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  1. notlimah

    2016 Silverado Mileage

    Same question. I have no problem putting it in manual and driving in 5th but not being able to keep it on V8 on the highway is a pain. Plus good luck getting my wife to remember do to that every time! 🤦‍♂️
  2. notlimah

    Ran into this gem 2 days in a row

    I give the guy credit for having the skills to put this together but in regards to the trok...
  3. notlimah

    Ran into this gem 2 days in a row

    What I am looking at?? Lifted dually avalanche?!
  4. Only thing I’ve seen about different pitman arms is on the lifted trucks. If you’re 2in or below of lift you’ll be fine with the stocker.
  5. notlimah

    Quadzilla display project

    Here’s how I have mine. Just an idea, I’d prefer something permanent that’s for sure.
  6. notlimah

    Understanding your stock turbo!

    HX’s were on the earlier autos as well.
  7. I put my relay here and ran power for my FASS to the PDC
  8. Yea I can’t imagine it feeling much different empty vs the trailer lol
  9. notlimah

    CR Injector failures and upset owners

    Sounds like the majority are just negligent owners. I don’t know many 1st & 2nd gens that run like a top with 300k on the injectors. Only positive is not paying an arm and a leg for new ones for the older trucks.
  10. Nice work, buuuut have you towed it with the new rig yet?!?
  11. notlimah

    Ummm... Errr... Um. Someones diesel?!

    This thing is like the redneck version of the batpod from The Dark Knight.
  12. notlimah

    'The Boost Bus'

    Suuuuuure you weren’t!
  13. No, all stock. Coulda swore there was a tsb for this exact issue.
  14. Yea, all I’m sayin is they both drain back. Get outta here you!
  15. If you’re thinking of doing decent sized injectors and big boy tuner you better be thinking about that trans sooner then later cause that’s not gonna last towing that Deere around very long.