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  1. speaking of hidden batteries, I remember as a kid, helping my dad replace the battery of our old Beetle and him not being able to find it. He finally located it under the rear seat of all places...
  2. The first time I went to change the battery in my wife's old car (2008 Dodge Avenger) I popped the hood and for the life of me I couldn't find the battery . After some Google-Fu I found out its in the wheel well of the driver's side front . I had to jack up the car, remove the tire, and pull out the inner wheel well plastic. I always pull the negative first but with this battery I made absolutely sure to pull it first! Way to tight in there not to. I was glad when that car went bye-bye
  3. I drive by the quad readings. I'd believe it before the Glowshift one because of they're questionable history. Side note: does anyone know what decent gauge will fit in a Glowshift pillar gauge mount?
  4. I got about a 100 - 200 degree difference between my Quadzilla and Glowshift gauge. Quadzilla responds a lot faster than the glowshift gauge. When I'm on it the Quadzilla will read 900 or more and the glowshift is reading ~700. Big difference!
  5. I drilled mine the first time (for gauges) where @015point9 showed. I did it with engine off and used magnet and vacuum to clean up afterwards. I drilled the second hole (for Adrenaline EGT probe) across from the first one again with engine off and using magnet and vacuum. So far so good although I do have a large variation between the 2 but I'm sure it's because of the crappy Glowshift gauge
  6. I remember seeing a post on a forum somewhere about adding that spring but I think they were talking about it helping the downshift when slowing down and coming to a stop. My transmission is not downshifting and I wanted to give this a try and I was trying to find the post again but I never did find it. Thanks @Gregturley for the picture and info. Off to ACE hardware...
  7. I have a Quad XZT+ that is collecting dust in my garage. Not sure it'll help you out with the 100HP injectors but it'll be better than nothing. Message me if you're interested in it. Only used a few weeks then I upgraded to an Adrenaline. I'll make you a good deal on it.
  8. Holy Ship! That beast sounded good. I had to crank up the volume and listen to it a few times... I think I need some alone time now
  9. 170k on mine and it's leaking. I lose about 1/2qt between oil changes
  10. Wished you were still here. 5 minutes down the road sounds better then a 5 hour drive.
  11. That's what I suspect also. I wanted to call @Dynamic and discuss possible upgrades with him not only pan off ones but also what to get in a full rebuild.
  12. Mine's starting off in the wrong gear. I slow to a stop and when I go again it starts off in 2nd then switches to 1st real quick then back to second once I start going.
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