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  1. I’m pretty sure I have one. I’ll have to check now haha
  2. notlimah

    'The Boost Bus'

  3. notlimah

    2002 5.9 dodge 3500 SLT automatic

    If you didn’t pick up on that, @Dynamic is not a fan of shift kits of any kind. His phone number is ‭(503) 880-5451‬.
  4. notlimah

    2002 5.9 dodge 3500 SLT automatic

    You don't need the J-hook for the HX35, only a boost elbow. J-hook is for the HY only. I got one of your replies to this copy & pasted ready to go if you need it, just give the word! lmao
  5. notlimah

    Well the Order is in

    I agree. You’ve waited this long, might as well wait and see what the official word is.
  6. I was more thinking if the trans is calling for TC lockup at too low an rpm it would cause the surge and if you’re building that much more boost outside the turbos map, could be causing the barking. I have a 15ss, 7x.085’s, hx35 and a boost elbow and most boost I see if 33-35. Sounds like you’re wastegate or boost elbow is jacked up. I just wouldn’t be so quick to say new turbo since that’s not a cheap fix. I’d be trying to figure out how to control the boost and see if you’re having the same issues and try and save some money. If it turns out it is the turbo, at least you’ve checked everything else (read: the cheap stuff) first!
  7. Now you have me feeling like I should’ve got something other then the FS1000 & DBF5817! 😣
  8. notlimah

    Dyno numbers

    Here ya go https://mopar1973man.com/topic/13364-testing-injector-pop-pressure-in-the-real-world/?tab=comments#comment-168059
  9. Is your torque converter locking too early? Only time I’ve ever had surging is when I first installed my lock up switch and was foolin around and locked it at too low an rpm. Never barked it but definitely tried surging until I let off the switch.
  10. notlimah

    Well the Order is in

    So do you get to choose now?
  11. I doubt it. Currently running what’s in my sig, so absolute max I’d be is 350 but not even sure I’m at that.
  12. At the time it was built it was a little higher around 5-550. Now I’ve pretty much settled at 350-400 even though @trreed says otherwise.
  13. notlimah

    Well the Order is in

    😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳 It exists!!!!!
  14. notlimah

    'The Boost Bus'

    100% agree with the drop/drag. Did I hear you say hood stack or side exit exhaust??