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  1. Good to know. I don't use Andriod or have a windows machine at this point. I'll have to see how far I can get with the Blue Driver I guess. To check codes the engine has to be running is that true of the tools you use as well?
  2. Which one do you use? I have a blue driver but I need to learn more about how to use it.
  3. You think that's bad. Try living way up in the Los Angeles mountains within view of LAX airport. I've been here my entire life and the sky were not like they are now, not at all. Unpolluted con trails dissipate immediately. Ask any pilot if you don't believe me. I see both cases every day.
  4. You could just see those were good times for all.
  5. What a great picture. Stripped shirt with plaid cuffs and 2 tone shoes, stylin!
  6. Being 7 is always fun, besides that's my favorite prime number LOL :-) Life's too short to not be silly whenever you can get away with it.
  7. I did indeed call your part a widget so everyone just take it easy!!!
  8. Don't worry I'll post it when I get it installed. LOL
  9. No doubt that's gonna happen soon. I have the strip of aluminum waiting. I just have to get to fabbing it and having a nice spot for the filter to rest. That's on the short list.
  10. Yea the stock air box was not in the truck when I got it. I have a little rubber cap over an acorn nut on the nut closest to the battery. The's already a small dent in the metal cage. I'll have to do something about that soon. Probably just an aluminum strap to cover the nut or something like that. There needs to be more surface area on that contact point for sure. The bottom plate will at some point be replaced with a thicker piece of aluminum as well, that gorilla tape is annoying me.
  11. Can you recommend a DRBIII It starts as normal, but that's a great question. Haven't driven it yet.
  12. Thermostat is new. Battery terminals are also new and solid as can be. Good to know thank you. It appears to have a good connection but I'll push a pin in the connections tomorrow and see if I can learn something.
  13. I have a first draft of this idea in place. I'll probably redo it at some point this is a good start point for an experiment. So far so good. Any and all comments and/or suggestions on ways to improve this are more than welcome. I need to swap out the bottom plate with a better piece. This was just some stuff had around that I folded in half and taped up around the end for the test run. If I use a larger trash can and make it taller I can but a rubber seal on the top of it. I may use a larger trash can next time. The fun thing about this fire resistant trash can is it won't light on fire with an open flame or react at all. No blistering or any of that. Just carbon from the flame built up on it an that just came right off with a paper towel.
  14. I started up my truck today, it's in a dead-cold been-parked state. I got a check engine light, the check gauges warning text light came on and immediately my temperature gauge pegged. The engine is cold! I check codes with the key turn method I get: P1693 followed by P0118. I pull more codes with my ODB2 reader and get P0118 & P0116 I tested the temperature sensor for ohms. Room temp, about 70 degrees, I get 8.6k ohms Cold water from the fridge I get 19.3k Boiling water I get 700 ohms It's doing something but not sure if it's doing that something right or not. I tested the connector with the key on and I get a nice 5v reading I checked the blue ground wire at the connector for ground at the block and get zero ohms. The pins are good in the sensor and the connectors are clean at the harness connector. Any suggestions would be welcome.
  15. I like that support widgit good idea.