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  1. When it comes to keyboards I'm a pretty good pecker!
  2. Yeah, get the LX. That's what I have and it works great. The MX has special features that allow it to read codes on some special Ford ans GM applications. LX is good for Dodge, and if I can set it up you can.
  3. My Spicers went a whole 12k miles before crapping out. I won't use them again. I have Delco's in now and so far I'm happy with them. I've been using more and more Delco stuff since switching to Rock Auto.
  4. I'm sorry. I've only ever seen a picture or two of you on here. I just didn't see the resemblance. I might get a license plate with her picture on to chase the deer outta my way when I drive up to hunting camp this weekend.
  5. You just keep being you. I like you just the way you are . I just felt the need to make a funny.
  6. You had to post another picture of Pellosi didn't you?
  7. I don't have IBM's switch. Just a toggle that lets me control the factory relays. I never turn them off while they are powered. I always let the ECM turn them off and then I switch them off before they come back on. Might just be me being anal but I don't like to switch on/off under power.
  8. I'll be the first. A hole rubbed in one of the steel cooler lines did it for me. I know, I know ..............
  9. Must not have cops over there. Round here every one on duty would write you a ticket for parking on the curb like that.
  10. Had to the first time. No need to after never seize.
  11. https://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_ssn=stevewhitemotors&LH_PrefLoc=&_from=R40&_trksid=p2499338.m570.l1313.TR10.TRC2.A0.H0.X1999+dodge+ram.TRS2&_nkw=1999+dodge+ram&_sacat=0 I'm not brand loyal at all. I buy very few OEM parts at all. But every now and then there are some things that are dealer only items. I was searching E-Bay for some rear axle u-bolt plates and found these to be the cheapest ones on there. Original Mopar and from a dealer being the cheapest hard to believe. That's not the case though with the $3000 VP44 they have. Here's the link. They are from @dripley's home town. Wonder if he knows them?
  12. Being my rotors are behind the bearings and the bearings must come out to change them, mine have been out more often than some. I ALWAYS never seize things like unit bearings. Even the pilot holes on the wheels get a coating so they don't have to be beaten off next time.Living in one of the saltiest states in the nation teaches you these things. That being said one side is done. I have a brass hammer that I stick up in there and hit the other end of it with a BFH. Bearing comes right out. The first time I did them when I bought the truck was not so easy though . Apparently the PO never heard of never seize.
  13. They even have some 2nd gen. ones just for us.https://www.freedomrangerhatchery.com/details.asp?List=1&Product=10. That Red Ranger male looks like an azz kickin son of a gun.
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