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  1. Yep, that's why the dash is out, last time I was time restricted, this time I'm going to replace door foam. Was going to get some adhesive remover to get the old foam off, hope that will work.
  2. Yea, missed that until now, it's been clicking on(could hear spring click) but the lip has been flattened out. I think it's just been connected/disconnected too many times.
  3. That looks good. What do most guys use for new foam on the blend doors? Just self adhesive weather strip?
  4. I don't have hot air, Guess I'll have to figure out whether the switch or motor.
  5. Blend door the one electrically actuated?
  6. Yes, but the lip for the spring to latch around has been flattened out, have the dash out now to replace the evaporator, had dash out 10 days ago to replace the heater core, so I got the procedure down.
  7. Seems like awful high pressure , mine at running was about 150/45 at 79 degrees ambient temp.
  8. A/C blows the receiver/dryer off the evaporator connection, I thought at first it was building to mush high side pressure due to fan clutch seized and condenser beat up not getting good air flow, but those have been replaced. Just went to start truck after it sat for 20-30 minutes and it blew again, when it's working air blows ice cold. Was going to put gauges on while not running to see if pressure equalized between high/low sides but that will have to wait.
  9. Never mind Cruise is working, not sure what fixed it, put some dielectric grease on plug, works now.
  10. Well , I replaced rear ABS/Speed sensor ABS light still on and cruise doesn't work. Not worried about the ABS just getting cruise to work, according to the 2001 manual diesel " Diesel With Manual Trans The speed control system is fully electronically controlled by the Engine Control Module (ECM). A cable and a vacuum controlled servo are not used if the vehicle is equipped with a manual transmission and a diesel engine. This is a servo less system.The controls consist of two steering wheel mounted switches. The switches are labeled: ON/OFF, RES/ACCEL, SET, COAST, and CANCEL.The system is designed to operate at speeds above 30 mph (50 km/h)." But this is not true on my truck, Mine DOES have a vacuum controlled servo, My model year is a 2001 and came with a 6 speed. Sure wish I was smart enough to figure this out, supposed to leave tomorrow for CA. I do have vacuum to the servo and my cruise light comes on just won't SET/RESUME or ACCEL
  11. Well, my cruise won't set and ABS/brake lights are on. But speedo ins't haywire.
  12. Thinking the rear ABS speed sensor is also used for setting cruise, can't see it connected in wiring diagrams, must be in PCM, am I correct in thinking these are related problems?
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