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  1. I got a pre-bent stainless set for the front. I think it came from Fine Lines. Just checked E-Bay too. They have Dorman sets as well as others.
  2. dave110

    How much to charge?

    My inspection mechanic is at $48 right now just for reference.
  3. dave110

    Ummm... Errr... Um. Someones diesel?!

    And some people call 265's oversize
  4. dave110

    'The Boost Bus'

    Probably just needs a shift kit
  5. dave110

    'The Boost Bus'

    Stock E4OD I assume? Yeah your diff. has nothing to worry about this time.
  6. dave110

    Mystery tube

    It's not worth taking the chance. Send them back for some 7x10's . That would be a good way to convince the wife why you need bigger injectors.
  7. dave110

    'The Boost Bus'

    I seem to remember a thread about the last burnout you did .
  8. dave110

    Mystery tube

    Like T-Man says. It's a vac. line. Thats the end that connects to the pump.
  9. dave110

    PH test strips

    Oh I was going the wrong way. So at 7.5 is when I want to do a coolant flush then?
  10. dave110

    Belt squeal fixed

    Yup, that was next on the list.
  11. I wouldn't replace those suckers until they fall apart. Kinda like my first television and refrigerator that lasted decades. I replaced because thought I should and now I'm doing it every 6-7 years or so
  12. dave110

    PH test strips

    I like that idea. We are O'Reillyless around here, but I bet the others have them too. Thanks. What is the limit though? You make it sound like you're still good at 7.5. I seem to remember 7 being the limit but don't really remember.
  13. Thanks for all the updates. This is all good info. That we'll all need someday...…………...if we all keep our heaps long enough.
  14. dave110

    Belt squeal fixed

    I looked at the green belts on Rock Auto. They were the top 2 most expensive, although not much more than what I got.This one is the third from the top. Guess I didn't like green on my white truck