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  1. This morning I made the drive to work with the new setup. I wasn't to 120* when I the interstate onramp, but was shortly thereafter. When I got to where I work it's river bottom ground so very flat. I was on Level 2, did a few big throttle acceleration runs from a couple stop signs, and just by increasing the Low PSI Timing Reduction from 3.5 to 5 degrees made a huge difference! Whether at lunch or after work I'll set her to Level 3 and see what happens. Notes: EGTs dropped about 100F. I normally would see upper 700's and even 8XX degrees just cruising on the interstate slow
  2. Low PSI, or Light Load (cruise)? That's what she said!
  3. His code reader is $1,200 so hopefully it's better than our OBD Link units!
  4. Instead of starting off at 13⁰ to help spool the turbo at high engine load and low boost (taking off from a stop), why not set the base to 14 or 15⁰ and up the Low PSI Timing Reduction a degree or two? I thought that's what it is for. Am I wrong?
  5. The Sharpie method got us there. Not sure what kind of magic pliers you have for that snap ring. If I have to do it again, a giant set of needle nose will be sacrificed to make a giant set of snap ring pliers. Or do the spot weld trick.
  6. I can't imagine fitting that under the truck, but I bet it's quiet! Anything complicated for mounts to support that weight?
  7. On my Adrenaline? Daily LKS 210305.json Max Load Timing Offset: 1* Low PSI Timing Reduct: 3.5* Timing Reduct Scaling: 60% Light Throttle Advance: 3* Load Limit: 40% 16 19 22 25 27 CANbus: 0 PSI = 100 Basically steps up at 2% per PSI. +7PSI I hit 115% and just keep it there.
  8. A buddy came over this afternoon so I got the new turbo on and my new Diamond Eye 4" exhaust installed. I did NOT do anything for the waste gate, it's just wired shut right now. My HY-35 gate has been rusted shut since I bought the truck 62k miles ago, so no big deal to me! Turbo lag is a little noticeable compared to that tiny model, but sure feels good when it kicks in. My HY had 2 studs in it and two in the manifold, this turbo does not have the studs (drilled out, not tapped) so it got some bolts. I used the exhaust with the muffler and holy smokes is it a lot quieter at t
  9. Did a little work this evening, the old turbo is held on by one loose but on a stud, the oil drain hose has top hose clamp loose. A quick cut through the exhaust pipe with the band saw and it should be ready to come out. I think I should have purchased a new drain pipe and bolts, there's no way those bolts are coming out of the turbo! I do have new gaskets, thankfully.
  10. I guess because I haven't put tack welds on the ring. Yet. Yes. Adjusting the center to the turbine housing I'd the easy part, just 4 bolts! The answer to my above question seems to be that compressor outlet is at ~25° from horizontal, rising towards the passenger side. Pretty rough measurement using a Milwaukee level with a rotating vial.
  11. I hadn't thought of that! Maybe it is still together, I really don't remember but will check when I get home. It's sitting in the 'extra parts' area and I had forgotten about it.
  12. Does anyone have good knowledge of what the turbo angles should be? As best as I could estimate on my truck with the current turbo installed (due to rust, certain components will be destroyed upon removal - and I don't have a spare vehicle right now) it seems: the exhaust manifold mounting flange is 48 degrees (measured from horizontal). EDIT: May be closer to 50 degrees based on my truck, after removing turbo for better measurement. The compressor outlet is "around" 20 degrees from horizontal. EDIT: I'd say I would up more around 25 degrees or a little steeper to keep every
  13. Have you put an ohm meter (volt meter) on the APPS to see if it's smooth (when hot)? How about checking or replacing temperature sensor? ECM cares about temp, and sensors can be affected by temperature (weak solder joints, etc) Just throwing stuff against the wall to see what might stick or jog loose another idea from someone else.
  14. This thread is like Perry Mason or Columbo, but for 2nd Gen, 24V guys. I'm sorry you're the victim!
  15. Just confirmed it's a perfect match to the elbow that mated up to my HY-35. Of course, now that you're talking S-300/400 it's probably moot.
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