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  1. I can't stand Pelosi, but yea Trump won't win anything in CA. Better get a new game plan.
  2. Thank you for all your hard work on this!!!!
  3. You can get any part for that at Becks Pacific in CA.
  4. Hi have a guy looking into it. I’ll let y’all know what I learn.
  5. I actually replaced the latch and the first one I installed worked for awhile and then failed, it is under warranty so they send me another one and same issue. There’s something else wrong but I’m not sure what yet.
  6. Hi all, So my the buckle on my driver's side seatbelt was flickering the light. If I pushed it in it would go off, for awhile, then it the light would eventually come back on. It got tot he point where the light would only go off if I pushed the seatbelt into the buckle, full-time. I purchased a new Mopar part from ebay, they are not cheap. Replaced it and it worked as expected. Them my truck sat for about 6 weeks. On the first trip out the overpriced new buckle started doing the same thing the old one was doing. The good news the part has a
  7. Big pharma and the medical industry as well as the insurance industry don't want this info in the US it will affect their bottom line, which is all they care about.
  8. No problem, sometimes it takes longer than we think it will to work out the kinks. Thanks for all your hard work on this.
  9. To me it’s all about anthropology.
  10. All of the “news” is owned by about 6 corporations. All of the news is scripted “journalist” are actors. My 2 cents. I 100% agree that all of social media is censored and moderated.
  11. Cool I’m heading out for a few days. I will be interested in learning about that. I’m going go for best mpg so every bit helps.
  12. Got the beasty out on the highway today for a few hour run. All good. It runs better than it has since I purchased it. Better than it has since I've owned it. The cracked manifold must have been contributing to the black smoke, becuase there's basically no smoke any more. The turbo appears to be acting like it should. I used to get over boost errors if I kept my foot in it too long with the boost up, but that's no happening any more. Next thing is the Quad.
  13. To me it’s all part of the fun of learning. I’m also not trying to break stuff lol
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