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  1. Alexio Auditore

    Apps going bad? No codes

    Ok. I still haven't found it then. What I mean is the app doesn't have a tps section. It has a log portion where you can watch your speed, mass air flow rate, and then you can add a acell y and z. Unless I'm totally missing it, I haven't seen anything labeled tps. ( this is all through the app on android by the way) That being said, I used this accel x and z, it does almost drop or flatten out when i hit those dead spots i talked about earlier. Where is the tps monitoring part on the app? I hope I'm not coming off rude, I'm just a bit lost with this thing, should be simple, maybe it is, I'm just slow Oh wait! Is it absolute throttle position in the logs section? Bingo I may have found it!
  2. Alexio Auditore

    Apps going bad? No codes

    I got that part figured out, but I'm not seeing acceleration monitor or percentage. I see the log part, says accel x and accel z. Is that it? Kinda laggy tbh when it's monitoring
  3. Alexio Auditore

    Apps going bad? No codes

    Ok so I got the obd link today, i have no idea where to monitor the apps sensor readings.
  4. Alexio Auditore

    No boost

    Did you check for something blocking the exhaust side like @IBMobile suggested? What does the airfilter look like? Is something blocked on the intake side also?
  5. Alexio Auditore

    Apps going bad? No codes

    I ordered the obd kx. Should be here tomorrow but maybe out of town a few days. Did a ac noise check w/o warm engine and everything turned on(radio, ac, no grids tho too warm) was between .045 and .05. I'm curious to see if it will read higher when the grids do kick on. If it does, depending on how much, I'm curious if that will eventually start messing with things. Just a side thought though. I'm hoping to do the @W-T wire upgrades within the month. First is figuring out the go pedal issues
  6. Alexio Auditore

    Apps going bad? No codes

    Will this work to monitor the throttle? http://www.obdlink.com/lxbt/ None of the auto parts stores will let me borrow it out of the parking lot, and others don't have it. So I have to buy one, I just want to make sure it is the right one Side note, 75 degrees today, when I drove the truck I didn't notice the dead spots, but it was cold this morning and was acting up pretty bad. Why would the cold affect this?
  7. Alexio Auditore

    Apps going bad? No codes

    Thanks Ed. Cheaper than I thought. If the apps is bad, I'm definitely getting a Timbos, no worries there.
  8. Alexio Auditore

    Apps going bad? No codes

    Ok. I'll give that a shot and list the results. If they don't have one or won't let me drive off the lot with it, how much does it cost to buy one?
  9. Alexio Auditore

    Apps going bad? No codes

    Ok. What am I looking for in particular when its connected?
  10. Alexio Auditore

    Apps going bad? No codes

    Just a Scan tool from an auto parts store?
  11. So it's been this way for a while, but recently seems to have become more noticable. I live off the freeway, so in the morning on my way to work, I am accelerating up the freeway on ramp, usually mildly, and it's like I hit dead spots in acceleration, adding more go pedal will accelerate, but unless I romp into it more aggressively, I'll hit those dead spots until I'm up to speed. Now I notice it even If the truck is warm and on flat ground from light to light. Other thing that may go with it ... If I'm driving say 55-60 in fifth around 2k rpm and going slightly downhill, I'll use the motor to slow me down, but I keep slight pressure on the pedal to keep at a steady speed(so that I'm not slowing down to much.) When it's in that between state I guess I'll call it, where its coasting or adding fuel, it's like it can't decide what to do, you can hear the motor start adding fuel and then not quickly alternating back and forth( it doesn't cause extreme bucking or anything like that, maybe slight, rpms don't change, its just doesn't sound right to me. My dad's truck doesn't do that, really no vehicle I've driven has. -My ac noise is .03. -I've done a re-calibration before, it may have temporarily helped. -No codes thrown -the truck has surged a few times very intermittently when cruise is set, it seems to do it when the ac is on? I'm not super techy when it comes to electrical things either, I have a volt meter, but that doesn't mean I know how to use it lol Any help is greatly appreciated.
  12. Alexio Auditore

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    @Mopar1973Man Did you get your 27mpg mark with the comp box you had before? I know the quad allows a lot of customizing and smoke control (the smoke control I can appreciate greatly), but it seems like it hasnt paid off at least when it comes to high mpg numbers. I'm running the ez for now, plan to upgrade hopefully this summer either comp or quad, I have seen close to 22, just yesterday was 21.5 from here to Spokane cruising 70. My dad has a 99. He swears he has seen 26, and he isn't a bs kind of guy. He has done nothing to his truck besides a clutch. Bone stock.
  13. Alexio Auditore

    Intermittent idle surge-increase

    So could could his coolant temp sensor be the cause of his rough running truck?
  14. Alexio Auditore

    Abs/brake idiot lights

    Ok. So have you checked under the hood on driver's side to see if the pump is connected? (I'm assuming you bought the truck with lights on, and maybe previous owner unhooked the pump because it was continuously running with truck on or off.)((mine does that, bad abs module))
  15. Alexio Auditore

    Abs/brake idiot lights

    Did the light come on and the abs isn't working or is it causing the pump to run and you had to disconnect power to shut it off?