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  1. Where is the proof that 320 bar helps. Wouldn't it be harder on the pump pushing extra pressure? Do not see it being pushed by REAL injector builders. Hmmm...Got a Quad & injectors at 320 bar & my VP blew up. WTF?????
  2. I was just talking to him, & he mentioned that he had injectors put in 30,000 miles ago. I asked him what brand & if they were any bigger than stock. He said they were BD'S but didn't know what size. The shop that installed them is out of business, plus no part number on the invoice. So ends this hunt, but I have to agree with Me78569 being not enough fuel not knowing what they are. Thank you
  3. Buddy has a 2004 - 2500 Cummins that will not make more than 28 lbs. boost. Tried plugging the wastegate (turbo is a 64 - 68 - 14) tried 2 different boost foolers, & a 20 lb. pressure test for boost leaks. Still won't go past 28. The only thing that I can find is the his MAF sensor is just plugged in & hanging there. There is no air box. Also there are no codes. We checked the MAP sensor & it is clean & not setting any codes. He says it made more boost even with it not installed before. Any ideas what else it might be? It also has a old BD fueling box with 3 settings & they
  4. Looks like electrical problems. Your fuel pressure gauge is in perfect time with your tach jumping around with whatever else you got going on. Does it make it worse on a rough road? How does it work when you shove the skinny pedal to the carpet & hold it there? Can you replicate it in different conditions?. Your playing with fire running a Smarty with that low of fuel pressure!
  5. Are you getting any codes from the other module? Plus the first code you got was p???? Kind of hard to figure out what to look for without the proper code thingy. More than 1 code for the camshaft thingy.
  6. So what code number is it actually showing on scan tool? It throws a p0336 or whatever it is for camshaft doesn't really help the Dodge Doctors on here to help cure your problem, just need the correct information.
  7. P0336 is a crankshaft sensor code, not the camshaft. Check behind your starter for a crank sensor. I know the 01's are not supposed to, but your truck just might be 1 of the lasts one that snuck bye. The dropping tach is pretty well a sure fire sign as well as funky idle. Looking doesn't cost nothing neither.
  8. No, unless the Smarty left it behind. That's the only time if any was there some sort of recal done. Smarty has been gone for at least 2 years now. Why do you ask? Does something not add up?
  9. Weston Shupe's injectors are not pricey considering you are getting the best. I have been running his 6x13's since July of 2015. Never have had a problem. Just got 22.6 MPG driving normal @125 kph (77.6 MPH).
  10. I just did the same thing last year. Don't waste your time with changing all the electrical crap. It doesn't work. Does the 01 have a crank sensor port behind the starter? If it does, swap your crank & the cam gear & your done. If it doesn't have a crank sensor port, move on to better things. It's just that easy.
  11. For gear hunting & TC lock & unlock, I would figure out which one it is first. They are not the same. Gear hunting would be related to the TV cable or the throttle valve in the valve body or a combination of both. For sure check the alternator as per Mikes instruction & do the W-T ground setup before you go any further, that way you can take that out of the equation. For gear hunting what I did was set the TV cable per Dynamics instructions & installed a Sonnax Throttle Valve kit, Part number 22771-03k. The stock valve body is aluminum & the valve is steel which wears out t
  12. Didn't say Jack about setting any voltage on Timbo. The phrase "There is no voltage to check" could lead people astray. If your not checking voltage, why do you need a voltmeter? So do you set the apps according to instructions or just set it OE? 3 or 1 Mine is just about 10 years old, & if the instructions are followed to a T, you win, IF that was the problem.
  13. Not to break your bubble, should have gone prothane. $67.99 for both sides from Summit.
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