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  1. I just don't understand how the EGTs went so high by just increasing the boost. He stated the only thing he did was modify the wastegate to get higher boost. The lift is the same, the big tires are the same, the injectors are the same, the tune is the same, just more boost. Unless there was something else changed between the low EGTs and higher EGTs (different tune or something).
  2. If you were getting 700-800 EGTs and 20 psi boost before messing with the wastegate and now your EGTs are 1100 with 30 psi boost without changing anything else then boost leak sounds like a good place to start.
  3. You said you were no electrician so forgive me for asking this but when you started cutting wires, were the negatives disconnected from the batteries (both batteries)? If not and you cut a live circuit and it happened to touch something it shouldn't have there is no telling what got fried. About the only thing i will do electrically with the batteries connected is replace a light bulb. Anything else the batteries always get disconnected. A lot of times fuses will save you if you do something silly, but not always... Hopefully it is something aftermarket that got toasted and not a VP or ECM or
  4. I read on here somewhere that there is an issue with the quadzilla and ECM fighing each other around the 1500-1800 rpm range. It affects the timing. Maybe that's what you're seeing and feeling happen. Hopefully @Me78569 will chime in and let you know for sure.
  5. 30 minutes to go... Good luck everyone!
  6. OBDLink MX+ is on a lighting deal on Amazon right now for the next 5 hours if anyone's been on the fence about getting one.
  7. I believe this is the Xzillirator for the Ram 2500-3500 (diesel) 5.9L (325HP) 2004.5-2007 according to a quick google search
  8. Yes, IQuad BT for Android. IQuad Wi-Fi is for Apple
  9. The radio shutting off and/or resetting sounds like an interesting clue... Losing power somewhere for some reason.
  10. With a boost fooler and boost elbow on my stock truck with worn out injectors I was able to get around 30psi out of my turbo. I think a boost fooler and boost elbow will be a cheap way to get a little more boost out of your turbo till you can get the money for an Adrenaline. I would think that would help to clean up the smoke a little.
  11. I'm not sure they are actual amps, I thought they were more of a crossover. I thought they just send the high end to the tweeters in the A-pillar and keep the low end bass in the woofers in the doors. They trigger off of a relay though so maybe they do amplify also... For what its worth, I kept mine in place. I didn't want to have to re-wire everything and at some point I plan on going back to the OEM set up with just woofers in the doors and new tweeters in the A-pillar instead of full range speakers in the doors.
  12. put your VIN at the end of this link. It will bring up a build sheet for your truck. https://www.dodge.com/webselfservice/BuildSheetServlet?vin=
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