, do one side and do the other as its soon to follow on the murphy law bus... ahahha

    Floating Gears

    only kind of floating i do is when coming to a red light and i just want to coast, the timing of letting off the throttle creates a neutral force on the gear im in and i just slip it out into neutral like butter. sometimes when its cold and im not careful it wil blow through the synchro and dump into 2nd or 3rd and a bit of grinding. i dont like doing that and only happens on a cold trans wheni get spare money ill be replacing the shift tower guts as they are worn and i want to tighten up the stick.

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    the bed on mine is starting to rust at the wheel wells outer lip. eventually ill flatbed it and have a slide in camper on it. luckily the cab is still good.
  8. a friend and i removed the whole trans and xfer case in one shot. being that the truck is on 35" tires i didnt need to jack anything up. get a heavy duty trans lift and strap it down so it dont fall off, its a heavy bish. do it with 2 ppl, one to align the trans and one to work the jack. while you are in there replace the rear main if it hasnt been done yet.

    Muffler or resonator delete

    mine is straight piped, 3" not that loud unless i hammer on it no drone either

    How can I Lower My Egt's

    stock gearing on 35's and 6 spd i usually get between 650-750 cruising 65. on setting 5 i can hammer the pedal and peg the boost to 31 and egt hit ~1200-1300 easy, i do that for a second or two at least once when i take it out just to heat it up and clean stuff. most the time im in setting 1

    Additional Fuel Tank

    i was actually considering a secondary tank, between the frame rails and dump the exhaust just behind the cab. probably get another 30 -35 gal with that alone and have a filler neck on that side, do like the fords do, have a valve to pull from one tank or the other.

    How strong is a stock clutch?

    yes i had it resurfaced, it was in good shape being the oem original.

    How strong is a stock clutch?

    i went with a valair kevlar ceramic on the nv5600 and rv275's... ive pulled well over 20,000 lbs (ram3500 with 30' camper attached) and had zero slips. nothing ive done will make it slip and i run 35" tires http://www.thoroughbreddiesel.com/valair/NMU70279-06.htm