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  1. I have had my FASS titanium 150 on for many years now and never had an issue with it being tucked up under the front of the bed. I spend my winters above 9000' in Colorado and have never had it gell. I travel between New Mexico and Colorado all year long with several trips into Wyoming, Kansas, Nebraska and Texas. A mix between interstate, 2-lane, gravel and 1000's of miles off road. Knock on wood I have yet to ever have anything damage my set-up. Just my . If something does happen and it gets damaged or dies I'll be going the mechanical route as many here and elsewhere have had great success with them.
  2. Looks good Did you ever finish your new headlights?
  3. My 270 likes these and H4831SC the best out of any I've tried.
  4. I'm primarily a mobile user. It's unfortunate that I have to scroll through 32 old posts I have already read when I've selected to only show "unread content." I understand that you are not the manufacturer/designer.
  5. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with this one
  6. At least now it appears to only be showing new posts instead of dredging up old posts I've read as soon as a new post is made. It would still be cleaner and not so jumbled if there was only one bulletin for a thread update instead of every single comment. i guess you don't get to see what the next topic you can view is? Just that it's "unread."
  7. I'm curious to see the final height difference assembled compared to the old stockers
  8. I would follow the simple diagnostics here as @Mopar1973Man suggested
  9. I've been looking at those. I just can't decide how many bells and whistles I want. I'm getting tired of not seeing all the way down the sides of my trailers.
  10. In 1999 when Ford changed body styles of the F250-550 Superduty they went to a metric bolt pattern of 8-170mm. I'm sure they are from the 97 and older.
  11. This is how my FASS150 is set up. I have over 100k of absolutely trouble free miles with it so far since I installed it.
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