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  1. 15k!? Do you run one of those bypass oil filters as well? I notice my truck start to run kinda different in a negative way I'd say at about 6/7k Whatever I ran it to last oil change a few weeks ago, I felt a difference in the truck after changing it out. I may just be delusional though.
  2. Another issue I have is if I’m sitting at about 1800-1900 rpm (neutral, driving, etc) my fuel pressure creeps up to like 17psi and then drops down to 12/13 and does it again. If I hold it there in neutral it sounds like a miss at that rpm but it may be missing at any. Still get the weird fuel readings and a new air dog didn’t solve the problem with that.
  3. Those are a size up for injector tubes right? Could that cause an issue? I also saw a post on the Facebook cummins forum group regarding care for those and I guess they’re easy to damage and cave the hole in just a tiny bit too cause issues. Just a thought, I’m no where near as experienced as others with these trucks lol
  4. Think I just found my problem.. there is diesel on one of the injector lines going into the VP, that nut is wet. Hard one to get to, it’s the one closest to the block. Gonna go get a shorty 3/4in wrench and see if I can get it tighter.
  5. Hmm okay. Yeah with this current tune I'm still getting a miss at idle when holding steady at certain RPM's. MoparMan, not sure if you've seen my other replies regarding engine load at idle and what not but I'm thinking I may need to replace injectors? Or maybe get a SO VP44 pump?
  6. I didn't realize the cruise timing comment was for me my bad lol. Which parameter should I be setting to 0? I'm assuming it's one of these (will also put what I have currently): Max load Timing Offset: 1 Low PSI Timing Reduct: 2 Timing Reduct Scaling: 100 Light Throttle Timing Adv: 0 Light throttle Load limit (percent): 35
  7. Just started it up, bout 60 degrees outside and it’s running pretty smooth I feel. Engine load is hovering between 8 and 9, was at 12 at initial startup. Will post back after I go drive to IHOP and she’s warm in the parking lot idling. So when at operating temp at idle and all that, it’s bouncing between 5 and 6 and hitting the occasional 4 as well.
  8. Ugh, 400 for batteries and I need at least one new cable, and a set of these cables are like $300 I'll be heading over to my buddies in a bit to replace my vacuum pump and change the oil. I'll reply back later about the engine load at idle. I've thought of getting these injectors tested but that means the truck is down for that time.. I've done a little research into the Hot rod vp's and some say they can cause a rough idle.
  9. Injectors when I swapped with a guy had receipts and they're probably less than a year and a half. They're 125hp injectors. As for the hotrod vp44, I have no clue who made it. I don't have a receipt from previous owner. Can I check anywhere on the VP to find out? I meant she just runs rougher it seems when warm and up to temp, the rough start I occasionally have I believe is from an electrical issue/grounding issue because a lot of the time my radio doesn't power on when that occurs. Plus, I only have one battery on it and idk what the hell the P/O did with the grounds for the other battery (If there were any). I want to put another battery in but I'm worried to do it without getting a brand new one to replace the current battery and if I'm doing both, it's gonna cost a bit more obviously lol. Engine load when? at idle? elevated RPM at idle? Let me know and I'll get back to you tomorrow when I head out to run errands.
  10. What you mentioned here about the upgraded pumps caught my attention... The video he posted sounds how my truck sounds and I wasn't sure if it was a miss. Should his truck not be sounding how it did in that video because if so, I must have a problem too. Doesn't do that on the freeway under regular (unloaded) load. She just purrs unless I'm holding her at an elevated RPM in neutral. I also notice the truck seems to run smoother upon initial startup, no matter the temp (40 degrees lowest so far this year) and when I get back from wherever I was and I'm letting her cool off, I feel she runs a bit rougher and there's much more vibration. All worries me and idk what to do.
  11. I’m very glad to not have experienced death wobble with my tires. Only issues I had were them being worn badly on one in the front and being out of balance (weights fell off) and that caused so many problems I couldn’t believe it. Replacing my tires and rims and having them balanced and aligned made a bad vibration on tighter turns at parking lot speeds, at 65 the truck would shake (maybe it was death wobble? It wasn’t like I’ve seen on YouTube lol) and also vibration when braking and coming to a stop from 20 to 10. I’m now debating on going to a shop and having them install these parts or doing it myself at the hobby shop on base (6$ an hour fee with access to many tools). May go talk to one of the contractors near my shop who has a 2nd gen and see if he has tools I don’t have and would be willing to help me out. May post on here if anyone is in the area and would wanna help me out with tools and knowledge since I’ve never messed with the front end of a vehicle before.
  12. Would I be fine just replacing tie rod ends instead of the entire bar? And on the solid side of the bar without the collet sleeve, am I able to like press that out and put a new one in with a stock OEM setup? Also, how should I clear the power steering pump of any debris?
  13. Did you use the same part number that the other gentleman mentioned above when doing the 3rd gen conversion for steering? If so or if not, did everything just bolt right up?
  14. Thanks for the feedback gents. I’m trying to go cheapest as possible but not autozone cheap lol I’m willing to pay a decent amount but don’t want to buy some crazy 900 dollar kit lol. Tire size currently is 35 and will not be any bigger in reference to moparman’s comment about oversized tires and I also have a leveling kit and will not be lifting it any higher. do any of you know about rotating something in the area of the ball joints to “correct” the angle? Stock I guess puts a lot of pressure on one ball joint and not the other and I’ve seen people talking about it and how to fix it.
  15. Hey all! Back again with more questions lol. So I am wanting to replace the the 2 bars for steering (I get confused with what to call them my bad, tie rods I'm assuming?), steering box (planning to go with a blue top), sway bar, track bar, and possibly ball joints, alignment shop told me one or both had a little bit of play but told me I wouldn't have issues with tire wear. If there are parts I'm missing that I should replace, please tell me below! Tire wear has been fine I believe and its been about 5k miles. Need to rotate soon. I have a LOT of slop in the steering, possibly kind of dangerous at this point lol. Biggest question is what brand to go with for these components. I keep hearing on forums these days that Moog is sadly not what they used to be... I just don't want to spend a bunch of money and have parts go out in a year or less. I also do not want to spend a fortune. I also see talk about changing to the "Y" steering I believe and I'm open to that suggestion if its truly worth it and I don't have to make any holes bigger on components to upgrade and/or spend a lot more than what the stock steering setup replacement would cost. Also, when doing the steering box, how can I make sure the pump is clear of debris? It's a new pump and I'd like to re use it but I want to assure there isn't any debris in there so I don't damage the blue top. Will be buying new power steering lines as well. Planning to do it all on my own to save money and use the hobby shop on base here. If any of you know anyone semi close to Camp Lejeune, NC and they'd be willing to help, I'd love the help if I'm able to get it lol. Will definitely bring a 6 pack (or more) for that person. Also, how far can I safely drive after replacing these components to get it aligned? We have a firestone on base which would be a mile or 2 drive, off base location would be a minimum of probably 8-10 miles. Open to ANY and ALL suggestions! Thank you.
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