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  1. May be able to source an oring from mcmaster or some such, but ill likely just get another pump. 190k of a farmer never changing or checking the fluid,im sure its a bit worn. As for compression, there is one cylinder that sounds audibly different as it runs in idle. Has done it since I've had the truck... so 2011? I'm not losing sleep over it anyway, but it would be nice to know. Maybe original owner glazed a cylinder? Said he used to idle it all day when doing work... 14 hours a day in the field. Side note, I was offered $8600 cash a few days ago for it. Turned him down.
  2. I despise being blinded by those idiots. Phantom load I've heard it called. The more I look at this truck, the more I think nothing has been done to the back. https://photos.app.goo.gl/JaCzW7DJEwukDKZ97
  3. Thats down by NoLa, I'm literally on the opposite end of the state along I-20. End of the week we are all going to Arizona for a wedding. After that, be working on the truck a bit more.
  4. I have finally made it back to Louisiana, and by extension, my truck. I am greeted by no power steering or power brakes. Degreased and pressure washed the engine so I can look for leaks. Somehow, it appears as though my power steering tank is leaking at the big oring between the pump and tank. It leaks with the engine off and sitting. Also finally bit the bullet and ordered a fan shroud from summit. Waiting on it to get here through shipping delays. Final discovery, I have one cylinder that has considerably more blowby than the others. Opening the oil fil
  5. Friend just bought a 97 2wd and I've been helping him get it in order. Just completely rebuild the front end, found a boost leak, got dash straightened out... ect. The previous owner claims to have partially installed a leveling kit. said he installed it on the rear, but not the front. Friend wants to get rid of the leveling kit all together. I always thought a leveling kit only went on the front of a 2wd? Moral of the story, I just looked under the truck. I do not see any non factory parts, other than some worn out rancho shocks. Do you guys see anything non stock?
  6. Alright guys, its been a bit since I've been logged in. Life got in the way. Anywho, I haven't fooled with fixing it yet, but I what I have ascertained is that the CAD works and locks in. I have heard something to the effect that there is an adjustment on the side of the transfer case. I still only have power to the front axle when in 4 lo. Works very well in 4 lo. Maybe I have a bent shift for somehow?
  7. Somehow folks can feel a disturbance in the force around me or something. People I've never met come up to me and ask about vehicle issues. Has happened multiple times. Dropping off old oil at AZ about a week ago and as I'm getting in the chevy a guy asks if I can change the heater core in his 06ish ram 1500. I ended up walking him through the process and gave him my phone number if he had any more questions, had folks waiting for me afterall. He never called, but I really hope he didn't go at the air handler with a dremel like he was suggesting.
  8. The time to actually worry, like, legitimately start stocking up for the wars is when people stop buying US bonds. The US bonds are quite literally the stabilizing force for the entire global economy. They are the benchmark, the gold standard, the last step. A US bond is still considered the safest asset on the planet. The first question one asks when working on an investment idea is "what is the risk free return rate", which is asking what is the return rate on a US bond. You do not want to see high bond yields. That is a BAD sign. Realistically, until you start seeing yields exc
  9. Honestly, we expect the debt to be around 40T by the end on the decade, but there are numerous ways around it or to negate some of it. Not the most pressing issue currently. More immediate, as vaccines get distributed we expect the economy to pick up further, as one would expect, but in some places you may not expect. Just keep in mind, regardless of politics, somebody is always making money. Some current If-then items... If the recovery is not fast enough, you may see some public works stuff pop again. Being the democrats and green, we expect to switch from more oil (our cur
  10. Been fixing foundation issues and starting back at university (currently online unfortunately). Overall optimistic in general, but we'll see. My quiet mountain town has so far been just that. Till it starts coming a bit closer, not really an issue here. At least we can see the bottom.
  11. Ive had a few of those.... "did anybody see me, no? okay hurry up and clean it up"
  12. I believe one of the "shoes" was crumbled, the other was not. Its on the list but I didn't think that would affect operation. I'll put them on my next order.
  13. I was told about the reverse trick a while back. Seems to help. If I have room I will turn the wheels back and forth and has the same effect of it working itself loose. Seems like you guys are leaning towards a vacuum issue. I will add, I even went from 4Lo once confirmed was in and spinning, to 4Hi and still no power to the fronts. 4x4 light stays on.
  14. Pulling a trailer through the pasture the other day and hit a muddy spot. started slipping so I put it in 4Hi, 4x4 light came on after a foot or two. Rocked tried for a minute or 2, both directions and no luck. Moved back and forth about 10 feet, spinning. Put it in 4Lo and the truck pulled right through with no issue. Coming back around a bit later with the same trailer I experimented a bit. In 4Hi, the front wheels were not getting power. Played around a bit, nothing. Truck would come to a stop if I turned the wheel, rears spinning away, fronts doing nothing. 4Lo, same as before
  15. Battery Management System Depending on how nice it is, it may just protect the battery from over charge/discharge or may handle the charging of the individual cells internally and monitor temps. Ideally, it keeps one from going into thermal runaway (fires) or damaging the battery in other ways.
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