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  1. This is what I have, slipped right onto the gear box..
  2. Yea its all original, steering box and shaft. On my slip yoke there is a collar with a set screw, presumably to keep it from moving...
  3. So in my "Dove in Head First" thread I mentioned that I got a Borgeson steering shaft upgrade while i had everything apart. I have read a few time in other places that you need to grind a flat spot on your gear box shaft and that the original flat spot is not used.? Why and why? Got the old one pulled off last night and was looking at how I was gonna fa-naggle this thing in there, but grinding a new spot on top of that - ge wizz...
  4. Stanley

    Dove in head first...

    Ill be checking it all over again tonight... Maybe I missed it. Hopefully the video will be good enough to see it. I like making these videos but man it takes so long to upload/post them on youtube. I wonder if using my gopro would help in the upload time and video quality... That would be a question for a computer guy..... @Mopar1973Man
  5. Stanley

    Dove in head first...

    Oh so I does go somewhere... I havent seen where it would go through the fire wall... Ill try and post up a video with what little progress I have made, and show the drain tube again... Gonna be taking the old steering shaft off tonight and replacing with the borgson! Dash frame is ready to go in! ******However I cant remember if I can get the dash top on with the frame all buttoned up? Advice?? Clutch is getting ordered today along with new gauges, pod, wiring. Went with a South Bend DD Multi Friction clutch rated at 650 on DAP other sites have it rated at 550-750... Industrial Injection states that I should be right at 700 with my turbo. 800 if I get a little bit bigger turbo! I dont really want to go bigger.....But I do wish I could compound my turbo with something else to get better response time and to maybe help with smoke control. Advice on this???
  6. Stanley

    Dove in head first...

    Oh, haha... I thought I was loosing it. My tube looked like it was connected to something... I guess it just drains into the floor
  7. @trreed Good to know, I do have power locks and windows so ill check that this evening. Ill also keep an eye out for the "knob" if I do have the harness. Maybe I can snag some from FB marketplace. So does the heat and fold have a button(s) or switch(s) that you control it with? If so where did you mount it ?
  8. Stanley

    Dove in head first...

    This is for sure on the list, but I cant see or find where this drain connect too?
  9. I am in love with these, how ever my truck doesnt have power mirrors. Tried a quick google search thinking it would be all over the place but I cant seem to find a wiring kit for power mirrors ( knob + wiring etc). Where would a feller look for something like that? Only other option would have to be finding a manual/manual tow mirror with the led markers. I didnt see them on the 1A Auto site...
  10. Well I like multiple options, so I would build 2 versions...ha I dont tow very much so being in or around the goose neck wouldnt be to bad. I really thought about making a roof rack and welding it onto my flatbed rack (maybe detachable) This is a rough idea (below) I really think this idea is bad @$$ But I also think this would be cool in a truck with a bed on it...
  11. I like the old school mount kinda, the recessed one is an awesome idea! my second choice and is what im gonna build is a gooseneck ball mounted carrier...!!! Like this but mounted on the gooseneck ball... However my ideas and build will be going on a flatbed...
  12. Stanley

    Cab corners.

    Look no further than LMC truck. I get stuff from them all the time.
  13. Stanley

    Dodge 1500 Motors

    Man, if I could find one I'd buy it in a heart beat. Everyone wants a arm and a leg and your first unborn child for one... I'm extremely obsessed with putting a 4bt in a S10. So that's my first choice!!
  14. So just a little idea spark here... I really think it would be fun to convert a 2nd gen 1500 single,short cab 2wd with a different motor. I am helping my father in law, rebuild his 360 in his 99 due to cam gear exploding. It's done and ready to go back in, however when er were looking for parts and upgrades to throw at it for some more pep for him, we came up short. Either you can't find go fast goodies during to the nature of the motor or if you did find them it was stupid expensive... now everyone does cummins swaps and that would be awesome but very heavy for the little truck. Still would do if I found the right deals, but what about like a chevy 350 and the plethora of mods available? Which would you choose? I can agree it would suck in the electronics department... Basically if I had a money tree, it would be a older chevy frame and running gear and powertrain with a 2nd gen dodge body.... wierd? Going to be on training for a week, figured this discussion would be worth while... Maybe just get a half ton frame and short body and throw all 2500 part under it? With a cummins? Just as a fun - play truck might I add. No work or towing.