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  1. I did this with the LMC a few months ago, Here’s a thread from the install that might help I should have got the bezel too, mine wasn’t cracked until I removed it, I should have expected that with the 20 year old plastic
  2. I will confirm what IBmobile says, those work great, I used them to change out decals on semi trucks at work, just be careful not to burn the paint, I can usually get them at the local car quest or Napa since they carry body shop supplies. If you do start to burn the paint a heat gun and a good razor blade helps too
  3. Even 275’s will smoke a little when xzt is set on level 3, nothin major but you can control it with your right foot, you do need a boost elbow, the xzt has the boost fool so it don’t throw a code, you should see about 30 psi. on the boost I think 300 hp is a good ball park figure if upgrading a stock 235 hp motor
  4. I did the RV 275’s, and quad xzt at the same time a few years ago, I seen about a 1.5 mpg that put me around 19.5 to 20 on flat highway, around 18.5 on hilly roads, After the injectors settled It seemed to loose about .5 mpg or so, but still not bad and better than the 17~18 I was getting before, but that was also on summer fuel, Like others say, The adrenaline is good if you want to play the tuning game and get it all dialed in, but not for fuel mileage alone, the xzt works well if you just want to flip a switch
  5. That’s a lot of tractor, are you going to get a trailer to transport that beast
  6. yep, and orange is about the same price as green, but keep in mind no matter what color you get you better have a dealer that you can trust, even if its a little farther out, they pretty much own you, at least until the warranty runs out, New tractors are nice, they are meant to be a lifetime investment, just make sure you get one big enough for your purpose and maybe a size or two bigger for future upgrades, I do like my 28 year old Kubota, even though I run her hard sometimes, I wished I had few more ponies under the hood, I just keep it maintained and I'm sure I can see many m
  7. Do you still have to drill holes in the water to go fishing
  8. Ya, I remember your thread on rebuilding that, just wondering how that turned out, never heard much after but now I Know why At any rate keep the faith and things will turn around, women can be crude creatures, and I really mean creatures too. Kids are the best of all
  9. Do the VP Hotwire test on warm engine at operating temp when you are experiencing the rough idle. I would do the WT ground just because, it may or may not help your issue now but while your at it pull all your connections like the firewall plugs and big black and white plug in the PDC, look for any damaged or corroded pins, clean with contact cleaner, do not use dielectric greese. It does sound like your loosing communication somewhere being it clears up when you put it in gear, If hot wire test clears up idle it may confirm ecm or electrical problem
  10. Greg, how’s that EB working out with your 47re, have you have you had a chance to test it with a good load and steep grade
  11. I have kicked around the idea of having front airbags, but just have not heard enough about them to see it’s justifiable or not, although a little pricey too, I was thinking of building my own , It would be nice to adjust the air pressure between the front and rear bags to get the perfect height stance and ride and stability
  12. Now that’s funny,... going to put greesy chicken **** out of business
  13. It’s only illegal if your having fun, Im sure everyone was practicing social distancing laws and wearing a mask too
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