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  1. When I get to mid-Iowa and farther north, the stations I frequent actually post when it's been treated. Here in the fairly warm KC area, I've never seen a single station state one way or another - I don't EVER see #1 diesel for sale in KC like I do even in southern Minnesota. So, I treat it like you say when I'm going somewhere cold with Southern fuel. Out of habit, it sometimes get treated when bought up north, too. This tank got a shot because I was supposed to be going north this week!
  2. The engine gets to temp a lot faster when plugged in, so I can jump on the highway almost immediately; that really lets the heat come on quick compared to sauntering along at 35 mph and sitting at stop lights because I can't get on the highway while still super cold. Plugged in for 3 hours (soon to be 2 hours instead) the Wait To Start lamp doesn't even come on. At these temps I start the truck, put transmission in neutral to flow some fluid for maybe 15 seconds while I put on my seat belt and sip my coffee, and then proceed as if it was a July cold start. At less than 10 cents per hour of plug-in, it's really a no-brainer to me - especially when it means the defroster works just that much faster. Any savings on the battery life is a tiny bonus. The engine just spins over like it's summer time and starts super quick - and a lot less clatter. If that aids in cleaner combustion right off the bat with less carbon buildup or washing the cylinder walls with diesel, I'm all for it. Our power came back on last night, and starting the truck this morning was noticeably different than starting it yesterday. Same weather, just plugged in. If it cost me a dollar a day, I probably wouldn't plug in until the twenties, but it's cheap. I've only had the truck for 7k miles, so am unsure of how old and worn the injectors and VP44 may be; maybe well-worn parts are part of why my truck likes to be plugged in. I also have not yet set the valves, though it's toward the top of the list. Stock injectors, gaskets, and tools are ordered - when they arrive, a day under the hood will be scheduled. Back to the original topic of Amsoil, I now run the "All-in-One" Amsoil fuel treatment ($$$ holy smokes!), as I thought I was heading to Minnesota this week. Maybe my computer is just being optimistic, but so far it thinks I've gained 1 MPG over what I'm used to seeing. We'll soon find out. My dosage was closer to 8 ounces per 25 gallons. @AH64ID does Cold Flow get ruined if it's stored too cold, or does it just need to thaw out? Seems silly to have to take it ALL into the hotel or house if it's below 0 degrees if I don't need to.
  3. Thanks for the advice, I'll take all those suggestions.
  4. AH64ID, thanks for the response. Been without power since Saturday, and have been too busy to check forum. I bought the truck and the previous owner had just changed the oil. I ran it for a while, and 5,800 miles ago changed the oil with NAPA 15W-40 and a Fleeguard Stratapore. I really don't know how long to run the new oil, I use the truck mostly as a commuter vehicle, but every once in a rare while might pull a 8-10k pound trailer. Most of my trailering will be a couple thousand. Pretty easy life for a Cummins. I also run my block heater 4 hours every morning that it's around 35d degrees or less; my kid appreciates having heat in the truck! I also only live a mile from the interstate and prefer to use it rather than taking the slow roads 'til I reach temperature. If I could run this expensive oil 9,000 miles by changing the filter and adding a quart every 3k miles, that's what I'd do, though 12k and 4k sounds even better of course! I bought the Amsoil Oil Analysis kit, figured at worst I'd change the filter at 3k, then run to 6k and pull a sample. Hopefully hear back from them quickly to know what need to do. Any recommendations would be appreciated. I don't mind paying for Oil Analysis more often than normal here at the beginning. $28 is cheap compared to 11 quarts of Amsoil!
  5. I just had a case delivered today, glad a dealer as knowledgeable as AH64ID has recommended this oil to so many folks. With a long trip to MN planned, I figured now would be a good time to try synthetic. However, it's getting Fleetguard stratapore filters for the next three filter changes! With 279,000 miles, should I change the filter at 3k miles and add a quart?
  6. Good morning, I'm interested in your injectors. I'd like to have a set I can have sent off to be rebuilt. I really have no idea what a fair price is for used injectors.
  7. These are the terminals I bought. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B01LLWKXV6?psc=1&ref=yo_pop_mb_pd_title And these ring terminals in various sizes. Even dear old dad gave approval to these terminals for the thick wall and general quality. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B073Y8443Y?psc=1&ref=yo_pop_mb_pd_title I used DoD's heavy duty, bolt cutter style crimper. AKA no hammer, and no removing cables from truck.
  8. Silicone is resistant to sulfuric acid at a 10% concentration at 70 degrees. Clearly it's hotter under the hood than 70 degrees, but hopefully you don't have liquid sulfuric acid spewing out of your battery! So, my new terminal is coated in Gardner Denver dielectric grease, as I have done for a long while on other vehicles. I found this article a while back which reaffirmed my decision. https://www.w8ji.com/dielectric_grease_vs_conductive_grease.htm
  9. ...Well that's not what I want to hear! When I trimmed back the insulation on the ground cables, everything looked normal, hopefully the others are the same.
  10. My battery cable ends are in bad shape, so I picked up some new ends and car lugs. Due to my kid taking a short nap today, I only got one done, along with cleaning a couple of grounds. These two pictures are obviously not a direct Before and After. I found out I didn't have a new 4 gauge lug, so did the ground wire first. Whoops. Oh, and the terminals did come with protective caps, it is now installed.
  11. My truck gauge shows 140, 190 and something around 240. When comparing a 190 t-stat to a 200, I could use a few more gradations!
  12. So far I like the 200 degree thermostat. I don't tow often or heavy, so it may not be for everyone. Before I covered my grill some it did seem the thermostat hunted some, but I only had my truck gauge to observe, no OBDLink at the time to show precise temp. I may never go back to a lower temp as I have seen no downside for my application.
  13. Over a year I bought a new set of component speakers and finally tried to install them. The tweeter doesn't fit in the stock a-pillar location, and since I can't return them I decided to mount as shown in the photo. Should've just bought the normal speakers! Live and learn...
  14. Vehicle: "Silver Truck" Category: 2nd Generation Date Added: 2018-12-19 "Silver Truck"