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  1. Yea I can imagine it takes some skill and finesse to get it right The screenshot I put up on this form of the 9924 chip; I'm curious do you know the difference between the UAUBV+ UAUB+ UAUB? From my research it looks like they make a 9924 microchip and a bigger chip and that's what I have in the screenshot (the bigger version) if I can buy the 9924 in a bigger version I'll go that route but since I'm new in unsure about certain things and only have the internet for a reference and you guys so that's why I'm asking a lot of questions thanks for all the information though
  2. Because I would solder the micro chip to the board and it would all look good but there would be 2 pins connected from the solder so I would try and pull the solder out and cause another set of pins to connect and it was a never ending cycle and from multiple times desoldering the chip to restart one of the ground pins broke off so I decided to go to a bigger 9924 chip it'll be easier for me to solder
  3. Does it matter what 9924 chip I buy for running the turbo speed sensor? I had the microchip version and I'm not having any luck soldering it went through one already in the second one's about to break pins so I'm looking for a bigger version.
  4. What watt rating 10k resistor would you recommend for tying in the 9924 chip?
  5. Does anyone know off the top of their head where to find the specs of the 351s plug I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a neg pos can high and can low I just need to know which ones are what before I wire it to my setup? thanks
  6. Ok thanks for the info I'm slowly getting around to building this thing Your in ol pennsyltuckey too!
  7. So being new to this I'm not 100% sure what the datasheet is if it is in this form in a write-up I've reviewed it I feel like I have a pretty good understanding of it the only question I have is the output of the 9924 chip #7 how I soldered the resistor and whatever IO8 is 8 know after that it goes to the pin in the Arduino\canbus shields hears a screen shot of what I'm talking about
  8. That's awesome man and I only bought the 9924 chip because on this form and lilbb's web page they both used it and yes for counting turbo RPM and I'm just getting into electronics like this so it's all new for me in just going off of what I research because I don't know anyone that has knowledge in this field of work
  9. Thanks for the info I take it you have some experience in this field? I have been doing a lot of research over the past year and I have sensors already for drive pressure boost factory I have the crank speed sensor and I'm going to hook up a throttle position sensor in the near future I just had questions on this form building it with the Arduino and can bus shields everything seems pretty straightforward but I have some questions on the max 9924 chip and wiring it into the equation
  10. Thanks and yea this is way outta my league to haha but I have an interest in it and want to control my vgt the right more efficient way right now it's controlled by a spring do you know of anyone running a stand alone controller on their rigs?
  11. Hi everyone as I'm relatively new to this I would like to say thanks for the add I have been researching on making a standalone controller for my 351 vgt I was going the lilbb route but the website no longer works you can't buy anything and cannot register to ask in their forum and I seen the write-up in this form which is very detailed and thorough but my main question is has anyone done it here that still runs it and did you run lbb's box or build your own? I'm looking for the breadboard to build the lbbs box cause I have everything to solder it into it
  12. Thanks for all the info! I'm gonna be doing some research on this but I think it'll be worth it in the end.
  13. Ok thanks for the reply\info one more question though I may be overlooking something but to run the 9924 chip to utilize turbo rpm in the controller won't I need to buy the shield that llilbb uses? And not a screw shield. Of that's the case where can I buy just the shield to solder the parts to?
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