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  1. It felt more like something bound up and released, reading all the information you guys have given me I think it’ll be my transfer case, i don’t think it’ll be my trans as I don’t drive hard at all and change the fluid and filter very often, the trans temp is also right where it should be. Thank you all for the great help.
  2. The best way I could describe it is, it sounds like the front left tire locks up for a split second. But I know that’s not happening, it feels like something is slipping. I figured it was something in my trans as it’s got pretty high mileage but I’m no expert here. It is most likely to happen while I’m accelerating while pulling a heavy load but happens occasionally daily driving
  3. Hey guys, I’m really at a loss here I have no idea what’s going on with my 2000 extended cab 2500 auto trans. I was pulling my gooseneck probably 5k lbs, while accelerating my truck made a sound from under the floor, maybe trans or front end, sounded like a screech or squeak, and the whole truck kinda jumped. It kept doing it as I accelerated, now it’s doing that when I’m speeding up even without the trailer. Anyone have any idea what’s happening? Clutch?
  4. I had my truck parked recently and someone jammed a rag up my blow by tube. I didn’t notice, when I got home the truck was leaking oil pretty hard and I crawled under and noticed the rag. Wondering which seal you guys figure the pressure would’ve pushed. Haven’t had time to check but looks like it’s coming from the drivers side of the engine.
  5. I’m not too sure why but even when my block heater is plugged in all night my 6 cyl high idle still activates. Does this happen to you guys?
  6. Perfect sir, that is Everything I need to know. Thank you
  7. Hey guys I’m headed to get new batteries for my 2000 24v. Wondering what group size I need. I would like the biggest battery that will fit in the battery box without modifying it and still having the hold downs work. Thanks
  8. Haha well I just ordered one from eBay so I will show be sure to post a picture when I get it!
  9. No I just mean the one that mopar made for the trucks not aftermarket ones
  10. Can someone please post a picture of a Mopar winter front on your second. I do not wish to see the home made or genos winter fronts. Really want to see what the OEM ones look like installed and can’t find a picture anywhere
  11. Come to think of it I have a plug and play superchip that I can adjust tire size with. Would it be healthy for the truck if I put a little tow tune on the truck with the superchip just so I can adjust the tire size while also running quadzilla comp tunes or would that be too much tuning?
  12. It turns out the guys at Diesel Auto Power are some outstanding gentlemen. Even though I live in Manitoba Canada they have shipped a smarty S03 out to me. It should be here by this weekend and so should the high idle switch, I’ll get that installed so I can verify high idle works before sending the smarty back. Do you guys know if I can adjust my tire size with the smarty S03?
  13. Hey guys. I’m trying to get high idle going in my 2000 5.9. I have the moparman switch but I have to get it enabled. I took it to the dealership to get it done and $180 later it didn’t work. I’m from Canada so I can’t rent an s03 from dap. Any of you guys in Canada have an s03 you’re willing to rent to me or even you guys in the US? Or have a software number I can tell the dealer to install ? Thanks in advance, I’m in quite the Perdicament here
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