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  1. I posted that a few days ago before it made landfall but it wouldn't go through. I'm not sure why it just showed up now but my apologies, no joking matter now...
  2. It's kind of hard to tell from the picture but I wonder if that's an optional spot for the dipstick tube. A lot of motors that are installed in a bus or stationary equipment for example will have the dipstick moved for clearance issues.
  3. I thought this was going to be a manual transmission? Perhaps you're talking about the power steering cooler and not the trans cooler?
  4. The Minneapolis area got hit harder, its it's a mess down there. But for $2800 I think I could call in sick to work.
  5. Also a beautiful spring day here in northern MN. This was taken yesterday afternoon, we got about a foot as of this morning. I've about had it with winter! This is video from Saturday of a very angry Lake Superior a few miles down the shore from me. For reference those are 20-30 foot tall rock faces the waves are crashing into.
  6. It will work just fine with the stock power steering pump. As long as your steering shaft is in good shape it shouldn't make much of a difference but I believe there's an adapter you'll need to go from steering box to factory shaft.
  7. Word of advice. Assuming it has bearing buddies, bring a grease gun and give each one a few pumps. Most new trailer bearings are installed dry then some grease is pumped through the bearing buddy.
  8. If in doubt always go bigger. For less than $4000 you can get a brand new 20 foot 10,000 pound car hauler. Super handy to have around even if you don't need the weight capacity. Also if these tanks are 8' wide do you plan on blocking them up so they will sit above the fenders?
  9. The drifts are getting to be chest deep! Another sure fire way to measure snow depth is just toss a 4 year old boy into the front yard. If he disappears then yep that's a lot of snow.
  10. Giving the "new" plow truck a tune up before winter. This one should clean up right?
  11. With t6 and a good filter you can very easily run the oil out to at least 10,000 miles. I've done oil analysis out to 20,000 on t6 (filter change at 10k) and the oil was still in great shape. If you want to change at 7,500 save some money and switch it back to regular oil. Change it once a year. Dumping 3 gallons of oil every 2,500 miles isn't necessary.
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