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  1. I have gotten several replacements at Ace hardware. One store made sure the numbers matched from my ratchet to the new ratchet and the other store didnt care. Too bad they're all made in china now
  2. Set aside money for deletes if possible in your area and then worry about the other stuff as it comes. I ran 2014+ fuel filter in my 2012, they are nanonet or something, better than the older style but can’t remember why now.
  3. 6.7 injectors are not the same old finicky common rail injectors that the 5.9 uses and I never hear of people having problems with them, even with twice the mileage. As a guy that had a 4th gen (2012) and several 2nd gens, the 4th gen is leaps and bounds above our old trucks and even 3rd gen's too. Interior, ride and power are all really nice and if it wasnt for my hatred of big truck payments, I would probably still have mine. That being said, I really love these old 2nd gen trucks for the style and simplicity. If you end up getting it, keep your 02 also, just to ake sure you still hapy with the 12 a year from now.
  4. Im running Peak/distilled water, I think the yellow mix with anything stuff.
  5. Or cream of chicken... all apologies dripley
  6. Yes, cascade makes one and is supposed to be the only thing we can buy anymore that is strong enough to do the job.
  7. A few years ago folks were using the fryer boilout to flush the system. I never needed to flush but would try it if I needed it.
  8. I get 10 gallons of distilled water. I always open radiator drain and pull lower hose. Pull thermostat and heater core hose then stuff water hose down the block and heater core. Fill it up with distilled and put it all back together, then go for a ride. Drain it al back out and then fill with 3 gallons antifreeze and the rest with distilled water.
  9. That is the stock headlight switch for a 98 12 and 24v and the newer style supposedly cannot be wired up. Its sad to see all those wires spliced together like that, i feel for you.
  10. I used stainlessdiesel 2G piping kit https://www.stainlessdiesel.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=43&product_id=76. BW S362/65/14 or S475/96/1.10 This was my 95 12v so I used 5x.016 injectors.
  11. I set the timing at 16.5* last week and have been checking get temps on a certain part of my commute and they are constantly 50-60 cooler. Got the PDD 5x.012 sac injectors @ 305 bar in yesterday and they really woke the truck up! It runs strong and really clean, unless you really get on it. I’m still running stock gsk and I can definitely feel the new throttle response. They lowered my idle about 50 rpm so I need to bump that up.
  12. He is the one I sold my pristine 95 dually too and he destroyed it.
  13. You read right, no filter at all. Rain or shine, turbo open to all elements.
  14. I agree, that sounds like a healthy vp truck to me. @dripley here is a pic of my old roommates 2001 truck after he blew the head gasket. His truck had 450k miles on it and he never ran an air filter for as long as I knew him and beat the heck out of this truck.
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