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  1. leety


  2. Ah I see. Good fix. How did you attach it? I'm guessing a sandwich with the oak as you mentioned earlier.
  3. I'm not seeing the pix of that. There's a slight glitch in mine in that area that I need to look into.
  4. The one I just picked up is a BF 1990. I like the build quality so far. Needs a bit of love and attention, but she's solid overall. Only weighs 1800#
  5. That might be doable! @JAG1 what kind of camper do you have? This one is 1990 Bigfoot. Needs a bit of love, but she's solid and everything works. Interior is super clean!
  6. Sounds fun. What part of he Eastern Sierras?
  7. Out in the middle of nowhere this morning.
  8. You never know where this winding road is going to take you.
  9. Makes me wonder who ties these folks shoes up in the morning...
  10. That's what I refer to as as having "more money than brains." And as for the youth? Well, youth is waisted on the young. LOL
  11. LOL I think you're right about it. I looked up "Field Service Manual" or FSM and came up with Factory Service Manual. I just ordered the CD off ebay so I'll have that sometime soon.
  12. Kicken' thanks!!! What does the FSM say about the front wheels?