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  1. 01cummins4ever

    The Future of Trucks

    I remember this happening in Colorado a couple years ago, although perfect world conditions its still impressive, and even transporting one of my favorite products
  2. 01cummins4ever

    No Bus question

    I had similar situation a few years ago, turned out that it was the main plug in the PDC was loose, I just had to re set it, but be carefull when checking it is easy to over torque. Just got to do it by feel.
  3. 01cummins4ever

    Charging system issues

    If your grid heaters are comming on at first start up that would be normal. When the heaters kick off is when you see your voltage rise back up to 14. and headlights back to normal.
  4. 01cummins4ever

    AFM claims another one.

    my wife’s 2004 Tahoe with the 5.3 and no AFM is pushing 300k , had it since practically new and engine still going strong. now I just wished I could say the same for daughters 2013 Hyundai, it’s barely got a 100k and smoking like a freight train, might be replacing that engine for her, she is not to blame though she been away at college for 3 years and left her car home for me and the wife to use.
  5. 01cummins4ever

    Oil leak

    If it were me and I have chased leaks the same. I would get a couple cans of brake clean and rags and clean everything and the hard to reach areas, then start truck and get underneath with a pin light and check everything, usually the leak will present its self. just because you have oil drips off something don’t mean it’s leaking. Gravity and wind dictate where oil is going to go.
  6. 01cummins4ever

    Seat upgrades

    I agree with dripley, keep an eye on CL and eBay. I’m doing the same. but I would have no problem spending a couple hundred on a clean factory front seat
  7. 01cummins4ever

    Started another inframe today

    The owner should be able to soak up that cost within a year, depending on how the truck is worked and the shape the rest of truck is in Does that price include turbo or radiator or anything else that may need replaced while your at it
  8. That looks great, I have been wanting to do this for a while but no time, my interior and drivers seat are shot. and who knows what’s lurking those hard to see places, @Cronus577 I envy you for doing a great job, thanks for sharing
  9. 01cummins4ever

    Started another inframe today

    I would assume every bit of that. with 1.4 mil. On the clock, It will be interesting if the truck is a good candidate for an inframe, or maybe an out of frame rebuild.
  10. On my Kubota tractor I have the original Kubota filter numbers and I have cross referenced them to other brands like wix, Napa and others. Just go to a web site like Napa, I know they have one where you can type in your Kubota filter number and it will cross reference to the Napa brand. I have used that method on a Baldwin site too. I’m sure their are others as well I believe messics is a Kubota dealer and you will pay dealer prices, I have used them for other Kubota specific parts
  11. 01cummins4ever

    Vehicle Log App - Simply Auto

    Is this app a 1 time fee or monthly charges ?
  12. 01cummins4ever

    Winter is coming - Did you change the air in your tires?

    Just don’t shoot one down in a hell hole where you have to bring your cooking gear to the elk.
  13. 01cummins4ever

    Height Sensing Proportioning Valve TSB 05-04-98

    Any link to those? I wouldn’t mind taking my valve completely off and fixing it right but dodge wants almost 280.00 bucks for thier part. Meantime just living with the zip tie fix,
  14. 01cummins4ever

    Running board pics!

    I bought the nerf bars from smitty built, not long after I bought the truck, wife really needed them bring she’s kind of vertically challenged, and even Ive got used to them and couldn't get by without them. Only had to replace one due to a tree stump.
  15. I was out unloading a trailer full of firewood the other day and a micro burst of heavy wind came up, and I heard a snap from above somewhere, I didnt even have time to look and see where it was and just took off running I was literally 10’ ft from where the tree fell, it all happened in a matter of seconds, The RV has some extensive structural damage on the roof, worse than the pics reveal, looks like some bent or broke frame members and three tree limbs punctured through the roof. Broken window and siding, thankfully I got full coverage so we will see how it pans out, I don’t know how the fix is going to be but either way this was a spotless clean RV for a 2004 model. I know RV roof repairs can be complicated and labor intensive but one thing for sure is I am not going to buy off on a patch job. As for the rest of the property damage, I was going to replace that old shed anyway and cut the trees down but looks like I will be doing it sooner rather than later. maybe with the help of the insurance co, All in all I get to deal with the claims adjusters this week