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  1. I've had the clutch for about 100k miles, it's still rough as all get out. Its a Southbend clutch, but like I said, it was rough before the new clutch as well. Do some track bars that you order account for some axel movement? Or are they all stiff? Appreciate the info thus far, thanks.
  2. I have not seen a lot of info on these, so I thought I'd ask you guys. Will I see any benefit in putting traction bars on my truck? I know they keep the rear axle from twisting, not that I do burns outs and stuff, but I've heard it helps a lot with washboard roads and smoother take off with the clutch from a stop. Ive gotten used to it, but man there are still times the clutch likes to shake the crap out of you, usually when reversing up a slight hill (It has done this before and after a new clutch.) What are the benefits? If im towing of hauling a heavy load, is there anythi
  3. Not to throw a wrench in it, but unless he drives around at wot at all times, there is no way that is what caused his to fail. Ive been running the standard fuel line up to the lift pump(Raptor 100), with ½ inch lines from there to filter, and ⅜ inch to the vp, and still only have 8-10psi at wot. Been this way for almost nine years, and I believe its the factory vp44 at 262k miles. I cruise 65-70 at 15psi. By all means, if you can keep psi above 14 at all times, then do it especially if you drive it like you stole it all the time, but dipping down below it for short burst, especiall
  4. What is the fuel pressure normally at idle, cruising on the highway, and shortly after? Do you know if the pressure is super low just before the truck starts to shut down? My first one failed after only 4 years, and for whatever reason I threw another one on there, been running good since, but time will tell.
  5. If one were to order these headlights pre assembled, what options would you recommend on the headlights? I know some of it is personal taste, like the chrome or black housing, etc, but stuff like the Kelvin, projector option, so on?
  6. $9800?! Leather, below 100k miles, 6sp! Thats a steal right there!
  7. Something similar happened on mine, the lift pump just stopped working properly. the truck started shuttering real bad in town. Turned truck off then back on, ran fine for a bout 10 seconds, normal fuel pressure, then dropped to 0, lift pump stopped working again. Turned out to be a bad lift pump, raptor 100, only 4 years old. Im glad it didn't push the vp 44 over the edge... Its vital that you get a fuel pressure gauge on your truck when you can. Your lift pump can still "run" but may not be supplying adequate fuel pressure.
  8. Check engine light on? Do you have a way to read codes? Does your lift pump sound like it is turning on and running when you bump the starter?
  9. Mine was doing something similar, stock apps. After resetting it, it was nice and smooth for a couple days, then went back to having to push the go pedal more to accelerate normally. Knew it was a problem when I had it in first gear going up a hill, I was accelerating and it suddenly would hit a flat spot in acceleration, like I wasn't giving it enough juice to keep climbing rpms until I pushed the pedal harder. Used the green obd scanner when it happened and I could see in the graph it was like it hit a plateau. No codes were given, no dead pedal like others experience, just a weird "flat sp
  10. Interesting. Does the sensor do anything when the temp gets to high? Like telling the computer to stop charging if it is over charging a battery? That Makes sense about the monitoring for the proper abient conditions for the life of the battery.
  11. Ok. So what I'm understanding is that your battery temp sensor is worthless half the time? If the passenger battery fails on any scenario, better pray you notice it before it and your alternator get super hot and either fail completely or catch on fire?
  12. Question from a electrical dummy. If the charge cable was still on the driver battery, but the shorted cell was on the passenger, wouldn't the driver battery heat up also because the passenger side is still getting juice dumped into it, but it goes through the driver side battery first? So as the driver side heats up, the temp sensor will detect it?
  13. Hey @JAG1, were you able to run your charge wire back to the drivers side battery? Curious if you saw a change in AC readings.
  14. Did you run a new charge cable to passenger battery or driver? Just curious.
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