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  1. Your first head gasket blew because of a lack of coolant changing?
  2. @TractormanI can turn the steering wheel a little then it stops. I hang my head out the window to see tire movement, the tires barely budge. I'll check the mountings around the hydroboost, see if something needs tightening up. Go from there. As far cold goes, Idaho is kinda on the edge of this polar vortex. I'm a few hours north of moparman, and we haven't hit zero yet this year, suppose to start warming back up into the 30s by mid week
  3. I can't say with certainty that the hydroboost is free and clear of debris, but the powersteering pump is brand new, and I bled the crap out of it before reconnecting the return line. It only hums and buzz' when it drop to single digits. Other wise it's quiet. Only time I've hear synthetic being a issue with seals is when you've used conventional oil for the life of a vehicle and then decided to change to synthetic. Even then, I didn't really see that problem on my 93 Dakota. @Tractorman, so what I'm understanding is that the weak powersteering pump issue is
  4. Pumps not even a year old, was it just garbage from the start? I'd think the synthetic would work just fine, would there be a difference between normal and synthetic fluid that would affect the way the pump would work? I haven't replaced the steering box, just the powersteering pump. The humming lingered for a bit, probably 5 min. plus, even after a short freeway drive. About 8° F this morning
  5. I'm sure most of us are experiencing cold weather one way or another, and so I'm curious if you have had any problems related to steering/ hydroboost issues. Whenever it gets to the low teens or single digit temps, I start the truck in the morning, and fires right up, and you can hear and feel loud humming vibrations in the cab. It gets loud if I touch the brakes or turn the steering wheel, and you can definitely feel it vibrating through both. I figure something maybe with the hydroboost. It had been doing this for years, and I thought maybe a new steering pump would fix it, but i
  6. @Mopar1973Man, so I asked about the heavy duty and LEDs, one of the guys at napa said they have an LED flasher, and that the heavy duty one wouldn't work because LEDs use less power. How does that all work?
  7. @Royal Squiredo yours sound and function like they did with stock relay?
  8. I looked, nothing that looked like a Chrysler replacement. Autozone, orielys, Napa, advanced are different, and weird websites like yoyoparts and kakaparts, not shopping there lol And ebay ....
  9. After thinking my blinker issue was due to the multifunction switch, I figured out it was the relay.... so another 20 bucks later and I picked one up at Napa...and I hate it... It sounds really dinky....and has a slight delay from when I turn the switch on to when the blinker starts to flash. Is there a relay that sounds and functions like our stock ones do? The only other thing I'm trying to do is sand the copper contacts inside the older relay to see if it will start working again properly....it blinks and then stops, then will randomly start blinking again, then stop
  10. It was embarrassing and frustrating for sure, plus 3 hours of driving. I didn't insult him either by picking the truck apart in front of him and pointing out everything single thing. The truck for the most part was decent for the year, and like I said, very minimal rust. Plus, my dad was chatting with him while my wife and I looked it over and test drove it, his change in attitude seriously came out of no where. People really have no respect for others these days, but it is what it is. It was cool driving it, haven't test drove one before, different than the 01 for sure. Whats the
  11. Ya, I asked him about the kdp, he said no, wasn't done, previous original owner didn't do anything to the truck unless recalled, but then said he was a diesel mechanic by trade? I asked about the leak on the passenger side near the oil return line for turbo/near gear case, and he was greatly annoyed that I even asked him to look at it..... again, no major rust, bench seat still mostly intact, I was just about to tell him ill buy it when he got back in the truck, put it in the shop(literally had a clean dry shop with light to look at it in, and he made me look in the rain at night, whatever)I s
  12. Hey @JAG1, how much blow by is normal coming from the oil filler? Looked at a 93 today with only 126k miles, but he had the truck running when I got there, and it didn't have enough blow by to blow the cap off, but still noticable. Had a leak on the passenger side from the front somewhere, maybe the return line from the turbo, transfer case was leaking decently as well... I will say, the rust was very minimal, mainly just surface, paint was peeling, but wasn't bad for a almost 30 year old truck
  13. Ya, at this point, im trying to narrow down the miss. Ill look at the quad later, or if I narrow it down to the EZ being the problem. Its odd, when I was driving it earlier, It didn't skip a beat...this morning though, it skipped a couple... its hard knowing if the cold weather is playing a factor
  14. Update: I'm sitting at 11 when its pedal to the metal. Seems good to me. Idles around 19.
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