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  1. Finally install airbags.

    It was nuts.
  2. I bolted mine to the radiator support.
  3. Finally install airbags.

    Is there any particular RV forum that you would recommend? The marketing stuff doesn’t work on me. I’m more of a “show me the details” rather than a “oh shiny! I’ll take it!” kind of person lol. I have a 12’x20’ Morgan building that is used as a workshop and storage building. There are a lot of things that will be kept in it rather than in the RV. Luckily my fiancé doesn’t have a massive wardrobe and shoe collection either lol. I hadn’t thought of that, thanks! That seems to be the single biggest issue with buying an RV that I’ve found, crappy service from the dealer. All the ones in my area seem to be hit or miss according to the reviews I’ve seen so I definitely want to make sure everything is right before I leave the lot with it. I’m going to use 3/4 ton springs and let the airbags take care of the rest. The tongue weight of this particular RV is ~2k lbs and the airbags are rated for 5k lbs so it should be ok. We also won’t be hauling it all over the country or anything. This is looking down my driveway, that’s my shop on the right. This is looking to the right of the driveway towards the river. This is looking back down the driveway, my dad’s house is on the left. We live at the dead end of the road. This is looking up towards my neighbor’s house. That’s the back way out of River Valley that I have mentioned before. Obviously this is behind the cabin next to the river lol. The river is actually about 40’ straight down from the top of the bank. The pin is where the cabin is. Hopefully this will give y’all a better understanding of things. There is ZERO chance of a flash flood and we have 3 or so days advance notice before the main road floods.
  4. Finally install airbags.

    Nothing is set in stone at this point and any advise is greatly appreciated! I am completely new to the world of RVs and can use all the help I can get lol.
  5. Finally install airbags.

    I’ll take some pics when I go out there later.
  6. Finally install airbags.

    The airbags are rated for 5k lbs and the hitch weight for the RV we’re looking at is ~2100 so it should be ok. When I replace the springs I’ll go with a standard 3/4 ton pack without an overload. I’m also not sure what the deal is with 5th wheel vs gooseneck hitches. I’ve towed a 40’ gooseneck lowboy around a LOT with my friend’s F450 so I’m use to that tuggung feeling now. We won’t be doing any traveling with this camper right now as we’re ready to finally be back home on our property at the river.
  7. Finally install airbags.

    It’s definitely a step up from the bumper pull we were looking at. The people up at the entrance of River Valley have a really nice 5th wheel camper they’re living in now. It was over $100k!
  8. Finally install airbags.

    Current setup is working great. I still need to install the top plates but I’ve been busy getting things ready for the new RV. Looks like I’m going to be installing a 5th wheel since our original RV choice has changed. https://www.funtownrv.com/product/new-2018-heartland-sundance-2890cc-767722-5
  9. Power door locks

    I never knew this sight even existed! This will save me a LOT of time hunting down various small fasteners. Thanks for sharing!
  10. Merry Christmas everyone.

    @Mopar1973Man No apology needed man. Merry Christmas everyone!
  11. Finally install airbags.

    Lol. It actually drives me nuts when I know something isn’t right on my truck.
  12. Finally install airbags.

    I managed to scrounge up a couple of top plates so there’s that lol.
  13. Finally install airbags.

    I’m also going to be using the lock-n-lift airbag spacers instead of a regular add-a-leaf for the extra lift.
  14. Finally install airbags.

    I have a DOR track bar that’s good for up to 3” of lift. I also have a pair of the 0-2.5” lift Bilstein 5100’s and extended end links. So this 3/4 ton leaf pack has 3 main leaves, an overload on the bottom and an overload on top. My leaf pack also has three main leaves but there is a gap in the spring alignment clamp like it’s missing one. In the end I’ll probably just buy new 3/4 ton packs and be done with it. I’m done with all of the “WTF” mods that have been done to this truck.
  15. Finally install airbags.

    Thanks for the info! I’m going to either buy or build a pair of traction bars later on. The end goal for this truck (suspension wise) is to replace my current 2” coil spacers with a pair of 3” lift progressive rate springs and install some extended control arms to properly center the axle. For the rear I’m planning to use the air bags as an add-leaf.