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  1. I have a set of headlights from the retroshop and on my way to work tonight I was following a friend of mine and when we got to work he told me my driver's side headlight was flashing blue every once in a while. He said he kept thinking he was getting pulled over. Anyone have any issues with their headlights flickering that can give me some insights. With it being intermittent, maybe a loose connection or bulb causing it to flicker when i hit a bump or something.
  2. I don't really know 4th gens but my initial guess would be, there is no way to tune that out, not with one injector flowing more fuel. I would guess that you can tune the fuel for all the injectors at once, not individually. You'll probably have to put the originals back in. Hopefully others more knowledgeable about these trucks will be along to give you more info. @Me78569
  3. I already have a YT channel for my kayak fishing adventures here in the PNW. I have some Go-Pro cameras and other video cameras that I could use for this project if it gets approved. I wished I would of known this a couple of weeks ago. In the last couple of weeks I did injectors, headstuds, valve lash, re-checked the torque on the headstuds, and an oil change (I installed one of those EZ Oil Drain valves too). Of course there are already videos on all of this here on this site that I know are better than what I did. Mine would of been more on "what not to do" and
  4. Here is the one that I used. No issues with it so far. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01G5WHP2M/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  5. I need to go sign up for this group... It looks like a worthwhile upgrade.
  6. I would say get rid of the Adrenaline 4K and get a regular Adrenaline. I am running 150 hp injectors with the stock hx35 turbo and have no smoke (unless I really get on it and even then it clears up pretty quickly). I think the brand of injectors have something to do with the amount of smoke too. Depending on what brand you have they may never run clean. I'd try the regular Adrenaline first and see if that cleans it up and if not, then you could swap out the other stuff.
  7. I would suggest adding head studs to your plan also. Some extra clamping pressure will make sure you aren't putting the integrity of the head gasket at risk with your injector and turbo upgrades.
  8. Got the headstuds installed today. Torqued to 40, 80, 125 ft/lbs (as per the instructions from ARP). That last torque was a killer. My back is sore again and my shoulders are gonna hurt tomorrow... Gonna drive it a couple of days then re-torque them and change the oil. Also, I noticed there is not much clearance between the valve cover and the studs in the very front. Hopefully its sealed. I imagine its the same for the studs in the very rear also. I went for a quick drive around the block and didnt see any leaking so fingers crossed
  9. Trouble starting when it's hot? I hope its not the PSG starting to give you problems.
  10. another great article. I used this when I replaced my air filter and went with a new BHAF.
  11. great article. I now have LEDs all around my truck (except the fogs). I really like the switchbacks.
  12. great article. Makes the cab much brighter.
  13. this is a great resource to have.
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