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  1. @IBMobile put together a list of different BHAFs in this article. I went with the WIX 46637 when I replaced mine. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000CSD3QS/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o04_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  2. I'm not sure what the quality of the FRAM filters are. I would suggest going to a BHAF.
  3. Mine looks similar but its more of an oily film not so much dirt. I am also starting to get some movement out of it. I figure its time to either replace it with a something better or rebuild it.
  4. Once in awhile I will have a connection issue where it wont connect no matter what I do or it will connect but it will freeze while updating. I turn the key off and back on again then its fine. It only seems to do this when I have the battery disconnected for a while. Most other times it will connect right away or if it fails to connect I go into the menu and click connect to Adrenaline. Once connected it stays connected. I would call and talk to @Quadzilla Power because you shouldn't be having those problems, especially after paying $600.
  5. I used Goo Gone when I removed the rain deflectors and front bug deflector on my truck. Beware!!! it did haze the clear coat a little but for me to get that glue off, it was worth it.
  6. I think the box will but I believe the wiring harness is different. Honestly, I would just get an Adrenaline if you can swing it or save up till you can. Otherwise, you'll be in the same boat as me... you'll end up getting an Adrenaline at some point and then you would of spent money on an XZT that is just sitting in your garage...
  7. it is a canned tune that uses timing and canbus fueling. Like Me said there is no custom tuning so if you change injectors to something other than stock you wont be able to tune out the smoke. I think Quadzilla says it will provide 65 HP above stock.
  8. I bought the XZT and I got all the custom tunes on my Google drive and I was able to put on whatever tune I wanted. It worked OK, but just OK. It did give a noticeable boost in power but it was no where near what you will get from the Adrenaline. Within a year I upgraded to the Adrenaline so now I have an XZT box just sitting in my garage... If you'd like to message me your address I will ship you out my XZT to try out and if you like it we can work out a deal. If you dont like it, just ship it back. I think I have either the 3000 or the beta tune on it currently..
  9. Well, the gremlins are back. Same issue, when I step on the brake the TC disengages and immediately re-engages even though my foot is on the brake. The only time that it will disengage and stay off is if I am below 45ish MPH. The only thing I did was disconnect the grounds while I removed the starter when I did the CKP sensor. Still seems like there is a bad ground somewhere. The hunt continues...
  10. Well, I can say for certainty when the sensor goes the truck stops running. I had it idling out in front of my house today getting ready to go to NAPA to pick up the part and it just died. Thank goodness it didn't happen yesterday on my way to and from Tillamook. I was able to get it started but it took a little while. I made it to NAPA and back without any other issues. New sensor is in. We'll see how long this one works...
  11. Thats a good Idea @dripley. I will take the failed one back to AZ and get a replacement and just throw it in the glove box incase I need it. Thanks.
  12. Thanks, I will try the NAPA one. There is a NAPA nearby. This is the one that I got. It does have a lifetime warranty but judging by the reviews, I don't think I want to be replacing it every year... If I don't replace it today and it goes out completely will the truck not run? Reason I ask, I am supposed to go to the coast (about and hour drive) today to take care of some work there. I drove it back and forth to work this week without issue so far. Its just the tach cuts out sometimes, I don't notice any difference in the way the truck runs.
  13. just checked Genos and they are on back order https://www.genosgarage.com/product/sensor-4921601/electrical-sensors-2
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