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  1. This is awesome news!!!! So happy for you and your family, keep up the good work warrior!!!!
  2. Actually it's a 2016 so I'm fairly certain it's out of warrantee now, basically a virtually new tractor at a deep discount. That being said record keeping is a must no matter what!!
  3. She asked about the drain plug :-) Well it seems the display on the dash is reading a high pressure when the engine is at full operating temperature. When measured with a mechanical gauge the pressure seems high 75+ when cold and fine 30-73 at normal operating temp. These measurements were taken pre oil change. I pulled the plug and filter to drain overnight yesterday. I will measure again after I put the new oil in to see if the pressure is still high when cold. I don’t have my records with me to see when I changed the oil last, but I think it is about due. So what should I check next to figure out how to fix the incorrect reading on the gauge on the dash?
  4. This just in. Motor @ normal operating temp getting just south of 30 psi at idol and about 73 psi at about 2k rpms.
  5. Looks like it's 44 ft lbs. I like to measure stuff, just because.
  6. Can you tell me the torque setting for the drain plug please?
  7. Thanks, for the info. Yea there will be no loaning of ours. I signed up for that group 2 days seems like a knowledgeable bunch. It’s a super fun machine.
  8. According to my dash guage, which has been confirmed to be accurate by comparing it to a mechanical gauge, that is correct. And when the RPM increases so does the pressure as well. I need to take the Dragon out to heat her up to confirm this and then measure the hot pressure with a mechanical gauge, which I have yet to do. I'll do a bit more testing, then toss in some MMO and then change the oil with an overnight evacuation method per mopoar1973man. At least that's the plan of the moment.
  9. I agree I'll be able to circle back around to all of this tomorrow or the next day and will post warm temps, but they are going up not down.
  10. I'm rather OCD about my truck, that much is true. The branding on what is installed is out of view, I think it's an Affinia by WIX. The only one I can get where I'm at is a Napa filter also made by WIX. What do you like? It's about time for an oil change anyway so I may as well do the do. It's easy enough to take care of.
  11. Sounds like a party!!! I'm thinking I'll run some MMO in it before changing the oil etc. I've heard that can help clean things up a bit.
  12. Based on a comment in this discussion I believe the oil we selected is identical to the Kubota Super UDT-2 https://www.bobistheoilguy.com/forums/ubbthreads.php/topics/4804372/kubota-udt-super-udt-obsolete-or-super-udt2
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