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  1. Sorry , but I got to ask, after all the FINE work you did, why didn't you paint the head,exhaust manifold etc?
  2. Well I can only hope, I havn't driven this yet, but I did put on new hubs, maybe once driven light will go out.
  3. Trade for an Air Pressure gauge? If you plan on putting a Pac brake on your truck.
  4. I'm sure I've bled the system and have checked ABS sensor connections, kinda at a loss at this point.
  5. Blueox01


  6. You did this under that canopy? My hat off to you!
  7. I admit when I've made a mistake, as with the tap for the head bolt. No one's 100% right all the time How many engines have YOU rebuilt? or is your technique from "big twin diesel" ?
  8. That's certainly not the case you presented before! As I stated as you torque from the center out (you need to re-check) the torque PRIOR to the 90* turns, YOU SAID THAT WAS WRONG, YOU said to back off and re-torque, Now you disparage as it's OK for stock engines, I think he has some mods, but not pushing 600hp, SO where does your regime come into play? After a injector upgrade, ECM programing, Quadzilla,at what point does it change?
  9. Imagine that! So the gasket compressed as you did step 1&2 and you "re-checked torque" to make sure it was right PRIOR to the final 90* torque. But you had more movement on re-check at the center and less going out, right? Not sure who your asking this of, I have 400k + on my block Truck has 857K
  10. If you release torque how do you know you haven't released the compression of the sealing gasket, why would you do that? Why do you torque "center out" Why is there any sequence? Why can't you torque at 77 ft lbs any way you want, then back off and "re-torque" ? Because if you torque from center out the bolts after setting might not be at 77ft lbs , hence "RE-CHECK!
  11. 857K on Truck, 450k on first 53 block, 400k on 2nd block maybe I need to understand what I've done wrong. You might explain it to me. I did by my own admission did not replace the injectors that caused a burn hole in #6 cyl, Never had a head gasket leak. Engine not really a hot rod but with the RV275,ECM programed, and Edge EZ I think I'm above 350HP, I know I've got enough power to trash 3 NV5600 trans pulling weight, NEVER have I had a leak from any thing I sealed. I'm now on my 3rd VP44 only because the 2nd one sat for 8yrs and was gummed up.
  12. "Aluminum wheels are a funny example because they always break in a little" kinda like a gasket being compressed?
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