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  1. No problem, sometimes it takes longer than we think it will to work out the kinks. Thanks for all your hard work on this.
  2. To me it’s all about anthropology.
  3. All of the “news” is owned by about 6 corporations. All of the news is scripted “journalist” are actors. My 2 cents. I 100% agree that all of social media is censored and moderated.
  4. Cool I’m heading out for a few days. I will be interested in learning about that. I’m going go for best mpg so every bit helps.
  5. Got the beasty out on the highway today for a few hour run. All good. It runs better than it has since I purchased it. Better than it has since I've owned it. The cracked manifold must have been contributing to the black smoke, becuase there's basically no smoke any more. The turbo appears to be acting like it should. I used to get over boost errors if I kept my foot in it too long with the boost up, but that's no happening any more. Next thing is the Quad.
  6. To me it’s all part of the fun of learning. I’m also not trying to break stuff lol
  7. So for it seems like my theory is sound. Truck is working better than ever and virtually no smoke, of any flavor, coming out while driving. Seems all is well. So now for more fun, now to set up the Quadzilla. And then at some point I'll get the upgrade turbo when I get that one back from DAP and be able to do a scientific caparison, all things being equal and measurable, except the turbo. Let the good times roll!!!
  8. Yes that's my theory. I'll get it out on the open highway this week and we'll see how it fairs.
  9. I may have done this the right way. I always research the hell out of everything I do to make sure I have all the possible info before I jump into stuff. It seems you would want to seat the injector into the crossover tube so to you have a good purchase/seal there before you tighten down the crossover tube. That's more than likely how I would have thought it through just becuase it makes sense. I have to drive it some more. I just took a short run down the mountain and back yesterday. If it keeps blowing white smoke and that isn't there from just sitting and oil bei
  10. If I did something wrong I’m prepared to take responsibility for it. But if there was a defect in the turbo they should take responsibility for it. It is under warranty.
  11. wow that was awhile ago almost 2 years, i don’t remember. I followed the procedure in an article here to the t.
  12. I sent the upgrade turbo back for evaluation. Oil found its way in my exhaust pipe and intercooler. It almost seemed like the return oil line was clogged or something. I checked the oil return line to see if I had any clogage and found no evidence of that. I'm waiting to hear back from DAP on the turbo. I had to pull all things cool air apart and clean everything up all the way to the intake. Cleaned the intercooler out, which it needed anyways. When I purchased the truck the boots had been torn for awhile so that was already on my todo list. The fuel leak was c
  13. Hi all. I finally got my truck back running. Turbo and Exhaust manifold and a few other odds and ends needed some love and attention. I'm planning to install the Quadzilla in the next couple of days. All the sensors are in so it should go easy. I have a basically stock motor mods are BHAF, FRRP Factory Raptor Replacement Pump, Bosh RV 275 injectors. I will be putting an upgrade turbo S200GX-E in the truck soon and may upgrade my injectors at some point but the the ones in there went in in Feb 2018 and don't have a lot of miles on them so they s
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