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  1. Welcome, and it really sounds like you have done your homework and are of to a good start on your truck, As my experience with the 47re, a single disk billit TQ at minimum for the Hp increase your after and towing at the same time, but anything more I would suggest just going with a triple disk if getting into heavy duty towing and leave room for more power in the future, Im not to Keen on shift kits but a well built valve body with the ability to lock up 2nd is vital when towing along with a good trans cooler system. Like said above @Dynamic would be a good resource and it looks like he is i
  2. Why do I see a “cars theme” center console pad in the future.... since my truck is an auto, my right elbow is always looking for a place to rest
  3. Glad to hear you made it ok, hopefully you get some moisture soon and help with all the chaos,
  4. @JAG1 I’m glad you guys were spared from the extreme fire danger, you just described the forecast we’ve been under for the last several years, It’s not uncommon anymore to see a hundred thousand of more acres up in flames somewhere here in the state, It sucks dealing with it and all the smoke but in reality I believe it’s just nature’s way of thinning out the overgrown forest, they all bounce back in time we just have to accept it for what it is cause you ain’t going to stop it. Ons side note it’s been in the high 80’s here in the mountains of Colorado, yesterday it was 85 at my p
  5. Did. You guys roll out a whole new EPDM on the roof, I’ve seen where that could be a tedious and labor consuming job, Just wondering because mine is showing some light weather cracking, I might try some of that brush on sealer if I can find something that works well and looks good These are a godsend when it comes to roof vents, I like them for the fact you can leave your vents open all the time, even during rain or going down the highway
  6. Here’s how I did it, done this a couple years ago during the winter, I didn’t use a template nor did I have another truck to measure off, you really don’t even need a tape measure either after removing the overhead console and headliner, I used a spade it the same diameter as the factory holes that are punched in the sub roof, this is just to get a mark dead center of the hole Then just drilled with a small pilot hole up from the bottom Then I moved to the top and drilled down with an 1 1/8 hole saw I used these factory teardrop lights off a 96 dodge they came w
  7. All I can say is I’m still running my original Bosch and now at 340000 mi.I’ve never done anything to it and it’s never exceeded recommended A/C ripple either, I also never have disconnected grids as they get used quite frequently here in Colorado even in the summer mornings 40 degree or below is fairly normal. I have done the w-t ground mod just for good measure and becouse it just makes since to an even electrically challenged individual like myself. With that said, If my alternator was to give up tomorrow I’m not sure a Bosch replacement would give the same performance being its just
  8. the Derale 15960 paired with the ATS 4+ deep pan, or another equivalent is an excellent set up to control the trans temps. I’m grossing 21.5k pulling the passes in Colorado and keeping the tranny temps right along with the engine temps, It drops to 160 on the flat roads, that’s also running the factory heat exchanger and factory cooler up front , and measuring the temps on the trans out put line. I like the idea of the GV gear splitter but really don’t know about the reliability of them either, and while quite pricey too, Im not even sure if there is room with a shortbed and 4x4
  9. That makes things difficult I would opt to run the DP02 lift pump until you get things ironed out with the 150, I know the hard starts can be hard to deal with while putting a huge strain on the starting system, Ive been their, I’m sure it will get figured out, we will just keep poking at it
  10. In a simple Answer, No. The VP will fire off the injectors with O lift pump pressure as long as your system is primed. and engine cranking sufficiently. The ECM and lift pump do not even come into play until engine is started and idling, This is why if you perform the bluechip VP test by basically hot wiring the VP to the battery it will fire off and idle while taking the ecm out of the equation. The lift pump is programmed through the ECM to give little bumps of pressure during pre starting situation but isn’t really necessary if engine fires off immediately, more less just to compensate for
  11. And I thought you were serious, M73M just making it convenient for you,
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