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  1. im tarded... i forget which lines to do lol i think its 1,3,5
  2. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Super-Tech-TC-W3-Outboard-2-Cycle-Engine-Oil-1-Gallon/16795065
  3. if you remove the oil cooler, expect to do a coolant flush too.. basically gonna drain the block gasket set $50 its a split set as the cooler is two parts. https://puredieselpower.com/dodge-products/98-02-5.9l-cummins-diesel-encore-block-oil-cooler-gaskets.html but if you look at parts 3,10,8,4, this is the pressure bypass valve which is accessible without removing the oil cooler.
  4. crack lines 2,4,6, have someone crank engine over till it starts firing, then tighten the lines. this is after you figure our the air in system problem
  5. i know for a fact the fuel psi sender sensor can get funky, sometimes mine will read normal 14-15 psi idle while hot then drop to 2 then back up to 14-15... i need to replace it.
  6. mine sat around 65 running, after rebuild its at 55-60 running. you are still in the clear
  7. be interested to see cause of failure on the nv5600. knock on wood mine is still going strong at 220,000 miles, i dont tow anything though
  8. dont forget that a pressurized system will have a higher boiling point so that it wont "boil over". so at 220F its hotter then hell but it wont boil over while sealed up to the pressure max of the radiator cap. the radiator cap keep the system from popping a hose or headgasket or other water gasket.
  9. that temp swing is normal. drive it uphill a few times when hot it will purge air to the top of the system
  10. you may have an issue with the 6th gear bearing if not lubricated properly (extra quart more when filling up to lube 6th gear) could have eaten something up and broke it free when reversing... i wouldnt drive it until repaired.
  11. if you get a mechanical, go fuel boss, cant go wrong and about the same price or so as the electrical ones. im not up to speed on the electrical lift pumps so others can chime in. both have their pros and cons.
  12. my rule of thumb is, i cant believe anything being put out as "news" because i was not there to see it myself. everything is a lie.
  13. my take on all this is im neither for nor against the police. yes on one hand they are being persecuted for doing their job, however there still is a severe amount of corruption and abuse of power. they chose to be police, they work for us, and they are not all high and mighty. sadly we can never have a just system as long as a human woman or man is in a position of power and authority as a great majority cant resist the temptation to turn to corruption or abusing their power. i dont condone the public murder of anyone by police nor do i condone the public murder of police by anyone, but law enforcement is not as perfect and law abiding as society puts them out to be. law enforcement needs absolute accountability for their actions and its wrong for them to be protected (we all know they are) along with the justice system, judges, etc etc... because in the end they are just human beings like everyone else capable of being corrupted and imperfect, just because they swore an oath, have a badge and gun then choose to abuse that power doesnt give them the right to be unquestionably innocent. i dont know why society has put law enforcement on a pedestal and worships them as they can do no wrong while they bend us over and rape our wallets and freedoms. we need change but sadly we are already going down the rabbit hole and all i see happening is martial law and a police state by the government... i have a headache now. sadly republican or democrat, both sides are playing the same game on the tennis court. we are the tennis ball... our entire government is corrupt and power hungry its called evil and the driving force is satan. so many people in the world today are willing to let themselves be led on the wrong path. what is happening now will only get worse as it is foretold and i am ready. i coined a phrase a couple years ago "we live in the age of the great distraction" the good will be portrayed as the bad and the bad will be portrayed as the good, even says so in the bible somewhere. this is all supposed to happen and we are at a point that only the big man above can put a stop to this sh!tshow.
  14. they have been doing this on F1 racing for a while and it works!
  15. me and my brother have been discussing things for many years about how things will go down and so far we have been pretty much on the money. eventually the fecal matter WILL hit the oscillating rotator and those who are not ready will be in a world of suffering. here is a good letter outlining many things that are coming to light... https://www.lifesitenews.com/opinion/archbishop-viganos-powerful-letter-to-president-trump-eternal-struggle-between-good-and-evil-playing-out-right-now
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