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  1. Can't speak for @AH64ID but I've found it works up to 1-2k lol anything above is a no go.
  2. notlimah

    What’s the weak link?

    Speaking strickly from what I've read, the main things needing to be address are the KDP and the 5th gear nut if applicable. Other then that just general wear and tear item that would need replacing on a 20+ year old truck. Tuning from what I understand is as simple as turning a screw one way or another, there's a meme that covers this but I can't find it. Easy enough to mess with tuning is what I'm getting at. Hopefully someone with actual 12v experience can chime in and help you out a bit more.
  3. notlimah

    Airdog filters only?

    So from what I understand the Donaldson is synthetic and he Fleetguard is cellulose, at least with the 2 filters I’m running correct?
  4. notlimah

    Airdog filters only?

    They hang a good ways down. The angle of those pics don’t really show how far past the fender they are. I mounted it to the recommended frame mounting spot, just made damn sure I got the mount adjusted as high as possible. Here’s a pic from the side for reference with the new, bigger filters.
  5. notlimah

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    Pretty sure vin decoder is in the beginning of the FSM downloaded here on the site.
  6. Thanks for saying that much better than I
  7. Think of it like this. One tune, truck drives terrible, but on a dyno, would put some pretty similar/close numbers compared to another tune, where the truck drives well. The numbers would be similar on the dyno, but the butt dyno would tell a different story in drivability.
  8. Sounds like you get the gist of it lol.
  9. Tuning on the V2 won’t give you more or less HP, it’ll just change the driveability.
  10. notlimah

    Airdog filters only?

    My new filter shield to help protect these big old things!
  11. Any worries of fuel leaking in the cab can be alleviated by having your fp gauge in the lowest pod on the pillar and drilling a small hole underneath the pod. You’ll see or smel any leaks before it had time to puddle up and cause more damage.
  12. He linked it for ya in here already!