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  1. Neighbor has a full on 8.5kw gen/welder on a trailer, it got flooded in 2016 and the cable rusted up inside. I considered buying him a new cable, but the ace is slower and more controllable for someone like me who is self taught with maybe 10 hours of welding experience total. Neighbor hard core prefers stick welding and just never replaced it because he hardly ever used mig. Hadn't considered renting a mig, didn't realize that you could, but thinking about it now it would seem weird for there not to be welder rentals. I still have to pull the driver fender back off an
  2. I decided to try and weld the doors. It didn't go so well. I managed to gas weld the drivers door to at least being functional, I ended up cutting out the latch section on the passenger door. What happens when you douse the door with water after welding and then walk away for 5 minutes. I attempted to save the original metal, gave up. Cracks went too far, and I had tried to use a stick welder on its lowest setting. Ended up using oxy/ace and got after I went and got another acetylene tank and a 00 size welding tip for it.
  3. Out of curiosity, the light isn't physically loose is it? The little metal clips that hold to the adjusting screws can occasionally pop off and being HIDs, that spectrum line on the cutoff might be hitting him. Barring that, as previously said, wiring or something sounds suspect. I had a little water get in my ballasts from condensate, but I think morimoto ballasts are potted in resin completely.
  4. I'm not sure if common is the right word.... Inevitable? Potential? Incipient? It will likely eventually happen to all units if they were put into service for 500k. It's not a NV4500 issue, it can happen to all ball detents given enough cycles. $2.63 for regular??? bought diesel the other day for $1.97 and regular for $1.70.
  5. The purple stuff is my preferred style. The sodium hydroxide in it dissolves the lipids in skin, makes it feel slick like bleach. But it does clean grease and oil up very well, particularly when warm. I like to use a spray bottle that has a foam setting, seems to stick to vertical surfaces better. Old age? I really have no idea how that works, but Mikes description seems accurate.
  6. The second one was suppose to happen tonight, It was canceled. The third on is supposedly coming up in a few days, and is uncertain. Having watched most of the first one I really wonder what has happened, as in my previous topic. That was tragic, for both sides. I decided to watch the 1960 debate between Nixon and Kennedy and they only disagreed on how to achieve the end goal. They both agreed with the direction of the country and were both strongly for the US. They were both presidents of the people, even though they were in opposing parties. I would have a hard time
  7. In my experience, most women who choose to work in a craft/trade/physical jobs are exemplary employees, among the best. My mother says it partially has to do with having to prove that they can handle the work. Of the 20 or so I know of, there is only one I wouldn't hire.
  8. I would do it, and plan to on both mine. I strongly suspect that it would improve the ride on washboard/railroad tracks/roads where expansive soil is causing buckling in the pavement, at least when power is being applied. Even more so when a heavy trailer is involved. I put new shocks on my 2012 and it would still buck like crazy under load with axle wrap when pulling. As far as the clutch grabbing.... My IH 886 tractor weights ~13k. It obviously has a solid frame with no suspension at all. It bucks occasionally (mildy) when releasing the clutch with no lo
  9. A few drops of the uv leak detect die in the oil will tell you all kinds of things. It's the only way we found leaks on the the equipment once they get all grimy with a half inch layer of sludge built up everywhere because hourly construction employees. I once had PS hoses leak along the entire length of the hose through at least 30 or more pinholes. I'm still not done degreasing the entire underside of the truck.
  10. 280 jives with what I remember, but my FSM's are 600 miles away currently.
  11. And the transmission cooler. a lot of chrysler vehicles came with PS coolers. Sees odd to me that trucks and stuff with higher load didnt(same with GM).
  12. The scary part... Im almost certain that he does indeed have a 24v with 56k on it. He had pictures and the whole fuss with his family that was 2 hours away was, they had to drop his truck off at the local dodge dealership and then come get his chevy with his mothers truck and his inlaw's bosses trailer. It took them forever because they got it stuck on the trailer as it fell through one of the planks on the pass side by the dove tail so they yanked it off at the dealership. I overheard all of this over his phone because it was so loud. Sure enough, they get here and th
  13. But that's only 11 better than the VP44 when even the most casual of observers can tell that the VP66 is both 11 better than the VP55 and 22 better than the VP44.
  14. So, across the road from me and maybe 300 feet back, they are installing a new natural gas pipe line. It's 24" and ~1200 psi. BIG. Anyway, that means welders and trucks. With Delta just having coming through, it has taken over 3 days for the pasture to return to its normal not swamp state. I was looking out of my garage when I hear a V8 through flowmasters revving up, I turn to see a 2000ish Chevy z71 pull out on the road and then what sounds like a he caught the gate and is dragging it. He stops after about 40 feet. Goes into reverse, stops goes forward and then comes
  15. How does temp affect it? Both ambient and first start versus up to temp. I have a Borgeson steering box that is the larger than the original, and by their own claim, a newer design. It is a quick ratio, just over 3 turns lock to lock. Been in there for almost 50k with no noticeable wear on 33's, and on bad ball joints
  16. Vehicle: The Silver Fox Category: 4th Generation Date Added: 2020-10-13 The Silver Fox
  17. As a literal band aid fix, hose it off with brake clean then run a bead of rtv. That's what I had to do to my tappet cover that is apparently bent or something, seeing as my brand new gasket leaks. But, yes, 4 bolts in the case with several that hold the cover on acting to hold the case as well. If you pull the front off, may as well check the seals of the little timing pin that pops into the back of the cam. As much as I love the factory gaskets, I also ran thin layer of RTV on the new gaskets, little piece of mind. Can use the anaerobic sealant too if the rtv layer is too think
  18. The rear axle I believe has a sensor on it. They can go bad or have a wonky connection, it can trigger the light. If the ABS light burns out, the brake light stays on. The proportioning valve may be triggering the light as well. Those may be 12v exclusive issues, except the rear axle sensor.
  19. I've been trying to get the interior in order. My parts truck apparently has remote entry, and the wiring harness in the door is different apparently. The locks would not work at all. I stuffed some carpet padding in the seat. It looks terrible, but it actually sits level which is nice. I also put a piece of carpet between the foam and the springs. This is apparently a factory splice. It appears to be crimped and ultrasonically welded or something. It does not come apart easy and is wrapped in old school friction tape. Very very sticky fricti
  20. Tremec TKO 500 is a good choice unless you are have plans for huge power. Moderately priced as far as transmissions go as well.
  21. I must have missed the drag racing golden age. Unless it was a huge event like Drag Week, I have never seen stands with that many people in them. Back in Chattanooga, the dragstrip is about 5 miles away as the crow flies. I can hear them clearly enough to know if they had a good ET or something broke. In other news, the state birds have been trying to carry me off lately. Polished up the fog lights off the doner truck, the ones in the spare bumper, which you see here, have cracked lenses and are junk. Finally looking like a p
  22. The G56 was built with the dual mass flywheel and very conservative lugging power in mind. Be careful if you pull from 1500 rpm up. They do not tolerate lugging and chatter more than their cast iron counter parts when lugged. The stock tune on the 6.7 w/ the G56 has very little power before 1700 rpm. The autos feel like rockets by comparison. Need a need a different crossmember, or to notch the stock one heavily. I was wanting a G56 in my 12v once I experienced one in the 2009 C&C we had. Still considering it, but it isn't going to happen till the 4500 breaks firs
  23. How has your clutch survived a leaky rear main?
  24. More of a PSA than anything.... There is a local company near me called Lott Oil. I'm sure a lot of towns have little oil companies like it, open to the public distributors that is. I bought a 5 Gal bucket of T3/4 Rotella for about $40. The local parts store is like $65 They have all the other fluids you may want as well. When I changed the fluid in my IH 886 (25 Gal of HyTran), it was about $150 cheaper there than anywhere else in town. So, if you have one, local oil companies can have very good deals.
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