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  2. The_Hammer

    Ummm... Errr... Um. Someones diesel?!

    I like it! Lol.
  3. The_Hammer

    Howdy everyone, it’s been awhile!

    I finally got some new shoes on my truck awhile back. I also got rid of the stacks and installed a 5th wheel. Once I get caught up on some bills I’m going to Monstaline it. I still don’t have a top dash in it yet and some of the small parts from the interior were lost in the flood.
  4. The_Hammer

    Howdy everyone, it’s been awhile!

    @Mopar1973Man I have a friend that lives in Nevada and the fires there are getting really close to his home. Last year we were all drowning down here and this year y’all are frying up there. A little balance should would be nice. @dripley Won’t be rebuilding any time soon now that we’re full-time living in our RV. I’m going to build a cover for it where the old house was so it will be protected. We’ll have a beautiful view of the river just like our old house did but will be able to move it on out if the river decides to get frisky. It’s been over a year since we sat by the river, grilled some hot dogs, and just relaxed. It’s nice to start feeling like us again.
  5. It’s been awhile since I’ve visited the forum and wanted to stop by and say hi. Not a whole lot has changed in our world, still recovering from Harvey and trying to get our heads right. Tore down our old house last week which was definitely bittersweet but needed to be done. Still enjoying living in the RV and are really glad we got it. So how have y’all been doing?
  6. The_Hammer

    We now own a RV!

    That was my thought as well. Amazon is going to be my go to for sure. There are only a couple of places that carry RV supplies and they’re damn proud of them too.
  7. The_Hammer

    We now own a RV!

    We purchased the unit used and “as is” from a consignment dealer named PPL. I believe the only thing that is still covered is the roof, which has a 12 year warranty that is transferable. I haven’t heard of a single RV repair shop anywhere around here that does work in a reasonable amount of time so I will be doing any repairs myself. I confirmed that the roof is actually EPDM and not TPO like I first thought. Dicor is the brand of self leveling lap sealant the OEM used around all of the roof vents. The roof is a little dirty so I’m not sure which tone of white was used but it didn’t matter as the only color I could find locally was bright white lol. We have a lot of rain coming this weekend so I wanted to hurry up and make sure everything was sealed up nice and tight. I made sure my shoes were clean before I got up there. The last thing I need to do is poke a bunch of little holes in the roof lol. I didn’t think about using something like a yoga mat, it’s a great idea! The front cap is completely painted so it will be receiving a nice wax job in the near future. The layout of this thing is phenomenal! At first we didn’t want an island in the kitchen but we ended up really liking it in here. I’m going to build a carport to park the unit under before summer which will really help to protect it. We aren’t going to be towing it around much, at least not for right now. It’s our full-time home since our stick house was severely damaged by all of last years flooding so we’re actually just happy to finally be back home.
  8. The_Hammer

    We now own a RV!

    @015point9 Thanks for all of the advice, it’s greatly appreciated! Upon inspecting the roof I noticed a few small cracks in the calking around the vent fans. It’s not all the way through yet but I’m going to clean the area with denatured alcohol and apply some Dicor Ultra Sealant which is made for TPO roofing. The first night went great. Waking up and seeing the river again was an awesome feeling, especially after being displaced for 5 months.
  9. The_Hammer

    We now own a RV!

    Thanks for the info. The first thing I’m doing is washing the roof with an appropriate TPO roof cleaner then after it’s dry wiping it down 303 protectant. A little later on we’re building a covered roof to keep it under.
  10. The_Hammer

    Head bolts

    I agree with everyone else, it’s best to leave them alone if your not replacing them.
  11. The_Hammer

    We now own a RV!

    This thing is really nice but more importantly it’s build VERY well with great insulation.
  12. The_Hammer

    We now own a RV!

    We are now the owners of a 2015 Grand Design Solitude 369RL! We will be able to pick it up today or tomorrow depending on when our neighbor is free since he’s towing it for us. This is going to be our new home since our old one was damaged beyond repair during last summers flood. In case anyone is wondering why my neighbor is hauling it for us I don’t have a 5th wheel hitch or brake controller installed in my truck yet.
  13. The_Hammer

    Finally install airbags.

    It was nuts.
  14. I bolted mine to the radiator support.
  15. The_Hammer

    Finally install airbags.

    Is there any particular RV forum that you would recommend? The marketing stuff doesn’t work on me. I’m more of a “show me the details” rather than a “oh shiny! I’ll take it!” kind of person lol. I have a 12’x20’ Morgan building that is used as a workshop and storage building. There are a lot of things that will be kept in it rather than in the RV. Luckily my fiancé doesn’t have a massive wardrobe and shoe collection either lol. I hadn’t thought of that, thanks! That seems to be the single biggest issue with buying an RV that I’ve found, crappy service from the dealer. All the ones in my area seem to be hit or miss according to the reviews I’ve seen so I definitely want to make sure everything is right before I leave the lot with it. I’m going to use 3/4 ton springs and let the airbags take care of the rest. The tongue weight of this particular RV is ~2k lbs and the airbags are rated for 5k lbs so it should be ok. We also won’t be hauling it all over the country or anything. This is looking down my driveway, that’s my shop on the right. This is looking to the right of the driveway towards the river. This is looking back down the driveway, my dad’s house is on the left. We live at the dead end of the road. This is looking up towards my neighbor’s house. That’s the back way out of River Valley that I have mentioned before. Obviously this is behind the cabin next to the river lol. The river is actually about 40’ straight down from the top of the bank. The pin is where the cabin is. Hopefully this will give y’all a better understanding of things. There is ZERO chance of a flash flood and we have 3 or so days advance notice before the main road floods.