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  1. 01cummins4ever

    Rear brake pieces

    Yes, it is very loose without anything attached to it
  2. 01cummins4ever

    Rear brake pieces

    The lever on the valve should be positioned at 12;00 (sticking straight up) to have max fluid flow. If I remembet right with the rod attached on both ends it sets at about the 3;00 position (level) as the weight from load pushes frame closer to axle it forces the rod and lever upward. thus opening valve up. I can take a better look at mine, but I left the rod connected to the lever and disconnected it from the axle mount then tied rod off with zip ties with the lever in the upward position, I just don’t remember how I tied it, I have been meaning to install the bypass kit but it’s one of those out of sight out of mind things lol
  3. 01cummins4ever

    Rear brake pieces

    It even takes quite a load on truck to get it to activate to get full fluid flow to the rear brake cylinders, I just disconnected the rod and keep the lever in the 12:00 position. I done this a few years back and havnt had to mess with it and like the way my rear brakes apply under just normal driving. You could do the bypass kit, its a cleaner look but results are the same, I would suggest disconnecting the rod first and see if you like the results before doing the bypass kit. I have read where people have done this and experienced rear brake lock up but I havnt had that issue in normal braking but only in a hard panic brake situation and then it was nice to know they were fully applied
  4. 01cummins4ever

    Big change in my life...

    That sounds like a hell uv a good plan Mike, take care of yourself first. Without your health nothing else matters, I too am a hermit out in the back country and would not have it any other way. Glad your doing better. and welcome to the world of ageing, sometimes it dont come easy but beats the alternative.
  5. 01cummins4ever

    Cummins vs Powerstroke Diesels

    We had a few 08 and 09 Ford F-350 and 550’s in our fleet at work and finally got rid of them all, way expensive As far as why I chose the Cummins, I bought it back in 2002, and had a 6.5 Chevy diesel from mid 1990’s era (junk) before that and I just come to the inclusion that the in-line 6 diesels were the proven tried and true Industry standard for longevity. Having messed with some old Cummins and cat v8 diesels driving big rigs, I just could not bring myself to own one. and the little 6bt and isb engines had proven themselves in the 12v and 24v market through the 90’s and that’s when I dove in and purchased my truck used, 1 year old and 15,000 on the clock. and have never regretted it. and besides I would rather buy 6 injectors than 8 the less moving parts the better IMHO
  6. 01cummins4ever


    I dont think I could live with snakes in the house. I freak when I see a garter snake Im just a dog person. I get to bored and lonely with out them
  7. 01cummins4ever

    Tree damage

    I will have to look into this set up, It seems reliable. I’ve looked into the wireless but seems you have to spend 400 bucks to get a good one. and even then they can loose signal with a long camper
  8. 01cummins4ever

    Tree damage

    @IBMobile Where did you find your camera, I’ve been wanting to get one
  9. 01cummins4ever

    Tree damage

    Well, almost 21/2 months later the dealer finally got an estimate to fix the RV, $9000.00 in repairs, and the insurance agreed to it. We didn’t want to spend that much on a $10,000 trailer so we just cashed the check and the dealer gave us a couple thousand for ours then we just put the money toward a newer model, I had to put up another $10,000 but ended up with a 2011 heartland greystone 34’. It weighs in at 10,800 empty and I think around 13,000 loaded. I like having the 8 lug axles compared to the 6 lug I had before ( bigger brakes ) We didn’t spend to much time looking around, the wife liked this one so we just went for it. She liked the large living area, electric fireplace and a bathroom that you didn’t have to walk through to get to the bedroom. I liked the four season package and a frame mounted receiver hitch on the rear with a 7 pin connector, for more toys Meanwhile back at the ranch been doing some clean up, I took down 16 cottonwoods so far and still got a few more, I’ve been lucky to find people that will burn this stuff and haul this off and I have em all bucked up for them, gave away about 6 or 7 cords so far, and I’ve been restocking with ponderosa pine.
  10. 01cummins4ever

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    Nice to see these trucks in thier natural environment
  11. 01cummins4ever

    Big change in my life...

    Sucks to hear that kind of news, but hang in thier, wish the best for both you and your mom. I know I’ve had my share of ER and hospital time in the last couple years, not for my self but immediate family members in life threatening situations, A lot of times being in a hospital and looking for ways to pass the time I find myself surfing this site and it’s always been good therapy just to get your mind off of things . It’s good to know you got members close by that’s willing to give a hand
  12. Chime back in, when your ready, A few of us members have done the install and willing to help, you will be happy with it
  13. 01cummins4ever

    Oil Pressure gauge

    My oil pressure gauge doesn’t go up with key on either, but maybe some are wired different . Thier is acually a slight delay on start up which I believe is normal for these trucks. I would hook up a mechanical gauge on the engine at first start up just to verify the factory gauge. just for peace of mind
  14. 01cummins4ever

    Curing meat...

    I’ve always enjoyed processing my own Elk and deer but time and making room to do it within the last few years have not been in my favor so it’s usually straight from field dressing to the butcher. I do save about 20 lbs of unprocessed meet for curing to make Jerkey and summer sausage, as far as curing ingredients I usually just get what looks good on the shelf with the pre package stuff from the local store or Bass Pro.
  15. 01cummins4ever

    Liftpump upgrade

    Vulcan is a good supplier of the isspro ev series gauges, I have the isspro electric fuel pressure gauge myself but the mechanical fuel pressure gauge is just as good if not better, just depends if you want to run the fuel line into cab or not, what ever one you decide to go with, getting the complete installation kit is a good idea that way your not sourcing bit and pieces to get it installed.