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  1. Thinking I am going to order all new silicon vacuum lines like I run in my twin turbo BMW. I will just be ordering 4mm (5/32" equivalent) by the foot anyone have a thought process on how many feet I should order? I am hoping to find some good fittings and connectors to put into the mix too.
  2. Hopefully we don't FORD too far away from the topic at hand??
  3. did you guys who have it change the pitman arm to the newer version?
  4. Can people who have done this upgrade share their feelings? My truck needs tie rods, and if I am going to go 4th gen now is the time.
  5. Honey Do list superseded this project, so not too late. Thank You!!
  6. thank you, other than the main vacuum line from the pump are all of the small lines the same size?
  7. So I have Mikes CCV mod on my truck and it seems to puke a few teaspoons of oil at least a few times a week. To go along with that I have no 4x4 functionality. I am going to go through ALL the vacuum lines tomorrow (5/32" correct?) I am going to replace them all, and reroute them much cleaner if possible to get them where they aren't constantly in the way. Here is question number 1, if I have a vacuum leak(s) could it contribute to some of the oil puking? IF NOT, I need to figure out a way to catch the oil before my wife throws me out of the house :-) we cannot have oil on the driveway.
  8. I have 6 in mine filled from the top, my 3rd and 4th syncros are tired and it seems to help a little.
  9. What about for smog checks, does obd2 know it’s there?
  10. I like and know your style!! Keep it up. I buy used phones, and all the cheapness I can too!
  11. I commuted by bicycle for years.. cars and trucks are backwards thinking in most cases..... same with technology ($1000 cell phones, come on) I just live and work hard daily to care for my family.
  12. No judgement here!!! I GET IT!!! I am where I am from “getting it”
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