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  1. I hope that's not the deal. Doesn't blow smoke on start up, Head was done 40k ago. Idling it again today, see what it does.
  2. It dd it during idling after sitting for 60 days, and didn't evaporate after a week, then yesterday after I idled for a while then I turned on exhaust brake to raise EGT and it burned off, white smoke.
  3. Well when it was burning off I tried to smell what it was couldn't but it was white smoke, hoping just some oil leaked past valves guide when it was real cold. I'll just keep an eye on it. Thx for the input.
  4. I just backed it out of my shop and let it idle for a while just to circulate fuel. Had the exhaust brake on for a bit when I first started it, that was a week ago. Today I started it up again after idling for about 20 mins I turned on exhaust brake to see if it would burn off.
  5. Hoping its just oil that seeped past seals with all the cold weather, but I had been adding a little anti freeze every so often. Just thought maybe a slow leak in overflow tank.
  6. Any one got an Idea was this could be? I hoping it's not anti-freeze. The truck sat for about 60 days without being started, it starts to burn off at about 400*F hoping its oil from cylinders from sitting.
  7. I'm down to just a cane and support boot now,and I can put 100% weight on the ankle, so every week it gets easier to walk,
  8. Not got to it yet. Just starting to be able to hobble decent. Had my ankle fused in Dec. Just getting part together for what I want to do when I get healed a little better I haven't even got it off yet, next 30 days or so . I'll PM when it's off.
  9. Might take you up on that,only has 41K since I rebuilt it.
  10. Can't answer that, I got it because my PacBrake will bolt up to the back of it, and price.
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