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  1. Lower timing = lower egt’s? I’m not sure but need to invest in a timing kit and bump it up a little. Depending on where I drive, can't get much better than 17 mpg.
  2. Ambient temps are right on the money and cruising temps seem right too. I think I’m just being paranoid
  3. I have never had a stock truck with gauges but I just put this cheap digital egt gaug/probe in and it seems like temps should be higher than they are. https://www.amazon.com/Digital-Gauge-Alarm-Outputs-Sensors/dp/B01N6V9RZR/ref=pd_ybh_a_61?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=X4R7KMR9CE7QKT1P3PSB First start idle was about 165* after a minute or so and then I stomped on it after I got the coolant up to temp and it took nearly a full throttle run to 70 to get up to 800*. The only mods to engine are stock plate slid forward and star wheel turned a few clicks. Ive slid the afc housing forward but backed the smoke screw out so smoke is at a minimum without the truck being a dog. Normal driving temps seemed right at around 650-700* and idle when I pulled back in the drive was around 450*, I let it cool to 330* before shutting down. I was expecting to hit 1000* or so with the hard pull, does this sound normal?
  4. Hooked up to the trailer today and my wiring job is good. Thanks for all the help for the electrically challenged.
  5. 98whitelightnin


  6. Thanks AH64ID!! Yes, I have a voltmeter and I got the wires all marked now.
  7. The wires arent hooked up to anything. Ill check my grandpas truck out next time I see him.
  8. I actually got all the wires on my truck end identified, its the piece I cut off the other truck that doesnt match any of the diagrams ive seen. This is the piece I cut off the other 98
  9. I actually picked up a plug and length of harness from the wrecking yard tuesday, I just need to know what colors do what. Thh donor truck was a 98 3/4 gas truck but the wiring colors are all different than mine. Im also color blind so it makes everything just that much more fun!
  10. Output shaft seal is leaking in the 98. It doesnt leave a drop in the drive but the underside of the cab is wet and the weep hole is wet. There is a little bit of play when I grab the output shaft, is this normal? I see there is an output bearing and pilot bearing. I dont want to replace the seal only to have to replace the bearing and seal soon after. Anybody with a with a 241 DLD wanna grab the output and see if its got a little wiggle?
  11. The CTM was actually unplugged. I guess po got tired of the door dinger.
  12. I replaced mine and intermittent still doesnt work.
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