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  1. I do not understand why this statement is constantly made? I have never had an issue with my FASS gelling driving 1000's of miles every winter in snow, slush and single digit to sub zero temperatures. I have (3) 2nd, (1) 3rd and (2) 4th gen's in the family all running FASS in these conditions without issue. Just my but everyone is entitled to their opinion.
  2. ^^^^Thats what I was thinking
  3. I think it's worth it. I replaced the wheel cylinders about 4 years ago and noticed a difference. The front brake upgrade was very noticeable.
  4. I kept 2nd gen calipers. I also have the larger wheel cylinders in the rear.
  5. This is the route I took. Easy and an excellent upgrade
  6. Swapping out the input shaft isn't bad. My front driveshaft on my old 99' let go and cracked my t-case housing. I picked up a used 47RE and DLD for a deal and sold the trans as a core. I just rebuilt the case because you're in there that far anyway.
  7. Most times when things get older the get incontinent
  8. How is the condition of the transmission mount? Could it be deteriorating and allowing too much flex causing the yoke to bind against the bushing and flex the seal?
  9. @KATOOM I have been getting ready for this bushing replacement myself. I have been looking at the same bushing @NIsaacs listed.
  10. @Haggar I completely agree with you and couldn't have said it any better. If a truck has the CAD why wouldn't anyone want the option?
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