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  1. notlimah

    HX35 Rebuild

    Don’t think any of these trucks will ever sound the same at idle. We need a video of yours to be able to even give you an idea if there’s a problem.
  2. notlimah

    4x4 Actuator

    In for learning the info.
  3. Sounds good. Whenever I get a new exhaust it’ll be flopro with 30in FTE so I’ll report back on what it sounds like.
  4. I can confirm the FTE takes away the harsher raspy idle and cuts down on idle noise on a diamond eye 4in for sure. Haven’t ridden in the truck but what I’ve been told is no drone and a lot quieter but still sounds good.
  5. I plan on going with flopro when I get an exhaust. They extend their welds to wrap around the pipe more to cut down on fatigue over time and I think also reduce vibration. They also come with the nice band clamps already instead of the crush style clamps most others come with.
  6. notlimah

    What the heck!

    Jeez, hope that’s the last of the road repairs needed on this trip!
  7. Sounds decent. Any rust? Fur plate been messed with? Starts right up cold and hot? If the funds are there and it fits what you want then go for it.
  8. 30in FTE on a diamond eye You don’t count, you have twins so it’s quieter!!
  9. Cousin has 4in with resonator almost at the downpipe and it sounds amazing. Pretty tame at idle, definitely know it’s there when you hit the gas, but drone is gone.
  10. I meant when flipping the switch to 6cyl and unhooking the quad when jump starting someone.
  11. notlimah

    Exhaust manifold

    And some of us are even MORE smart...