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  1. Is there a way to shut the alarm off until I figure out why it continually is going off? I think I have a door lock issue and it goes off EVERY time I open the door. would be nice if it were just on a fuse, though I could see that being very pointless once a thief figures out where that fuse is
  2. portlandareae28


    I am digging this setup!!
  3. portlandareae28


    yes, the big line
  4. portlandareae28


    https://www.vulcanperformance.com/Metric-Adapter-08-JIC-X-12mm-p/m1208.htm 06 or 08JIC?
  5. portlandareae28


    I did a 1/2" or 5/8" drawstraw in my Ford, I still have some of the stainless pipe, could just get a bulkhead fitting and get busy. Guess I should do a little digging on what people are doing for pickup that works well
  6. portlandareae28


    to increase the fuel lines from the tank I am going to assume is going to require dropping the tank and modifying the pickup as well? I did a Draw Straw and built the regulated return system on my 7.3, just still learning my way around this truck a little bit. I could easily run 1/2" from the tank if no mods are needed to the pick up itself, but I am going to guess the pickup that is stock in that tank is not engineered to move this much fuel. Actually there was a tank for $50 or less on Craigslist, wonder if the guy still has it, could clean, it, build it and swap them. hmmmmm.... I will be upgrading the pump sooner than later, but this all has to be done anyway, so may as well get started.
  7. portlandareae28


    Any modification to the housing needed?
  8. portlandareae28


    I should be able to build a BIG line kit fairly easy, I have a Parker hose store close. Does anyone have the specifics on the fittings? obviously the hose is 1/2" :-)
  9. portlandareae28


    Will this be useful with the mechanical set up as well? I am assuming the mechanical setup can still use the stock filter/housing? or does it bypass the stock setup all together?
  10. portlandareae28


    Yes factory mounted currently
  11. portlandareae28


    1/2” the whole way?
  12. portlandareae28


    What size are the big pumps?
  13. portlandareae28


    If everything surrounding the DDRP is stock, is it limiting the DDRP/fuel pressure? Would it be beneficial to increase fuel line size? And what other benefit that would also be beneficial when I upgrade from the DDRP to either a more powerful mechanical or electric pump should I do?
  14. So I just need to decide which fuel system it appears. I am torn between mechanical and electric...
  15. portlandareae28

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    Haha that will make my torn seat images look concours! Hahahaha