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  1. Pull the headliner down and you will see the holes you need to drill from the inside out. I believe I used a 1&1/8" holesaw on mine. You will need to get measurements from a truck with factory cab lights in order to get them straight. Or I think you can buy a kit from dodge with a template but that may only be for newer trucks.
  2. If you have the tweeter on the a-pillar, you have the infinity package. The CD player Mike and I have had been discontinued and is no longer available at crutchfield. There are a few upgrades that have integrated Alexa and they should be great!
  3. I noticed at the plug that goes into the ac compressor, the black/blue wire is exposed right at the plug. I put it all back together and just for fun put a fuse in and it’s working again. Went for a 30 minute drive and it never missed a beat. I’m sure it will wait till I’m on a road trip to ground out again.
  4. Ohm testing the bl/bk wire at the plug at the ac compressor I get about 45.6 That’s with the compressor unhooked and the ac relay out of the pdc. Checking 87 at c125 I get about 1.1 or so
  5. Mike, I got that exact radio christmas of 2018 and its been a great radio. I dont use pandora but i do use the hands free and bluetooth. It was about $100 then and it would have been hard to find a radio with the same features for less.
  6. Mine has been bent since ive had the truck. Ive put new bushings in and the driver side lower gets chewed to nothing. Ive ran with it unhooked and tied up quiet a bit and the ride is better.
  7. I stuck one probe in 87 at the plug and the other on the ground battery terminal and it read 1.0-3.0 That is with the ac relay removed from the fuse box
  8. The c125 above the fuel filter housing? Ohm testing the black and blue wire at the compressor. Does it go into 87 in the c125? 87 looks to be red/blue tracer Ohm testing between blue/black wire at the wire that plugs to the compressor and 87 of the c125 is starts out high and then goes down to 00.9
  9. Thank you. I will ohm test it tomorrow and report back
  10. It was the fuse under the hood. I didnt check the fuse panel in the dash
  11. I recently changed the oil pressure sensor and must have broken a wire in the harness because the gauges were all dead and wait to start light was flashing when i got done. The local diesel mechanic decided it was a broken ground wire in the harness and instead of tearing the harness apart, just added a ground wire to the tps sensor plug. Its a manual truck so it doesnt have a tps. Everything was back to normal and worked great. A few days later the ac quit cooling completely, like i flipped a switch. I saw that it had a blown fuse so i replaced and swapped relays and it popped as soon as I tu
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