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  1. I would love to learn more about the steering box conversion, is the Chevy box better? Also I am contemplating the reverse level so an image of the truck would be great, where did you get the blocks? did you go to a shorter u-bolt?
  2. portlandareae28


  3. I will look them up. Anything will be better than what I have
  4. Are there less expensive options? I realize you get what you pay for, but.....
  5. I am not confident or patient enough to build headlights like Mikes, can they be purchased already built? If not I am going to have to talk mike into building me a set while he is hanging out in Oregon. 😃
  6. I love and love to prepare true bbq, wondering who else here does the same? brisket burnt ends beef tenderloin ribs chicken etc my kids have no idea how good they have it, I make all of their lunch meat, no deli sodium, etc... DO SHARE!!! We we need to plan a moparman gathering, I will build a big smoker and cook all day if it makes everyone happy 😃
  7. It doesn't look too terribly hard to remove and replace window motors or hardware, and I would love to assume that dodge made just one door one way which would include all of the holes, etc... I may just wait and see if I can't find a power window truck being parted out to get the doors off of.. could switch to manual windows but door panels cost more than doors these days.
  8. I have an 01 Dually club cab, bottoms of the doors are a little rotten. Found a 99 being parted out with perfect doors. #1 will they bolt up no issue? #2 they are manual windows and I have a power window truck. Can I move everything over to those doors?
  9. I have a lot to learn in the LED world for this type of lighting. What makes one type of bulb better or worse? I know in lights like your headlight or a beam that you want to control its all in the lens and reflection, but in an instrument cluster I just don't know.
  10. Has anyone changed their instrument cluster over to LED bulbs? If so, how would you say you like it? where did you get the bulbs? Is it worth getting the ebay kits, or better to source on my own?
  11. Is anyone running the less expensive Ebay/amazon mirrors than the 1A auto ones with success? Seems like the 1A auto ones have great reviews, but for a similairly optioned mirror you can save $100ish dollars. Also is anyone running mirrors with the marker/turn signal lights? Opinions?
  12. Not yet, this weekend hopefully. Have some honey do’s to complete.
  13. Figured as long as I am going to clean the bottom side of the engine looking for a leak, we should talk about cleaning/detailing the top of the engine and the rest of the engine bay as well. engine on or engine off while hosing and degreasing? cover electronics/alternator or don’t cover? (If cover what are you using?) BHAF of course should be covered or removed, but stock airbox? is there a good dry enough finishing product worth putting on? thats a good start, I would love to hear what everyone uses and their method. Obviously pictures are always a bonus.
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