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  1. I’m on the putting back together stage, and by just rolling the dash forward and letting it pivot on both sides and letting Steering column rest on the seat seems to be sufficient I also found it easier to just remove the crossover defroster ducts from the HVAC assembly, it’s only 3 screws and then fasten it to the underside of new dash before installing it n the truck, it’s a lot easier to get all 16 screws in that hold the vents to the dash
  2. Here it is https://mopar1973man.com/topic/17066-cheap-factory-160a-alternator/
  3. I still have the original Bosch alternator that came with my truck new, ya I’ve had it since 02. And 350k on it now, Just the factory size battery cables running from winch to passenger side battery. and solid connection lugs, As far as batteries I change them out about every 4 to 5 years, Right now I got the last set at orielys, I forget the brand, I also live at 7500ft. Elevation in Colorado and they do take beating with the cold starts and such, but I do contribute the longevity of my alternator by keeping my batteries and wiring and lugs in top shape. I am not a heavy user of
  4. I’ll just copy and paste this: Think of the battery as a bank. The more money you have in the bank the longer you can pay the bills. Think of the winch as your wife. She can really pull the bank account down quickly. If you have two bank accounts the longer it takes said wife to empty them. Think of the alternator as your paycheck. The bigger the paycheck the faster you can refill the bank account and keep the wife happy.
  5. I did this ^^^ a few years ago too, I may take a peak at things while I have the dash apart, really not planning on doing heater core and evaporater again, but will see what things look like when it’s apart even though it’s all operating fine. I busted up my dash a little more than it already was when I was doing the heater core last time.
  6. This showed up today Anybody replace one of these, just inquiring any tips of tricks to make this go smoothly, Ive watched a couple YouTube videos that remove the whole dash from vehicle and install it out of the truck, I would be fine with that but being winter time it’s kind of tight in the garage with not a lot of room to pull a dash frame out
  7. Temps in teens, you shouldn’t need it, I don’t use my block heater unless truck sits overnight in below zero temps, even with that I don’t plug it in for more than a couple hours, I don’t want to spoil it..lol.
  8. Make sure you fill up with winterized diesel, maybe even have an extra bottle of anti gel if your not sure the condition of your fuel, It would be a good idea to check your grid heaters and block heater if you plan on leaving your truck sit overnight in the cold and keep that VP happy with a good dose of 2 stroke
  9. Our shop at work only has snap on creepers, and a couple of bone creepers, some of the snap on ones have been their as long as I have, over 25 years. the one at home is just a Pittsburgh from harbor freight, it’s pretty much the same one from other box stores, just a different color and name, It works for home use but it stays on the garage floor and I’m not a large man by no means, it’s held up for several years
  10. The reliability of these mechanical pumps are second to none, and absolutely no problems on the suction side, these pumps would suck a golf ball through the line then chew it up and spit it out... lol. All kidding aside they are really durable and as far as priming goes, that is not an issue, as long as your fuel system is tight their is no need for priming, and if you ever have the need to prime the system it is very simple and straight forward, I have no regrets about getting away from the electric fuel pumps, These mechanical pumps been in existence for around 15 years and fa
  11. Should have just started with some old vintage coors cans, and may not have had this issue now
  12. They do look like an attention getter, I do like them as just running lights too, a few chicken lights do dress your truck up a bit
  13. I B7621E9D-83FB-4620-9A58-D1068BF71891.jp2have been adding two stroke for the last 10 years or so, got close to 200k on this injection pump, I waited till I had close to 300k on my original injectors before I changed then out, I know they were worn out internally but the tips were more less clean, My truck leads me to believe it’s happy with the Penzoil outboard oil, it cost a few bucks more but since it’s what keeps my Mercury outboard alive I can just share it between the two
  14. My only experience with these hydroboost units is that off the shelf they are all the same no matter what vehicle they are on, Ford, Chevy, Toyota or anything else that uses them, the only thing different is the brake rod length which should be unique to your vehicle, if You didn’t save your original it maybe a crap shoot trying to find one that fits. I did rebuild mine s few years ago but did it with my original so their was no second guessing of the correct rod length. @Blueox01 you might have better luck if you can find one in a wrecking yard out of another 2nd gen close to yours
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