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  1. Blueox01

    Dash cover

    $300 isn't pricey?
  2. Blueox01

    Dash cover

    I wondered , because another guy bought one from Geno's and sold it in favor of an LMC
  3. LMC or Geno's for a replacement cover? Price/quality/fit?
  4. Nope not me. That is Probably the Guy in N.M. that I got my idea from.
  5. I quit having b-days at 21 havn't aged since.
  6. Blueox01

    Front and Rear bumper build

    That bumper is to me, a work of art! I suck at making patterns.
  7. Blueox01

    Bad oil leak

    I always try Freightliner,or Cummins
  8. Where in Iowa? Des Moines?
  9. Blueox01

    Bad oil leak

    Is that cheap? Haven't bought one in years.
  10. You on Starquest Forum?
  11. Blueox01

    Front and Rear bumper build

    Want to mail me those cardboard patterns? I'll pay for the fed ex envelope.
  12. 87 Starion ESI-R , Sharp eye!
  13. I envy you living where you do, drove past you 8-9 yrs ago when there was a bunch of construction going up to Kalispell, Delivered a trailer to a company that retrofits them for command posts for Firefighters, Law enforcement. Beautiful drive even through the construction.