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  1. I'd get a foot print fuel pedal on her asap and then just enjoy the truck.
  2. I just looked and they are still $2.63 each. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/dodge,1998,ram+2500+pickup,5.9l+l6+diesel+turbocharged,1400162,electrical-bulb+&+socket,headlamp+bulb,11701
  3. Redline makes a GL4 https://www.redlineoil.com/mt-85-75w85-gl-4-gear-oil I have been using Blumenthal's nv4500 oil but i heard they no longer ship http://www.blumenthalmfg.com/
  4. Rock auto must have been having a sale when I bought mine back in january for $2.68 each.
  5. I got a set of these from rock auto several months ago. I havent wired up relays to them yet but they are still a bit brighter than stock. After reading your post, I will get some relays and wiring.
  6. Does it hurt to float gears with the brass syncro's? I thought these already had brass syncro's and that is the reason we have to use gl-4?
  7. Send it back. Now is the chance to get the other turbo if your not sure about this one.
  8. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with that 62/65. Hang it on and try it out!
  9. Mike is just too hard on his truck and now his tires are too small!
  10. It seems like mine would hit about 40 psi right out of the box, so i never adjusted the gate.
  11. I think you will like it alot with your current setup. I ran a smarty/edge comp with 7x.010 on my old 98 before I p-pumped it and that truck was a screamer and I still had hx35 on it.
  12. I think the race cover is supposed to flow more than the original cover.
  13. That is a great price! Mine was about a grand without the race cover.
  14. I wish I could help out with that setup but have no personal experience.
  15. I think you would be happy with the 62/65/12 or even 14cm exhaust with those 7x.009. I ran a 62/65/14 on my old 95 with 5x.012 and pump tuning and it ran great! Made 421 hp 946 tq with that settup
  16. Do they just come and tow broken down cars away in Idaho? 310, still just a baby
  17. This new SB organic DD I got is smooth as butter on take off. It can be a little tough to get into gear from a stop and it is definitely slower shifting but it holds power at my level no problem. I ordered from DAP and it came fed ex the next day at no extra charge!
  18. I have gotten several replacements at Ace hardware. One store made sure the numbers matched from my ratchet to the new ratchet and the other store didnt care. Too bad they're all made in china now
  19. Set aside money for deletes if possible in your area and then worry about the other stuff as it comes. I ran 2014+ fuel filter in my 2012, they are nanonet or something, better than the older style but can’t remember why now.
  20. 6.7 injectors are not the same old finicky common rail injectors that the 5.9 uses and I never hear of people having problems with them, even with twice the mileage. As a guy that had a 4th gen (2012) and several 2nd gens, the 4th gen is leaps and bounds above our old trucks and even 3rd gen's too. Interior, ride and power are all really nice and if it wasnt for my hatred of big truck payments, I would probably still have mine. That being said, I really love these old 2nd gen trucks for the style and simplicity. If you end up getting it, keep your 02 also, just to ake sure you still hapy with the 12 a year from now.
  21. Im running Peak/distilled water, I think the yellow mix with anything stuff.
  22. Or cream of chicken... all apologies dripley
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