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  1. dave110

    2 Stroke Detroit in a Dodge Truck?

    About 30 'smiles' to the gallon for sure!
  2. dave110

    2 Stroke Detroit in a Dodge Truck?

    I want one!! . Nothing sounds like a Detroit 2 stroke. The epitomy of diesel coolness. If you put 2 stroke oil in the fuel will it make it sound like a 4 stroke?
  3. dave110

    Extended crank to start

    I need one of those....................
  4. dave110

    Extended crank to start

    It's been covered before. Here is the thread. You can see what I and some others did. Simple and effective as can be. I have no idea what IBM is up to. Got tired of waiting.
  5. dave110

    Extended crank to start

    FWIW my toggle switch has been on for over a year now with zero issues other than the 2 hidden codes I never see. I love it. Turn on, pre heat, start, turn off, save alternator.
  6. dave110

    New ecm, no power at all

    Got you covered. EDIT You're on fire tonight @dripley. Beat me out by a silly second.
  7. dave110

    New ecm, no power at all

    Chicken man's getting cocky now
  8. dave110

    Extended crank to start

    I understand that part. What I'm saying is there should be a simple side note saying fooler must be turned off to start in cold weather or something like that. Something right like what your saying here.
  9. Here you go. First check the ECM lead as described above to be sure the LP is functional. 10k miles ago is not exactly new and even new things can fail.
  10. dave110

    Extended crank to start

    Well, that's interesting stuff on the IAT fooler. Makes perfect sense but I wouldn't have thought of it. If it's not already spelled out in the instruction manual for the fooler it should be.
  11. dave110

    Extended crank to start

    That's plenty low enough. 60 something degrees is the cutoff. 66 IIRC. I'd pay close attention to that WTS light the next couple of days. Wait until it comes on before starting and I'll bet it starts right up. If it runs like a cold start when it does fire up then maybe you have 2 issues. AN ECM that is delayed in booting up and grid heaters or their relays that are failing. Did all this start after you welded on the truck?
  12. FWIW to everyone I put the Gabriels on and have a few hundred miles on them. The difference was immediately evident. WOW! As of now I am very happy and would recommend them. Time will tell how they hold up.
  13. I wondered what was with the Crabking. I figured chicken man had seafood tonight.
  14. The ECM turns the pump on and off to keep the pressure down while crabking. Just wanted to point out that the pressure regulation happens whilst 'cranking' the engine. If your relay is clicking on and off in the 'run' position I would not call that normal. Good point. Like the early models appear to switch the grid heater relays on the ground side and the later models on the hot side.
  15. dave110

    Buying a rolled over truck.

    Here in PA at least the miles are logged on every inspection report. So if you get inspected this year with 200k and come back next year with 120k there would be some explaining to do. That is if anybody at DOT stayed awake long enough to catch it.