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  1. Alright then, all the above parts are installed. Needed more room so I removed the fender for standing room. This is whats left after the update. Did a little something to the valve cover seeing I had 2. The compressor race cover is 5 1/2", so I had to update the intake with a 5" x 5 1/2" silicone bushing & 5 1/2" 45* degree elbow. Replaced valve seals with top hat & set valves to 8 & 16. Also needed a exhaust flange to go from 4.62" to 4" because of the 87 turbine wheel & the 1.10 race housing & last, an adapter to go from the he351 12cm turbine housing to my hx40 hotpipe.
  2. Hey folks, I got the 2 logs above backwards. The 102.55 is stock & the 103.58 is the Quad. I probably created problems for myself with the rattling. Still got a lot of learning to do. Mike, do you still run a IAT fooler?
  3. Mopar1973Man, I took your advice & bumped the cruise timing up to 3 & moved all the max timing settings up by 1. It dropped the EGT's by 90 - 100* on my mechanical gauge (70mph) & it seems to run more free. There is 1 thing that concerns me. When I jump on it coming out of the hole, the timing rattles like I have never heard before on this engine, enough to get out of it. Here is where I'm confused. To get rid of the overtime rattle on out of hole, do I turn down the max timing at 1500 rpm by 1 or turn down the light throttle timing advance by 1 or turn up the low psi timing reduction. I feel like a kid in a candy store, but don't want a belly ache in the end. I took off all the padding on the firewall when I did the valve seals, so this is partially why I can hears things a lot better.
  4. First thing I will do is shut up & start to listen. You guys have years of knowledge with the Quad, I have none. Mopar1973Man, I will take your advice on the timing & cruise timing & adjust accordingly. Are the rest of the settings within reason? If my truck doesn't go above 26* timing, does the Quad extend it further? Like you mention above, I set timing at 26*, the Quad will push it to 27*? I know the Quad is working, because when I set it back to pl 0, there is a noticeable difference in power & the throttle position is back to half pedal & full bore on power. Going deep on the throttle is something else I have to use to. For a gut busting, tear dropping laugh, go to youtube & type in Qball reads a kids rhyme. There is no harm meant, as he thinks it funny as well.
  5. The first log is in pl 3 & the second is pl 0. I haven't tried above pl 3. This timing thing scares me. Here is the tune.
  6. Sorry, yes 1 log pl 3 & 1 pl 0 Will load numbers when I get home. Right now the Quad is stuck in a loop. 43 of 43 & won't finish updating.
  7. When I had my setup I ran a TS MVP but it appears they do not make them anymore for our trucks. I should have kept my setup until I got the Quad working. Truck ran a lot better with that setup.
  8. Can someone please explain why I get 19/20 mpg. with the Quad off & 15/16 with the Quad on? Here are a couple of logs, tried to get them as close as possible. The timing spikes are pretty wild. Also when I'm on pl 3 & switch back to pl 0, my engine runs so much easier, noticeable to your hearing, like the RPM'S even rise. iQuad-2019-06-09-01.02.55.csv iQuad-2019-06-09-01.03.58.csv
  9. Like Me78569 said.^ Yes, it will work from 98.5 - 2002. Map sensors are different like you mentioned. 98.5 - 2000 is same the map, 2001 has it's own map & 2002 has it's own map also. What are you going to use for your timing?
  10. I learned a dirty lesson yesterday. I borrowed an ipad,(need bigger numbers to see) downloaded the Quad app, connected to the truck to see how it works. My jaw hit the floor when it connected. There was no information, all settings gone. I thought the Quad would retain the info where the settings were last set to. So does that also mean it goes back to stock running headless? On a very good note, I can't believe how much I have loosened my waste gate because I'm not flooding the turbo off idle starting on 64 & 0 psi. I can get the 475 spinning a lot sooner = more grunt off bottom. They are still sharing the boost equal. The 62 makes 40 lbs & big brother is sitting on 20 lbs, same at 60 lbs boost, 475 running 30 lbs. I can also say the EGT's are lower. I went up a 7% - 2 kilometer grade at 120 km hr. & never broke 1000 on the pyro. I am totally satisfied with the Quad so far.
  11. The S300'S are 15 foot lbs. The S400'S are 28 foot lbs. These are supposed to be gospel. This is from a rep turbo company in Calgary.
  12. My battery went for crap, but found a used one for $10.00. Man does this little sucker ever get hot. How does this look? All comments are good, so let me have it! The dips are where it's breaking loose & me getting off it & on again. What do I need to adjust? Timing seems low up top. It's set at 14, 18, 22, 26, 30. iQuad-2019-05-22-10.32.03.csv
  13. No need for more top end power, stupid fast as it is now. Handles not to bad at 195km /hr though. Appreciate the tip & info. See this is why this forum needs to keep going. Where else are you going to find all the valuable information on the Quad, seriously! I feel more comfortable asking questions now, money is nothing without the knowledge. Question, My cheap ipod crapped out so no adjusting the Quad. It was on PL3. When I get another Apple or Quad Android, will it pick up that the truck is already tuned other than stock & take me to the settings I have now that were on the ipod, or am I in trouble?
  14. Why is it such a simple question with such a complicated answer. I see nobody here wants to touch it neither. Hoping that DAP will shed some light. Seen way to many different answers. Anywhere from torque values, to finger tight on nut until contact with the wheel plus 90 degrees. Has anybody here rebuilt an S300 or S400 Borg. If so, what did you torque the nut to? (dripley) did you leave the gate open? I'm seeing a lot of chickens here. When I get a definite answer, I have a race cover, billet wheel, rebuild kit with 360 thrust, 1.10 exhaust housing, 87 x 82 turbine wheel for my S475 x 83 x 1.25, plus a 76 x 68 turbine wheel & 12cm gated housing for my billet S362 x 65 x 14 that I would like to install. My 53 block is cracked of course, but I plan on ripping it in half before I change it to the Mexican. This should just about do it & have fun getting there. Now that it's warmer, water is cheaper than anti-freeze, so let her leak!
  15. What is the correct answer? Compressor nut BW S300 Compressor nut BW S400 This should be fun to see, .....but is that the right answer? I'm old school, show me proof. I was asked this & can't find a definite answer.
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