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  3. TST, With Mark being a Cummins engineer for 33 years, I'm sure he knows what's up. He is honest about the hp loss due to the HO pump, haven't seen that from the others who claim. He is a very interesting person to talk to & pointed me in the right direction on how to help eliminate the shudder from the TST PMCE. Since this mod & recently picking up a Ts MVP, (smarty s03 for sale) the shudder is not even a thought anymore & the truck has never felt this strong. EVER!
  4. Nighthawk: Do you still run your TS-MVP? Can that be logged to see the timing on it? As Mr. jlbayes mentioned, it would be nice to see some more input from a different truck. Here is some fueling info from Marco. The Catcher software's work with the stock fueling strategy. Increase the fuel & read the MAP in real time. That means, increase fuel, did the MAP value increase? 1- Yes more fuel 2- No, keep the fuel the same level that achieved the last increase in boost. If the waste gate is open by 20 psi, then the Catcher SW's will not increase the fueling further. That's what you get, the power of 20 psi... That means that the potential power gain is taken advantage of only partially. To see the full gain on SMARTY, the wg needs to be blocked or turnbuckle / whatever to prevent it from opening to soon. A boost elbow will also help. I have tightened my spring gate by 2 turns & the difference is between day & night. Just saying.
  5. I still have my Smarty & the TST COMP. Was going to trade for a quad, but just couldn't do it. This stack is to much fun to get rid of. Cruise control does not work on mine either. No big deal to me. Currently running SW7,TM3,Timing4 & Duration 1. if I TRY ANY OTHER DURATION ,THERE IS NO BLUE SKY LEFT. To me the Duration should be the smoke SWT. Not the TM that was mentioned earlier in this thread. My set up is pretty well the same as Tyler's was.
  6. Hello Brian from SMARTY ! No gloves required over here. Just a bunch of good heads. SW7 - TM3 - T3 - D1 Present settings
  7. Like it says above, tunnel ram leaking. This is at the #1 cylinder at the front under the injector. The tunnel ram was replaced at no charge. Crazy Carl & company are very standup people. Came with all gaskets & bolts.
  8. I got all the testing I need to do. pepsi71ocean thanks for pointing in the right direction. I am now sw-7/ timing- 3/ torque- 3/ duration- default or 2. & yes I got it all the way to the floor, 100% WOT. So much fun I broke my TV cable. Totally different truck to drive. Add a little TST & ya man, lots for me!
  9. I must say, boost leaks are sneaky little devils. Here is 1 on a CR. The tunnel ram is on it's way to see Crazy Carl.
  10. I have had my truck fooled since last October. So I can say it has done no damage, keep in mind, when it gets down to -35 f I make sure it has been plugged in for at least 4 hrs. It also smokes a lot less when I light the candles when cold, plus spool is way faster As for the Smarty, I can't believe that different settings don't seem to make a difference. If I go from Swt. 3 to Swt. 5 the difference is from not bad to, I'm going to need new tires. I don't beat it to death with my cracked block, but the other day I was not aware of it breaking loose shifting from 1st to 2nd if I keep in it. If I stand on it at 40 -45 mph on dry pavement in second gear it will blow the tires off. Rolling burnouts are fun but can dangerous real fast. I am going to try some different settings this afternoon. The first thing is to turn down the TM from 6 to 4 & then to 2. See if I can find a don't black out the sky setting when I nut it. I am also going to try & get my throttle past 44%. (Me78569) Man I really don't know if I can get it to 100% like yours when your logging, I seriously have to much power & torque.
  11. Aren't boost leaks a hoot ! When I had my Demon boost leak, I finally sprayed in were the tubes meet the tank, & there was my answere. Intercooler needed replacement. It also took care of my jumpy gauge syndrome.
  12. With all the information that has been gathered above, it is quite obvious that there is a lot more tuning to experiment with the Smart S-03. I have personally owned mine since 2007. This is huge. Now see what we can come up with. Now it's back to getting some, I wanna have quad tuning with the Smarty 0r within reason. ME78569- I was reading the EP Pump thread & notice you made mention of IAT set to 143*. I take you have a MPG fooler that can be switched for MPG & off. I have mine set to 122* on no switch, & yes it very clicky to start. I can fire my grid heaters manually om mine, so before starting cold, I let then warm up to the count of 6. Going to cost some fuel, but it will be worth it.
  13. I knew you had it right! I never lay it right out off line or the sky would disappear. I am cheating by having a higher stall, so I can get it rolling & then lay into it & hold on, like mentioned 44% of throttle & I can't control it. After loading swt 3 the other day I took it for a cruise. At 70 kms ph I floored it & all heck broke loose on dry pavement. My turbo's spool like a chainsaw once they get rolling & cannot brake 1100 on the pyro. Other than that I just drive it like my buds CR.
  14. Sorry for such a long reply. Me78569 it looks like you are loading properly. This is how I do mine. Key on, plug smarty in Pick a swt & let it program to 100% Smarty says unplug & key off & I wait for 1 minute. Key on, plug smarty in, go into options & adjust to your liking, Then go to connect truck, Pick your swt. (3) or what you want & program to 100% Unplug smarty, key off & wait a minute or so & you should be good to go. Hope this helps if you haven't got it yet. & yes the revo settings make a big difference to my truck.
  15. Me78569, I turned mine back to SW3 & like before with SW5, I just blow the tires off it. Throttle is a little deeper to get into, but I still can't get past 44% on my throttle according to the OBD MX. I use to have timing rattle on SW4, thats why I turned it back to SW3. It still rattled a bit, but since I installed a IAT fooler & have it set @ 122* F, there is no rattle from timing. Also with my setup I am getting over 23 mpg, that's why I don't adjust to often. Also when you adjust the revo settings, do you got through the whole process of connecting the truck & reload what SWT you are on. If not, what you put in the revo settings is null & void. That's why your not noting a difference in the revo settings