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  1. Anyone compared mechanical gauges to the quad I'm wondering if the quad is accurate on the EGT especially ??
  2. @Bullet well what a review I'm pretty much sold! 😎 Im going to go on their site and pray they can ship a kit to the UK 🤣 I already have an s300 based small turbo similar specs to yours so hopefully that should save some money. Also what kind of waste gate is fitted to your manifold charger if you don't mind me asking? Thanks 👍👍
  3. Who here runs compounds?? I'm looking for reviews on pipe kits or complete kits for s300 over s400 set up. Also injector sizes. Any reviews much appreciated. CCP seem to be able to supply a kit for good money but I've heard a lot of horror stories about ordering from them! Thanks
  4. Thanks already tried the reset and it has the original apps. Back to looking at other possibilities
  5. I still have my TC lock up issue so this morning I thought I would check my apps voltages. 0.314 at idle climbs perfectly but max voltage is 3.46 at 100% throttle I believe this is too low?? The quad is showing 100% throttle. Any input would be greatly appreciated guys
  6. I'm not worried about it being lazy I'm just worried about it not spooling up at all 🤣 I can go for larger injectors no problem. I have read few people running s400 frame chargers on VP trucks and making them work but they tend to have smaller intake to this but larger exhaust turbine surely the smaller exhaust turbine would aid spool up?
  7. I have ended up with a 71/71/15 non wastegated t4 k29 borgwarner turbo. Anyone on here ever run one? I assume it's to small to run in a compound set up. But I'm wondering how it would run as a single ? Truck is purely a street truck that gets used on weekends I dont ever tow with my truck maybe once or twice a year only light loads.
  8. I've changed the canbus fueling I've put the truck back to stock no change in my TC lock up issue.
  9. @Dynamic any insight? Also what could you price me a built VB without solenoids etc as mine are all new? Does this issue sound like a VB issue? Price including shipping and core charge please. Shipping to the UK
  10. It effects the TC lock up but only via throttle input. I've removed the quad and it made zero difference its deffinatly something in the trans
  11. But shouldn't TC lock on the switch and not unlock until the switch is turned off??
  12. Strange one I posted recently about not getting lock up when I should, put it down to the quad. I changed the tune slightly that journey TC locked perfect throughout. Next day truck was same as before not locking up at all at times. Fitted a mystery switch. TC will only lock up if I flick the switch and back off the throttle once locked it holds perfectly. To unlock I flick the switch off and have to release the throttle again? Anyone shed any light into this? Oh and the TC will lock on under acceleration if the switch is on and at WOT... I've checked the switch circuit tested good and checked down to pin 7 on the trans. When I rebuilt this box I didn't change the wiring or solenoids so I have ordered these to change as they are original. I done the GM solenoid upgrade that DNJ sell, shift kit, firepunk stage 2 internals with a triple disc. This issue really only started when the quad was installed but it seems even with the box on 0 I still have an issue. What inputs are needed to lock the converter ? Speed sensor or anything like that?
  13. I've bumped my timing to above stock headbolts like OP etc my truck loves it faster much lower EGTs etc these safe enough to DD and get loud pedal to the floor? Cheers
  14. @Mopar1973Man what is this backdown % on the data log it was backing down 45% after messing around I've gotten that down to 16% but what causes this even with no defuel setting on I got a backdown %.. thanks
  15. Yeah new turbo I'm hitting 40 psi now I've adjusted the elbow which helped highest egt I've hit was locked on motorway up hill it touch 1400 but that was really giving it. I've altered the canbus fuel around the top end up and down and it's pretty close to where it needs to be I think. Cruise up hill locked at 70 I'm at 800f which I didn't think was bad around 650 on the flat cruise.
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