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  1. Now that's just fun. I added 1* across the slider's. That's a noticeable difference. Tells me my settings were NFG. Left the fueling the same. EGT'S are a little warmer up top, but never seen 256* idling before. First time I have seen the fuel pressure warning light come on since owning the Quad also. I'll give it a couple of days to see if it's me or the timing. MM, your charts make it very easy to see what's going on.
  2. Thank you gentlemen. Now I can safely try different options. The thing I am concerned is that the HR pump does some pretty funky stuff with the timing. I have heard rattling that would put a baby rattle to shame. Don't want to lift the head if all possible. I am running the 13-17-21-25-28 now, & it comes out of the hole very strong & spool is fast. I have been able to adjust my spring gate with a lot less tension to make this even spool faster. The other timing adjustment is set at 3-3-100-4-35. I am very happy with the fueling, it's just the timing that scares me. I am going
  3. Thank you (ME) Could someone give me an example of where the sliders might be set. MM mentions 5* max. So would this mean sliders start at zero also & go up from there to say maybe 5*. This is very interesting. Information explained in a different way, but with the same end results.
  4. Is there any way of keeping the stock timing on the Quad? I am having trouble with timing settings & it pulling my engine down. I have tried quite a few different timing settings & I'm getting the same results. Not worried about fueling right now until I get this figured out. With the Quad on 0 trucking runs smooth & zippy. As soon as I go to 3, it pulls the truck down noticeably by listening to engine sound change. It sounds like it's being put under load. This does not happen at idle. It also makes the truck very sluggish.
  5. Throughout from idle & up. Dieselfuture, There is a little bit of a water passage at the back of the head on the bottom that needs a bit of die grinder. Other than that, just run Haisley .093 cross tubes. The head alone made a big difference in power. Lot more flow than stock VP.
  6. That is a totally wrong statement. Gail Banks doesn't make parts for fun. If it didn't show increase in air flow, it would have not been built. Banks has been the only maker of a rear diff cover that works & has been tested in the real world. The guy is wicked smart. I love mine, & has proved itself. It is really noticeable with the Common Rail head I have on my VP
  7. AC was checked & came in as .017. WT was done. Seems to run a little different, smoother & idles a bit on the high side. I will watch like a hawk for anything out of the ordinary.
  8. Well just as Murphy would have it, this ECM went back to no fuel pump, grid heaters & so on. I knew this was not going to last. When I installed it, I got no codes or anything that would signal a new ECM being installed. This one would not even throw a code if something was wrong. I tried by disconnecting the MAP sensor & nothing. All the other ones threw some kind of code when I keyed on the first time. The ECM I ordered from ACS arrived on Friday. Installed it last night. Key on & bang, there was the check engine light. First time I seen it work with the gas cluster. Fuel pu
  9. If you want a little more easy steer, take the plunger inside the pr valve & grind the end that narrows down to where it gets straight with the rest of the plunger, about 1/8". This gives you more flow.
  10. I got the ECM back & installed. Had to wait for it to warm up outside a bit. Does what it's meant to do. One thing I never knew, is that the grid heater solenoids take turns when you first start up. I put led's on my grids (1 on each solenoid) wired independently because I don't have a WTS light. I have a gas cluster. Pretty cool to see actually. Runs extremely strong. How many of you guys can turn your Quad to full & run it? I can't get past 5 without hazing the tires at 70 mph! This is the first time I went to 5. Did this yesterday & got a rude surprise. I engage my OD
  11. The ECM that was waiting for parts got repaired & it will be shipped today. Scan0001.pdf
  12. I am not even worried about electrical. Last time I checked was .035. I have a little 1200 watt stereo with a 12" sub & I have never even seen the lights flicker. Trans doesn't hunt & my headlights are on relays, so I get 12 volts to them. So everything is good in that department. I just have had bad luck, not like the person in Idaho who won 500 thou. So yes, the warranty is only good for what it does, nothing else.
  13. Yes sir. I went with Solutions not Specialists.
  14. That's why I went with 3947912. Hopefully I never have this trouble again ACS had no problem doing this & with a lifetime warranty to boot! So when I get the other ECM rebuilt, I will sell it & recoup some losses.
  15. Got the good & bad on the ECM today. Good is it can be rebuilt, bad is, can't get the parts to rebuild it. I have had enough. I ordered a 3947912 for a 2002 & getting programed for a 2000. Thank you ACS. End of story..... Until I get it installed.
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