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  1. I used noico all over the whole truck! Haven't really got to "try" it out for sound comparison yet, but I think its gonna help a lot.
  2. Here is the video link, let me know if it doesn't work.. https://youtu.be/x3gvyHao2S0
  3. Been a min, need to do another video update. Got a couple other issues arising. Gonna set me back again. I drove the truck last weekend about 5-7miles got everything warmed up after sitting for so long... it might be a longer video so bear with me... hope to have it up soon.
  4. Is he on this site or is it better just to call him? Previously it has said out of stock when I checked last year, but now there's not even 2nd gens listed.
  5. About to pull the trigger on a new steering box, pump, hoses! From the comments, blue top is the way to go I assume. Already have the borgson shaft so hopefully I'll have some super tight steering! Also going to re seal vacuum pump while I'm there. Best place for vacuum pump stuff? I'll just Google blue top and go to there main page? Edit, I went to blue tops site and didn't see any option for 2nd gen steering gears??
  6. @Mopar1973Man I was thinking the same thing...
  7. Crap my video didn't post?? Let me try again, @Mopar1973Man I found those straight away very helpful. My video shows my dilemma.. https://youtu.be/SaV7kSpRkSA
  8. Startee there first, then google... All I was seeing in the articles was engine wiring, is there more somewhere else?
  9. Does anyone have a cab wiring harness diagram? I got a new led cargo light and the dang thing wont go off (clear only ) so I need to start tracing wiring to see what's going on... Diagram would be very handy Thanks!
  10. Stanley


  11. Looks bad a$$ man! Only thing that I would have suggested would have been a recessed license plate maybe maybe 1'', purely for looks obviously, well done!!
  12. Well I'm super happy to say that it works now. I just went back and forth in my long drive way kinda getting stuff moving again and I was able to get it to shift into all ranges. Guess from all the sitting it did after the rebuild it just kinda seized a little... just needs drove now...
  13. Yea, it works, I drove it out of the shop this weekend. I removed the linkage out of the equation even though it's good and didn't move anything and used my hand to try and manually move the lever forward or backwards. I can get it to partially engage either way... Just got home and gonna see if I can get it to move by just moving it back and forth to see if It is froze and free it up or see if something else is going on...
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