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  1. I ended up putting the correct size of tire in there and it didn’t change much still. I’m pretty stumped.
  2. Ah will do, it says tire size in inches, min 100in. But where I’m from they’re just 35/12.5/20 wheels
  3. Yes I have put in my vehicle specs on the quad. I’ve also been looking at downloading your tunes, but it says the actual number specs of Injector size for the tunes and not just hp rating.https://www.dynomitediesel.com/product-page/98-5-02-injector-set-100hp what would these be?
  4. Hey guys I just got a iQuad Zila adrenaline with the V2 default tune I just have a couple questions the first one being my transmission slip percentage jumps from anywhere from 3% to 60% when I’m cruising at 40mph It stays at 20% when you turn the truck on it stays at 100%.This leads me to believe something is wrong in a sensor? I have a deep pan with a upgraded torque converter the guy before me said it was billed past that but as I have not dropped the transmission I don’t know if you’re sure but it shifts good TC lock up is solid. Second question would be My fuel psi it doesn’t jump around but it stays around the 65 to 70 which is obviously not true. Thank you in advance I believe I’ll have a couple questions on how to download tunes and which ones would suite me. Thanks
  5. Yea I’m hoping it just something that got cut that shouldn’t have 😊, I don’t see why I would have no tuner power and the electronics not shutting off, and all these codes. If it is something electrical on the go,( I do t think it could mechanical) could it be repaired ? There’s some good electrical shops here
  6. There’s still Fuel in my lines though, f the pump was fried wouldn’t it be dry ?
  7. I cracked my injector lines and there’s still fuel going through.
  8. Just the cluster stayed on, I’ve retraced my steps but everything is pretty screwed
  9. Ended up being the new battery that would cause it to not shut off the electronics, even with the key. I have a vp44 1689 code , checked my relay for the fuel system and it’s warm. Is it possible by some rare coincidence that my vp is fried? Something I did with the wiring? I had no codes prior to trying to take the fog light wiring out . Still starts without any difficulty
  10. Any idea how to make the electronics go off and why’s it stays in?
  11. Tested the fuel system relay and now the trucks electronics won’t shut off
  12. Just pulled a 1693, 1689, 0236 and 0238
  13. Yes sir, I was just trying to take out the PO fog light rats nest
  14. UPDATE: I drove it and the Rpms go to about 1600 I beleive then fall down and the pedal looses force. Doesn’t sound terrible just like it doesn’t like the rpms that high and lowers them
  15. So I decided to take out the previous owners fog light wiring and put in new battery’s and terminals, so I snipped the fog wires and they ran to a connector that had more wires out of it with an in line fuse I traced all the wires to the terminals which I thought would be all the light wiring. But there happened to be a think white wire also. I started the truck and my programmer would get power but it said to check connections. So I put the wire on the positive. Nothing changed. So I tried the negative. Nothing. Then I fired it up and the CEL came on. I pulled the codes through the ignition switch 3 times. And got a 1693. The dealer pulled that code a couple days ago and got a tps too high voltage, cluster code, and no bus messages. They said it was through that code. I then connected a snap in scanner and got nothing. Truck idles fine, just kind of worried as I’m no electrician haha. Sorry for the long post but. TLDR: is there a white wire that goes to the terminal through the firewall that would trigger a CEL? Even though I put the wire on the terminals?
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