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  1. Yep, the perm-lok seems the way to go as long as there's no issue with having it permanently locked (mileage may decrease a bit from what I've read but no biggie). BDK
  2. Yep, think I am just going to lock the front with the posi-lok setup, the one without the cable and just control via the transfer case, seems a whole lot better, not need to worry about the light (4x4 on or off) as the t-case will tell me what I'm in. BTW, truck is Auto for those that inquired.... BDK
  3. Thanks Haggar, very helpful! Do you have a pic of where the 4wd actuator plugs into on the other end? I know it is under the radiator on the right side from what others have commented. BDK
  4. Will jack up the front and test....no additional cables (no posi-lok device attached). BDK
  5. Yep, all vacuum lines are these and no CAD delete that I can visually see, however have not opened the CAD block up to check. I am assuming that with a CAD delete shaft it would be visible on the outside of the block, yes/no? Think I found a replacement, but need the other end and not just the pigtail so I can plug-in on both ends... https://torqueking.com/product/90002/qu90002-male-double-terminal-pigtail-for-weatherproof-switches/ BDK
  6. IBMobile pointed me to the correct pages in the FSM. I have connector C106 so it is my guess it is a CAD setup. CAD is all there other than the switch harness, go figure why the PO removed it. Anyone have a harness or know where to get one? BDK
  7. I have a 2001 (2nd gen. Cummins) 2500 4x4 SRW with the CAD system on the front Axle and needed a few questions answered. 1st post BTW and just joined..... The PO has disconnected the switch for the 4x4 at the CAD (the connector that plugs into the CAD). The switch/sender is still connected to the CAD but there is no connector anywhere NEAR this. I've looked up and down and it just is not there, so my question is, where does the connector plug into that runs to the CAD (i.e. as in where on WHICH wiring harness is it Tee-d off of)? Can a replacement be ordered and then just plug into the wiri
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