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  1. I have 6 in mine filled from the top, my 3rd and 4th syncros are tired and it seems to help a little.
  2. What about for smog checks, does obd2 know it’s there?
  3. I like and know your style!! Keep it up. I buy used phones, and all the cheapness I can too!
  4. I commuted by bicycle for years.. cars and trucks are backwards thinking in most cases..... same with technology ($1000 cell phones, come on) I just live and work hard daily to care for my family.
  5. No judgement here!!! I GET IT!!! I am where I am from “getting it”
  6. I am married going on 20 years, I could care less what chicks dig. I appreciate your passion about leveling! But I would crawl before driving that Neon. I get why you do it though. 😀 I am at a point in life where I could just go buy a new truck and not worry about fuel cost (I drive less than 40 miles a work week). I just love driving this old truck that I would love to get to 500k. I am only 5’7” so part of my reverse level thinking is “short guy”. NO OFFENSE taken, this site needs more passion 😀. I feel like the truck is paying me now and the burp of coal coming out of that tailpipe drives the Californians NUTS 😀😀😀😀 thank you for the awesome reply, I LOVED reading it!!!
  7. How does the 1" level play into needing adjustable track bars, etc? I am with ya Mike, just not in the cards of my life right now that the truck gets much of a load.
  8. I don't want spray on cap rails even if I do spray in bedliner, I like the look better of a cap rail. I think I would prefer either a smooth SS, or a diamond plate aluminum. At this point I am not worried about the paint, as the paint is already bad. I like the look better of the cap rail on top of the bed, and a tool box on top of the cap rail..
  9. Mine is a 3500 Dually, I don't want to run larger than stock tires which is the 2nd reason I really am swinging toward the rear coming down. My buddy has a gmc dually 4x4 that is way lower than my truck, easier to get into, easier to load in and out of, etc... Anyone have an idea on where to get blocks, and/or how much of the block needs to be removed to get level or very close to it?
  10. This is the direction I am thinking too, but like the wisdom that I can learn here. :-) The rear seems much more simple.
  11. So my truck runs empty 99% of the time and I would really like to eliminate the "rake" in its stance. When I got the truck it had spacers in the front springs and 35's which as everyone here knows took its toll on the front end components. So I have read that as long as the front spacers are 2" or less that it doesn't have too drastic of effect on front end geometry so hopefully less wear on the track bar etc. But I am contemplating just a shorter block in the rear and maybe adding bags for when I do have a load. I would love to hear everyone's thoughts and ideas on this. I wouldn't mind the rear end being lower for easier loading, etc.
  12. Thinking I want to get rid of my plastic bed liner which has rubbed paint, etc and get a set of cap rails and either do a diy or some other type of bed liner. Anybody purchased cap rails recently and have an opinion of them? What cap rails are on your truck and if you can post a pic how far do they wrap over (thinking about covering rubbed paint). Also any opinions on DIY spary in bed liners?
  13. Thanks Dave, guess I might need to put on my big boy britches and figure out an alternative route. They say estimated ship date 9/4/19 and I ain't got time for that. :-)
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