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  1. Trying not over think, truck pulls great for me and anything I pull, just tired of cleaning smoke residue off trailers/boats. I have plenty of power, so that's not my motivation.
  2. Information overload, I have a tiny brain.
  3. Ok, I guess I'm gonna foot the $900 it takes to do this, since I'll run everything off my wife's I pad. Thx everybody!
  4. Thtx for everybody's response can't read all the articles right now, but from my understanding I should be able to defuel my engine up to a certain rpm to help eliminate smoke, right?
  5. I would like to get rid of the smoke(excess fuel) at low rpms yet have the power to pull what I need. It seems like there is quite a conversation on getting the Quadzilla programed right, not sure I have the time to constantly play with it.
  6. I emailed Customer service, online ordering is down, badges can be ordered at (888) 818-0969 8 am - 8 pm eastern time $10 + shipping.
  7. Yea that's all that ever shows up in the u-pull-it in my town. Thx again for the diagram
  8. Thx, From this chart I think the switch went bad, the yellow line has no vacuum if my memory is right and that's on the lower actuator. Now when we get back home I'll recheck then off to U-pull-it. Need a Light switch also, headlights sometimes don't come on, and a Pass Seat for the drivers side.
  9. Last week switched to defrost now I can't get the A/C to come out the dash vents, air is all directed to the floor, When on A/C I checked the actuator that's behind the glove box, it has vacuum and draws the vent closed. The actuator toward the firewall also has vacuum and works, the lower actuator that has two vacuum lines has no vacuum. Any one know if the lower actuator should have vacuum and to which line?
  10. Since we're on the subject, my vent control got screwed up somehow, went to defrost, now it won't change back to the dash vents. In the Dash(AC selection) I have vacuum to the actuator behind the glove box and the actuator toward the firewall and both work. I have NO vacuum to the actuator that has 2 vacuum lines on the bottom of the unit.
  11. I emailed Customer service, online ordering is down, badges can be ordered at (888) 818-0969 8 am - 8 pm eastern time $10 + shipping.
  12. I haven't gotten my email yet from them, anyone else still waiting?
  13. 3 NV5600's were enough for me. Been were your at before.
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