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    Glad to see your feeling a whole bunch better. Your time has been well served, but your not done just yet. As for the cannabis, the good Lord put everything on this earth for a reason. My last go with Crohn's was ugly. 6 weeks & I lost 17 lbs. & now 6 months later & I have gained 20 back. If not for the cannabis, things could of got a lot worse, that was the only thing that kept me eating. I literally hate getting the crap kicked out of me. Take care, as you have a lot left to accomplish according to the Big Guy in the sky!
  2. View Advert For Sale NEW Bosch injectors. Part # 0432193629. 235hp 2 hrs. run time. These were used for a cam break in & head stud install & then removed. They were only torqued to 20 inch lbs. instead of 28, so the coppers should reseal good at 28 in. lbs. $240.00 US & you pay shipping. Advertiser jag Date 01/28/2019 Price $240.00 Category 2nd Generation Dodge Ram  
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    NEW Bosch injectors. Part # 0432193629. 235hp 2 hrs. run time. These were used for a cam break in & head stud install & then removed. They were only torqued to 80 inch lbs. instead of 89, so the coppers should reseal good at 89 in. lbs. $240.00 US & you pay shipping.


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  4. This is how I have done mine about 10 years ago. I just took the 4 factory wires from the solenoids & wrapped them up & sealed them in a plastic bag. I refuse to run a hot wire through the fire wall, especially with all the signal wires from the gauges. For the switch I use a momentary toggle in the back of my cubby hole. I start by holding it on for a count of 10, release & start engine, then just cycle it like the ECM would do until it smooths out. This will set codes but not set the CEL, besides if you know what the codes are, who cares, you know it's not going to cause any problems.
  5. It's done by tapping your box & running lines to a ram hooked to your steering linkage. It's called the west Texas mod.
  6. Is everyone aware of this. By the look of mopar440cu picture, that looks like taboo. I borrowed this from another forum. Moog Safety Recall Information (1).pdf
  7. Smarty is ok, but hands down the Quad. This is the place & these are the people that live for Quad. Very knowledgeable. & Hello, welcome to the forum! Fill in truck signature, it really helps to diagnose problems.
  8. You sure have a weird way of doing math. Where are the Quads dyno results? Mark laughed when he was told about adding timing box to the TST. (Really, you guys are never happy) Seeing it just doesn't make sense to you, why don't you contact Mark at TST before cat calling on his product. Better to know the facts first. I see by your readings that you really don't like the TST or Smarty.
  9. I would think that is nowhere near that number. Maybe 175 - 200 hp max ???? Then lets use the Smarty S03 for the canbus fueling with no timing added.
  10. That's what the Ts MVP does I recently picked up & installed.
  11. TST, With Mark being a Cummins engineer for 33 years, I'm sure he knows what's up. He is honest about the hp loss due to the HO pump, haven't seen that from the others who claim. He is a very interesting person to talk to & pointed me in the right direction on how to help eliminate the shudder from the TST PMCE. Since this mod & recently picking up a Ts MVP, (smarty s03 for sale) the shudder is not even a thought anymore & the truck has never felt this strong. EVER!
  12. Nighthawk: Do you still run your TS-MVP? Can that be logged to see the timing on it? As Mr. jlbayes mentioned, it would be nice to see some more input from a different truck. Here is some fueling info from Marco. The Catcher software's work with the stock fueling strategy. Increase the fuel & read the MAP in real time. That means, increase fuel, did the MAP value increase? 1- Yes more fuel 2- No, keep the fuel the same level that achieved the last increase in boost. If the waste gate is open by 20 psi, then the Catcher SW's will not increase the fueling further. That's what you get, the power of 20 psi... That means that the potential power gain is taken advantage of only partially. To see the full gain on SMARTY, the wg needs to be blocked or turnbuckle / whatever to prevent it from opening to soon. A boost elbow will also help. I have tightened my spring gate by 2 turns & the difference is between day & night. Just saying.
  13. I still have my Smarty & the TST COMP. Was going to trade for a quad, but just couldn't do it. This stack is to much fun to get rid of. Cruise control does not work on mine either. No big deal to me. Currently running SW7,TM3,Timing4 & Duration 1. if I TRY ANY OTHER DURATION ,THERE IS NO BLUE SKY LEFT. To me the Duration should be the smoke SWT. Not the TM that was mentioned earlier in this thread. My set up is pretty well the same as Tyler's was.
  14. Hello Brian from SMARTY ! No gloves required over here. Just a bunch of good heads. SW7 - TM3 - T3 - D1 Present settings
  15. Like it says above, tunnel ram leaking. This is at the #1 cylinder at the front under the injector. The tunnel ram was replaced at no charge. Crazy Carl & company are very standup people. Came with all gaskets & bolts.