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  1. A/C leaking

    Two questions with that kit. How do you verify the systems empty? How do you avoid doing anything other then putting a vacuum on the system? Id hate to get something like that and end up doing more damage then good haha.
  2. Fuel temps?

    So just an on/off above/below type thing?
  3. A/C leaking

    I’d assume it’s still stock but not sure. If it is it has close to 180k on it. I wish I had a way to pull a vacuum and check this stuff myself but I don’t. My version of what you did will be to replace a part, out cheap a/c recharge kit and see if it lasts any longer then before. Or pay someone to check for leaks and actually find it. Problem is these parts aren’t cheap! Thanks for the advice though, I’ll start with the compressor and go from there. It sure did cycle a lot.
  4. So I’ve been having A/C issues for a while now and haven’t had the chance to really track it down. It’s got to be leaking somewhere as I’ve had a shop charge the system, add frion and such, and within a couple weeks it was back to blowing like warm air at best. Had to use one those cheapie Walmart cans to boost it back up over a weekend trip with the fam, knowing I’d need the cold air and that it’d leak in less then a week. I’ll be home in a few weeks and want to start tackling this (along with heater core swap) but before I start buying parts, are there any places prone to leaks I can check right off the bat? If worse comes to worse I’ll drop it at a shop and have them run dye to check for leaks then fix myself.
  5. Fuel temps?

    What temp does the stock fuel filter heater turn on and off?
  6. Hello

    This is one of the few forums I’ve ever seen that doesn’t and it’s quite refreshing. People just want help with their trucks and don’t always think to ‘use the search function’ or have a problem that’s slightly different enough to warrant a new thread. Most of the forums with people who berate those types of folks are the ones who just spend way to much time on forums to begin with. We got a happy bunch out this way so glad to have ya!
  7. Awesome news about the 4th gen potential! If I’d known any better I would’ve got wife one instead of her GMC, but now with that almost paid off, it’ll be a huge bonus to the 2nd gen spending fund
  8. Pilothouse/RAM2500 build

    Man I’m jealous, looking great!
  9. High amp alternator

    @W-T Wow!! Thanks a lot for that. Have you been able to find an alternator that meets the criteria you spoke of?
  10. Are the stock alts and wiring like that?
  11. Consensus on tapped pump

    Gotcha, I have two Donaldson’s waiting to be put in next go around.
  12. Consensus on tapped pump

    I got a newer FASS but it still uses 1-14 thread.
  13. So I made a decision

    True Mike but you don’t have a stock HX anymore!
  14. Consensus on tapped pump

    So what do you recommend for fuel and water separation filters on the FASS and Airdog pumps?