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  1. I read you added coolant, and talking about A/C stuff?? If anything is wrong with the core, just replace it, their stupid cheap. Also replace your drier at the same time. Do like the others said use soapy water all over lines and check for any leaks. It may be time to pull the dash... the m73m article nails it down, I also have my own thread of complete removing everything inside the interior of that helps you..
  2. Sounds like a mess. Dont be wiring stuff together like that-NO That's a basket of worms I've never seen before.
  3. Man I wish I could do that kinda stuff, I'd be all over it. I can write stuff, excel, basic computer skills I guess, but nothing like what you been posting. I wish it was simpler, get what you mean by being limited due to the complexity of this.
  4. @Mopar1973Man As many have stated, what can we do to help? I can do 2nd gen stuff! I can try moderating or something of the sort.. @syndicateshop has asked multiple times to help but I haven't seen you reply? I cant write code or do that type of stuff but I have a computer and can do some managing etc.
  5. Here's is another link to a video I made on truck... let me know of it doesn't work.
  6. This is sad news... Someone win the lottery and give this man a cut... lol
  7. I forget if this was mentioned earlier, but is there an automatic reminder to "re-up" when your year subscription is almost over? If not, this would be greatly appreciated by myself and probably others.
  8. So here ya go, you can press them out. Used a 1 inch drive 2 3/8 socket and an old bushing from a machine as a push through, worked like a charm. I did have to cut the bolt end off but someone's else's case maybe different cause mine were froze in. You will have to use a press to get them out... I'll clean them up, paint them. Then order a set of poly bushings to put in. If anyone need exact dimensions let me know I saved old inserts. Just in case you folks wanted to lathe a custom press tool. The socket worked great, GP, brand, but there is always room for improvement...
  9. Yea, possibly it was already tweaked/bent and finally went...
  10. Anyone ever removed the inner sections of the motor mount? I'm going to be replacing them with the poly inserts from Genos or from polybushings.com I have engine out and mounts off of engine. I assume they are just pressed in, and I need to press out?
  11. 1/4 tank issue..... Pretty common actually, add plenty of fuel re prime as stated, try again. 21 psi is pretty high for start up on vp44's. Anyone correct me if I'm wrong, but it should be alot lower. High psi causes hard starts, and that could be an addition with the low fuel for no start?
  12. Did you use soapy water on all your boots? I actually made my own pressure tester, I'll have to find and take pics if you need ideas. Buy I could regulate psi in with engine off and listen, use soapy water and find any leaks.
  13. Sounds like some good side jobs to do if u had more time. Need to get a bunch of products or parts to make, set the store up with them and I'll help make them and sell them.
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