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  1. 01dodge24v5.9

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    @Mopar1973Man @cumminsVP2001 @Dieselfuture I know it's been a couple of days but here is short video of the haze my 7.010 sac injectors are making. The truck idles smooth but gets rougher if you barely crack the throttle off of idle, almost like a miss, the smooths back out above that. I'm running my quadzilla at 75% for 0 psi. This haze started after about 4k miles on the new injectors and has progressively gotten worse. Is this a normal amount of haze for 7.010sac or is it a tune issue or should I just pull the injectors and test them?
  2. 01dodge24v5.9

    Which billet tappet cover to buy?

    I just put the bolts in snug enough to hold the tappet cover flat and square, then torque them (actually 48hrs later bc I got stuck at work). And I'll take a look at the tappet cover breather hose to see if its dry or not.
  3. 01dodge24v5.9

    Which billet tappet cover to buy?

    I have a 12v tapper cover on my truck currently that has the breather made on it. I haven't noticed oil dripping from it or at least a large amount. I still get some out of the breather on the timing cover haven't done the mopar1973man mod yet. The problem I have is the factory seal on the tapper cover is a poor design and (I think in my case) doesn't hold enough tension on the seal (between the block and cover) to keep the oil where its supposed to be. Possibly my cover is sprung or bent enough, that it's not holding the pressure it should... idk... I don't want to gamble on it again bc it's a pain in the azz to change. But from what I've seen, the billet covers have an O-ring in a groove that's suppose to seal better. And yes I used the "right stuff" silicone with a new seal and let it dry for 24hrs then torqued everything the way the books said.... fast forward 3000mile annnnndd its leaking.
  4. Can someone give me suggestions on which billet tappet cover to buy? I've changed the seal once already.... I don't want to do it again so I'm going billet... I've heard Keating Machine tappet covers are good? What's everyone's opinion on brands and longevity?
  5. 01dodge24v5.9

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    Any tests that I can do to single out the possible problematic injector?
  6. 01dodge24v5.9

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    I'll try and catch a video of the amount of haze. It pretty much does it all the time. From cold start (at least 90* in the mornings) to operating temperature. They are DAP injectors with only 4000 miles. I hope I don't have one going bad already.
  7. 01dodge24v5.9

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    Is their any way to adjust idle timing? I have sac 7.010 injectors and I'm getting a pretty fair amount of white-ish haze at idle (hope that's normal?).... and I was thinking of I could add a degree or two of timing, at idle to offset the pop pressure and higher amount of fuel load, then maybe it would clean it up a little.
  8. 01dodge24v5.9

    EMF Ball Joints?

    Mopar1973man are you running the professional quality series or the standard series?
  9. Anyone have a connection to get EMF ball joints for an 01 4wd 2500 ? Or feed back good? Bad?
  10. 01dodge24v5.9

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    Couple of y'all earlier were talking about your truck will spin the tires easy..... My will not spin them period! I'm not wire tapped maybe that's way but I'm running canbus starting around 95 up to 145 and timing. Basically even if I brake boost my turbo, it takes off pretty good, stutter a couple of times then pulls hard.... but NEVER tire spin.... I'm 150hp injectors, bw 362 sxe turbo, 4in exhaust etc, 265 /75 tires auto trans. I feel like I should be about to cook these tires.... but nope. What do y'all think ? Do I have it turn down to much?
  11. 01dodge24v5.9

    OIL LEAK FOUND Need help

    Yeah I did away with mine bc it is in the way and it was easy to cut down. Do any of the bolts on the drivers side go through to oil ports?
  12. 01dodge24v5.9

    OIL LEAK FOUND Need help

    Yeah I'll have to check that also I forgot about it too. I cut the original bracket down bc I'm running a fass.
  13. 01dodge24v5.9

    OIL LEAK FOUND Need help

    No that's just a picture I found on the Internet but thats what my block looks like. It's not shooting oil out or even dripping while it's idles, so maybe it's not where it's leaking from. Im just getting oil on the driver side from somewhere, everything gets coated on the drivers side at about the bottom of the pcm down, when I drive it for about a week. I can see most of the tappet covery gasket and it looks pretty clean. So I don't think that ls the issue, plus I just changed it back in February(12v cover) I thought maybe it was coming from the spot in the above pic bc when I put my finger over the hole it felt like there was a little pressure like crank case pressure. Maybe it was just my imagination lol
  14. I've been leaking oil from the drivers side of the motor and my fear was the tappet cover which I just replace..... But turns out the oil is coming from a port in the block just below the motor mount. (see picture). My question.... Is this threaded? or was there a plug or something in the hole that maybe blow out? And how do I keep this from happening again?
  15. 01dodge24v5.9

    Loss of boost and power

    What does the canbus boost fueling table (number values) look like when I'm on level 0 or stock level?