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  1. Yeah that was the first thing I checked, then I went through and made sure all my settings were still saved under the vehicle information and they are, it flat-out will not let me customize anyting unless it's the V2 tune thats flashed on there..... But it runs like a raped ape tho just sucks on fuel mileage haha
  2. Ok I have a quick question.... I flash my adrenaline with the adr2000 tune last night, is there not any way to customize the tunes? My eye quad won't load anything and won't let me make a turn for the adr2000. Am I missing something or what?
  3. Hey guys, I'm just switched from hy35 to hx35 and I can't seem to build more than 14 lbs of boost according to the iquad, analog boost gauge says more around 16 or 17 but I had no problem getting 21psi from my hy35.... Anyone else have this kind of issue?
  4. Awesome! You're the man!!! The door sticker is gone too smh
  5. Yeah, damn youngster had the truck before me lol I'm looking for stock rims for it right now not sure what they were tho 16" or 17" and definitely high egts man it stays around 850ish on the highway at 80 and coolant temp stays around 197-203
  6. Ok so I have hx35 ordered and some 75hp injectors my buddy pulled since he's going with 250s I totally them for $150 I guess that's not a bad deal they're from performance driven diesel, anyways, hopefully that's enough to help with my lack of power
  7. Hmmm that's odd, mine is doing the same thing, when it shifts buddy it SHIFTS!! Sounds unhealthy....
  8. Dieselfuture I just now saw your post, sorry, yes it's a hy35 47re 242,000 miles and 3.55's I think ..... It's an 02 2wd qc long bed so not real sure the gears, but when I say stock I mean stock, hell I think the silencer ring is even still in it lol original injectors and all
  9. Ok sweet! I've just been kind of nervous messing with the timing, I keep reading about popping the head gasket from timing and I definitely don't have the time or money to fix THAT issue right now especially since I just noticed my poor little Hy was puking a little oil out of the front yesterday Oh yeah one other thing, so when my t.c. locks up in 4th it's usually around 1400-1500, and the truck completely looses all balls, it still has power it's not dead pedaling on me, it just seems like it has no guts under like 1700 rpm in lock up.... I really appreciate the help, y'all help me keep my sanity I'm the only one of my friends who actually knows anything about mechanic work so it's difficult sometimes lol
  10. Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone has a completely stock truck with the quadzilla adrenaline v2? I've been tinkering with it for a while now and think I've got it pretty close, I was just wanting to compare it to others and try theirs to see if maybe I should add something or remove something somewhere. BTW y'all have some badass trucks haha I'm still working on mine, hopefully one day soon tho
  11. Hey y'all, so besides the diaphragm going bad in my VP, my quadzilla works great I love it! I downloaded one of your tunes and customized it better for my stock truck, all of the sudden it won't load that specific tune when I turn my app on on my android..... It loads the stock tune, and your towing tune, and another tune I made, but the one I was tweaking and working on for my DD just petered out anyone have any idea what's going on??? Thanks for any input!
  12. Dang Mike, praying for a speedy recovery man!! And hope you had some nice eye candy while you were in there
  13. Hey guys, I noticed this morning after trying to start my truck for 10 minutes and eventually white smoking the pasture, that it sounds like a powerstroke 😳..... It has hardly no guts if I unplug my adrenaline, and it hardly runs better with it connected. I haven't made any crazy timing adjustments, I've taken several datalogs, but maybe I'm missing something...... Oh yeah., I was driving down the road last Monday and all the sudden I felt the power leave the skinny pedal, i can floor it and it'll take roughly 10-15 seconds to pick back up but when it does boy it's a rocket,ever since then it's done it randomly at the WORST times possible..... Someone please tell me my VP didn't just take a big healthy steaming poo on me 😰
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