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  1. I put everything back together using a Gould Gear & Electric vacuum pump and Master Pro pump and line replace kit from Geno's . Also flushed system with suggested Napa fluid. I will probably flush again soon. I cannot say enough good things about Gould's product support/ service. I called Mr. Gould with some questions on a Saturday and he picked up the phone and answered all questions and could not have been more helpful. Hopefully done with steering repairs for a few miles.
  2. Thank you for the update! I want to get it put together this weekend hopefully
  3. Good to know on power steering fluid type. I will run down some fluid. Thanks! Looks like Napa PSF 9832 is the old school correct spec from what I can tell. When I looked at the dealership they only offer +4 now in the Mopar. Thanks again
  4. Good to know. I noticed my truck has a red lid on the steering gear. I will buy a Napa or O Reilly's p/s pump Today. What fluid works well. They discontinued the original spec and some like the ATF+4 and others don't ? Might be like engine oil though where lots of opinions lol Thanks
  5. I heard a horrible noise when I depressed the brake pedal and then realized the steering and brake power assist were basically nonexistent. After reviewing the situation and knowing the power steering has been getting worse over time I ordered the Gould Vac pump kit and all new lines for p/s pump. I did not pull the trigger on a p/s pump yet because I was hoping to find something more robust or with higher assist compared to my current stock 170k unit. I thought about ordering a Borgeson but then heard some negative reviews regarding installation? Do you guys have any suggestions ? My truck is a daily street /play minimal tow use currently vehicle. I have never been pleased with slow speed steering effort using 31" off road ish rubber. Also if possible I would like to leave my air intake horn on the truck and remove the black intercooler pipe below it only for clearance. In the event the intake horn is coming off (what seems like the 1000th time in 6 months) it would be a good opportunity to look at a banks or ats etc similar intake upgrade. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  6. I used the 727 style with extension and deep pan. It has been working well. Totally off subject. I saw a mechanical VGT turbo from DPS ? Anyone try that? Thanks
  7. I am all the way in TN so sending the truck is not practical. I thought about pulling trans out at the house and swapping a fully assembled unit as well as freshening mine with a valvebody swap etc. I probably just need to bite the bullet and do it right one time with better converter etc. I have heard only good regarding Dynamic Thanks for input
  8. 10-4 replacement went well. Next project is deciding how brave I am on trans mods. Probably pushing my luck on original rebuild w single disk. I have been looking at Dynamic and Firepunk, PDD etc.
  9. I like the look of that Goerend especially the big drain plug size. Thanks
  10. I am going to install an ATS deep pan on my 47RE and if I remember correctly Chip's Trans in TN used the 727 style open Wix 58707. The ATS extension block for the deep pan has 2 holes vs 3. Does it even matter what filter design is used between the 2? I guess if I run the early version I just need to confirm the orientation is the same as before with the large hole. Thanks in advance for any input!
  11. That is awesome! Thank you for taking the time to go through that. I am excited to apply the changes!
  12. Ok nice ! I was starting timing at 15 then 18/ 21/ 24/ 26 max 28 or 29. Learning a lot. Thanks a million for the help dialing her in.
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