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  1. No I have not, I have my quad running the speedo with my tire size and it reads higher than my oem speedometer. Are you assuming my axle ratio is higher? I’m not sure what exactly is in the truck to be quite honest.
  2. Yeah we’ve talked before about my ratios... lol I’m on 35s with I’m assuming 3.55s. Surprisingly though, at like 65 I’m at like 1900 to 2k rpm in 6th
  3. Damn thanks for this info! Yeah I might’ve been on Cummins forum and the google link was for 3rd gens and I didn’t even notice! Reason I mentioned valve lash was one the P/O was seemingly not the best so I have no idea what it’s set at and two I’ve heard that it can help with boost and how the engine is running quite a bit. Whether that’s true or not, I’m not too sure. I had TJ Frey make me a Daily tune and a race tune so I have both. I personally have no clue what I’m doing when it comes to doing a tune on the quad. I wouldn’t mind seeing what you could do with the truck and maybe
  4. With all this being said, how were people achieving 45psi on a 64mm with stock or 90 horse injectors?? Maybe I need to check valve lash? I’m having TJ do more on the race tune since he said he thinks he can pull more out of it after I told him what I was getting with the current setup. As for Mopar Man’s test he did, I was aware of that and pretty blown away by the result. I remember he commented on an older post of mine and told me about his experiment when I was asking how much a boost leak affects things.
  5. I definitely understand your point!! Also along with **** getting stripped or broken, there’s definitely a lot of entities at play here of what could go wrong and leave you without a vehicle much longer than anticipated! I’d probably just have a new clutch on standby and they come with the tool from SB I believe. Once I’m out of the field I’ll be going to a few transmission shops and seeing if they even think the noise is in that area and not an internal engine problem god forbid lol
  6. See I do hear that rattle of the dual disc but that goes away when I press the pedal down.. I still hear the revolutionary knocking or hitting noise. I’m almost certain it wasn’t there when I had bought the truck. I honestly should just plan a weekend and drop it all but I’ve never done any clutch work in my life. Seems a bit tedious doing the bolts and what not when you look at the manuals for these clutches. I wouldn’t mind having someone who is knowledgeable with them by my side to make sure everything goes smooth. I did watch a video that made the damn near same noise but it was a
  7. Thanks for the input Mopar Man! And wow, only 2 hours!? I would assume it’d take much longer. Did you happen to watch the video and if you did, could you hear the clacking noise that seems to not be natural to these noisy motors? My uncle who’s really into trucks and what not said he had a spring get stuck once on his Tacoma and it made a hitting noise. Let my buddy borrow the truck to pickup furniture and he said the clutch seems to be fine and what not and he’s really into cars and knows them well. Not necessarily heavy duty clutches like ours so I’m not sure if he would be able to
  8. I have not. Never done this before with a vehicle, with a noise this apparent, would it be hard to tell where it's coming from or will it be a definite difference say between bellhousing ( if it's hitting in there) rather than the bottom of the engine or side with the possibility of it being a rod?
  9. Hey all, back again with another problem 🙃 so I have a weird knocking that sounds like it’s coming from the bell housing directly under where the clutch is.. it’s an 01 6 speed with (supposedly) a South Bend Dual Disk. Noise stays even with clutch pedal pressed in, I just don’t hear the discs rattling any more. The noise is proportional with engine rpm. I’m praying to god it’s the flywheel bolts or maybe it’s the original 300k flywheel and the P/O just slapped a new clutch in, which is definitely possible due to other things done on the truck... maybe dual mass flywheel? Clutch spring hitting?
  10. The alignment shop checked movement out, I thought I may have heard a noise on the right earring but I’m not sure. It may have just been a tool or something and they didn’t say anything about it. The left tire they said the upper ball joint wasn’t in perfect condition but they weren’t worried about it causing problems down the road and ruining my tires. I’ll probably be replacing it in the near future along with tie rods and other components in the front end. I’ll be making a post hopefully tonight in regards to a noise the truck is making on the mechanical side... I have a video too. Really p
  11. Hey all, posting an update!! Great news. Replaced the wheels and got it aligned and it solved all but one problem I had with the truck!! That’s for a new post I’ll be making shortly lol So, replacing the wheels got rid of the grinding/ vibration on sharper turns at parking lot speed, no more wobble from unbalanced tire(s), and the no **** bolts for the steering box were loose and the guys at the alignment shop torqued those down for me. I believe that’s what the vibration/banging noise coming down from 15 to 10 mph was... damn P/O not doing some things right on this truck has screw
  12. Yeah the rims are probably fine minus the balancing but I find them ugly lol bout to drop like 2500 on new rims and tires and they'll come balanced so I'm pretty stoked for the new look as well as hopefully eliminating some problems!!
  13. Yes, they had the stick on type on the flat surface inside of the rim. I saw the dirt marks of where there were weights on at least one of the tires. That tire is also badly messed up from possibly an alignment issue and it has been eaten away at.
  14. To anyone following this still, I was underneath the truck for other reasons and noticed I no longer have any weights on my rims along with the front left tire being pretty messed up. I'm ordering new rims and tires very soon and am hoping a few of my issues will resolve. Was also going to change the carrier bearing on the driveshaft but my driveshaft does not have one, previous owner said the short beds didn't come with them. Once I get the new wheels put on I'll go in for an alignment right away and see if its align able and if not then I will get a list of parts to look at getting done asa
  15. Yes you're correct with the shake going away with turning of the wheel but that is at the 50-65mph zone. My bad for not being clear when speaking about the possibility of the carrier bearing being bad or the driveshaft being out of balance. My issue with the rumbling in the 10-15mph zone was more directed to the possibility of it being a driveshaft and u joint issue.
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