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  1. they must have changed the parameters of the test, my 01 manual always passed emissions with edge juice attitude (stock setting) and rv275's, running on 35" tires. i did leave colorado in 2014 though
  2. thats the fuel cap? a plastic bit that doesnt even screw on or lock? good way to get dirt and sugar or gas poured in by evil doers...
  3. it does boil down to EPA is on a money grab vendetta. its not about the environment but all about EPA revenue.
  4. after reading, it makes sense. but how can lowes have different craftsman tools than what craftsman makes? https://www.wcpo.com/money/consumer/dont-waste-your-money/will-lowes-honor-craftsman-lifetime-warranties i get all my OEM craftsman rebuild parts from these folks, they are great to work with and have great prices https://www.ebay.com/usr/alwaysadealzimmerman?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2754 info on where your craftsman was made https://www.garagejournal.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-84807.html
  5. craftsman has always had a no ask replacement warranty on ALL handtools. whoever sells them MUST adhere to this policy. its why i have all craftsman. i also rebuild all my ratchets now, there is a seller on ebay that sells the genuine rebuild kits good prices
  6. when my vp went the first time i didnt know about the bracket on the vp and had the vp unbolted but not the bracket. and the thing wouldnt come out so i tried prying it blah blah, i eventually realized there was a bracket on the backside and then removed it and swapped the vp. when i put it back on it was bent from my doing so i left it off. this was back in 2009 when i left he bracket off at appx 160,000 miles. the truck now has over 215,000 still with no bracket. i think it is mainly there to ensure gear teeth alignment and possibly secure against the vibration harmonics of the engine itself. no problems so far but i would like to get a new bracket and get it installed again as i dont like things half a$$ed. ill pick one up this year or next since i hardly drive the truck https://www.ebay.com/itm/Cummins-VP44-DODGE-SUPPORT-FUEL-PUMP-BRACKET-3945519/192519352891?epid=1253611190&hash=item2cd30c323b:g:ZBkAAOSw~E5abfcb
  7. my edge lcd screen is starting to get a fade spot, its done me good so far but i may one day get a quad tuner and install. engine is stock aside from bhaf, rv275's and straight piped stock diameter exhaust (running on 35" tires) 6 spd manny. i want economy most of all.
  8. with any federal agency there is no consistency. and police will use any bullying intimidation tactic they can to justify a made up law or their own ignorance of a law they know nothing about or whatever it takes to get that revenue. Police stations are a business and the more money they bring in the happier they are, this mindset is what made me realize that doing stupid stuff was just contributing to their revenue. I refuse to be part of their revenue stream now and have not had a ticket since 2007. but i dont want this thread to be a police bashing thread, just discussion on the new rules and actual enforcement on laws already in place. ive been reading it really has to deal with the new diesels that have DEF systems and people literally deleting them and removing the regen/DEF fault from the software in the vehicle. I do place blame on all the idiots that rolled coal for so many years and youtubing it and literally shining the sun on us diesel owners as a spotlight for the people and those with "power" to stand up and say enough, and now the laws are being enforced hardcore because of it. how do we get people to stop rolling coal? fine them for removing and altering stuff on their vehicles and force them to make it OEM again and now no more coal rolling. its high time the government got replaced with people that arent bought and paid for, that have no agenda aside from upholding the constitution and freedom, abolishing the FED of which prints money out of thin air and is not a part of the government (fed reserve is a private financial institution)
  9. our trucks with just dpf’s and mufflers just jumped in value🤣 gotta be wary of theft now doing more research the 98.5-02 5.9 had no cats nor dpf’s only a resonator and muffler. the vp44 met epa standards on its own at the time. ill just get a muffler put on one day. i did have some ahole cop pull me over for some smoke in utah that i didnt realize i did, the cam sensor went out, that was my excuse. he argued with me that my truck came with a cat from factory and i told him to call the local stealership... half hour later he said fix the truck and gave me a warning. he knew i was correct after the dealer told him it didnt come with a cat...
  10. i guess i need to find a state with no inspection laws and gun friendly if i ever move, i dont mind a muffler being on as long as it flows the same as a 4” and a new dpf that flows well. the juice is getting aged and i can hide the entire unit if i wanted within the firewall or dash as i rarely mess with it. but i may upgrade to quadzilla and run wifi to the phone for monitoring. one day when i have money that is
  11. my truck is stock aside from the edge juice attitude, and straight piped from the turbo back. i dont roll coal and we have no emissions here in nc. guess i dont need to worry
  12. so its just the the “epa” is now finally enforcing things at a certain level.
  13. so im starting to see you tube stuff about epa banning “delete tunes” and things going downhill for our diesel trucks. anyone have more info on this?
  14. i have rv275 stock hx35 straight exhaust and bhaf. i like the setup, enough power plus reliability
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