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  1. Going to install an exhaust brake looking for Opinions
  2. You talking about injectors on the 5,9L?
  3. Looking to get a newer Truck than what I currently have, just looking for mainly things that are common problems to watch for. I thinking 06-08 Quad 4x4 w/100k loved my 6 speed, the 1st one anyway, never an auto.
  4. 1999 F-150

    My daughters boyfriend has a 99 f-150 4.6 w/5spd, she says when started it runs find in neutral,but when she pushes in the clutch(still in neutral) it dies,until it gets warmed up. Anybody have a clue?
  5. NV5600 fluid

    Can't understand putting LS in the NV5600,thats for clutch type disks in a diff. GM did use the NV5600 in thier trucks also,so yes that is the same fluid,I would add 1 extra quart over the recommened just to help with lubricating the rear bearings,also I would change every 60-75k.
  6. Engine Miss

    Was afraid you would bring up cracked/broken ring,I was thinking of buying a inexpensive compression gauge and adapter since I will probley only use it once or twice.
  7. I have a miss as far as I can determine it is #6 cyl. I have eliminated the injection pump (VP44) because I can open all the fuel lines(short of #2,because of the intake) that make a difference in the RPM's (other words 2 cyls missing)except for #6 which has fuel being delivered,thus I have eliminated the VP44,I guess I need too make sure the valve's are opening correctly(which I thought I already did,but need double check)I have had the Injectors cleaned and set for proper pop pressure here at Diesel Specialties,No codes, so I know that I need to pull the head(not what I want to do) unless someone has another suggestion.
  8. Thanks mike,still need to get injectors tested,since I've got a miss from something and pulled them out last nite.
  9. My truck was running great then all at once stated to miss/loss of power. Pulled into a fuel stop found oil everywhere(gasket on lifter/pushrod cover spewing oil)have determined these were not related. Would 1689 pop up because of ECM being unplugged? Think I have a bad injector,so going to take them into get tested.
  10. thanks for all the input,but none of the above apply. Vacuum hoses are intact,crank case vent is good. like i said I'M CLUELESS. Guess I'll have to dig deeper(not what I wanted to do.:banghead: .
  11. Mechanic was me,and I don't like returns:moon:. --- Update to the previous post... Was to warm at the time. So I am going to dig further into it.
  12. Ok,I consider myself somewhat knowlegable on my engine. Some history first,I drove to Springfield IL to pick up a trailer,delivered to KS,noticed that vaccum pump to front case was leaking,went to my local cummings dealer for gasket(not a big deal,done several times before). Left to pick-up a trailer in Des Moines going to SD,truck purred like a kitten for 130 miles at 72 mph,loaded trailer and headed out,30 miles later felt a miss,loss of power,pulled in to a fuel stop a mile down the road,lifted hood to see oil all over the place(never lost good oil pressure(40-45 psi)20 psi at idle,shut truck down.Found that oil was leaking from push rod cover(this is where I get confused)it looked like something had blown/forced the gasket out. Trailered home,tore into it removing everything that would hamper a good inspection including VP and found nothing that would have caused this to occur.Timing is correct(as far as I can determine,have turned to #1 TDC,everything in line)no bent push rods,dropped valves that I can see.Not wanting to pull head,YET,just trying to figure what could cause enough pressure in crankcase to blow this,and I admit I'm lost.Yes I could replace gasket,but need to figure out the cause.
  13. $1500 for New Block,$1000 for Rebuild kit(rings,bearings,gaskets,seals), from Frieghtliner $400 for head work,use all you existing hard parts,pay for labor or do it yourself.
  14. Real pain to get to the front bolt/nut(can't remember which it is) under the vp44:banghead:
  15. Over torque Head bolts?

    Ok, I pull close to 30-32psi and used stock bolts with a gasket set from cummins,it came with a stretch gage for the bolts,hav'nt had any problems in 300k.