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  1. The vacuum leak or the vapor blow by? There shouldn't be a big difference in the blow by coming from your truck whether its warm or cold outside. it could just be more noticable at times, but if it's getting progressively worse, then it's either vacuum or cylinder/ring wear. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong. First just check vacuum. You can get a gauge and test it easily that way. That's what I did, besides the obvious defaulting to defrost. But the gauge will help pin the leak a bit more easily too. I replaced the lines from pump to firewall, disconnected the line to the t case And put the gauge on again. Holds pressure forever. Then reconnected the line to t case, put it on the end where you can add more connections, tested it again, this time losing vacuum. So I know I have a leak between the new line and the 4wd system. How many miles are on your rig?
  2. When you get into it in the morning, if the dial is on floors or face but its blowing from defrost vents, that's an easy way to tell (Before you turn your truck on)
  3. Vacuum leak possibly? If the leak is small enough, it wont affect your controls for you vents. If it defaults to your defrost vent when the truck is off for a few minutes or longer, then you have a leak somewhere. Weird as it sounds, when it is cold, my truck seems to hold the vacuum better, still leaks though. I know it's in from the part where it goes down to the 4wd. And the mod just might be showing you how smokey it really was in the engine compartment. I can sit in my truck and I'll see some vapor wisping out from under the truck sometimes( with mod).its not too bad though.
  4. Alexio Auditore

    Alexio Auditore

  5. A little late to the party, but I have the same thing after getting a new track bar from O'Reillys. The track bar they gave me I want to say was longer than the one i took off. Went to napa to compare theirs, same thing. I know it's off center because I get a lot of dirty water from the road kicked up on my passenger side window compared to drivers side( noticeably cleaner.) Been like this a few years, no lift on truck, no oversized tires, and my tires are wearing fine.
  6. Didnt want to start a new thread, but I do have a question in regard to the grid heater. Soon the cold will be back and I don't have the ability to plug my truck in where I live. There are 2 grid heaters right? Can i just have one turned on? Less load on the alternator right?
  7. Sounds good. So even if I am having some ac issues with throttle where its messing with the signal, the mechanical timbo will pretty much take care of that and it wont be an issue then?I mean that I wont have to keep re learning the throttle position for the ecm every couple weeks?
  8. Another update and a question Update: after a week, the throttle issues came back. During this time, the mornings were cold enough to cause the grids to kick on. So I did a throttle reset by pulling battery cables and disconnected the grid heaters. Again, truck ran very smooth. About a week later, I started noticing some issues, but it didn't set on as quickly as before, probably because I disconnected the grids this time. It's been almost 3 weeks since I did a reset, and the throttle is back to being crappy. Question(s) If I'm having these issues now, is a timbo gonna do any good? It seems like an ac noise problem, but it test in the tolerable range If it is a ac noise issue, then does that mean .03 is to much for certain electronics on these trucks? My guess is the grids kicking on cause a much higher ac noise reading, and even though it's on for a short time, it could be enough over time to cause issues. Not just the grids, bit anytime I have a higher demand from the alternator (start up) it seems to be affecting the throttle in just a short time after a reset. This is all guessing, I'm not electrically inclined at all. Any help is appreciated. Thank you guys
  9. I have a glowshift egt gauge that has started acting weird. I hate these gauges and will never buy another, but I'm curious if it is fried or if something is interfeering with it. It works normally, but when under light acceleration or maintaining constant speed, it pegs out at max temps. Once I let off the throttle, goes to current temperature, or if I'm more aggressive in acceleration, it returns to normal temp also. I'm horrible with electronics, so I need your help to determine if its failing or not. I've had other glowshift gauges in the past, all have failed, this is my last remaining one. The last one the needle just bounced everywhere, there was no consistency to it, which leads me to think this one is done too. Isspro will be my next egt gauge
  10. How long do the oil filters last? Oil changes can go for 10k plus, but were the oil filters designed to last that long?
  11. I thought I would give an update. Tuesday, my radiator cracked , on the plastic part on the side go figure, so I took it to a shop and they put a new one in, would have done it myself, but I work and needed it back asap, had to special order it from the auto parts store. I told the mechanic about my throttle issues, unfortunately, and of course, they couldn't get it to replicate itself. I got it back, and it ran perfect. Like it hasn't run so smooth in forever, I cant remember when. I asked if they did a re-learn on the apps, and the guy said he wasnt sure, didn't bother asking the mechanic what he did, but whatever. I'm confident the problem is the app sensor, but I'm gonna run it until it starts acting up. I want to say it may not start giving me problems until the grid heaters start being used again this fall. My ac noise is in the tolerable range, .03, but when The grids kick on, maybe it's a different story. I'll make sure to keep this updated as time progresses, either way, a timbo is going to be the best route in the end
  12. Schaeffers 5w-40 full synthetic It's a 9000 mile oil, but I always change 5 to 6k miles. Been running that for the last 60k miles. She is at 245k miles and counting.
  13. I remember hearing once that it goes out the quickest because its used the most. Both 3rd and 4th really. 4th only gives me a little grief when cold. On 3rd, I just shift a bit slower into it, let the rpms drop and put a little pressure on it, eventually it accepts it and slides in without grinding......usually. My grandfather in law takes off in third from a dead stop all the time in his cummins. I cringe everytime lol. It doesnt sound to good
  14. Same with mine, but 3rd is the one that give me the most grief, especially when cold, never seems to want to go in smoothly.i cant say what the history of oils or how the previous owners drove it, but redline seemed to help make it smoother, especially on 3rd. Just my experience
  15. Not to throw a wrench in this, but I've been using the red line synthetic gear oil for my nv5600. It's a gl4. I've got to change fluid in it this summer, probably 60k miles on it now, it works good, shifts well to, these transmissions are great but are shifting has always been a little difficult, red line helped but it's still picky. Anyone else have good luck with red line?
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