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  1. https://www.bluechipdiesel.com/troubleshooting-1 will tell you how to hot wire the pump. I stole the link from Dripley's other post
  2. Makes sense. I remember when the GM techs had ALDL keys they carried with them that plugged into an interface under the dash. The odometer would then flash in a sequence that was read similar to morse code.
  3. As far as I know emissions codes came in 96 with the arrival of OBD2. In my state (of confusion) pre 1996 vehicles are only subject to a visual emissions inspection because OBD1 did not read the emission codes. Cali vehicles are most likely different.
  4. For those who don't know I've discovered that LED are polarity specific where incadescent bulbs don't care which way the current flows through them.
  5. Just itching to wrench on that head again aren't you?
  6. 80-90 gear oil for the summer..........................
  7. I just read your signature. Glad I wasn't drinking a beer cause it would be all over my lap from laughing. That's funny right there.
  8. Welcome to my world. 11 miles to work and 7 stop signs. Hard to make good mileage like that. Tires and brakes wear out a lot sooner too. Stop and go is hard on any vehicle. I'm usually around 16-17 around here.
  9. I learned something new the hard way the other day. I have a lawn tractor that is wired to have the headlights on all the time.. no switch. I went to the local alternator shop and bought a pair of 1156 LED direct replacements to put in figuring they would not get so hot and to help the charging system out. Put them in, started the tractor and nice bright lights. Took my tools to the bench and came back to darkness and the unmistakable stench of burnt electrics. Smoked the new LED's within a few seconds. I took them back and explained what happened to the old fellow there and he went on to explain that on a small engine charging system lights are run off the AC side and battery charging is DC. I was a little upset because he didn't tell me that when I bought them and I made it clear what I planned to use them for, and I was skeptical about the AC/DC explanation. I decided to check it out before going any further. I went home and started the tractor and put my meter on the light connector and sure enough it was 12.6 VAC. while on the battery VDC was present. I found a wire that was DC and hot with ignition on and used it to trigger a relay for the lights to run off the battery. LED's are in and happy now. So while LED's might say they are a direct replacement for a certain incadesent bulb you need to be sure of the application. FYI
  10. dave110


  11. I agree. I'd have to look to be sure but I remember it being just more than my 150lb torque wrench. 280 seems like too much. Yeah here we go
  12. All this could be avoided by going back to the old fashioned way of handing out 'it's a girl' cigars
  13. I like that. Could even put the brush in a drill and slowly spin it and work it in and out.
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