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  1. Consensus on tapped pump

    I have an edge comp box already, not tapped currently. Truck on 5x5 untapped can hit approx 18psi of boost on a hard run, problem is fuel psi dropped to 10 on that run. So fuel pressure needs to be addressed before anything. But seems like it should make a little more boost than that, no? I did look and there is no boost elbow. It is stock air box and 4” straight exhaust (nv 5600). Does the comp box need a boost elbow? Or if i am tapped will it fool the boost? Sorry for so many questions but coming from the 7.3 I don’t feel I have a good grasp yet on all of this.
  2. Consensus on tapped pump

    So are you thinking 1/2” the whole way mike?
  3. Consensus on tapped pump

    To clarify also than, where all will I be changing to 3/8” fuel line?
  4. Consensus on tapped pump

    Seems I should also be learning what fuel lines are in the truck. Even with DDRP should I be going to 1/2”? And is that from pump to stock canister and from the canister to the vp?
  5. Consensus on tapped pump

    Ok, so my truck has just the upgraded fass (or air dog can’t remember which) stock replacement pump. Clearly it’s not enough. I don’t foresee this truck ever having more than maybe a 75-100hp injector if it even gets that. Which fuel systems should I be looking at? I am editing here because I found Mike’s write up that explains it all. So I believe my pump is the DDRP but I don’t know which version, is there a way to determine this?
  6. Consensus on tapped pump

    Guess I better start with more fuel pressure. I see 10-11 on a wot run.
  7. Consensus on tapped pump

    So what is the routine to avoid the big 4?
  8. Is there an overall consensus on tapping the vp? How does it affect longevity, etc.?
  9. Dually Wheels

    Yes they will fit, and would allow you to upgrade to third gen brakes if desired
  10. Seat heater

    My seat heater for the drivers seat just flashes the high light when I try to turn it on, I am sure this is telling me something. Does anyone know what it is telling me?
  11. When you say brace for gearbox, are you talking steering gearbox or transmission?
  12. weather change and few questions

    well, driver's side shock is loose at the top, definitely needs to be replaced, everything up there is seized up, maybe I can put a pipe wrench on the bottom and the impact on top and tighten it up until the weekend
  13. I guess I am not knowledgeable enough to understand the benefits/differnce of the T vs the Y steering, why do most prefer the T?
  14. bumps Per suggestion I hjave rolled the truck back and forth with the front wheel and not seeing any play in control arm bushings, though do see some compression of the spring and the shocks I would be money are done. I am hoping to tear into the shocks this weekend. Not a master at all of this so hopefully something stands out
  15. Thank you, I may do that to the trackbar I just pulled out, but the truck literally has a new track bar in it currently with about 200 miles on it. Fighting a clunk in the floor and I can see the loose steering components that need to be addressed so I want to address what I know needs to be addressed for sure and than attack the rest. I am just quickly tiring of all of this so I need to be learning and attacking to get the steering/clunk dealt with and back to liking my truck again :-)