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  1. The title to this thread almost made me chicken to open it
  2. Yeah, would be terrible if they stole your nuts..................... Especially if you didn't notice.
  3. My condolences. It's never 'easy' but knowing the suffering is over makes it easier. I wish you well moving on.
  4. Don't do that. It will be the only thread here that we have not managed to de-rail . Besides, little Jung Un likes rockets.
  5. Geolander AT on truck, and Geolander HT on Tahoe. Edit. Not AT3, just plain AT.
  6. I blew one with my horse trailer on the back going up a grade about 11%. My shorts turned brown and the air behind me turned black
  7. Watch out when it does................knock the feathers off your head
  8. I'm running Yokos now. We'll see how they do but so far I'm happy. I do very little highway travel, tow, haul is what I have my truck for. 50k on a set of tires would be a colossal event for me. I love that mod.!!!
  9. Come on back for a PA winter saltfest. We can fix that. You're welcome.
  10. I would. AC noise REALLY resonates through a resonator.
  11. I'm gonna run out and ground mine right now....................
  12. You probably don't need these now but here you go.
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