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  1. Don't worry. Elizabeth Warren is on the way. I'll have to find a picture for Dripley
  2. Or show you this on top of it.
  3. That's the picture they show you when the Viagra lats longer than 4 hours
  4. dave110

    Suspension setup help

    Thanks for sharing! I had no idea Rock Auto had springs for the front of ours. Sometime I want to do mine. It had a plow rigging on the front and a hydro seeder on the back before I bought it. Was so much constant weight on the back that it popped open the clips that keep the leafs together. Both ends are tired.
  5. dave110

    Quad cab doors

    Dripleys right. Just for future reference, a 2 door is considered an extended cab. Only 2 doors open. A 4 door has 4 opening doors hence the name quad cab. Quad =4.
  6. I knew you had that one in your arsenal. Was hoping you'd take the hint
  7. I got it now. A duck-en he is. OK now Dave
  8. Chickens don't migrate . They just cross the road. To this day nobody knows why though.
  9. Had some fun doing one of my favorite things yesterday, 35+lbs of noise and vibration. Glad I don't have to use this all day long. Nothing makes a mess like 1/2" pitch chain. Got some of the 'smaller' saws out too.
  10. dave110

    Another Quadzilla question

    https://www.dieselautopower.com/quadzilla-power-1998-5-2000-dodge-5-9l-cummins-adrenaline-with-iquadbt Is everything I need here? And I want the BT one to use with an Android tablet right?
  11. dave110

    Another Quadzilla question

    Looking over DAPs site at the new quad and I managed to further confuse myself, partially because there are 4 different prices for the 98.5-00 Adrenalin. If I buy the $642 one does it come with V2 tuning or is that extra? Do I need the add on BT module as well? Does a base tune come with it? Will it work on windows 10? In other words will I be ready to go with just the tuner or must I add something? OK, that was more than 1 question. Thanks in advance.
  12. Mount it to the front bumper like the old Ford Camper Specials. It'll double as a winter cold front and the deer will just bounce off. Ideas..... I'm full of em
  13. Plenty of clearance on mine. I have a stock size spare though. Anything larger won't fit in between the hitch.
  14. I run a Diamond Eye 5" on my truck and the spare in the original location. Not sure what the difference is
  15. dave110

    4x4 Troubleshooting

    Read through here. There's a diagram showing where the lines go The one that's not attached could be the vent or exhaust.