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  1. Like to find one for my interior, had a cracked dash core, found an agate dash core, so switched the whole interior over from Lt. gray to agate. Had ordered the dash cover from LMC in Lt. gray, but I had a set of Fiberglass OTB fenders to pick-up in KC so went to their warehouse and swapped .Found all the interior parts after scrounging several trucks in the local U-pull-its, other than the LMC cover have about $200 in the swap. Cut the cup holders that come with auto trans off, and reinforced the mounting plate to tuck my CB in that space, not quite done but like how it's looking.
  2. Like that woodgrain bezel, where that come from? Lmc?
  3. Blueox01

    Powder Coating Wheels

    Ya, I know they need cleaned. Still have some tread.
  4. Blueox01

    Powder Coating Wheels

    Factory wheels power coated in Gun Metal Gray , got all seven just under $500 taxes kill ya.
  5. You want to sell the center caps from the old wheels?
  6. Blueox01

    Dash cover

    Okay got dash up , trying to figure how to mount my CB, since the manual trans come with a covey hole instead of the flip down cup holders that come with an Auto trans,I got a Auto flip down cup holder from a junk yard and cut the cup holders off, reinforced the plastic, just not sure how to make my Cobra 29 in that space. Thinking of drilling/tapping into the dash frame with threaded rod on the top 2 mounting hole then fabricate a mount for the CB, but looking for any input.
  7. The wiring had enough give to lay it down, most wiring is clipped to the dash frame, only disconnected to completely pull dash, when installing new dash hooked all wiring back up prior to installing dash cover, then lifted onto bolts, also purchased new push in nuts for firewall from dealer, old ones were brittle.
  8. Not sure I understand the question, I took the bolts out on both side to get it dropped down as far as I could.
  9. Replaced my interior/ dash with a junk yard dash, from a u-pull-it yard, I had the light gray interior but the dash was broken where the A/C controls mounted, was going to try and fix, but it was to brittle, New cover I got from LMC, ordered it in light gray before I figured my dash wasn't repairable (at least I was going to get it pieced together, only 3 hrs from KC so I drove down an exchanged for the Agate, so far I only have about $150 into the interior parts from the yard. I did crack the "new dash" slightly used some JB plastic weld, you can see by the light switch, but it's solid now.
  10. Blueox01

    Dash cover

    Got it up, fit the front first, then the braces and vents, fits nice, just need too put the rest of the stuff back in, Speedo, switches, air bag, etc.
  11. Blueox01

    Dash cover

    No they are for mounting to the vents and braces, think I'm going to use the Hex head screws.
  12. Blueox01

    Dash cover

    Reason i asked was the screws came with washers from LMC , vs the OEM 7mm hex head flange screws, have plenty of them, guess I sometimes I worry too much how I put stuff back together.
  13. Blueox01

    Dash cover

    I love driving, so many beautiful places in America, love the 2 lane scenic highways.
  14. Blueox01

    Dash cover

    Thanks. i'm trying to build a reliable hauler. You use the screws provided or the oem? I envy the background in you profile.
  15. Blueox01

    Dash cover

    I ordered the light gray cover, my dash had piece broken out, above the Temp control, thought I could fix and brace it but it was too brittle, found a good dash at a u-pull-it,in agate, so I switched the whole interior and drove to KC to exchange it, and pick-up a new set of fiberglass rear fenders, the dash cover came with screws and washers, why would I not use the original vs. what they provided?