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  1. BBHD

    No boost

    Some amount of air will move out any exhaust/intake valves that are open at all unless you loosen all the valves so they are closed.
  2. Yes 4x4, 6bt, NV4500, NP241DHD, 285/70R17's stock height suspension(probably settled) Quad cab SB
  3. I was finally able to get on some pavement. Measurements are straight up from ground even though the pictures look crooked.
  4. If I can get on some level ground I'll get some measurements for you.
  5. BBHD

    HX35 Rebuild

    Have you tried cleaning it?
  6. My sister lives in Steamboat. I've been over that pass many times. It's beautiful up there.
  7. 2wd, Dana 44 rear, 727 trans and a 258 Inline 6. Steering wheel on the right. It has a twin that I brought up about a year ago.
  8. 2wd, Dana 44 rear, 727 trans and a 258 Inline 6. Steering wheel on the right. It has a twin that I brought up about a year ago.
  9. I hauled up a new little toy to Colorado yesterday.
  10. BBHD

    HX35 Rebuild

    It's an adjustable boost elbow. You turn the screw in to help keep the wastegate closed longer in turn building more boost. I would suggest checking that screw for boost leaks as well. Were the injectors new or used when you installed them? I didn't look back in all the threads to see but if they were used I would recommend getting them re-popped.
  11. BBHD

    Engine rebuild

    It has it
  12. BBHD

    Engine rebuild

    It's a late 40's early 50's Ford( my brain fart!)with I believe a little CAT and an Allison. It also has rear steer and can side walk taking up two lanes. I'm hoping to get a close look at it parked somewhere during a cruise weekend in Golden.
  13. BBHD

    Engine rebuild

    Thought of this thread after seeing this in Golden, CO
  14. BBHD


    My front shaft measures 30 3/8" from t-case(241DHD) 4 bolt flange to front yoke strap flange. Nv4500 trans