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  1. I’m thinking about changing out the radiator in my 2000 Dodge. Anyone have an opinion on the all aluminum radiators. I was looking at those made by Mishimoto. I’ve always changed my coolant every two years and and run the Fleece Performance Collins system by-pass. I’m just trying to be proactive here and replace it before it’s decides it wants to be replace in the middle of no where.
  2. That up 95 from New Meadows isn’t it. Must be getting rain up there.
  3. If I was at the McCall RV Park I’d come over and give you a hand.
  4. Thanks AH64ID. This thing, imho, is a little more than rough. This rough idle shakes the truck and I can feel it while driving it at 50 mph. Ya I recommended to him only new injectors from a reputable source. I alway refer people to this website and forum for the correct information. This site has been gold for me with my 2nd Gen.
  5. A friend/customer brought me his 06 CR to have the mode and blend doors in the heater box replaced. I get that done and take it out for a test run. It runs like crap. Idles like a gas engine with a spark plug wire off. I mention this to him and he says it’s alwaÿs run like that and another shop couldn’t find anything wrong with it. I think he bought this truck running like this. The truck had about 160K on it and after reading here on some of the CR injector topics I’m going to suggest he replace the injectors. Is there any way to diagnose a bad injector without a high end scan tool?
  6. Thanks everyone for your replies. I feel a lot better about it. I’m going to leave it alone. Looking at your turbo inspection diagram after checking that way there is no play at all.
  7. Thanks John. I might be looking for problems that don’t exist. I baby this truck so I’m always looking at things trying to catch things before they go out. My first check engine light in 17 years two weeks ago up in Idaho. The APPS went out. Thanks to Micheal and this forum I carry an extra APPS, a Timbo.
  8. Return home from our trip up to McCall, Idaho without a hitch after installing the new Timbo APPS at the RV park. Started doing a service on the truck here at home and noticed a little side play in the turbo shaft. Don’t know how much play but it’s enough I can feel it. I’m thinking I should replace it now before it gets worse. Anyone recommend a good stock replacement turbo? The truck is a 2000. Mostly stock. I’ve added Edge Easy box, FASS lift pump, a 4 inch exhaust turbo to Tail pipe and a PakBrake exhaust brake system. Truck has 110,000 miles on it. I don’t want a rebuilt turbo, I prefer new without breaking the bank. Appreciate any opinions Thanks, Wes.
  9. I had Timbo with me in my spare parts box. I almost changed it out before I left the house. Ordered another one while here at the RV park so it should be waiting for me when I get home. I thought you were somewhere around there. Do you have a repair shop or just work out of your house. The reason I had spare was because of you and this forum so I thank you for this. Get the Timbo. Less money and a better APPS. Since installing this one I’ve noticed smoother acceleration.
  10. Had a shop on McCall scan the system and it was the APPS. I carry a spare and installed it today. So far so good.
  11. Well I think my apps finally started acting up on my 2000 CTD. We’re on our way to McCall Idaho for vacation, were a little south of Council and slowing for construction I accelerate just a little, about 25-30 MPH, to get through the construction and the throttle does nothing then picks up and acts normal. Of course the check engine light comes on and stays on. It acts up one more time while slow acceleration going through McCall. Get to the RV park and after the second start up the light goes out so it probably won’t have a code. Will have to get a code reader at NAPA tomorrow. I’ve got a new APPS with me, just hope the RV Park lets me work on it. I’m sure that’s what the problem is. It’s ironic that last year a friend was having problems with his 2001 Dodge up here.
  12. WesHawkins


  13. What I would like to see happen is some form of legislation that holds the various environmental organizations financially and criminally accountable for these fires when its because of their policies that were pushed through with their sue and settle tactics.
  14. That certainly isn’t good news. Hope it changes for the better soon.
  15. Yes they are. Almost makes you wish summer wouldn’t come.
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