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  1. I will find part#'s tonight. Thank you for the feedback!! Thoughts on where to get that brand? I know you have sources that I may not have access to.
  2. My understanding on everything I have read is that the third gen caliper is a little different, but not necessary, and has different size/thread for the brake line connection. But many people have just switched the rotor, caliper bracket, and pads and kept their 2nd gen calipers in tact.
  3. Thank you Hag? Where do you get remans for $30? I am thinking some of the remans come with the bracket, not sure what just the brackets cost or how that cost will compare to a reman. If the reman comes with brackets and I am going 3rd gen might make sense to buy the reman with the bracket. Also are rebuild kits readily available? Best places to buy these types of parts?
  4. so back to the BRAKES part of this thread...... Monday Morning (after towing my car on a car hauler 60 miles and an empty trailer back on Sunday) I hear a noise coming from drivers side brake. Keep in mind its been 100* so generally driving with windows up and air conditioning and music on, so this noise that I first heard on Monday morning could have started on Sunday. So, back to Monday morning, I pull the truck back into the driveway, run in and get the keys to the Ford Ranger (I KNOW I KNOW, I hate it when the Ford saves my *** too) and head to work. Come home from work and start poking around behind the tire.. looks to be that part of the dust cover is broken/loose, I think phew, something simple, UNTIL, I saw the inside of the rotor that looks like Gravel or a grinding wheel was used instead of brake pads on it. SO at bare minimum I need a rotor and set of pads. I think those two pieces are pretty easy.. Now whether I go 3rd gen or not is not something that needs to be a part of this conversation except from a compatability stand point. I have never rebuilt a caliper before, but I watched a few videos and read a few things and it doesn't appear to be that difficult.. Would you guys rebuild or go reman'd on calipers? If rebuilt, is my recollection correct on the third gen that I can use a stock caliper and just need 3rd gen pads and caliper brackets to make the 3rd gen rotor work? I am in NO rush on this project, I want to go at it methodically and take care of any and all maintenance that makes sense for anything else (even non brake related) that is easy when its torn apart.
  5. Can the bushing be purchased separately? I can’t find any info on it.
  6. Update... I was getting a drip from somewhere near the steering box, but seems to have gone dry.... will keep posting as I progress
  7. I may have a similar challenge, I will be paying attention here Mike
  8. behind the little clip that you pop up the center piece and slide off? I am going to try the bushing first, floor is dry. I can't seem to find even an image of the bushing, I know on my OBS ford I switched it to a heim joint. Are there are mod options for these trucks as well? That joint made the ford clutch pedal really nice.
  9. I did my pedal bushings which made a great improvement side to side but I still have fore and aft play in the clutch of at least an inch. Thoughts?
  10. So I got the bolts in today, we will see in the morning if they did the trick.
  11. and we all agree, some fluid could make its way out of these holes? :-)
  12. this is all great help!! Thank you guys!! Wonder if there is an o-ring behind the "thin" headed bolt and the stud?
  13. there are 3 holes with green on them in this image, the large one center bottom is where the pressure line to the Hydraboost goes in. the one to the right of it has a plug in it in my truck (plastic plug that spins fairly easily) the UPPER LEFT one in my truck has nothing in it, and is the one I am really focused on at this point. Trying to figure out if that could leak fluid.
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