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  1. Tried epoxy to fix my broken tabs x3 on my pillar. Worked well till I parked truck outside and come back later to see it not attached anymore . Gonna try one more time to secure it, but I need to start looking for a new A pillar. Any thoughts, comments, advise on picking up a new one? If this mask BS goes away maybe go to a junk yard, but around here might not be so lucky. Rather see if some company had them NIB I could get.
  2. I've got a couple of tan wires I'll have to probe and see if I can get any variable resistance. I guess maybe I'll recheck bulbs in the gauge cluster, if not that maybe that switch. Its bugging me everything works except back lights...
  3. Switch could be bad but it hasnt given me any troubles before. Checked fuses but all looked good, guess one could be bad anyway. Am I missing something on getting the gauge back lights working? Also installing gauges and would want dimmable option, I have only have positive and negative lead wires. I also dont remember wiring and installing gauge pods to be so difficult, I am having a time getting everything sorted out and routed. Edit: tabs on a pillar broke so time to epoxy... before they broke still had some wobble to the whole thing...
  4. Thank yall so much, now I'm tracking on what I need to do. Thanks for the kinds words JAG1 just finished alot of work on the entire drive train engine, trans, and t case was completely gutted and redone and rebuilt minus engine internals. Alot of other stuff too. Rocking on 2 years of work to this dang thing. This last little hiccup threw me for a loop. Gonna replace alternator just cause its prolly toast by now? And batteries are pretty old.
  5. @Tractorman I guess I should have stated checking continuity/ohms lol in that wire just to make sure I had the same wire end to end. Now that I found the end of the alt cable I have forgotten where it goes, hence the video etc. Which kinda explains it all. I can make another one to help clarify if that helps. Where does it go?
  6. I agree, however the batteries were charged on a trickle charger prior to and motor rolled over rather quickly. I dont doubt that the batteries could still be bad though.. If you by chance had time to watch that video, that main wire should go where? Is that the one that goes to the fuse box, and you suggested to route it directly to the passenger side pos. battery?
  7. Batteries did sit for awhile, I think batteries and alternator is to blame. I ohm the main cable from alternator over to battery. Should it go to pos. neg. or the missing terminal place. Here is a Video of everything I took real quick. Hope the link works.
  8. I guess I'm confused on what I'm missing at the fuse box. If I can find what I did or didnt hook up to that location I can go from there. After that missing link is found I can then proceed with possibly doing the w-t mod. If that makes sense. Thanks.
  9. Got a hot alternator like really hot, smelled it cooking. Looked at a few topic on here, started tracing wires. I previously rebuilt the whole harness-check all wires and re sheathed, tape, etc. My dumb a$$ forgot one wire the ground on the fuse box. Attached pic is what I missed. Is this wire straight to ground/frame? If it is I know which wire I need to use... Additionally could this mistake cause the hot alternator? Both alternator and batteries are old... alternator I assume to be original, batteries around 5-6 years. Batteries took trickle charge and started truck up fine. Than
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