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  1. I've been running with the relay grounds switched for half a year now. You will NOT, NOT get a CEL like some say you will. You will get 2 codes which may or may not concern you depending if you live in an emission state. You can always just put the switch to normal and clear the codes and get smogged after a few drive cycles if this concerns you.
  2. I realize you're not new here, and I know you said you have a lockup switch, but have you ever noticed the Cadillac version of it that @IBMobile created? Sounds like that might do what you wish to accomplish. There's an article on it. Just a thought.
  3. air filter

    Do you have a link for this? I'd like to have a pre filter for my 6637. I googled 'fleetwear' and don't get anything hat has to do with air filters. @dripley
  4. air filter

    I run the 6637. It's a 4" ID. Fits right up. I'm not sure why this chart says 4.5" unless the filter ID is 4.5". The neck s 4" on the last 2 I've owned.
  5. How many KMS/MILES you got

    Gotta help me out killer. I'm slow today. Every day really.
  6. How many KMS/MILES you got

    Neighbor here had a Tahoe that he stuffed a 4BT into. That cured it's dislike for towing.
  7. How many KMS/MILES you got

    He was talking about the Tahoe. I threw a derailer in there. Sorry for the confusion.
  8. How many KMS/MILES you got

    Not bad. The 5.3's are thirsty critters.Just curious, how many miles were on before the overhaul? Then I'll stop and let this thread get back on the rails.
  9. How many KMS/MILES you got

    Hey, that's my Tahoe! Put that back! Bet that one gets better mileage than mine, at least while sitting on your trailer.
  10. 2nd Gen Cummins ECM bad? swap

    Read the bottom of page 2 and into page 3 to see what @BrianAtSmarty had to say. He's a vendor and very willing to help, unlike a dealer without a DRB111. I think they have the tool, just nobody who knows or remembers how to use it.
  11. 2nd Gen Cummins ECM bad? swap

    If same year and trans. it should be plug and play. If not contact https://smartyresource.com/. Do what @Dieselfuturesays though and figure out what caused the failure first.
  12. No doubt a built trans is the way to go for those who have an extra $5k laying around. For the rest of us shade tree mechanics we have forums like these to help bring us other viable solutions until the day that winning number shows up on our ticket. A billet TC and 'shift kit' is a iable solution has been taking me and my trailer down the road for 7-8 years now on a trans that I feared needed rebuilt at a time when I could least afford to do so, right on top of a cracked 53 block. So back to my original question, why does dynamic single out Transgo as the worst of the 'shift kits'? Not trying to start a heated debate either, just wondering why a guy who does this everyday differs in opinion from all my research. Of course that was 7-8 years ago and maybe something changed I wish I would have. How sad that Dodge is the only one to offer it anymore. Even all our new truck tractors are coming through with auto's
  13. I realize you don't like shift kits in general.I guess I was wondering why not Transgo. What makes them worse than others and what others are there?
  14. Why not? Mine's doing well
  15. Lift Pump Question

    Yeah, from lift pumps to beer to muffler bearings, this thread has it all covered!