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  1. https://www.cumminsforum.com/threads/99-5-9-with-an-01-engine.2497701/post-28949141 Here is some more interesting reading. I find the end result hard to believe but there's a lot of info. there.
  2. My 02 300M is shifting weird, hanging in gear, and threw a P1776 code. Some solenoid malfuctiong. Can anybody tell me in plain english what it is?
  3. My very first vehicle was a '77 shortbed, 3spd. column shift and a 250ci. Later on I had a '67 long bed stepside 3/4 ton. paid $1000, drove for 5 years and sold for $1000. I'd love to have that one back.
  4. Just what I needed to know. Thanks guys!!
  5. I need to cut out and replace the coil spring buckets due to rust. I remember reading here that a spring compresser isn't needed if you remove this and that and support the frame while dropping the axle. As I prepare to do this I'd like a refresher. What all gets removed? Can I do both at one time or one then the other? Any other tricks or tips on replacing the buckets? TIA
  6. Not far. It's on the bottom right under the gloves.
  7. I usually check the tires, check the oil, and make sure I have some TP in the door pocket and hit the road.
  8. You know why dogs do that don't you? v v v v v Cause they can.............
  9. My uncle was a used farm machinery dealer in the 50's-80's. He used to run Ohio a lot. I'm not sure exactly where but Dad used to run truck tractor to Archibald for him. I wouldnt doubt those tractors were on his truck at some point. My buddy has a Super C with a fast hitch buck saw. Nice setup. Runs off the back flat pulley. I borrowed it one year when I had a bunch of slab wood and smaller branches to cut. Sure saves my old back. But you'd better be on your game when using it. Those things were invented before OSHA was around
  10. Nice. Those old Farmalls did a LOT of work over the years. The green stuff usually gets the most credit though. A Harris sitting there too. Is that a 44? I'd love to have a buck saw for my firewood operation but I don't have a flat belt tractor and the PTO adapters are soooo expensive if you can find one at all. Here's one of mine
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