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  1. I'm sorry to hear you're still having a lot of pain. Lots of people out walking around here in KC, but last week when I was in MN no one was out (still snowing). It wasn't too far south of Council Bluffs that things were starting to turn a little green. Maybe some spring time weather will help your recovery.
  2. @Threadzy I just clicked on this link, and it's still $525. https://www.benzforce.com/collections/holset-hx35-he351-accessories/products/new-genuine-holset-he351w-4043980-4043982-he351
  3. How is your ankle coming along? Hopefully you got up and moving around really good before the Coronas hit. Have you taken the new turbo out for a drive? If so, what did you think?
  4. Every 0.59" is appreciated when trying to climb in the truck! I just looked at the Cooper website, and going to 245/75/17s will take me down 1/10th of an inch and loses 2 pounds per tire while narrowing the tread 3/4 and resulting resistance. Going to the 245/70/17 would take me down 1.1" and shave 6 pounds off of each tire, but it loses 195 pounds of capacity (3195 vs. 3000) per tire, for anyone that cares. Since my truck doesn't run like a Cheetah on cocaine or even caffeine, I need it to as least look a little cooler with the 1.1" taller tire! May go with the 245/75 tires next time.
  5. I do, but don't have super wide wheels nor 285s. The tires on my truck when I bought it were 285s, but I knew I wanted to shorten it some for the same mileage reasons, and for climbing in since I still have not found or made running boards, steps, rails, or bars that I like and only have a 32" inseam! I'll try to remember to post them from my computer.
  6. I have put 40k mostly highway miles on my G015 tires and have lots of tread left. They do fine on wet pasture without tearing up everything, though 4WD is key on hills with no weight in the bed. I'd buy them again, but would like to try an American brand like Cooper next time. They own Mickey Thompson.
  7. @Evan is one of your new tires supposed to be 265/70/17? See 4th picture down. Simple Tire has done me wrong in the past - wrong ply rating was sent. I ordered the right part number, they sent the wrong thing.
  8. I still like my 3rd gen steering. I don't do a lot of rough off-road needing articulation, but the potholes where I drive can put a beating on parts. I've hit some doozies and every time I check toe, it's spot on. I do hypothesize that the steering gear will have a slightly shortened life, but cannot estimate by how much. There's not much flex in anything to soften a big blow; of course that is one benefit to slightly larger tires. If I didn't already have 17" wheels and brakes, I'd seriously consider 235/85/16 tires and a gear change to 3.73 (my rear gears are VERY worn so would just change the fronts, too).
  9. If you don't like the idea of jumping all the way from 3.55 to 4.10, I have found 3.73 gears for Dana 70U axles. I believe it's Yukon Gear but wouldn't swear to it.
  10. "Arrow in the Crock-Pot" is not defined in that document.
  11. Thought of this when I saw the hieroglyph. pitch-in-trash-litter-sign-s-4498.txt Are you referring to the 16 page, 8MB file that's hidden on their website only where Google can find it? It doesn't teach Egyptian, either. Reminds me of 2008 when we got new phones at work. There was a hoagie bun in a Brandy snifter and somehow I was just supposed to know that was the speaker phone button.
  12. I only dragged it up there so it was bigger in the photo. I assumed it was the reason for the yellow exclamation point. Not knowing what that symbol meant (I'm not Egyptian), I needed to start with that. I think I just turned off the warning as Greg suggested; didn't restart the truck after turning off warning, was just in Run position. Will find out sometime tomorrow after I change my radiator and go for a test drive.
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