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  1. @Doubletrouble Nice truck! What are your plans for it? My very first truck was an 82’ Chevy C10, my 2nd was an 82’ K5 Blazer.
  2. The economic impact is what I'm most concerned with. I work for a close friend who is a farmer and we are sitting here watching cotton and corn prices tank. I have friends in the oilfield who are having their hours and pay cut but thankfully still have a job, for now at least.
  3. @Doubletrouble The new engines are definitely more complex but with the correct diagnostic tools they really aren't too bad. With that said I do enjoy the simplicity of the older engines. My absolute favorite body style trucks on the planet are the 67-72 Chevy. I would LOVE to have one with this color combo.
  4. Back when I was a bus mechanic for our local school they had at least 10 buses with the 6.0. They were detuned down to 210hp and still kept blowing head gaskets, egr/oil coolers, and turbos. They can be made into great running and reliable engines but you have to throw several thousand dollars at it first. The 6.4 was kind of ok but made absolutely horrendous fuel mileage. I’m talking about an F350 making 3.5 mpg towing a backhoe. As comparison a ~2005 International i9400 with a Cummins ISX was making 4.5-5 mpg towing the same backhoe. I’ve been really impressed with
  5. The only issues I’ve encountered with these trucks were emissions related. I’m going to delete it and add a programmer before summer.
  6. I...I don’t know what to say man. That’s terrible. You have my condolences 😔
  7. @Mopar1973Man What’s going on with your mom?
  8. It’s the same thing when a hurricane is headed this way. People buy up all the milk, bread, and frozen meals and when you ask them if they have a generator they look at you like there’s a third arm growing out of your *** and say “no”.
  9. Yeah it is man. I think that’s the reason alcohol was invented lol. We’re trying to stay clear of people as much as possible but I swear we’re in the local farmers co-op picking up parts every day because something broke 🤦🏻‍♂️
  10. @AH64ID After spending so much time behind the wheel of an F450 Lariat pulling a 40’ triple axle lowboy all over the country doing hotshots for my friend that I became a believer in the 6.7. It has lived it’s life with a H&S 100hp tune while towing way more than we should have lol. The heaviest was just over 60k lbs, truck, trailer, and load.
  11. Can’t stay home. I work for a farmer and my wife is an animal control officer so are both ”essential”. TP is still hard to come by down here because people are idiots. One of my friend’s is currently in voluntary quarantine after being directly exposed to a patient who tested positive for Kung Flu (he’s a nurse at a Army hospital). His son has cerebral palsy so he’s being super cautious. My daughter (who lives 3 hours away with her mom) was tested twice for COVID and thankful both came back negative. She has been going through mild chemo for Myasthenia Gravi
  12. Would someone mind giving me the cliff notes of this thread?
  13. Not a Ram A couple weeks ago I picked up a mint 2015 F250 4x4 6.7 Powerstroke with 81k miles. This is the nicest truck I’ve ever owed and so far I’m loving it! Why a Ford and not a Ram? Honestly, I like them better than a Ram of the same year range. My poor old no dash 96’ Ram has been parked for now until I fix the brakes and figure out why the fuel system randomly looses prime. I’ve had several people ask me “so when are you getting rid of that old truck?” to which I reply “I’m not”. I still like my old truck and will drive it again once everything is fixed.
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