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  1. VP swap

    How much power is an HO pump capable of? I imagine I'll never see 500 hp, so if its easily capable of that, then no point in going with SO
  2. VP swap

    My dad has a 99 with the s.o. pump, his truck is bone stock. Compared to mine, which is the 2001 with the h.o. pump, his seems much quieter and smoother sounding too, but maybe it's just coincidence. That's why I was curious if one pump is built better than the other besides higher hp gains. I know my pump is approaching the end of its days , so when it comes, I'm just wanting to make the better decision, if there is one ( not going with a hotrod)
  3. High amp alternator

    So is the fix then buying a new, higher power alternator, like the one you showed a few pages back, to keep up with the demand of our trucks? And does that require having to do a lot of electrical work to the truck in order to use a higher amp alternator. I'm electronically dull, so this may be a issue for me to do on my own.( in other words, can you just put the new alternator in and go?) And like Mike has said, is the issue showing up now because the grid heaters are demanding more than they used to, or are the new parts and rebuilds just poor quality parts, and the real solution is just installing what should've been an originally higher amperage alternator?
  4. VP swap

    Why would you you trade out a truck with a H.O. pump for a S.O.? I know h.o. has higher pressure and s.o. has a bigger internal piston size( or more area I guess) but what makes one better than the other? I also know you can make more power with a s.o., but is it just better built all the way around?
  5. Clutch and brake Pedal pads

    Thank you guys for the help. I always forget about Lmc and end up wasting lots of time searching on Google and get no where.
  6. Clutch and brake Pedal pads

    Thank you. I will check it out
  7. Clutch and brake Pedal pads

    Are the clutch and brake pedal pads the same?
  8. Does anyone have any place to look for replacement pads for both the clutch and the brake pedal for our trucks? Preferably the stock ones
  9. Fuel Line Upgrade Question 2001 Cummins

    A shop here in CDA I believe makes a separate unit for the filter and water separator, it's like what the fass looks like but without the pump, so that could be a option also, I'd have to double check just to be sure((( I could be totally wrong to, wouldn't surprise me))))
  10. Fuel Line Upgrade Question 2001 Cummins

    I'm seriously leaning to getting the mechanical. I can just get a replacement raptor under warranty ( since it will rarely be used) and then just do the mechanical pump.
  11. Lost ECM output to lift pump

    What type of lift pump is it? My raptor 100 did that in town, only noticed when my truck started running really rough, looked down at fuel pressure gauge, 0, but Everytime I shut truck off and turned back on, it ran for a few seconds at normal pressure then dropped back to zero. Literally got it home by turning the truck off and on, not recommended but what do you do. The stupid pump went bad and when they put the new one in, problem solved. They said it damaged the ecm by doing what I was doing to get it home and they installed a relay of some sort that ran the pump once the key was in on position, but I plugged it back into the ecm and no problems.(((well until now, pump is acting up again.)
  12. Fuel Line Upgrade Question 2001 Cummins

    Nice. That's 1/2 fuel line right? Does it come with half inch line to the tank or just to the stock filter?
  13. Fuel Line Upgrade Question 2001 Cummins

    The mechanical is sounding better and better lol. Is it a whole new serpantine belt or is it a small one that goes around, whatever it is it goes around, the harmonic balancer?
  14. Fuel Line Upgrade Question 2001 Cummins

    Are there anythings to be worried about going the mechanical way? How long have some of you been running mechanical? Any issues?