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  1. On one utube clip from Minnesota Millenial Farmer he had a company come out and tune a combine using their own tuner. I can't remember the name of the company though. Not sure what you're looking to do but a utube search might yield some info.
  2. @Monstermaker Would like to know that. He likes when people say "if it don't crack by 150k your'e fine"
  3. Diesel will be outlawed and drugs will be inlawed.
  4. At least you got a good nights rest, although seeing that at 5:10AM is not such a good thing either. I should probably delete that photo. Wish I could delete her.
  5. I just gotta post Dripley's favorite picture one more time before I go sane again.
  6. Considering my current mileage and miles driven a year it'll take 143 years to hit a mil. Considering my current age I have considerably less time than that left. I'll have to set another goal. I'll be mighty thirsty till then.
  7. I thought about what you said and we both agree with you.............
  8. That makes me feel better. I could never get a definate answer on the time part of it. People still seem stuck in the 3 month OR 3000 mile days. My truck only sees about 6k a year and I just couldn't see dumping oil twice a year so I've been doing once a year changes for a while now.
  9. When mine went wacko I could still read everything through my Scangauge2, even the speedo.
  10. Don't break them. I hear hens teeth are pretty rare
  11. That's the news we love to hear. Thanks for updating! Now here's a little trick I learned coming here. Clean them nasty ole terminals up and coat them with motor oil. They'll never corrode again
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