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    I need the over head trip computer if anyone has one available please. Shipped to the UK.


  2. View Advert Wanted over head computer only I need the over head trip computer if anyone has one available please. Shipped to the UK. Advertiser Ronniemx3 Date 09/11/2018 Price Category 2nd Generation Dodge Ram  
  3. Ronniemx3

    Miss at idle

    @Dieselfuture i knew you sold me them in good faith hence me never moaning or asking for refunds or asking for you to sort it etc top guy 👍🏻👍🏻
  4. Ronniemx3

    Miss at idle

    Everything in the UK is CR these days we just order injectors on exchange. I followed your step by step bery easy!
  5. Ronniemx3

    Miss at idle

    Well good news everyone i stripped the injector to get the number for DAP cleaned reassembled no miss fire at all now!
  6. Ronniemx3

    4" downpipe

    Will you ship to the UK?? Thanks
  7. Ronniemx3

    Miss at idle

    8DAP are saying they do not do a 60hp injector only a 50 or 75 so im abit stuck on getting a single injector
  8. Ronniemx3

    Miss at idle

    I may strip it again next week i suspect injector too as that is all i moved and fault followed hopefully it will fix itself 🤣🤣 i can get that injector out without stripping anything really now so i will take it out and clean it at some point tthis is my truck
  9. Ronniemx3

    Miss at idle

    I totally understand youve been spot on through out selling them etc.. i will run it as a few forumssay they have sorted themselves out after some use.. if it doesnt clear over the next month or so i will pull it and strip it
  10. Ronniemx3

    Miss at idle

    Yeah i will keep check on it... it sounds similar to this but not as noticeably as i dont hace a straight pipe https://youtu.be/wR4xkjXRJ1Y
  11. Ronniemx3

    Miss at idle

    My thoughts to.. im going to have to run it for time being as going away for work will this do any harm??
  12. Ronniemx3

    Miss at idle

    Swapped the injector to no 1 cylinder and yeah it seems to not fire at idke as the engine not does not change when cracked off.. im going to clean it and see if i can find the issue
  13. Ronniemx3

    Miss at idle

    Well done it all again and found no 4 injector not firing. So going to swap it out with number 1 and go from there
  14. Ronniemx3

    Miss at idle

    Thanks i will do it in the morning.. thanks for your advice everyone. I will let you know how it goes
  15. Ronniemx3

    Miss at idle

    I will just strip it all out again tomorrow and re do it all.. so put the injectors in then cross overs then tighten the hold downs and do up the HP lines??