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  1. I still haven't had a chance to test any plugs or wires since its been cold as rainy and no garage lol but I'm definitely doing the wt mod first chance I get
  2. I haven't yet done the wt mod, but I'm not having any unlocking issues in 4th. Probably something I'm going to do in the spring when it's not so clod and windy.
  3. Yes, it's hooked to my afe intake, and I have pretty good power, hell I think im making more bottom end when it's acting up but seriously tho. Also the dreaded dead pedal will happen once in a blue moon when I crank it up and go to leave but ill kinda feather it and it'll go away once it hooks up. I've noticed too that when the map sensor is tripping, my trans will grab 1st like normal but when it's not tripping, it dont want to shift unless I let off the throttle and get back on it. Yea im not losing power, but quad reads 47psi at idle lol mech gauge says 0 of course.
  4. Idk the lie-o-meter says like 15ish but I typically put $60 on Sunday evening, drive all around Mclennan county and I'm good till Saturdayish depending if I have to go feed cows or not. When it's tripping, I'll easily use $100 in fuel which is absolutely freaking ridiculous lol
  5. It's got to be a grounding issue I would think if its making it do this, I just started her up and sure enough it's at 47psi on the quad, I tried turning it off a few time to see if it'd act right but it hasn't yet, hopefully I can get it figured out because WOW this thing can guzzle fuel like nobody's business
  6. Hey guys I've got a weird issue. The map sensor randomly goes out or how ever you'd put it, like I can start my truck and quad adr boost says 47psi, I can kill the truck and start it again in 5 mins and sometimes it'll fix its self other times I'm just stuck driving with a rough diesel guzzling gold painted turd. Can ANYONE point me in the direction of where to start?
  7. THIS is what I was looking for, I knew ME had said something along these lines before but I couldn't find it so I posted instead
  8. If I wanted to build a tune around OEM timing, what would I set the maxes at??? I've been driving with my quad on lvl 0 all week and I like it but it needs a few small tweeks to be perfect, so figured I'd build a tune but then....... I realized I have no idea what the oem timing maxes are lol 😅
  9. Well apparently I'm the guy that types a reply and never posts it . Thanks for all the input guys, I really appreciate it! I think im going to stick with stock springs and rods for now, who makes a good rebuild kit?
  10. It's getting time for a rebuild, previous owner was a kid who didn't know how to take care of things lol. I'm planning on 7x12 sticks for my s363 turbo. But I'm not sure which cam I need. The truck is going to be my daily driver so I need something pretty streetable, if anybody can point me in the right direction or give me some input on the cams that you have tried I would greatly appreciate it??????
  11. So I pulled into the driveway on lunch and noticed my thermostat was at 240°f. I shut the truck down and pop the hood to see if anything was out of the ordinary. Then I noticed the belt was off all chewed up so I went to the parts store grabbed another belt going to put it on and notice the pulley was wobbling. So I started thinking where in the hell did my bolts go!?!? And that's when it struck me..... I realized the bigger question was how the hell do I get this fan off this bracket that I have now remove as a complete unit from my engine
  12. Not at all man, the quad is easy as can be. I'm literally technologically stupid lol. But with @Mopar1973Man and @Me78569 and the rest of the guys on here, I've got big Shirley running on point and I never thought I'd understand the quad lol the guys on here are awesome and are always down to help, all you have to do is ask ??
  13. @dave110 that's what it's doing. So I need to bite the bullet and spend the money on a built trans now huh? Haven't been on my laptop to update my sig yet but plan on it haha With all the new stuff I've added it wouldn't surprise me if it lets go soon
  14. No but it doesn't do the lock/unlock thing, I know what you're talking about. And I was wrong, it is a bit violent I mean it feels like I'm hitting rumble strips or something of the sort
  15. Sorry I forgot to say it doesn't happen all the time. Is it fuel or timing that'll make it do that? I was messing with my tune and now it does that lol need to change it but not sure what to change
  16. What would cause a shudder type issue? When I get on the highway and it shifts to 4th lockup, it'll shudder. Not violently but it seems like it'll go away if I lift a little and get back in it..... Keep in mind that this is Texas were talking about (75mph speedlimit so everybody does like 80+) so I'm pretty deep in the pedal when it shifts. Anybody know what could be causing it?
  17. So I've been playing around with a tune for the new 100hp sticks and 62/65/12 turbo, I was wondering if anybody had a good "racing" tune. You know, like for when the hopped up ricers and mustangs want to pick on me lol
  18. Same issue here Except I'm on my 3rd hub assemble in a year tho, I just want to know why the damn wheel bearing keeps going out ?
  19. So I've been looking for the last 2 days and wasn't sure where to ask these questions so I made a new thread. I can't figure out how to update my sig, and was also wondering if anyone is running an s362 on 50hp sticks with quadzilla adr v2? I just have a few questions I can't figure out.
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