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  1. I don't know about apple cider vinegar but I'm with you on the hard cider
  2. Yep, looks to be a stock one. Might want to go to the auto parts store and see if you can either purchase a pressure tester kit for fuel pressure or see if you can rent one. It'd be good to see what your fuel pressure is at with that pump. If its low then your VP is probably toast also. Your VP pump needs the steady flow of fuel to keep cool if your lift pump goes out the VP will still be able to pull the fuel but there won't be enough to keep it running cool and it won't be long before it dies completely. Don't worry about the questions. They aren't stupid. I had a lot of the same questions when I got my truck too. This place helped me a lot over the last year or two.
  3. That is your VP. You need to follow that fuel line back along the engine, it will go to a filter canister then to a small electric fuel pump (if its still stock). If it still has that small electric lift pump then its still stock. If not then either there was an upgrade put in the tank or on the frame somewhere.
  4. Agreed. Before dropping $1200 for a new VP better to check and make sure it actually is bad... Good point John.
  5. The DDRP will work for your lift pump but that won't help with the VP pump issue. You will still need to replace them both. Did you verify that you still have the stock pump on the engine?
  6. My son and I spent about 3.5 hours out in the garage today putting on some new cables from Geno's Garage (supplied by CustomBatteryCables.com). I know, I probably could of got them cheaper if I made them myself but a late night of shopping for one of the one touch oil drains and somehow those cables made it into my cart too They are a really nice set of cables with all the lugs already preinstalled. They even included rubber covers to go over the terminals but with all the additional wires I didn't put these on all of the cables. They even have some grease and anti-corrosion pads in the box. The cables are thicck (with 2 c's) and don't bend too well. It took some strength and some creative cursing to get the cables bent to where they they would connect to the battery terminals and stay connected. They were also a little long, especially the positive to starter (which was really long). We finally got them all ran and the terminals put on and all my extra cables (FASS, Quad, Headlights) connected. I connected the drivers side + and then the drivers side -... SMOKE rolling out from under the cowl. When I removed all my cables I taped all the positives and all the negatives together so I wouldn't put the wrong wire on the wrong post. Well, in theory that should of worked but somehow I had my negative for my FASS taped in with my positives... After switching that FUBAR around and reconnecting everything I hopped in the cab and crossed my fingers. She fired right up. Fuel pressure gauge is still reading 15psi. WHEW! Looks like I'm going to have to rub grease and oil over the rest of my bumper so the finger and hand prints won't show. The passenger side negative gave me the most problems I think I might move some of these power cables down to the lug in the PDC to clean up the battery some...
  7. I don't think I would like to look in anyone's suppository... Vendor or not.
  8. What phone are you trying to connect it to. Do you have another phone that you could try? Wife's or someone? Do you have a tablet to try it with? If it still don't connect then send it into Quad because something is not right with it. Mine connected right up the first time I installed it.
  9. I believe it is a USB mini B type connector... or maybe that was the Quad XZT... Yep, that's the right cable. Just went out and verified...
  10. My seat covers came in today Couple of issues... The color in person don't look as bright as it did in the pics on Ebay. I was hoping they would of matched my trucks paint color better (you can see the difference in the pics below). I had debated on returning them and getting a different color but I thought "let me just slip this one over the passenger seat and see what it looks like..." Unfortunately while doing that I pulled too hard in the wrong place and... RIP! Well, I guess I am keeping them now... So be careful if trying to match color. They aren't as bright as they are in the pics on Ebay. Also, be careful where you pull on them. Some spots I was pulling with all I had and they held up but this one ripped where the seatbelt goes through. Don't pull there! Another issue that I think @Threadzy mentioned. The openings for the seatbelts don't line up perfectly so they don't self retract anymore but to be honest they barely did before. I am going to let them sit and stretch a little then snug them up again in a week. The passenger side one isn't quite on there very good... The quality and fitment is pretty darn good but are they $140 dollars good? I think so but time will tell... Pictures below for your viewing pleasure! Yes, blue is my favorite color in case you couldn't tell...
  11. I have the Glowshift gauges in my truck and for the most part they are OK. I've had them about 2 years with no real issues. That being said, I am in the progress of upgrading them to ISSPro gauges. I have the FP gauge bought (used) already, just need the boost and EGT gauges. I did notice the Glowshift EGT gauge is slow to react compared to the Quad Adrenaline built in gauges but the boost is pretty close to the Adrenaline.
  12. Circumference = diameter times Pi or in your case C=35(your tire size)x3.14(Pi) or as stated above... Its nice to know the math behind the answer so you'll know how to calculate it again if you change your tire size
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