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  1. I've had 2 100's. The first one I bought new from the original owner that never installed it. After a while it developed a leak caused by one of the mounting holes being tapped too deep. I couldn't get warranty because I was not the original purchaser and the card was never sent in but they sold me a replacement at cost. I took the deal and fixed the old one for a spare in case I ever needed it. It's been collecting dust on the shelf for probably 8-9 years now...... never needed it. I've had zero issues with either one other than that and my PSI drop is well within spec.
  2. If I use this mysterious chicken grease on my turbo bearings will it whistle like a Ford? Or just squaak and lay an egg?
  3. I love the way we always manage to run off the tracks around here . This thread started with the coronavirus and ended up with the avian flu Well, not exactly. I like the side of the box..... the 'stiff' snack cracker
  4. I prefer chicken in a basket over chicken in a casket
  5. I didn't build it, but my understanding is if packed tight enough it would tend to bend and not kink if you'd hit something. Kind of like filling copper tubing with sand so you can make nice bends without kinking it. Would make it easier to straighten out, and of course add some weight. With drill pipe bending probably isn't a concern though
  6. With 600' of drill pipe you can try a lot of ideas, and then try again . My '67 c20 had a tube bumper filled with sand. I liked that bumper. It was 2 4" tubes ran in parallel across the front with about 3" or so space between. Then bent back slightly around the corners and capped. The front had a u shaped loop that served as the grill guard. I'll have to see if I have a picture somewhere.
  7. I have a vac bleeder but rarley use it for brakes anymore. Seems the hose is forever falling off when I don't want it too. I'm not sure which article you looked at but I either do the two man method as you described (although I NEVER pump the pedal, only an even push to a 2x4 on the floor board) or the one man method M1973M likes. What made a difference for me was to take the bleeder screw out and put never-sieze on the threads to seal them so you don't draw air in through them. Then one end of the hose on the bleeder and the other end in a jar of your choice. Just make sure that end STAYS submersed in fluid. Now slowly push the pedal down, hold for a second and slowly let it up. I use this method on all my vehicles with great results. The only thing I think would be better is a pressure bleeder from what I read, but I've never bought one. Good luck.
  8. I don't see a U-Tube channel for him. From 3000 miles away that's the only way I can ride along .
  9. So true. I turned off mainstream TV long ago. A movie every now and then and You Tube vids. are about all I'll watch. I almost hate to admit it but I am getting addicted to these guys and the like. https://www.countryrepairtowing.com/ Are those chickens?
  10. That might be the issue. Not sure
  11. Welcome. Posting pictures is super easy on this forum. Simply drag them into the blueish box below, or click choose files and load them from their location by double clicking them or hitting the open tab.
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