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  1. I had one on my 82’ K5 Blazer and it worked great.
  2. @BBHD I’ll check the valves this evening. If it’s the cause of my issue I’ll order this and be done. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/sum-g3906/
  3. I just bled the entire system again to no avail. Also the pedal still sinks to the floor with a brand new (not a reman) master cylinder. I couldn’t bypass the ABS unit due to no one in town having the proper fittings. Was hoping to isolate the issue but whatever. Hopefully it’s good enough to pass inspection until I can figure this garbage out.
  4. @Bullet No worries man At this point I believe it’s an internal issue with the ABS and will bypass it for the time being. I literally do not have time for this truck’s crap right now. It failed an inspection for a cracked windshield which is being replaced in the morning. Right after leaving the inspection place the brakes up and took a dump. I really believe this truck hates me.
  5. I have a 96’ Ram 2500 4x4 with 4-wheel ABS. The ABS system hasn’t worked in quite some time which is fine by me as the last time it kicked in I almost went through a stop sign and into an another truck. The problem I’m having is the rear brakes will lock up with relatively light pressure. So far I have: • Inspected the rear brakes and checked the adjustment, nothing was wrong. • Replaced the front calipers, pads, and brake lines. • Installed a new master cylinder • Thoroughly bleed the entire system. I’ve had this happen before on a different truck (non-ABS) and the culprit was a malfuncting combination valve. The problem is I have yet to find a replacement for my truck. I’m also wondering if the ABS unit could have an internal leak which would cause this issue? Any ideas?
  6. I need to replace my junk mirrors. They shake so much while driving down the highway that they’re pretty much useless.
  7. The_Hammer


  8. I would just do hydro assist. After that your only wear item (steering wise) will be the tie rod.
  9. 35's are as big as I'm going to go so ball joints shouldn't be an issue. The steering gears on these trucks are marginal at best with factory tires which is why I'm doing the hydraulic assist.
  10. @Mopar1973Man I n0t b3 be3ry $mUrt an iZ DurNt LurN 2 WeL
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