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  1. I'm tagging along with @Mopar1973Man and @dripley with an easy 2.5-3k a month and running strong at 352k
  2. BBHD

    Winterize fuel, high cetane

    So far things are looking good. 20.1 CO to NM last Tuesday.
  3. BBHD

    Winterize fuel, high cetane

    18.5 right now. I'll run it on my trip back to Colorado at the end of the week to see if it's still where I want it. I average 2.5-3k miles a month. Every other week I travel back and forth between Colorado and New Mexico.
  4. BBHD

    Winterize fuel, high cetane

    I dropped my timing 2.5* a few weeks ago after noticing a drop in MPG's.
  5. BBHD

    Quadzilla display project

  6. I just read about it on Hotrod news from SEMA.
  7. BBHD

    Hankook ATm

    It's going to be tire time before snow really starts to fly soon.
  8. BBHD

    Hankook ATm

    Thanks @Dieselfuture
  9. BBHD

    Hankook ATm

    Instead of digging up your old thread on the beads. What brand did you go with and quantity? I'm guessing you're still happy with them.
  10. I'm not sure what unit you're going to but I've been up chasing elk around 38 and 29 with my 14 year old cousin on his first hunt. We had elk from 9-11k.
  11. BBHD

    Dash cover

    If I remember right the screws they come with are used to reattach the vents. I reused the factory screws everywhere else.
  12. BBHD

    Quadzilla not showing boost

    I have had this on mine as well where it seems like the MAP just loses its signal very briefly every now and then.