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  1. I noticed a cruise psi @ 70mph go from 2-3psi to 4-5psi when I installed a new map sensor (quadzilla). Feel mechanical is the best bet for monitoring.
  2. CAMG3X

    P0237 Code

    I had a similar issue. No boost, Quad reading zero. Checked voltage on map sensor and was ok. Though I also noticed my oil pressure readings were not what they use to be. Ended up changing both oil pressure sensor and Map sensor and all is well. Kinda wished I did the oil pressure sensor first to see if it was the culprit. It appears both sensors are linked by the 5v supply.
  3. CAMG3X


    My oil pressure sensor harness has 3 wires including the orange 5v, so I'm assuming it is linked to the MAP 5v. The double wire must be only with the 2002's. I replaced both the oil sensor and Map sensor. The P0237 code cleared right away and the oil pressure gauge is acting normal now. I should have probably done one sensor at a time to see which was the culprit. Did notice that my oil pressure sensor was not in very tight at all, probably could have undone it by hand, replaced the new one nice and snug. Thanks for the help guys! These trucks confuse the heck out of me sometimes
  4. CAMG3X


    I'll take a look when I get the new sensor in. Will I be able to access the oil pressure sensor without pulling the fuel filter housing? Looks like it might be a tight squeeze.
  5. CAMG3X


    I checked the wiring diagram, see that both sensors have a 5v power link. When the oil sensor goes does the MAP fail somehow? I tested the orange wire at the MAP connection and it was ~5.03v. Guessing I'll have to order a map and oil sensor from genos in hope that it resolves.
  6. CAMG3X


    The code is constant, I'm unable to clear it with my OBDlink Mx. I returned it to stock by removing the Quad and drove for a bit. Code remains as well as no turbo function besides spinning with RPM's. Can R/O the quad Going to attempt to get a voltage off the orange map wire. Hoping it's in the 4.7-5.3v range with the sensor as the culprit. Not very electrically inclined and messing with the ECM resistance testing is a bit daunting... I also noticed my oil pressure gauge rests at 30 when it use to point in the upper range when cold and descend as the engine got to temp. Thanks for the input
  7. CAMG3X


  8. I'm working on diagnosing a P0237 code. I installed a fuel boss and primed the system by cracking the injectors resulting in fuel down the side of the block. Wondering if that could have caused it or I bumped something out of place. I removed the MAP sensor and cleaned it, appeared in good condition. Attempting to follow the steps : Though, my OBDlink mx is unable to read MAP voltage. I'm getting Mass air pressure readings, could the boost on the Quad be at fault? Going to disconnect the harness and see if I can get a voltage reading off the plug with the multimeter tomorrow.