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  1. Started out just gonna clean out heater core etc then it turned into this. The entire cab is dismantled. Ha! Found some moisture issues, gonna clean up some wiring, put some new heat shield/noise damper in, blow out the dust, take out the whole hvac box and clean it, make some new door panels, redo my headliner, get seats cleaned etc. Any recommendations while I'm this far in? I honestly debated pulling the whole dash out and then building my own dash how I wanted it... if anyone wants to spark some interest in this I have a few ideas and pics. Door panels shouldn't be that hard to make, unless I just say screw it and buy some new ones or junk yard ones. But I really like the idea of custom door panels and dash! I'm sure I'll be doing some other stuff but this is a good starter for a thread. More pics coming!
  2. I really only know 2nd and some 3rd gen stuff and all the things that can interchange between the 1500 and 2500/3500. My wife drives a 2014 Dodge Ram 1500 4x4 4 door short bed, and with the hemi. I'm gonna be looking to buy some new shocks (maybe small lift too), maybe some other go fast goodies for her truck. I would like to know if possible - which years interchange and is the bodies the same way as say the 2nd gens? Hope this makes sense and someone understands what I'm getting at lol.
  3. Stanley

    Rear sway bar end links

    I have took both front and rear sway bars off for about 1 year now, seems a bit smoother ride for just back and forth to work. Towing with out them really sucks. So I have decided to put them back on and Im gonna need to find which links etc to get all the way around. Pretty much new everything minus the bar! So suggestions welcome!!! Taking them off was a pain in the *** I agree!!
  4. I wish we could put a system like that on our trucks! (2nd gen)
  5. No, it was IN or it was OUT haha... backing a trailer with it was a B****
  6. So valair said that it is in fact a sintered iron sled pulling clutch... whoa. So I'm gonna have to get another clutch...😤☹😭 Now I've had both south bend and valair but I'm stuck in which one I wanna go with.....
  7. Thank you. I'm a neat freak, actual pretty cluttered and messy for me haha. The paint did work great though.
  8. I've always had a dd clutch, and love them. This one was with truck when I bought it so I dont know the history on it.. I emailed valair and they said to send them more pics but they said it was a pulling or drag clutch and I dont do that anymore so I might get another one idk... need something smoother and good for pulling gooseneck around.
  9. So along with re building my trans and t-case it was obvious that I needed to check to clutch out for wear and all that good stuff. So I did just that today. Snapped some pics to show yall. I have never had a sintered iron or competition clutch so I hope yall have some input.
  10. Hard to tell in pics, but the "aluminum" color high heat paint looks really good. Turned out great! Pulled clutch today....😖😤😟🤑🤑🤑 I'll make another thread on that lol.....
  11. Little update, it's all back home now I cleaned, scraped, wire wheeled my little heart out... then put some high heat primer on it. I will put on some regular "aluminum color" paint to finish it off. If anyone is curious on what paints I used let me know. Now today I pull the clutch and check it over, make sure u can still run it... maybe I'll post pics of that later.
  12. I also have 5in exhaust... I might have to get creative! Thank you.
  13. well I got my transmission shimmed up today, wound up going back with same amount of shims as what came out. Hope my first trans rebuild lasts...lol Got pics of my fast coolers I'm adding also. Question though: which side would you put the filter kit on? Obviously the rotation of transmission would dictate correct? I also assume the "flap" would point up. Anyone ever install this kit?
  14. If your in there do it all! Not worth just one or two. All Bearings and all synchros. This time I skipped doing the needle bearings. All bearings looked great but I got the whole kit and kaboodle so new bearings it got. I used this site and many others for the rebuild.
  15. Thanks, yea I have all the tool goodies. Your idea for the counter shaft exactly what I was thinking. However I think the correct way might be by removing the tail housing. Maybe I can get away by not doing that?