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  1. Not all transmissions like gear matching. Some love it, some not so much. My dad's old Toyota company dually flatbed truck loved it. I basically never used the clutch, except to get off the line in that truck. I had an old Volvo 122S when the clutch slave failed on it I could drive it all over without the clutch until I got the parts. Had to get it off the line by starting it in 2nd gear. Good times LOL I don't think I'd match gears exclusively in the Dodge, but you can combine matching gears and using the clutch. The two practices are not mutually exclusive. It's not PURE gear matching, so the shifting will happen either way because you are using the clutch, but the tranny will last longer if you use the clutch and match gears at the same time. I made the trans in my '02 Porsche Boxster get all the way to 136k miles by driving it like that. They rarely ever get past 90k miles. That trans had some engineering failures that make it pop out of 2nd early in life. I'm going for longevity in my truck so I'll be matching and using the clutch at the same time.
  2. I think I'll be in a cool area for the rest of the season. I'll try that in the spring.
  3. Wow so glad I asked what an interesting discussion. Thanks to everyone for chiming in. I chose Penzoil for my first test because I could get it at my local Napa and it was less expensive. I have no idea if the fluid was ever changed prior to my owning the truck. I didn't like the Penzoil I found the funky shifting to worsen so I figured I'd try the AMSOIL. The funky shifting into 3rd and reverse are not perfect but noticeably improved since then. I just have to treat the shifter like it's a raw egg, which I would do anyway. I find shifting with a bit of care makes any transmission last longer.
  4. It's not converted it's a 2001 true four door Gen 2. It's my truck. That's a Bigfoot camper on it. Coming in at 1800# full. I've had the truck since Nov 2017, still learning and sorting things out. All the info on it is listed in my garage. Sorry for the newb question but what is the difference between an extended cab and a crew cab? There's a small back seat in my truck and suicide back doors that latch from the inside. If it was converted I wouldn't' know as I haven't had it very long. But when I looked up the vin the bones of it seemed stock.
  5. I won 2nd place in HS with a fantastical bar-of-soap washing machine for those times when you drop the soap on the floor. It was based on an old Swedish pendulum clock kit for kids I had from when I was younger. Fun times!!!
  6. Very well. I'll have to use my Rube Goldberg skills and build a little box for my phone with a mirror to watch it, which will also enhance the audio of my phone. Makes the whole business a bit more of an adventure. I'll call it the Quadzilla university decoder box. Perhaps I'll paint it black.
  7. Sounds like fun!!! I'll have to take a class to figure out how to program it to make all that happen. For now I'll have to work with what I have and keep my foot out of it when I know the smoke will blow. It's reasonably predictable. For sure sounds like I will want to upgrade tho the Quadzilla Adrenaline to get it as good as it can get with the setup I have now. No matter what tires or gearing I mess with later I would think the Quad is a thing to have. I may just pull the old stone-age Edge EZ out and see how it goes in the native environment.
  8. Nice MPH. Before the new injectors going about 68 MPH faster in NM, with 1800# of Bigfoot camper in the bed I'm getting about 15-16 MPH. I'm hoping the new injectors improve that a bit. I'm guessing the Quadzilla would also help.
  9. A ha! Well answered! Well it's big a** truck so #1 is inevitable, with or without the smoke LOL I think I'll start with 4 sounds like a good overall thing to do anyways. Would the lower RMP at high speed improve my gas mileage or is this one of those times I should take my glass-half-full, rose colored glasses off? Can you recommend a Quadzilla model?
  10. So does the manual transmission help me any? Or is smoke and funny faces from the restless CA natives just a thing I will have to deal with?
  11. Ok I'm starting to see what this is all about. My axle ratio is 3.54 my tire size is 245/70R19.5
  12. Help me out here. What's all this about 4.10 gears and 245's? Please translate to noobie for me.
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