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  1. Seems like the main problem on these is the seal for the piston, and maybe the valve sticking. I hope.
  2. This unit had set in my garage for 10 plus year, was kinda gummed in, tried loosing up with carb cleaner. good thing I have another core.
  3. So still dealing with Hydro-boost problem, went and replaced pads, Pass side missing one caliper bolt, other broke????? Not back on the rubber yet to see if that was some of the problem. Skeptical, because 1ST problem was power steering fluid loss,and eventually found the Hydro-boost leaking. Anyway bought the Pirate Jack rebuild kit, wants me to cut the brake pedal shaft to install seals on regulator? shaft, maybe I bypass those, anyway couldn't get the tiny valve body out, used air to push it out, lost the check valve ball (not really a good day) have another core, be more careful on it.
  4. Yes, 34-1335HD. Came with everything but rear Shackles, got them locally(wish I would have ordered them) 5/8 U-bolts 12 1/2", Eye bolts ,nuts Didn't you have a problem that cause you to tear into this? Noise, Chatter?
  5. https://www.autoandtrucksprings.com/ Originally $650 but with shipping during holidays still under $700
  6. Yeah, that's what I was worried about, it falling on the floor! Did You end up getting one of those Turbos of Benzforce?
  7. I think I'm going to just service it this time, all the gears, R&P/spiders look good. Trying to clean some of the sludge that has built up over the miles out, then have some Lucas SYN 75W-140 and Trans X LSD additive to go back in. I'm starting to wonder if my rear springs are causing the shudder/chatter I'm hearing, all the pads between the leafs are gone, I can see a slight ridge between leafs, I had ordered a new set of #8800 springs to install, going to see what that does..
  8. Let me know how it goes. Found that last time I used Lucas 85/140 It supposedly has the additive in it.
  9. Are you talking about the Clutch carrier needs to have pressure when separating?
  10. I think last change was with Castrol Limited slip gear oil 90/140, Was supposed not to need additive, after chatter started added 8ox of additive, no change. Opened cover smells burned.
  11. See I always thought regular Diff's Non Limited slip rotated in different directions. Anyway $275 for clutches VS $750+ and having to R&R ring gear, and that I just started feeling this, after 20years and 950K seams like less work and $$$$
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