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  1. What I'm saying is that alternator is putting out excessive voltage, and could be putting out excessive amperage as well causing your problem Only way to tell for sure is to check the amp draw
  2. That's a bit much. I've never seen more than about 14.4
  3. 04mach1. He left. I'd post it down in the other vehicles section.
  4. Welcome to CFA. Our special this week is sauteed breast tenders. We have mild, medium, hot, cajun, or Cummins smoked suicide. Go for it Dave. I'm tellin ya, people will try anything nowadays with the right marketing speech. You could charge $5 for each chicken you 'process'. Get paid for driving to work.
  5. A guy I know from NC uses these pillows and swears by them.
  6. Not PCU, but PSG (on top of VP44). That's probably what you meant, just wanted to clarify
  7. Can't prove it but I've read here that it can be seen on a gauge if you look close. I'd be tempted to pull the fuel relay in the PDC so the truck won't start and crank it and look. Otherwise my truck fires almost immediately and it would be hard to see.
  8. Agreed 10 sec. seems strange. If I am understanding right I ran the same setup as you on my last VP when it developed a hard start. 2 relays. 1 triggered by the ECM and 1 triggered by the power window fuse to kill power while cranking. A new VP cured the problem but your's is new so not sure what to think there. I would try pulling the fuse to the FASS to kill power and then try to start and see if it helps. Plug it back in when it starts and no harm done. Some don't like high pressures when starting but 20psi is not excessive in my book. Also check Blue Chip's website for trouble shooting info.
  9. Either way I'm sure it would have a 'fowl' smell whilst cooking . Wonder if excessive AC ripple would help or hurt?
  10. You may have invented a new CFA classic. Denso- broasted chicken sandwich. Would you like some flies with that?
  11. I like my 5" also. Nice sound. I like your tip too.
  12. Here's what I can do to help. At the top of the page is a 'Downloads' tab. In the menu is a download for the 2001 FSM, and 1997 wiring maps and FSM as well. Headlamp switch is in section 8W in the 2001FSM. By comparing the two you should be able to get an idea on what's going on.
  13. I've always heard chicken poop was high in nitrogen but jeeesh!
  14. Have you tried Rock Auto? They seem to carry a bit more than NAPA, AZ, etc. There's also a search engine for scrap yard stuff. Carpart.com or something like that. I know @IBMobile has posted it before.
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