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  1. Amazing fix! Good job. Can't help wonder if it was not necessary to replace the VP44 and rebuild the ect. Years ago I bought my 99 beetle tdi with 100k miles on it dirt cheap because the previous owner couldn't figure out why it wouldn't run (started then died right away). He took it to a dealer who charged him $3500 for a new turbo and injection pump which did not solve the problem. I didn't know what I was getting into when I bought it but I took a chance. After a couple of days me and a friend figured out issue was due to a faulty N75 valve. It's a $35 part which controls
  2. @Mopar1973Man , are you over-filling the NV4600? Do you recommend over-filling the NV5600? I'm over filling my NV5600 until it drips out of the top PTO cover bolt.
  3. Great info. Thanks @Mopar1973Man ! I'll give the Mobile 50/delvac1 a try. I found it at summit racing for 39.99 / gal. Since it's gl-4 specific I could try it in my 99 Nissan Maxima 5speed trans too. I had difficulty finding a gl-4 specific trans lube locally for that car - ended up going with a lube I found at NAPA, Sta-lube (crc) 85-90 but it's too thick for the nissan, on cold mornings the car will roll forwards when in neutral. I don't trust lubes that say they are "compatible with gl-5 and gl-4". I've heard that it's really just gl-5.
  4. Is the Mobile 50 SAE GL-4 also known as "Delvac 1"? And just to confirm, you are recommending this for the NV5600 as well as the NV4600? I've been running the Penz Syncrhomesh for years in my NV5600 but I'm ready to try something different. I feel my trans temps seem to run high (200f average in 5th gear on long distance highway towing 20ft enclosed car trailer, approx 18,000 lbs total weight truck and trailer combined. If I run 6th gear while towing the trans temps immediately rise, went as high as 250f one day before I dropped it back down to 5th). Doesn't matter if trailer
  5. Yea I removed the by-pass valve today and took it apart. Very simple device. It was clean, no debris and the plunger moves freely and springs back. It's electric. I have a needle valve inline to snub it down so it doesn't bounce erratically. I tweaked the needle valve a bit but made no difference. Anyway thanks for the feedback guys. Leaving early in the morning, taking road trip to Florida., towing my 20ft haulmark enclosed trailer with a 73 Buick Riviera inside.
  6. @dripley, right understandable but the issue im describing just started happening recently. Before that it was consistent Fuel pressure: approx 17psi at idle. Cruising at 65mph: approx 19psi. WOT fuel pressure 17-18 psi. Sometimes upon letting off the throttle, the fuel pressure would go above 20psi, just momentarily. So the issue I'm having now is kindof the opposite. It seems the pressure climbs up to 25+psi randomly. Does this make any sense? Thanks
  7. Fuel boss mechanical fuel pump . About 30k miles on it. Lately i'm noticing random odd fuel pressure fluctuations, mostly pressure is occasionally going higher than expected, like 25+ psi. The strange thing about it is it seems to be happening when it shouldn't be like when I'm towing and revving at near wide open throttle about 2500 rpm or above etc. I would think the pressure should be a little lower when the engine is demanding more fuel. Other than that I can't find any rhyme or reason why this is occurring. Any suggestions? Is this anything to worry about?
  8. @Towrigdually , yea I made sure it was clear when I put the new vent hose on. Blew air through it while the fill pug was off.
  9. Ok I'm back in NJ. Completed 2000 mile round trip to Florida. So I had a chance to cut open that clogged axle vent tube. It was full of mud wasp nest. About 1 foot of it, from the open end. I have no idea how long it was like this. I never checked it before. I'm guessing years. Check your axle vent tube guys! So Ironically my wheel seals were not leaking while the axle housing was under pressure but now my drivers side axle seal IS leaking! WTF? Ok so as I mentioned on may 27th I discovered the clogged vent shortly after I departed on my trip. There was NO sign of axle seal leaking
  10. @dripley , I'm running 235 / 85 R16's. Factory size for the 02 3500 from what I understand?
  11. @dripley , great info. How much lube are you running in your trans? Did you overfill it? I have my trans overfilled to the top bolt hole on the pto cover. While towing in 5th, my trans temps were consistent average at 200*. If I put it in 6th, the temps started creeping. Went as high as 219* at one point after about 20 min driving. Drop it back down to 5th and it would slowly cool back down to 200*. I had some higher EGT's on some of the longer uphill grades along i-81 and i-77 in Virginia. Hit 1290* at one point. Great info @Mopar1973Man . Is this the Moble SAE 50 t
  12. @Towrigdually , do the fast coolers help? What trans temps average do you see while towing in 5th at highway speeds? Were you able to compare trans temps before and after installing the fast coolers?
  13. Thanks @Mopar1973Man What are the average trans temps you typically see? I just arrived in Florida yesterday, my first of many trips to Florida this spring and summer. Towing my 20 ft haulmark enclosed trailer, loaded to the max. I got my rig weighed at a truck stop, about 18,500 lbs truck and trailer total. Made it safe, only issue I had was a clogged axle vent tube. Discovered it quite by accident. Soon after I embarked on my trip, I noticed the axle LSD clutches chattering on tight turns. Figured I needed another tube of LSD additive so I stopped and got some at an autoparts s
  14. Sounds " cool!" Has a write up been done for this mod? What is actually happening when you flip that switch on? Does it energize the clutch magnet and keep it on constantly 100% no cycling on or off? Thanks!
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