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    Lift pump pressure adjustment

    With today's electronic lift pumps from FASS and Airdog, TYPICALLY they do not come with a way to easily adjust fuel pressure. There are options out there but they are quite spendy and there's easier ways to accomplish the same thing. So for those who have pumps that do not have an external/adjustable regulator, your pump more than likely uses a spring and ball to regulate fuel pressure. Springs should be provided from the pump manufacturer to provide adequate pressures. Typically between 16-18psi. The pumps use a hard plastic ball, either a Buna or Viton ball. This will create a s
  2. This article is being put together to help walk you through the fairly simple steps of replacing the grommets at the fuel return t and the washers on the banjo bolt at the back of the head. Symptoms that lead me to start changing these parts were... -Hard starts with the nose of the truck pointed up hill after 4+ hours -Loss of prime -Longer cranking of the engine -Point nose down hill the truck would fire up no problems. Starting with the T on the fuel return lines. The easiest way to locate this T is to find your return banjo on
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