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  1. BBHD

    Quadzilla Dead???

    I would follow the simple diagnostics here as @Mopar1973Man suggested
  2. I've been looking at those. I just can't decide how many bells and whistles I want. I'm getting tired of not seeing all the way down the sides of my trailers.
  3. What brand did you go with?
  4. BBHD

    4x4 Troubleshooting

    Here you go
  5. In 1999 when Ford changed body styles of the F250-550 Superduty they went to a metric bolt pattern of 8-170mm. I'm sure they are from the 97 and older.
  6. This is how my FASS150 is set up. I have over 100k of absolutely trouble free miles with it so far since I installed it.
  7. BBHD

    2wd low setup

    Yes I bypassed the vacuum switch on top of the t-case. 1/4" air line fits nicely in the vacuum supply end. I typically do just as you said and engage 4x4 then flip the switch. When I need to be in and out of 4x4 a lot I just leave the switch on/engaged.
  8. BBHD

    2wd low setup

    Here you go. This was from @Haggar
  9. BBHD

    2wd low setup

    I agree with @Tractormanand @KATOOM! I made my own setup with a vacuum switch.
  10. BBHD

    Well its been fun New Mexico....

    My offer still stands if you need any help getting anything to Colorado. I usually leave Wednesday mornings and come back to Albuquerque the following Tuesday. Stay there for a week and back up to Colorado.
  11. BBHD

    Husky Liners

    I finally ordered one and got it put on.
  12. BBHD

    Husky Liners

    I have always had Husky Liners in all of my trucks
  13. I'm tagging along with @Mopar1973Man and @dripley with an easy 2.5-3k a month and running strong at 352k
  14. BBHD

    Winterize fuel, high cetane

    So far things are looking good. 20.1 CO to NM last Tuesday.