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  1. Haven't done anything yet, still just trying to walk/stand without a lot of pain. Haven't forgot about you.
  2. Downhill with a tailwind?
  3. PacBrake , Bolts to back of your turbo, Compressor mounts using Pass Side Batt. Need to mount air tank, run air lines,wired up easy. about $1300-1400 complete.
  4. I like the look of those. I have some AutoMeter Ultralite would replace them but have more pressing issues, need to get one of those 2 gauge tops for the steering column for Air Pressure/ Trans Temp
  5. I've ordered a lot from Rock Auto only had one problem, they sent me wrong pad for a vehicle, the box had the right part number but pads were wrong, I called them and they sent out another set. Other than that my parts have always been right.
  6. I can read a road map fantastic. Like you said it's getting to know symbols. Just knowing the place to start really helps.
  7. I would order the one for 7/5/00 and later. They must have really changed the way the cables run starting 7/5/00, looks like rear right are around 45 in. vs the 101-1/2 up to 7/4/00 I would go to https://www.factorychryslerparts.com Think this is the one you need BC96951 corresponds to OEM part #'s {#52010030AA, 52010030AB} 7/5/00 and later
  8. Thanks , following diagrams isn't my strong suit, but I'm getting better at it. Yea, it all happened in the span of 10-15mins while I was sitting in truck.
  9. Part # 18P2711 I ordered this from Rockauto 101-1/2 in Thru vehicle manufacture date of 7/4/00, You know when your Truck was built?
  10. Yep, That true! I've got my new "Genuine Chinese" Holset HE351W to install any way.
  11. Yea, I have a new gasket to put on when I swap my HE351 on, I was thinking the same, oil from turbo. I just rebuilt that Turbo about 40K ago, that's depressing that its leaking.
  12. Ok, I backed my truck out of my shop to idle it for awhile to check on what was leaking from my turbo gasket when the PacBrake in on, I had noticed that when I shut off ignition my low fuel pressure light on my gauge would stay on as well as my "brake" light was also dimly lit, well while idling yesterday the "Airbag" light came on, I switched the Pass airbag off and the light went out, so I figure I have something in that circuit wrong, then I notice my blower fan was staying on with ignition off, as if these issues wasn't enough all the dash lights came on "check engine" "check gauges" as well as "no bus" in the odometer Haven't even started to dig into this, not sure where even where to start. Any advise?
  13. Video of Manifold/Turbo w/ PacBrake on https://youtu.be/0KRS3NyevgM
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