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  1. I'm not sure what unit you're going to but I've been up chasing elk around 38 and 29 with my 14 year old cousin on his first hunt. We had elk from 9-11k.
  2. BBHD

    Dash cover

    If I remember right the screws they come with are used to reattach the vents. I reused the factory screws everywhere else.
  3. I have had this on mine as well where it seems like the MAP just loses its signal very briefly every now and then.
  4. I reused my stock one as well.
  5. BBHD

    Dash cover

    There are some screws that attach the vents to it. They are time consuming but not really difficult. I have done a few of them for family members 2nd gens. I have only used LMC color, fit and finish was great.
  6. ^^^^^ I agree DAP has always been excellent to deal with
  7. BBHD

    Well its been fun New Mexico....

    If you need any help going back to Colorado let me know. I'm back and forth every other week
  8. BBHD

    Dash cover

    My truck hasn't been able to get one yet but I've installed 2 LMC dashes in my uncles trucks. Quality products
  9. View Advert TS MVP 98.5-00 24v Used TS MVP 1100300 for 98.5-2000. I removed it when I got an iQuad a couple years ago. Advertiser BBHD Date 09/20/2018 Price $100.00 Category 2nd Generation Dodge Ram  

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    Used TS MVP 1100300 for 98.5-2000. I removed it when I got an iQuad a couple years ago.


    Albuquerque , NM

  11. BBHD

    Well the Order is in

    Sweet! Now I'll have to keep an eye out for you when I'm passing through.
  12. Better yet bale it and sell it for more truck goodies