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  1. Now that ive pulled it all apart, I think I could have easily popped the cover off. I got it tore all down and the new heater core did not have a foam surround so I did not put it in. Im waiting for the replacement tomorrow.
  2. This bezel was perfect when I got the truck. Took it off to install a radio my dad got me for Christmas and it broke when I was just holding it in my hands. Ill eventually put a new bezel and and dash top on it.
  3. It ain’t purdy but I got them all drilled and screws out. Of course, on the last hole the dash cover started to come up. I should have tried that first but didn’t think it would come up easily. Oh well, dash matches the rest of the truck now.
  4. Heater core in the 98 was steaming up the windows and would barely get to 120 over the winter so I need to replace it. I had every intention of replacing it later this year before it got cold out but im going to Colorado for a week at the end of this month and its in the 30's at night with high's in the 50's so im gonna swap it out this week. Ive ordered a TYC core and its supposed to be here Wednesday. The problem i foresee is the dash in this truck has a cover over it and the screws have been covered up. Im pretty sure I need to remove those screws but I dont know their exact location. I think the best way will be to use a small hole saw just above the screw but I need some help from a fellow member to find the exact spots the screws are in. If anyone could measure their dash from side to side and mark where the screws are and how far from the windshield they are, I would be greatly appreciative.
  5. Power went out about half hour ago so I went and opened up the dynatrap and this is what we have 9 days later. A whole bunch or mosquitoes, moths, various other bugs and even a few june bugs.
  6. I remember those axle tube seals when I was into jeeps. They are for keeping mud and other debris out.
  7. Yes, thats the cad. The vent tube is the hose in the middle of the pic that runs up the frame, next to the brake lines.
  8. Jack it up and the oil should run to the driver side.
  9. All thread will need to be a little longer than your passenger tube and knuckle. Both have to come out since you cant get to the seal without pulling the ring gear.
  10. I get a small bottle of the mopar additive, its probably a 4oz bottle
  11. Mike is right. Get a long piece of all thread and some nuts with washers as close to the size of your seal, without being bigger than your seal so you can pull the seals tight from the inside out. Its not a hard job but there are alot of parts to remove.
  12. I have to either put it in the back yard or front and my front yard isnt that big. Im gonna leave it around front for another couple weeks. Bug sprayer sprayed the lawn for mosquitoes today so hopefully we will be bug free for a while.
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