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  1. portlandareae28

    Front sway links

    Need to put the rear sway bar back on this weekend. I have all of the parts except the nuts that hold the bushing bracket. Anyone have an idea on size? I don't see them in the parts files.
  2. portlandareae28

    Front sway links

    i just went stock. Truck is loud enough and rides bad enough to avoid poly
  3. portlandareae28

    Front sway links

    Got them out, new links and bushings after no front sway bar for months, truck feels tight again!!!
  4. They are STOCK SOLID. Ideas? Heat? Big hammer isn’t doing it
  5. portlandareae28

    Quadzilla on a stock truck

    Is it IOS compatible or just Android?
  6. portlandareae28

    Quadzilla on a stock truck

    I have alot to learn in this arena, but ultimately wanted to start with "does this make the truck better" I don't want "hype" mods, I want to do things to the truck to make it better. This helped make sense of guys that I don't think are hot rodders continually promting larger injectors. I feel like I am gaining some basic knowledge of being able to tune the truck, but a little intimidated to actually buck up and do it.
  7. portlandareae28

    Quadzilla on a stock truck

    Thank you for being patient with me, tuning cummins engines is a little or a lot new to me. SO essentially stock injectors with a wire tap (assuming this is where the power is coming from) can give the 24V basically modern day diesel truck power? stock is 235hp? where do you figure the torque is at with the 150 over? I am also assuming that is 150 over at a high duty cycle of the engine, we won't be towing with 385hp at that point, correct?
  8. portlandareae28

    Quadzilla on a stock truck

    So the truck will - make more power than stock? (any idea the limits here on a stock injector?) - truck should be less smokey at more power with the ability to control fueling ramps etc? - fuel economy?
  9. portlandareae28

    Quadzilla on a stock truck

    Ok, Let's assume larger injectors are not available, what does Quad do to improve the truck?
  10. I will tear it open and see on the pillar. I will look for one fasteners as well. I know part of the problem on the drivers door is a broken door handle/rest cup with the 2 screws is broken. Down to 1 screw.
  11. These kinds of things drive me nuts... having to get in there twice..... anybody spent anytime restoring door panels? Mine (and my passenger side pillar) seem to freak squeak and feel cheap. Maybe just new fasteners, etc?.
  12. portlandareae28

    Quadzilla on a stock truck

    OK, back to my original question maybe with some better wording. I have an Edge Comp now, I don't like how the truck runs in the higher tunes.. Doesn't feel smooth (not sure why), and is way too smokey. I have heard numbers all over the place, but lets use 50hp.. If the Edge Comp can make an additional 50hp on a stock engine, but not as smooth as stock and smokey, what could be done to that same truck with the Quadzilla? I am not looking for a 500hp truck, I am not looking to push as large of injector as possible, right now I don't tow anything regularly, I do haul once in awhile and enjoy driving the truck.. What I like about what I know about the Quadzilla is that if my mindset or situation changed I could throw injectors, etc at it and have the ability to reconfigure the tune within the quadzilla to still hopefully optimize it. I don't want to talk about how much injector I can try and get away with in California, or who passed what smog test somewhere else. I want to know can the stock truck, or a truck with RV275's (known to pass smog here in California) run better than stock while potentially making some more power and not smoking. Thank You
  13. portlandareae28

    7x.0085 75HP POP pressures

  14. How will the HE351 do on a mild truck in your opinion? Maybe RV275 or 50hp/75hp injector?
  15. portlandareae28

    Let’s talk exhaust

    Any opinions on FTE vs aeroturbine/Jones? Seems they market the Aeroturbine/Jones as both a resonator and muffler, seems like with FTE it would be both resonator and a muffler. I didn't get a chance to measure from downpipe to axle bend how much space I have under there.