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  1. Tie rods are in, trackbar replaced, and things keep piling up. I have to keep and eye on the tierod, its doesnt have the curve my stock one had, and seems to get real close to the diff. Cover. Does anyone know if the bilstein 5100 stabilizer will fit the second gen dodge? It looks just like the one I pulled off my truck today. Its attached differently compared to my dad's 99, his is u-bolted to the tierod, while mine goes into it. Also, the shaft coming from the steering box to the pitman arm is loose, which probably means I'm going to be doing the redhead quicker than I wanted. When I do that, should I get the steering brace also? This sucks, my front end will literally be torn apart and rebuilt by the time I'm done.(axel seals and ball joints next, plus front brakes.) No oversized tires, no crazy driving or off roading, just a piece of crap front end prone to failure, and a hole in my wallet
  2. I'm looking at these. What do you guys think? Otherwise, maybe Napas more expensive brand? Why is Rock Auto much cheaper than the autoparts ones?
  3. Arent Carli's 3rd gen and up? Were the napas the cheaper ones they have or more expensive ?
  4. So I thought I'd give an update. I went with moog for tierod and drag link. Finally getting around to installing, just difficult when i work and have to go to parents to work on it because of living in an apartment, so I spend a couple hours working on it here and there. I decided to check the ball joints since front end is in the air, and to my wonderful surprise, they have play (lateral) on driver upper and much worse on passenger, both upper and lower. I definitely see some of the wear on the passenger tire especially. When it rains, it pours I guess. What ball joints do you guys recommend? Spicer? Synergy? Raybestos? I don't want to be replacing these often. I've heard some aftermarket ones are bigger than stock, and require reaming them out, which I dont want to do.
  5. When I had a no bus a couple years ago, it was my intake grid relays, would've never guessed that, I took it somewhere because I have no electrical experience. I was fortunate that they found it pretty quickly, otherwise it would be expensive to have them look for something for hours and find nothing..
  6. This might be helpful for you. Could just be a guess, but do you have any vacuum leaks? That can cause excessive blowby too.
  7. Ya, I know what you mean, but my front end was rebuilt just before i bought the truck with 180k miles, with greasable tierod ends, no over sized tires ( actually had 235s on it for a while) I grease it, I dont have a lift, its mainly highway miles, and I'm now at 256k miles, with bad tie rod ends and other problems( suchbis life) No garuntee the moog will do much better, and I may not go that route. I'm just tired of cheap crap, NAPA is just like any other auto parts store, they care less about quality parts, they just want my money. I may get OEM tie rods still, havent yet decided. No matter what route I go, I'll be getting taken advantage of one way or another, be it expensive parts, or lifetime warranty cheap parts. USA made or not, no garuntee it will be better than what else is out there. But what can you do but try it one way and hope for the best.
  8. Wheb you shortened the drag link, you just cut an inch off or did you have to do any welding? Any other fab work? @dripley did you do just the track bar? I have one also on the dodge, seems to have worked ok, but its bigger than my stock one and shifted the truck a bit. Had to adjust the steering wheel actually.
  9. https://www.xtremediesel.com/moog-ds800981a-tie-rod-assembly What about something like this for the 01? Anybody do moog parts at all? @Bojon, is this the one you used? It's for 2009 and up tho
  10. Does the first link you posted require a bit of fabricating? Or bolt right up
  11. @01cummins4ever Are the Luke's links sealed up pretty well.? Here in north idaho ,they put about as much salt on the road as is contained in the Dead Sea. Its ridiculous. If it isnt, it will wear out pretty quick up here unfortunately
  12. That's the direction I'm leaning .https://lukeslink.com/products/dodge-ram-lukes-link-tie-rod-end-kit-1994-2002-4-pack I bought a moog t.b. a few years ago through o' rileys, it needs to be replaced again, but its lifetime warranty. I would do the Luke's link for the track bar, but I guess you cant with the moog product. @Evan, some of the links you shared were third gen correct? I only ask because my brother just replaced his whole front end for a pretty penny, and his truck is a third gen, 2003 or 04. Runs 265s like me(his are K.O.2s though) does mostly freeway driving. Thank you guys this far for all the input. I appreciate it.
  13. Lukes says its guaranteed for the life of the truck. That sounds like lifetime warranty to me, but is it.......
  14. So Luke's links replace the joints, but what your talking about is just getting something to replace the whole thing? Not just the jointsm
  15. What's the difference between Luke's links and napa replacement? Wouldn't Luke's maybe be better quality? Not that I wouldn't use a auto parts brand, I'm just tired of cheap crap that doesnt last.
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