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  1. I’m running a set of 7x12sac injectors with a 64.5 borg where would be a good starting point on the map and what is the lowest you can set it befor it hurts somethin
  2. Injectors are 3000 pop and 35 inch tire has a Borg364.5/73/14cm and has a billet duel disc converter stage 2 clutches had shafts it’s a sport I think the gear are 3.54 and
  3. Yeah I have ran it on wire tap and with out and still fueling hard it’s drivable on 0 bit of you go to get in it it covers the hole road behind me and I made a tune with it wire tap where it don’t come on to about 15 psi of boost and start the canbus fueling at like 80
  4. Okay I picked up some 7/12 injectors with large feed body’s and vco nozzles and was wondering what I need to set my can bus fueling to get these to fuel right it’s fueling way to hard
  5. Nah not for the power I’m going for not big enough so yeah it will have another one over top of it in the future And I have some 7x12s with big feed body’s and vco nozzles so it sould match up pretty good
  6. I ended up going with a borgwarner 364.5/73/14cm houseing
  7. Okay thanks for that just trying to decide what turbo to go to I didn’t think it would be this hard I was going to go with a Borg sxe364/73/14cm but then seen the aggressor 62 mm that’s lot cheaper but still good just don’t have a billet wheel But people ran cast wheels forever and made good power they put the the aggressor on a 12v will stock valve springs and I’m sure some bigger injectors and made 535 Hp on the Dyno and was wondering if it would be any different on a 24 valve
  8. How much Hp do y’all think say 01 24v with bigger intake horn quadzilla adrenaline v2 tuner duel disk converter stage 2 clutches /fass 165g and for turbos if there’s anyone out there happen to be running the newish power driven diesel Aggressor 62mm turbo and and one that’s maken say 550to 650 would like to talk to you about turbo you might be running if possible thanks everyone
  9. I just say it didn’t help it when rolling coal become a thing but the epa has been looken at the diesel world befor then I get it y’all think no smoke mean more power but you got to have the extra fuel to make power so that means there will be some smoke but yeah don’t feel like fighting over it night have a good one
  10. Okay And the epa has been hanging around the back door of dieselworld forever it didn’t just start bcs of people rolling coal don’t get me wrong it didn’t help but they been trying to down play diesel forever when it the power that chagrin all there ECars
  11. Okay cool that’s what I was wondering what is the danger numbers and etc I have studs going in and just think I found out that o have a head gasket leak probably or something close to it have what looks like oil on the back side of the head but no I’m or water where it shouldn’t be and not over heating problems stays at 180/190 it’s got close to 200 on the quad monitor but that’s not hot so idk
  12. I have a couple I been playing with I didn’t think I would but never hurts to see
  13. My max timeing is at like 24.39 what is the range where these 24valves do best timeing wise and where it need to be at for the more HP I’m steal learning everything with the quadzilla adrenaline
  14. Does anyone have a tune that if I wanted to roll a little coal they turn it on and lay it down
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