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  1. I'll probably be replacing the lines too I dont know if this is all the lines here, but it looks like it.BORG-925117 on genos or amazon. As for the steering box, I'm not doing that quite yet. But maybe the spring. Either red head or blue top, but blue top looks like it's got a huge back order for our style of trucks last I checked. Again, I think my powersteering pump is about done. Its smells burnt, groans like a bear, and leaks a lot too. So there may be damage already done. But the axel seal........
  2. Hey guys. Sorry to write another thread, but I'm needing to get some things fixed and need a little help. 1st: powersteering pump. So Genos garage has a new, not rebuilt borgeson steering pump for my truck. I believe its 800328. I've thought about just resealing mine, but there is more going on to it than I think a re-seal will do. Fluids smell burnt, its leaking, and it whines and groans prett bad, especially in the morning. 258k miles I'm sure it's about done. They have the same pump on amazon, but the reviews arent pretty. So I'm not sure what to do here, I dont want to take a risk and buy a piece of crap. While it's out, I'll be re-sealing the vacuum pump. Also, what is a good steering fluid to use in the new pump? 2nd: axel seal So when I had my ball joints done, I was going to have my axel seal done too while he was at it. But he told me I have the wrong part. I made sure at napa it was the axel with the CAD, but when looking online at torque king .com, it doesnt look the same. I've included a pic of napas for some help clarifying too. Also, the torque king has the CAD seal too, NAPA didnt. https://torqueking.com/product/4631/qk4631-cad-side-front-inner-axle-seal-tool-kit-1988-2001-dodge/ What are your guys thoughts? My pump is leaking quite a bit just sitting over the weekend, I need to get it done soon. Thanks for the continued help.
  3. They said they fixed and tested it there(not sure how) that it passed both times. I think it could be something on the trucks end. I dont know what could cause it to fail, it works for a few minutes, then fails(abs motor keeps running and lights come on. ) I'm no electrical expert by any means, but maybe something with the lines going into the the module itself? Power surge? No idea really. They mentioned something about the mosfet. And they gave me my money back, and said that sometimes these things are just bad. (Again, I'm no electrical expert). They're only like 80 miles south of where I live, maybe i should go pick their brain a bit more, but at this point, it is what it is. They were pleasant to deal with. Side note, the truck does the noise change even prior to being warmed up. Did it this morning driving through town , hadn't reached operating temp yet. But it's usually 5 min or so into driving in the morning. Its oddly random. Could be a VP thing? Almost 260k, and I think it's a stock vp too.
  4. Ya. I got a fluke. I'll test it again, but it's not the reason the module keeps going out. I tested before and after it kept going out. No change
  5. Ac noise was acceptable, but I haven't checked for a while. It does have an aftermarket raptor lift pump, I havent traced the wire to see where it runs. I'll have to look.
  6. sorry, didnt know that. My dad's 99 I think only has rear wheel abs I think, thought that's what you meant. I had module masters in moscow fix it..twice. same place mopar1973man had his fixed. They refunded me everything too since it kept failing. It worked for maybe 5min, then the lights came on and the motor kept running.
  7. Abs light is yellow, red brake light is also on too. Its 4 wheel abs, and the module is the thing that goes out, I have to disconnect it so it doesnt run the small motor continuously..whether the truck is on or off it continues running.
  8. I had at one point disconnected the EZ chip because of this very reason, but I dont recall it making a difference.. usually it only last maybe 15 seconds, then goes back to sounding rattly and pingy like normal. It's crazy how quite the motor sounds though when it's doing this. Sounds really good actually, like clean. I'm not to worried about it, but it is interesting that it does this, and seems like not a common occurrence.
  9. It's the abs light. The module keeps going out immediately after reinstalling despite having it repaired twice. Water pump was changed this summer too, and the previous summer before this one.(quality napa parts). Its a definite engine tone change. Only when its sat overnight or for a long while, and only does it as it hits operating temp for the first time. Kinda weird. My thought is a timing change, but just not sure why. No one else's does this huh?
  10. Ya, I know it's a bit slow to respond. Its wierd that its gets as hot as it does first time it gets up to operating temp. But besides that, I'm taking it that your truck doesnt do that audible noise change in the morning?
  11. So as long as I remember my truck has always done this, but I noticed this week when it starts to do it. And I'm curious if this is normal for everyone else. Start my truck in the morning and I jump on the freeway. The truck is still pretty cold, so I take it easy getting up to speed. As we all know, these truck rattle like crazy, but everyday, i hit a certain point driving into town where my trucks normal sound get quiet. It sounds smooth as can be all for about10 to 15 seconds, then immediately becomes rattling again.( those few seconds makes the truck sound amazingly smooth) So as I am headed to spokane, it does this normal noise reduction again, and i just looked at the coolant temp, and it's quite a bit hotter than it normally is. So i watch it probably get to about 210, the truck gets loud again, and the coolant gauge drops back to 180 quickly, then doesnt do this again till next morning. Stays around 190 the rest of the drive like its suppose to.(I've changed the thermostat before, but the truck noise has always done this as long as I remember. ) What do you guys think? Is it a timing change that occurs? I'm not worried about it, but I am curious. Truck has yet to explode. I have a video of it. It's hard to hear over my ridiculously loud fuel gauge, sorry, havent put a snubber on. But you'll hear it. 20191122_070513_1.mp4
  12. When he took the plug out to show me he put enough fluid, it was clean. That's why I was kinda curious how much oil would go in these transmissions from the fill plug on level ground. Then I'll know exactly how much he put in. Lol I had to re-read that to get where you were coming from.
  13. I've stuck with the red line for a while. Had the truck 7 years, it's worked fine for shifting before. I understand the shifting becomes more difficult in the cold, that hasnt changed. I'm just wanting to make sure my oil level is ok, because it seems different than it should. It is having a hard time going to 4th, and when I down shift to 2nd, it is now a bear to get into gear. I just want to know how many quarts are at the plug and the top pto bolt on level ground. I may just dump the 6 quarts I originally bought all into it, because I find it hard to believe it had a full quart in it unless the mechanic just did a more crappy job than I thought and didnt drain it all out. 260k miles thus far on the transmission, no failures yet. I'd only do the specific red line, amzoil, or the penz. That it calls for.
  14. @IBMobile, he was gone when I went back the third time, got a job elsewhere I guess. Either way I should've said something to the owner, but I didnt.
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