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  1. Yea, sometimes it can run rough when it drops to 0, mine did sometimes, but many times you may not physically notice anything wrong with the truck even with the pressure dropping low, that is until your vp gives you the finger and quits working. Either your fuel pressure gauge is not working right, or it is and you have a problem that needs to be addressed ASAP. If it is reading properly and your fuel pressure is low to none, you most likely need a lift pump. Is yours stock or aftermarket? Better to spend around 500 dollars now on a aftermarket lift pump(dont replace with another stock one) than 1500+ on a lift pump and VP. While your at it, you might as well run ½ fuel lines from tank to vp when you change the lift pump.
  2. Oh...... Excuse me, I'm just a little slow. I'll check it out and see if its clogged or not. It's just weird how the seal just started leaking, but it's got to start sometime. I've read of an external seal you can put on the end by the hub to keep dirt and crap out. Anybody reccomend that? Or just put a bit of gasket maker on the end when I button it up?
  3. That's the cad right? I'm under the truck, I'm not seeing g anything coming off the axel that might be a vent tube of some sort.
  4. Ok. I believe I do have the CAD system. Do our trucks have a vent for the front diff? Is it possibly a clogged vent can cause the seal to start pushing fluid through? If I did change it through the cad, if I lifted the truck on the passenger side(obviously), then do I even have to drain the fluid? Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it.
  5. Sounds a bit overwhelming. So both axels have to come out? Even though it's the passenger one that's only leaking? the seal in the housing, so it has to be knocked out from the other side basically? And a long piece of all thread, basically from One end of the truck to reach the seal on the other end? Probably just answered my own question, might as well replace both seals then.
  6. Hey guys. So I went to get in my truck this morning for work, and noticed a small wet spot on the ground next to my passenger tire. Thought maybe the powersteering pump fluid made it's way over there since it's currently leaking, but it is coming right from the housing. How complicated is it to take it apart and replace the seal? Any special tools? Should I replace anything else while I'm at it? On another note, I've been noticing a slackness in my steering. It's not the wondering steering, it's like I turn my wheels a direction and it almost snaps back a little like there is some sort of play in the steering somewhere. It's not harsh, it just feels loose, I feel it through the steering wheel. Any input is appreciated. I think it's time to replace the track bar again, but it's not horribly loose either, but its lifetime warranty so might as well. Thanks
  7. Do the ones from 1aauto come with the mounting bracket? The trail ridge ones?
  8. A few people have bought these mirrors (without signal light). I just bought a set today after breaking mine. Theyre Power control (not folding) and heated. They are on sale for 188. https://www.1aauto.com/dodge-mirror-pair/i/trmrp00029?f=1111688&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIsYrpmYmp4QIVkp6fCh0-Ng2cEAQYASABEgIHTvD_BwE I've heard Amazon sells them too, but not with the best reviews. Maybe just lower quality components. My current ones for example, the mirror lense shakes bad?
  9. The vacuum leak or the vapor blow by? There shouldn't be a big difference in the blow by coming from your truck whether its warm or cold outside. it could just be more noticable at times, but if it's getting progressively worse, then it's either vacuum or cylinder/ring wear. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong. First just check vacuum. You can get a gauge and test it easily that way. That's what I did, besides the obvious defaulting to defrost. But the gauge will help pin the leak a bit more easily too. I replaced the lines from pump to firewall, disconnected the line to the t case And put the gauge on again. Holds pressure forever. Then reconnected the line to t case, put it on the end where you can add more connections, tested it again, this time losing vacuum. So I know I have a leak between the new line and the 4wd system. How many miles are on your rig?
  10. When you get into it in the morning, if the dial is on floors or face but its blowing from defrost vents, that's an easy way to tell (Before you turn your truck on)
  11. Vacuum leak possibly? If the leak is small enough, it wont affect your controls for you vents. If it defaults to your defrost vent when the truck is off for a few minutes or longer, then you have a leak somewhere. Weird as it sounds, when it is cold, my truck seems to hold the vacuum better, still leaks though. I know it's in from the part where it goes down to the 4wd. And the mod just might be showing you how smokey it really was in the engine compartment. I can sit in my truck and I'll see some vapor wisping out from under the truck sometimes( with mod).its not too bad though.
  12. Alexio Auditore

    Alexio Auditore

  13. A little late to the party, but I have the same thing after getting a new track bar from O'Reillys. The track bar they gave me I want to say was longer than the one i took off. Went to napa to compare theirs, same thing. I know it's off center because I get a lot of dirty water from the road kicked up on my passenger side window compared to drivers side( noticeably cleaner.) Been like this a few years, no lift on truck, no oversized tires, and my tires are wearing fine.
  14. Didnt want to start a new thread, but I do have a question in regard to the grid heater. Soon the cold will be back and I don't have the ability to plug my truck in where I live. There are 2 grid heaters right? Can i just have one turned on? Less load on the alternator right?
  15. Sounds good. So even if I am having some ac issues with throttle where its messing with the signal, the mechanical timbo will pretty much take care of that and it wont be an issue then?I mean that I wont have to keep re learning the throttle position for the ecm every couple weeks?
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