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    241DHD T-case rebuild kit

  2. 2 iphone 6+ and an iphone 5 ton of apps to use and have offline mapping as well. i can run torque app and motinor things if i want through a obd2 wifi adapter

    Height Sensing Proportioning Valve TSB 05-04-98

    which way is full open? currently i have mine ziptied level to the frame
  4. you all should see my setup, ill get a pic today

    Head gasket blown - Coolant leak

    was working on a friends 3rd gen back in 2013 in colorado, leaning over the pass fender working on the bottom of the turbo trying to get a bolt to loosen, ended up breaking a rib i was pulling on the wrench so hard (and body weight-feet off the ground), my friend and his dad standing there heard a loud pop and i hit the floor gasping... there goes the rib. broke it 3/4 way through, really sucked

    FYI... Recall

    i did the factory mopar 3rd gen t upgrade back in 2010, ive had the thing rock crawling and zero issues, guess mine was before all this. spent about $450 for the whole thing but its nice

    Head gasket blown - Coolant leak

    your pistons are really damn clean mike!

    Another failed AD

    that might be a weep port if the seal to the motor fails. kinda like the weep port on a water pump.

    Another failed AD

    when i purchased mine back in 2011, the owner worked with me on troubleshooting the install (debris in return valve) i asked him how many miles he had his fuel boss for and told me he had the same pump and belt for over 150,000 or more miles. the pump is a straight cut gear pump. it has 3 moving parts (belt, two gears) as long as the belt is properly tensioned (1-1.5" play) the belt will last who knows how long and the gears wont wear the seals on the housing. i have 2 spare belts in the toolbox ive not needed since i purchased the pump. they are $7 each i think... i keep the oem lift pump installed but unwired to prime the system but probably gonna remove it. you can prime the fuel boss with a drill also, just remove belt and pulley and chuck the shaft into cordless drill and in a couple seconds its primed. it has my full confidence.

    Another failed AD

    cough (fuel boss) cough

    5 and 6 speed owners

    was in 6gear towing a dual axle overfilled uhaul trailer doing 70 from utah on 80 eb into wyoming and there is a huge valley with a very long downhill and a very long uphill. well i didnt realize that the truck was still trying to go uphill in 6th at 70 of course struggling and i realized i was slowing down and looked, egt were pegged, rpm was about 1600 in 6th full throttle (cruise) i caught it just as #6 started to melt in the bore. what happened was the lugging made metal on the mains and clogged the squirters from 6 moving forward... #6 was first to go all the mains were ruined, #6,#5 rod bearings gone $4500 later and its all rebuilt. Lesson learned. the only time im in 6th now is on flat road, no load and cruising above 65. otherwise im in 5th or below with a load.

    5 and 6 speed owners

    one thing you dont want to do is lug the engine load or no load. my old #6 piston can tell you why not to do it.

    Power seat switches/functions

    if you have motors that dont work...

    Vp44 transistor replacement

    keep us posted!

    Another dead VP44

    crack the board open and see if the transistor is toast, if it is send to me and ill replace it free, send back to you and see if it works again. im thinking if the solenoid gets worn and stuck, the draw on the transistor could also burn it out...