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  1. 98whitelightnin

    How does my turbo look?

    What BHAF are you using? They aren’t all created equal. I always had good luck with wix/Napa and oil samples proved they did their job. I got a Donaldson or Baldwin one time and it didn’t have the internal cage like the wix/Napa and just didn’t seem to be made as well. I also use a 4” sleeve of plumbing inside the lip.
  2. 98whitelightnin

    How long to change injectors?

    I have changed out many sets of injectors from mild to wild and never noticed any significant fuel mileage decrease increase.
  3. 98whitelightnin

    Gummed up VP44

    Maybe try some mineral spirits?
  4. 98whitelightnin

    How long to change injectors?

    Is your engine getting up to operating temp?
  5. 98whitelightnin

    9004 to 9007

    I put those 80/100's in mine and can tell a small difference. Im gonna run a relay setup eventually and hope to see a little brighter lights.
  6. 98whitelightnin

    Blue-Top vs Redhead steering gear

    I wonder what happened? Mines good and tight!
  7. 98whitelightnin

    How long to change injectors?

    Im right there with Mike when I had a 24v, about an hour. Ive got a big problem with not leaving anything alone and nothing is ever good enough. 2wd truck with a stock bumper is faster than 4wd and ranch hand bumper.
  8. Passenger side line on this 98 and the last 98 both had a wear mark from the tire. I just replaced both driver and passenger soft lines today.
  9. I watched all of them, now I neeeeeeed the results!!
  10. 98whitelightnin

    No washer or intermittent wiper

    You have to raise up on the hinged part of the arm before sliding the pin out.
  11. 98whitelightnin

    9004 to 9007

    Do you have one of the wiring harnesses with relays or just factory wiring?
  12. 98whitelightnin

    9004 to 9007

    I was mostly concerned with burning up the housings and didnt even think about the headlight switch.
  13. 98whitelightnin

    No washer or intermittent wiper

    Kinda have the same thing going on with my 98. I have L/H and it goes to park but no intermittent. My washer works but have to have the wipers on L/H to clean the wind shield. Ive swapped relays with no luck. I pulled the motor and transmission out and tried to get into the motor but had no luck.
  14. 98whitelightnin

    9004 to 9007

    Anyone try some of the high wattage hella bulbs? I got a pair of 9004 from rock auto that are 80/100 watt but im scarred to run them in fear of burning something up. They are under $3 so i thought i would throw them in with the rest of my order.
  15. 98whitelightnin

    Steering wander

    Tappet cover gasket is dry. I really cant find anywhere that leaks. There is years of grimy residue on the underside of the motor and all but ive been getting it all cleaned up. The blue top did not come with orings and I think my return line may have been leaking a little. I shot some break clean on it and I'll check it next time i drive. I should have went to the parts store and got some orings.