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  1. Tell me again why I NEED to be on Facebook.
  2. Good article. I would only add that the crossover tube should be tightened BEFORE the hold down clamp so that the injector can move slightly to line itself up with the crossover tube if need be.
  3. One day I'll get around to doing this. Nice to know this is here when that day comes.
  4. I used this article when chasing my 'no bus' issue. Helpful info right here.
  5. Long read but well worth it. Very helpful content
  6. I'm not asking you to handle all the books. Not my intention at all. I guess I don't see why any of the staff can't handle donations if they can handle subscriptions?
  7. dave110

    Cooling System Flush

    I use this every time. Works very well.
  8. Extremely helpful to have.
  9. dave110

    Who is Mopar1973Man?

    Great explanation on how it all got started.
  10. dave110


    Great site for Dodge Cummins info. Honest, reliable information is the norm here.
  11. Non-refundable donation. I see that all the time for organizations, fire company, rod&gun clubs, etc. I still think guests should be able to donate. I understand the whole cost and tax thing believe me. I, like most others work full time and pay a hell of a lot more than 7k to the federal government each year, not to mention state, county, local, and property (school) tax on top of that yet. But to have to pay $100 a year for the ability to donate more is asking a lot IMHO. So basically then we're looking for that same group of 50 or so regular members to foot the bill. It will work for th
  12. I noticed that after posting. Thanks for the communication. We need more of that so we know what's going on. There's too much info hidden in threads like this and if you are not following or on every day it's easy to lose track of what's going on.
  13. The banner that Nick had up at the top a while back. IIRC anyone could click that and it directed you to pay-pal. The suggested donation was $1 which is nothing but if it needs to be a set price you could have a choice of say 4 donations in $5 increments starting at $5. Pay Pal would take care of the validation part I would think. Just a thought. Leety beat me to it
  14. One more question. I noticed the tip jar won't work unless you're logged in. I often see links to our articles over on CF. If somebody finds something that really helps them out they might feel compelled to drop in a few bucks, but not sign up for $100. Shouldn't the tip jar be open to all viewers?
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