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  1. It looks like that after only a couple of weeks?!?! I changed my injectors at around 300k miles and have every reason to believe they were the factory units - they didn't look anything like that.
  2. Today looks to be our last day of regular dew points in the 70s, and the dew points drop to the upper 40's woo hoo! Love the drier weather.
  3. When looking at Wal-Mart 2-stroke to Amsoil cost comparison, the Amsoil was about the same cost "per serving" if you bought the big jug. I buy the 1/2 gallon jug, then divvy out into 5 ounce "servings" since most of my fillups are around 25 gallons. In a 5th Gen clearly you won't be running 2-stroke, but my point is that Amsoil fuel treatment is not expensive per serving - they also say it's alcohol free, and the brochure indicates wear scar reductions of ~150 microns when mixed with fuels from varying U.S. regions.
  4. I don't believe those offer 240V when combined, they just give a lot more 120V amperage. The Honda 7kW units do have 240V, and I believe can be paired up. I've read a lot of good reviews about the Harbor Freight Predator generators and see lots of food trucks using them. Also on job sites some guys have well-used versions and swear they're as good or nearly as good as their Hondas, for a LOT less money. I'd rather support Japan than China, but I ultimately prefer to keep my several thousand dollars, too.
  5. I'm guessing that's a pretty good inrush current. My old furnace had a 3/4 HP blower motor, 120V. My 2000W Honda could start it easy, but not with much else on. Once up and running, I could plug a fridge or freezer back in, and it could handle that appliance's inrush. A 240V generator generally is just available in larger unit, I've found, and those get expensive in inverter duty units which are quiet and fuel efficient. If this generator wouldn't need to run 24/7 I'd be tempted to buy a non-inverter and just start it as needed to refill water jugs, etc. Put the savings towards fuel and a propane conversion kit!
  6. I owned a '95 K1500 Suburban, 5.7L, auto trans, 3.73 gears (I think) for over 10 years and put almost 100k miles on it. Always had load range E tires on it for some reason. When my mixed mileage dropped below 16.5 MPG I began looking for problems. Are the older Dodge gassers really that thirsty that 14 MPG is something to brag about?
  7. This is required so that current is detected and a code isn't set, right? If so, could a guy put a dual position switch in the factory trigger wire, and when grid heaters are switched "off", the trigger wire current would just pass through a resistor to ground? This makes sense to me if the MAP sensor showed zero boost, but the ECM thinks he has 22 pounds of boost. Won't it then inject a massive amount of fuel?
  8. I can't even remember the last year I opened a window. I'm certain it wasn't in 40 degree weather, though. Around here maybe a few days per year is it not too hot, cold, humid, or allergy laden. Dew point today was around 77⁰. The low may hit upper 60’s, but 99-100 humidity. I'm not sure how people survive Louisiana unless they grow gills.
  9. I guess I just don't understand how to adjust for stock injectors versus yours that flow 43% more. I for sure don't want 100% CANbus for anything over 2 PSI. However, I believe this is bordering on a thread hijack so will cut it out!
  10. For better or for worse, I just got done installing these. With a bent-tip grease gun tool they are super easy to grease, so I now have no excuse for not doing so. I'm not sure what to think about them. I'm more likely to clean them off and grease them, but if/when the ball or spring wear out they'll be more likely to let in water/salt/grit than a normal zerk. A Google search for that part number and you can get them pretty cheap.
  11. Overnight lows in the upper 70s and low 80s is pretty normal summer weather in the Midwest. Dew points in the upper 70s are not shocking, but may be mentioned in a conversation. It just is what it is. Purely for weather reasons only do I frequently have a desire to move west. Then I come back to reality.
  12. Yeah, but with 7x.010 injectors! How much fuel stretch do stock injectors need to match that flow rate per cycle?
  13. Whoah! $2.85 to $2.99 around Kansas City area. Lots of pipelines around here, though, so our fuel isn't trucked far.
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