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  1. Why is that I’m showing up as an expired member. @Mopar1973Man I updated subscription on 5/7/19
  2. I would vote for a paid tiered membership like silver, gold, platinum ect.. maybe keep it free to access the site and ask a few questions and reply’s to keep the traffic up but require a paid membership to upgrade Like posting pics, accessing articles and tunes and such, make it more appealing the more you donate. I frequent other forums a lot, not Cummins related, but they are free with all access but they do have a lot of advertising which makes it a PIA to navigate through. I really don’t know if you want to go down that road or not.
  3. I like the quad xzt a lot. I can’t compare it to the other canned tuners being it’s the only one I’ve had, If gives a nice little boost of power paired with the 275’s. It pretty much lives on level 2 with just normal driving, but use level 3 when pulling the 5ver and other equipment. Well worth the money imho. I will be ditching the hy35 in the near future, and going with the hx35, it should allow me to hammer down a little more on the hills pulling a load without killing the egt’s
  4. https://www.glacierdieselpower.com/i-1140-fleetguard-ff5079-3-8-inline-strainer.html?ref=search:https%3A%2F%2Fwww.glacierdieselpower.com%2Fsearch.html%3Fq%3DFuel%2Bstrainer%26go%3DSearch
  5. You will be fine with the 3/8 line that comes with it. But like you have planned, it’s good to have the bigger line going to the vp. If if you live in the cold country it’s good to leave the stock filter for heating purposes. But you will need the 24 micron pre pump inline strainer, mine is installed just aft. the frame mounted bulk head with shut off valve I made I have had no issues with check engine light and I still have the relay in it. I haven't checked for codes so not sure on that one but never tripped the check engine light
  6. You are probably right dropley, 12 quarts is probably a completely drained and dry engine, I was just gong off what the manual said. But before my stick broke I would by 3 gallons for an oil change and always have a quart left over.
  7. For what it’s worth, No matter what people say, their is no bombs inside of tires, I’ve been transporting heavy construction equipment most of my career along with pulling tankers transporting everything from mag chloride to road oils and propane. One thing I have learned is most tire failures are human caused and I would say that about 90% of them. Under inflation is the most cause and mismatched tires either on the same axle or adjoining axle, is the next cause. mis aligned axes is another big one. It’s the heat generated by low tire pressure and uneven mismatched tires will generate excessive heat. Then the tire manufacturing compounds break down and the cords become separated and the next thing you know. Kaboom.. Specialized trailer tires are the worst being they can sit for long durations not being used and deflating themselves and getting weather checked, then put in service down a long hot highway by a driver that just kicked the tires and ready to go, I’m sure some of us are guilty of that. All tires are stamped with a date code and not advisable to go 6-7 years into the life of a tire that does not see much use. especially one sitting out in the elements. I know I’m just as guilty as anyone when It comes to abusing tires, that’s the first thing I do when I fire up the rig in the morning or night is beat on the tires with a stick and expect them to carry a 100,000 lb. plus rig all day. Im not knocking any tire manufacture, China or not., just give the tires a little TLC and change them out when any deforming begins and they will treat you right and not worry about innocent passer buyers getting shrapnel blown at them. just my
  8. I really don’t know the differences in dip sticks, but I have had a situation my 01 with the handle breaking off, it’s happened twice, it keeps getting shorter as I fix it. The Problem is my dip stick part number is obsolete and have to go after market for the price of close to $100.00. Ya, I don’t think so. My fix was when I changed the oil, I filled with the correct 12 quarts ran it for a few minutes then made my own marks on the stick. Kind of a ghetto fix but works for now
  9. I can only speak for the fuel boss as I’ve never dealt with the Predator. The Fuel Boss is great quality and the service from GDP is second to none, You will love it and probably never have to worry about fuel pump issues again. if issues arise it’s usually not the fault of the pump. I went with straight mechanical with no back up pump just for simplicity sake
  10. Yep, you won’t know until you see. Is it the line coming from transmission going to the exchanger or the line from exchanger to the transmission cooler on the radiator.
  11. Might try taking the line off and checking the flare end for any deformation. I would also pull the fitting out of the heat exchanger and replace with a new fitting. If I’m not mistaking the heat exchanger end of the fitting is NPT, and the transline end is jic.
  12. You might want to look into a headlight relay harness that draws the headlight current from your battery’s and not the switch, although the trailer wiring has its own relay and fuses it should not effect your headlight switch at all the way I understand it. I installed the dual sportheadlight relay harness when I upgraded headlights, not becomes I had issues with headlight switch getting hot but it was more to the fact I was doubling the draw on the factory headlight switch with the new dual headlights, in which probably would have caused the switch to overheat and melt. another thing to consider if your switch is getting hot is to not use the dimmer as in the more it’s dimmed it creates more resistance thus creating the heat, also a dirty switch, oily gunk and whatever else is on it can lead to excessive heat.
  13. Your truck came with a trailer wiring circuit installed from factory so no additional wiring or relay needed. Just plug in and go.
  14. The best lighting to have when boon docking, your battery’s will thank you I installed this DC power battery monitor along with the solar power in my old rv, the pic shows the current of 1 led light on, and the carbon monoxide detector which is always drawing power too. The Led bulbs are fraction of what a regular 12v bulb would be. Unfortunately when my RV got totaled I forgot to take all the led bulbs out so now I got to buy some more A worthwhile gadget to have when dry camping. about $20.00
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