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  1. It never ends.......................................
  2. Round here we stuff the bisquits in the chicken. That cereal looks good though. Do they sell that at the same store that has the synthetic blinker fluid?
  3. Might as well throw a fender cover in yet before we get back on track
  4. We'll get on the same page here after a chapter or two.
  5. Now I'm confused. You say it's not the ground but it is.
  6. What is the #6 or so sized wire that runs from the intake horn bolt down to the side of the grid heater body then? Or is my truck the only one that has it? I'll have to look closer and get a pic tomorrow.
  7. Correct. But the ring terminal lays on aluminum. That was the area of my concern. The dissimilar materials causing corrosion and preventing a good contact between the bolt and ring terminal. Not doubting the mod at all. That's what sparked my thought. I also remember early on in the mod where bolt threads were being wire brushed to make better contact.
  8. Or he was pre-filling through the center hole .
  9. Flat head something or other. Wait, I haven't been a kid for 35 years. Can I still play?
  10. I maintain the belief that the grids kill alternators which is why mine are on a switch. I don't use them ever, except to pre heat the truck to start then they go off. My alternator problems have went away since doing so. For whatever reason some don't want to switch them. To each their own. The 2 codes it sets don't bother me and I don't have smog here. If I ever do have to get smogged I will turn them back on, clear the codes, do a few drive cycles and get smogged. And apparently @IBMobile has a way to switch them that doesn' throw codes so what's to lose? Anyhow, now that I've made my annual case about switching the grids I also believe something changed since we didn't hear of this problem from new. And Mike unlike many of us has had his truck from new so he would know. Everybody here is all hyped up about grounding mods here lately. One question I asked before that didn't get much attention is what about the grid heater ground? One end is on a long bolt down into the intake plenum which is alum. and corrodes easily. Just a thought.
  11. Anyone want to buy the last NAPA Gold fuel filter I have?
  12. Can't. My 4" BHAF won't fit on my 5" exhaust. On second thought I could stuff my old K&N in the pipe to help lube the ole muffler bearing.
  13. dave110

    Spicer ball joints

    It's not huge but true it's more than energy star newer stuff. But it has not cost me $3600 in total electric let alone extra electric in 19 years. The 3 new ones at $1200 a pc. did however.