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  1. Did the weird charge issue go away after replacing the PCM? Here is some info for the 1899 code.
  2. Drilled and slotted. They came as a package from Rock Auto.
  3. I have the Z36 on mine. Good stopping power. I about put myself through the windshield the first time i took it out after putting them on. Night and day from the ones that were on there when I bought the truck. I don't tow anything heavy so I can't say how well they work for that. I had them on for about a year but so far I really like them.
  4. When I was thinking about putting the OEM filter back in with my system I was just going to get the FASS big line kit. It has the fittings and about a 3ft section of hose if you need it. About $50 https://www.dieselpowerproducts.com/p-18586-fass-bbrk-1001-big-line-kit-banjo-bolt-replacement-kit-985-02-59l-dodge-cummins.aspx
  5. If your pillar gauge and Quad are both saying 0 PSI then I think you got a problem with the turbo or a major boost leak (like a boot completely knocked loose). Your pillar gauge should get its pressure reading directly from the intake not the MAP sensor so with both of them reading 0 you really do have no boost. Unless your pillar gauge decided to die at this exact time
  6. I'd remove the Quadzilla and connect up everything as stock and see how the truck runs. If it runs normal then I'd return the Quadzilla and get another. Sounds like an issue with the Quad.
  7. Did the testing that I linked above show anything?
  8. I put a FASS in mine. I did it myself. It's not difficult to install. If you have to have a shop do it, Pure Addiction is the only one I know in Hillsboro area. They are a little on the expensive side (probably because they are one of the only choices in town).
  9. Glad its working good now. As for the lift pump, ultimately you'll want about 15 PSI or higher at all times to ensure the fuel is circulating through the VP44 (the overpressure opens at ~13psi). You're numbers aren't too bad but I wouldn't wait too long to get a better lift pump on there. If you only have to run it like this for 3 weeks to get it into the shop then I think you'll be ok, just keep an eye on that pressure reading. I see you're in Hillsboro, I'm just down the road in Cornelius. What shop are you taking it to for the lift pump?
  10. I didn't see you say anything about the condition of the batteries. Maybe you have a short in one and drawing down both so bad that the starter won't fully engage...
  11. I looked in the FSM and for the stock lift pump on the side of the engine, it said normal current flow was 12A. I'm surprised it is that high...
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