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  1. portlandareae28

    brake bleeders

    You might have to, if you want glass mayonnaise jars you are going to have to go to an antique store :-)
  2. portlandareae28

    brake bleeders

    We used to do our VW bugs this way with beer bottle instead of mayonaise jar, did all 4 wheels at once :-) :-) :-) We would use coat hangers made to stay in the jar and hang them too (kinda spring loaded diamond shape hanger forced into the bottle)
  3. portlandareae28

    brake bleeders

    Does anyone regularly use a power bleeder here? Whether vacuum or pressure? Pro's/Cons? I am thinking I want a vacuum style as I have multiple cars and a pressure style would require many caps. I don't always have a helper when working on the cars and its time for fluid flush on the truck and my car. Thank you
  4. portlandareae28

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    Update. This truck is in this thread earlier with a leveling kit and 35's but I can attest to everything I have read and learned here, the trucks run and drive much better stock..... 345,000 will always need something.
  5. portlandareae28

    Head gasket blown - Coolant leak

    Mike, Truly my pleasure! You do more for people with no expectation of anything in return than 99% of the people on this planet. I have not always been in a position to financially help others in my life but I am currently blessed enough to do so and helping someone like you is a given in my world. I talked with others here after I spoke to the machine shop and I think others would like to participate in helping you in a tight/tough time. I don't see you as one looking for handouts but maybe we could set something up on the website for others who feel as I do about you and the value of the site. I wish I could have paid that whole bill for you, you always answer with Grace my dumbest of questions and have helped me and I am sure many others here through the simple and tough questions. I ask all members that Mike has helped save $20-$1000'S to pay it forward. Many small contributions will make a BIG difference. Mike I ask that you recommend that machine shop to any and everyone in your area!! Great group of guys to help me. If I need a head rebuilt I might just ship it to them. Happy to be able to help a man who has helped me directly and indirectly more than he will ever know. THANK YOU MIKE!! Brian
  6. http://www.lmctruck.com/icatalog/de/full.aspx?Page=45 My truck needs them too, doesn't look fun getting up in there. Who has done the bushing swap?
  7. Ever get anywhere on getting this solved? I may be in the same boat. Can feel the pump in the pedal and the steering feels like it’s struggling at times.
  8. portlandareae28

    Inland empire Ca.

    Do you know what Betty's name is here so I can send her a private message to see if she is interested in working on the truck? She is about an hour/hour and a half away but that is fine if it means I can find someone who knows and loves vp 2nd gens to work on it. Thank you Brian
  9. Anyone know of a good Cummins wrench in this area? We just moved here and I don’t have time for a few needs on the old girl. I am willing to travel some for a known good wrench. Any help is appreciated!! thank you brian
  10. portlandareae28

    Sway bar nuts and bolts

    Should the front link bolts come out? They don't seem to want to
  11. Anyone have a hardware list for sway bars? I have a set that came with the truck, but no hardware.
  12. portlandareae28

    Ready to do a fuel system

    Fuel was cheaper in California than Seattle last time I was down there 2 weeks ago. I am going to continue to read up on all of the systems, just hard to argue with the guys here. And tough at times to find solid factual information.
  13. portlandareae28

    Ready to do a fuel system

    Do share your thoughts/reasons. Seems like most everyone likes their AD's
  14. portlandareae28

    Ready to do a fuel system

    Do that setup with what pump setup? Funny I had to fix the drain valve on the filter canister yesterday.