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  1. $3136 and change Real trucks have 3 pedals.
  2. Just my , but the only gasket I ever had fail was after market in this short of miles and I broke the rules and used Cummins bolts 4 times, I know Cummins( I get my parts from Freightliner) is more expensive than any after market, but manufacture's are the first to improve any product deficiency. Never had a gasket leak like this Mahle. On a different note got my FSO8406A reman back. I bought this with who knows how millions of miles, out lasted any NV5600 I owned. Inland Truck replaced input shaft,1st/2nd/3rd gears all sync's,all bearings,top cover was wallowed out shift rails are, sh
  3. Well, I bought them, 265.00 shipped, tested by an independent lab Atrona test labs at 240,000 psi, good enough for me, I'll know in a year how they hold up. Danm, you should have told me, they had a BOGO today! "Even though I blew my head gasket a second time." Not the best statement when promoting a product Sorry Mike I couldn't resist.
  4. I was hauling the boat in below. Tucson Accident.MOV
  5. Anybody know anything about Xotic performance head studs
  6. Glad you're OK, I NEVER leave my truck in gear when parking,(in fact I hate it that every tech/tire guy does) but I've got a unique situation, no neutral/clutch safety switch, ( I do have a toggle switch that does interrupt the starter circuit, but that's usually to complicated for most tech these days) and the starter will start my truck in gear. Very useful one time when the clip that holds the clutch rod to the pedal popped off in CT in a traffic jam, I think I started it 10+ times before I could get off an exit, 5 min later clip on, back on the road. Since then I fixed the problem.
  7. "When we were younger" is the key statement.
  8. Beautiful drive, been through there before, What's that area called north of Quemado with the Rock formation that you have to wind around, we stopped at that rest are on the N. Side for "Selfies" Wife's big on that. Your head gasket is missing a few holes.
  9. Sure it was me? (sarc) Should have honked, we go through there quite often. We went through Snowflake a fews mo's back, decided to go east on US60 instead of going up through Payson, over to Quemado? and then up to I40. just for a change of scenery.
  10. Original gasket? Mine leaking and not because of old coolant. If not original what brand? 100k, how many yrs? Is it the miles or the age? Never had a Cummins gasket leak, I know this is against the book, But I reused my head bolts 3-4 times, never a leak, when I did my restoration, bought new OEM bolts, Mahle Gasket 1 1/2 yrs 150K leaking like a sieve, going back to Cummins for the gasket, and ARP head studs this time. Had a u-joint fail, 12 east of Ellensburg,WA,e cost me mor than I want to admit, time down, lost revenue, motel, food. Decided to get my old FSO8406 remaned by
  11. What this tank cost? My PB came with .5 gallon tank.
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