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  1. 98whitelightnin

    Derale 15870 Install Under 3rd Gen

    I mounted one in my 95 after the compounds. The spare tire mount had rusted off so it went in place of it. That thing did some crazy good cooling!
  2. 98whitelightnin

    Throttle required to start

    I’ve never been around a p-pumped truck with manual trans that didn’t need a touch of throttle to pop off. My 95 auto never needed extra fuel to start.
  3. I’m not sure but I remember seeing this pan years ago and thinking it would be a cheap upgrade with a drain. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/spe-5465
  4. 98whitelightnin

    Nv4500 atf+4??

    Last time I refilled an nv4500, I used Blumenthal’s house brand fluid. When the time comes, I’ll most likely use it again
  5. 98whitelightnin

    I’m back

    I needed up with the truck! I will update my sig and get a pic or two up when I get a min.
  6. 98whitelightnin

    I’m back

    Yes! 98whitelightnin will hopefully be back! Mike, I will change it if the deal goes through, hate to count chickens before they hatch
  7. 98whitelightnin

    I’m back

    I sold my 2012 Ram back in February and have regretted it since. As much as I liked the newer truck with all the luxuries and power, I really missed my old second gens more than anything. Hopefully I will be bringing home a new to me 98 12v tomorrow. It’s a longbed 4wd 5 speed. Thanks to Mike for keeping this great site up and running for all of us all these years!
  8. 98whitelightnin

    Lockup switch curiosity

    Yes, truck will either stall or push through the brakes, ask me how i know. I had mine just at the end of my console, were my fingers would lay anyway.
  9. My 12 was having a shutter on a turning takeoff and while backing up my loaded enclosed trailer after a 1100 mile trip. I changed the rear end oil out with some valvoline 75w90 and a bottle of mopar limited slip and the shutter is completely gone.
  10. I sent the pic to Me78569 Hey it works from my iPad!! Mike, show it to Moparmom, this is the latest pic of Maddox. He just turned 8
  11. Don't have a computer anymore, only this iPhone and an iPad
  12. How do is shrink it? I'm new Mike and I need all the help I can get lol
  13. Trying to upload a photo but I'm getting a problem 200 message
  14. 98whitelightnin

    Birthday present came...

    It's working correctly now, it's just a booger to get used to flying and any amount of wind makes it hard to control. I flew it up high out of the backyard the other day and the neighbor dogs were all barking so I knew if it crashed in one of their yards it would be trashed by time we got to it. The battery was dieing and I pushed the home button but it started going down in the neighbors yard. I throttled it up and luckily got it back on our side of the fence for a nice crash landing.