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  1. @dave110 that's what it's doing. So I need to bite the bullet and spend the money on a built trans now huh? Haven't been on my laptop to update my sig yet but plan on it haha With all the new stuff I've added it wouldn't surprise me if it lets go soon
  2. No but it doesn't do the lock/unlock thing, I know what you're talking about. And I was wrong, it is a bit violent I mean it feels like I'm hitting rumble strips or something of the sort
  3. Sorry I forgot to say it doesn't happen all the time. Is it fuel or timing that'll make it do that? I was messing with my tune and now it does that lol need to change it but not sure what to change
  4. What would cause a shudder type issue? When I get on the highway and it shifts to 4th lockup, it'll shudder. Not violently but it seems like it'll go away if I lift a little and get back in it..... Keep in mind that this is Texas were talking about (75mph speedlimit so everybody does like 80+) so I'm pretty deep in the pedal when it shifts. Anybody know what could be causing it?
  5. BrokeAssPainter


  6. So I've been playing around with a tune for the new 100hp sticks and 62/65/12 turbo, I was wondering if anybody had a good "racing" tune. You know, like for when the hopped up ricers and mustangs want to pick on me lol
  7. Same issue here Except I'm on my 3rd hub assemble in a year tho, I just want to know why the damn wheel bearing keeps going out 😣
  8. Yep that's mine, I really appreciate it guys I looked for like 3 hours last night and kept getting different answers lol you guys are awesome
  9. I have no idea what the difference in bearings is hahaha I do know that it's the whole hub assy and the bearing is split in the center, and the hub nut has plastic on the end of it..... There's no spot for a cotter pin or anything. If it helps it's a 2001 2wd auto, IFS...... @IBMobile oops, just seen your post haha thanks bud, thanks for the replies guys,
  10. Ok awesome, THATS what I was looking for, that's exactly when it starts it, low rpm at like 50ish trying to speed up after it locks in 4th. I pulled the 35s off and went 275/70r18 which I know isn't that much difference but it helped a little
  11. That's funny because I bought a mid injector tune I think it was yours actually but anyways 14 and 18 is what I set it at before I came to check hog traps lol didn't drive long enough after I changed it to give any feedback right now but when I leave if I remember, I'll post up. I'll switch the last 3 maxes also, but earlier I noticed that pretty much no matter what I changed, I still have this damn..... Idk if it's a hop because if half a$$ feels like a fuel miss or something at the same time. So in not exactly sure what to call it but either you or Mike once said that too much timing would be like hitting rumble strips and it's not that violent
  12. When it leaves cruise to performance timing.... So like between 27% (limit is 30) to about 35% give or take It doesn't mind the higher timing, I think I'm just nervous because of the timing rattle that increases with the timing advance at cruise. It's not too bad but being my first diesel to tune and coming from a gasser, the rattle always gets me lol
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