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  1. I helped my dad do this to his 05, just a couple months ago. Other than being very time consuming and a pain pulling the dash (wires everywhere!) it seemed pretty straight forward.
  2. There are some really good tunes for sale on this site, and if you make a post after running a tune for a bit, folks can help you get it dialed in. The Quad tuning guide is a must, but certain threads have even more insight when/if you get into the fine details.
  3. I had a work-issued 2015, and it was a great truck, but I didn't have to pay for the maintenance and repairs. There are lots of undeleted 6.7s around, but everyone I know who has one past the 150k mile mark gets it deleted. I don't want that hassle! I wish Gear Vendors (or similar) were a little more robust for trucks versus race cars - I see mixed reviews. I'd likely never use double OD, but splitting the other gears would be great!
  4. I just REALLY don't want to go newer than December 31st, 2006. I don't want to deal with DPF, EGR, regens, etc., and don't want to deal with future crack downs on deleted trucks.
  5. Me, neither. I tried an online VIN decoder to see if it's been converted for some reason, but no luck.
  6. I came across this ad, and it seems high for pushing 200k miles. But, it also seems to have no rust. Thought I'd see what you all think. I have two sets of 3rd Gen wheels for my 2nd, so would swap to stock steel wheels. Weird there's no photos of interior. I may go check it out on Sunday if still available, try to get a better price. https://kansascity.craigslist.org/ctd/d/harrisonville-2007-dodge-ram-3500-trx4/7337248890.html
  7. I often envy you manual transmission guys, until stop and go traffic for a couple weeks, with no distant drive to a job site!
  8. Maybe more like an old insurance agent? But with a younger man's restroom break schedule, depending on coffee consumption. Now that I think about it, maybe I drive like a guy driving to a slaughterhouse - both when I go to the meat packing plants, and when I'm driving home to two kids under 6, and the wife who is (rightfully) eager to turn over the reigns when I get home!
  9. @AH64ID I have zero luck with consistent MPG. I sometimes drive the same route, +550 miles round trip and the MPG is up and down 3-4 MPG. Always running "empty", and I go the same speed. I take into account the different fueling stations, when applicable - normally the same station, same pump when I can. MPG calculated by hand. Same trip, same fuel stations, same tire pressure, two weeks apart and the MPG is off by 3 MPG. Probably even the same couple of XM radio stations. I even note in my fuel log if I fight a headwind both directions, and mentally remember if it w
  10. Based on photos from NAPA, AC Delco website, and Rock Auto, I believe the NAPA track bars are AC Delco Professional and are much cheaper on Rock. I am using one now, but only ~30k miles on it so far so can't yet speak to longevity.
  11. I don't have a needle valve, just a 1/8" pipe plug in my repair kit under the back seat.
  12. If all you did was open up the fuel line, you shouldn't need to bleed the air. Just do the key bump and the lift pump will push the air out. Once the VP44 starts trying to pump air down the injector lunes, THEN you need to crack the injector lunes and bleed.
  13. My "snubber" is just a fitting with a really small hole in it. Like a small carburetor jet.
  14. Is your toe set correctly, and the caster? Also, as I'm sure you know slop can be caused by many things. I have way to much in my steering and I know a good amount of it is the steering shaft. I also have not ever adjusted the steering box (nut and Allen screw, I believe) and it's one of the many things on the to-do list I forget to consult on days I'm already under the truck.
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