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  1. being in ham radio this is all fact, the "ripples" are called harmonics and any open electrical spar/arc can, does, and will create unwanted RF and the harmonics can go up and down the radio spectrum for ages.... that unwanted rf can be inducted into other resonant circuits and cause problems. its why i have a mechanical lift pump


  3. before i did my mod, i was rock crawling in colorado and unknowingly dumped a gallon out the front vent because i was going downhill so steep, the oil light came on. after the complete mod, ive had zero issues since, even in -17deg weather
  4. nice to hear, sometimes defects happen but the owner of fuel boss is great to work with and very helpful.
  5. i overpack, push the caps on till they seat and make sure seals dont pop out before install.
  6. i upgraded to a 3rd gen inverted t steering and a box brace. the box is worn but all the other stuff tightened things up well. just bad design with some weak components plus who the hell puts a weak a$$ balljoint on the frame side of the tracbar on a pickup truck... that is the biggest issue, a 3rg gen adjustable trackbar with 3rd gen frame adapter is needed to fix that issue....
  7. i get sealed as well, stronger and before i install i over pack them to make sure plenty o grease. havent had a problem doing this
  8. yeah it seems the spring isnt putting enough pressure against the ball bearing to seal and build pressure. take it apart and see how easy it is to push it open, 20psi is a lot and if that spring is weak or defective it will not hold pressure. also blow into it and if air gets past then its defective. it happens sometimes
  9. that return check valve has debris in it keeping pressure from building. this happened to me when i installed mine and tested. took it apart and found some of my teflon tape in there.
  10. the amp sits under the dash and you can hear the relay click on when you turn the stereo on. what are on the speakers are low pass and high pass filters. just the the adapter from walmart $8 and you are good
  11. if you have the proper overload blocks there, they may have put the angle iron to keep from squatting so much when overloaded. those overload springs arent meant to be a constant use item, rather an emergency spring for a shock to the rear axle while carrying near or max loads to prevent axle from bottoming on frame and breaking and reversing the spring pack on themselves from overcompression. removing that iron is fine and shouldnt be there to begin with
  12. looks like they added an overload spring to the pack that wasnt there from factory and the bolt that holds that angle iron is where the overload perch block usually is. take it out and put the proper overload perch block on.
  13. i need to send mine to get rebuilt, it has no power to turn 35" tires standing still. once moving it turns ok, its just weak and is worn.
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