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  1. I simply linked the old 3 page thread to answer the posters question. Not to reopen or expect to reply to it. According to your logic all threads should be deleted after a year. Makes a forum useless in my mind. Just trying to help the guy out.
  2. Ok. So what exactly are you saying? Don't link threads that are over a year o!d? So an 01 ecm can no longer be programmed to work in a 99? Year old information is now obsolete???
  3. I like the H.D. bucket. It's perfect for your project. "Lets do this".
  4. https://mopar1973man.com/topic/13315-electrical-bug-bad-ecm/ See the response from Brian@smarty on page 3.
  5. That blows my theory then. At first you said it was putting out 13.8 at the charge stud so I thought maybe your CB was flaking out and the charge was not going anywhere.
  6. I have a roof rake similar to that. Only trouble is when your'e at the bottom doing the removal you get snowed on.
  7. You have a fuse or circuit breaker in the charge wire right? Several here have reported issues with the chinese circuit breaker going wacky
  8. Amen to that. A local family here got it. Dad was fine, mom got flu like symptoms, daughter was rushed to the ER seriously ill and was told to not get the next dose. To each their own is right. For me I'll stick with a few days rest and some chicken noodle soup. Chicken noodle soup never hurt anybody.
  9. I simply put the ground to the the grid relays on a switch and ran it into the cab. You will get a code but no CEL. Code means nothing to me since PA has no diesel emissions yet. If done like in the article you won't get the code. Choice is yours.
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