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  1. Thank you i will be waiting patiently cant wait for that extra bit of power! Next on the list is studs!
  2. I'm looking for a tune for my 7x10 injectors and 57-61-12 turbo anyone have anything fun and safe. Turbo and injectors will be in next week looking for something that will run ok as is.. also having trouble getting onto the classifieds forum anyone else having issues? Thanks
  3. Been playing with the 4k tuner and well what a bit of kit! I liked it that much ive just ordered a standard module and the iquad BT from quad for 320USD shipped to the UK! Cant wait to get a standard module on! Also anyone looking for a cheap 4k module and PV2 monitor message me 👍🏻🤙🏻
  4. @Haggar yeah European cars are like that much easier i will try some heat when i have 5 minutes away from work.. @98whitelightnin yeah it's just seized on the spline i have been lifting the wiper to slide the clip out
  5. Yeah I've sprayed them up good i will try again tomorrow cant believe how expensive the arms are in comparison to a new motor...
  6. Went to change the motor today wiper arms are froze solid the little pin slides out but the arms will not leave the spline any tricks on getting them off?
  7. Yeah I've ordered a motor surprisingly cheap to buy!
  8. Well this is where I'm at all fuses tested ok 3 wires have continuous 12v to the wiper motor when hi/low is selected 1 wires drops to 4 volts the other 2 drop to 0 volts... When intermittent is selected all 3 wires stay hot regardless of the relay clicking in and out. Is this because the park switch isnt working in the motor? I only had a quick 5 min look due to snow dark and minus 2 or 3 celcious 🤣 Also i unplugged one of the ign fuses and the chime started inside for one reason or another but not too interested in chime working or not i just like my wipers working correctly. Any more help would be much appreciated thanks
  9. Tried that already i would say the relay is ok because the delay on the relay clicking in and out. I suspect wiper motor but its odd I lost that chime for the ignition.. I unplugged the CTM to see if it would reset but no joy.
  10. Well i now have low/high speeds and washer fluid is now working but i still have no intermittent (relay does click every 2 seconds or so when intermittent is selected) wipers do not park still and i have no annoying ign on chime etc now?? 🤣
  11. Thank you very much the wipers do not park they just stop wherever they are when switched offf Yes the wipers just stop and do not return to the park position Thank you for the drawings
  12. Hmm strange just been reading about the CTM door locks etc all work but i did read there is 2 fuses for the CTM i wonder if that is my issue
  13. Sorry whats the CTM? Wiper fuse is ok and i have wipers working on fast just no intermittent or washers
  14. Well this morning it was pretty frozen i we iced the truck etc drove maybe 5 miles went to clean the screen using the washers but the wipers froze. now i only have wipers working on fast no intermittent and no washer/wipers when the washer button is pressed anyone had this issue? Is there a fuse for this part of the circuit?? Thanks
  15. Well i just got off the phone to quad they talked me through what i could do to make this module run my track safely which to be honest i may as well sell it. I'm going to buy a standard quadzilla i think. Who would you guys buy from ? And is anyone looking for a 4k tuner ?? 🤣
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