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  1. What year truck do you have? For my 1999 I believe it was a lime green wire that was the energizing signal wire.
  2. I did the same as @98whitelightnin. I replaced the radio and put some new 6X9s in the doors and left the amps intact. Also as @SilverMoose has said, if you leave the amps intact then you'll need to connect up the power on wire to your system. It is a blue wire and sometimes its marked as power antenna or amp on signal. I'd make sure the blue wire is connected correctly and when you turn the key on you should hear a click from under the dash (the amp circuit being energized).
  3. Do you have any other issues in the cab like no lights or gauges or power locks not working. Could of blown the IOD fuse?
  4. No reset needed. You should be able to switch on the fly. Not sure what the problem is with yours.
  5. When I did mine, I used a stack of fender washers and a nut that threaded onto the stud and an impact to pull the studs through. Oil everything up so the washers slide on each other. Worked like a charm.
  6. Great to hear. Congrats on the good news!
  7. No heat shield on mine either. No issues with it.
  8. Not cheap but I've been tossing around the idea of upgrading to these at some point, but I still need tranny, injectors, headstuds, ect, ect
  9. Pfft, I have almost a 200ish difference between my Glowshit gauge and the Quad. If given enough time the Glowshift one will catch up a little but still a difference. I just figured the quad gauge just responded faster. Never really thought more of it. Just figured the Glowshift one was junk...
  10. That sux. I didn't see anything in the reviews about that issue so I'm sure its not a frequent event (people tend to write reviews about bad experiences more than the good ones). I hope its just a mix-up on their part.
  11. When you go to buy something from there you can usually find a 5% off code on the internet if you search for it. Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!
  12. Yeah, I was just making it visual for him. Here, I even got you a 5% discount code to use. 107403719101734119
  13. They have them at Rock Auto for 4 wheel ABS Dually 2WD
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