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  1. My battery went for crap, but found a used one for $10.00. Man does this little sucker ever get hot. How does this look? All comments are good, so let me have it! The dips are where it's breaking loose & me getting off it & on again. What do I need to adjust? Timing seems low up top. It's set at 14, 18, 22, 26, 30. iQuad-2019-05-22-10.32.03.csv
  2. No need for more top end power, stupid fast as it is now. Handles not to bad at 195km /hr though. Appreciate the tip & info. See this is why this forum needs to keep going. Where else are you going to find all the valuable information on the Quad, seriously! I feel more comfortable asking questions now, money is nothing without the knowledge. Question, My cheap ipod crapped out so no adjusting the Quad. It was on PL3. When I get another Apple or Quad Android, will it pick up that the truck is already tuned other than stock & take me to the settings I have now that were on the ipod, or am I in trouble?
  3. Why is it such a simple question with such a complicated answer. I see nobody here wants to touch it neither. Hoping that DAP will shed some light. Seen way to many different answers. Anywhere from torque values, to finger tight on nut until contact with the wheel plus 90 degrees. Has anybody here rebuilt an S300 or S400 Borg. If so, what did you torque the nut to? (dripley) did you leave the gate open? I'm seeing a lot of chickens here. When I get a definite answer, I have a race cover, billet wheel, rebuild kit with 360 thrust, 1.10 exhaust housing, 87 x 82 turbine wheel for my S475 x 83 x 1.25, plus a 76 x 68 turbine wheel & 12cm gated housing for my billet S362 x 65 x 14 that I would like to install. My 53 block is cracked of course, but I plan on ripping it in half before I change it to the Mexican. This should just about do it & have fun getting there. Now that it's warmer, water is cheaper than anti-freeze, so let her leak!
  4. What is the correct answer? Compressor nut BW S300 Compressor nut BW S400 This should be fun to see, .....but is that the right answer? I'm old school, show me proof. I was asked this & can't find a definite answer.
  5. Yes my truck is easy to steer. A little heavy at idle, but once the rpm's rise, it's a 1 finger drive. No pictures needed, as it looks the same as your truck. I have done a couple of mods to the pump also, but if I mention them, I know I will get eaten alive by the colored tops steering box people. Once I wash the winter off, (it's snowing again) I will get a couple of stance pics plus the drop shackles. I am the worlds worst photographer, I have essential tremor.
  6. Copy this into your post and fill out the info If I'm blowing the tires off now on level 3, I don't even want to know what 10 would be like. Looks like I have some adjusting to do if I'm reading this correctly. Looks funny going from 12 to 44 on the speedo. I see the canbus can hit 4095 & the timing needs help. At least I have a starting point, I think. iQuad-2019-05-01-08.41.43.csv
  7. Thank you gentlemen! Amen I can't remember the last time I was so bullheaded on anything like this. Now I know what I'm doing tomorrow, snow is just about gone, again. Thunder storms yesterday afternoon & the a blizzard for desert.
  8. Is this correct????????????????? 1- Go to level 1 & power reduction. 2- Decrease the power reduction % until smoke clears at WOT snap. 3- Now take that % & apply that number to your 0 psi & move the rest of the sliders up by 1 % to the 30 psi setting. 4- Then take the power reduction percentage & set it to a valet % for anti theft or girlfriend. 5- Then move on to step 2
  9. So say with 300 injectors, I would start at 70% canbus & go up like Mike mentioned above & then go to power reduction & start reducing it? This is whats throwing me off, can't relate canbus to power reduction. The way I read it is start the canbus at 70% then 71 then 72 & so on,until I get to the 30 psi canbus max, & then go to power reduction & reduce it until smoke is reduced & power is not lost. Then set that amount of power reduction percentage (%) to match the % in the canbus, & start again to reset the canbus numbers from that number & continue up until I again reach the 30 lbs. max in the canbus?
  10. Do you set all canbus the same or graduate up for each psi as you go? They told me this would get worse as I got older.
  11. I have gone from 100 down to 5% with no change in power in valet mode. Where do you set the rest of the settings? I READ instructions & they make no sense to me. What am I missing?
  12. I should mention that I had the steering box brace, plus 3rd gen adjustable track bar.
  13. Box = 2005 Chevy Silverado HD 4x4 with the duramax. A good box is not cheap, keep in mind you get what you pay for. If they require a core, it's good, no core, no good. The steering specialists will agree , or not? Make sure you get a DELPHI box. It will be embossed on it. You need the box with 3 blanks to adapt the 2nd gen pitman arm. They line up perfect when you get it right. Like I said, there is a little mod you have to do, once you have the parts you will see how easy it is. A hacksaw blade is what I used to cut the spline, 3 corner file to finish. There is also an easy upgrade to do to your pump to lighten up the steering.
  14. Thank you for setting me straight Me78569! Gotta love the knowledge from these fine folks. Sometimes it's the simple things.
  15. Is power reduction & valet mode the same? I think I found my problem. I'm looking for 2 different settings (2 toggles). Me78569, I must apologize. I did not see this till now. It is going to be nothing like any of the past electronic boxes on it. I can feel that already it is very different. I can hardly wait for the tuning to come to light. Lots of help here, just ask. Even foolish questions.
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