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  1. And your'e saying no beer was consumed during all that?
  2. You sound a lot like me. Now on a personal note I have a Transgo TFOD and I'm very happy with it.Sure I'd love a full built auto but 5k + another 1k to ship it across the country is hard for me to swallow. My slippage problems are gone and have been ever since I installed it in like 2011. I also have a lockup switch and would not go without. I use it for towing but like it also for pulling out to pass another vehicle. Yoy know that sinking feeling when you pull out, mash the pedal, and truck unlocks and drops a gear and falls on it's face? Push the lock button ( i use a momentary push button), roll on the pedal, and I'm gone. See Ya! IBMOBILE's idea is ingenious but way to complicated for what I use it for. But then nobody else drives my truck either. Sounds like you got a lot of work to do. Have fun!
  3. Looks like mud wasps on steroids. Imagine trying to do that by hand.
  4. I think you'd do good with those. Mine are doing well but I don't have a ton of miles on them either. Rock Auto buys closeouts and bulk deals and gets better pricing that way. I've already bought struts from them that said unmarked package or something like that and when I opened the plain box there were NAPA pro's inside.
  5. Nothing is, not even me. 20 years ago for mine. Mine are not bad yet. I bought these when I did the ball joints the first time figuring while I'm in there anyway. Originals are still good but when I go to replace them I think I'll e-bay the Spicers and get some Delcos. That stuff seems to be holding up well for me. Fire wood heated garage. No more freezing this guys a** off . Been there done that.
  6. Ac Delco ball joints and drag link here along with NAPA trac bar and TRE. My Spicer ball joints lasted a whole 12k. I won't use that junk again. I have a pair of their axle joints laying on the shelf and I'm scared to put them in. I'll probably sell them.
  7. That's probably what I'll do if I ever do it. Skip the whole 3 gen. all together.
  8. As loose as the steering is on my truck I have NEVER had DW either. I have all new or good front end parts, but it's still not what I'd call precise steering. Heck my 67 c-20 with 10.5-31's was way tighter than this truck ever was or will be. I learned to get used to it and it's like normal to me now. You are crazy! But I love the way you talk.
  9. I wanted so bad to offer a rebuttal but knew I couldn't do it without letting my emotions get in the way, which is exactly what they wanted. Good response @JAG1! Very well said and with a cool head. You didn't let your goose get cooked, or your chicken either .
  10. 2230 miles bad injectors. I guess stranger things have happened. It is if it's leaking. May not be the rough idle problem but should be fixed before it causes another
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