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  1. me personally i"m running 1/2" from the tank to the FASS, then 3/8's from FASS to VP and Fass to tank(return), I have a fass 95 and i have a FASS 150 spring in it. I dont have any issues with my smarty and 100's. But YMMV.
  2. Is that snow on the mountain in the background there Mike?
  3. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/11/opinion/sunday/coronavirus-hospitals-bronx.html?utm_source=pocket-newtab A good article that sent chills down my spine. I went to shoprite the other day, store shelves are still empty here.
  4. Back in the day these trucks required allot more work and labor intensive, like the old steam locomotives. ANYWAYS haha So I pulled the CKP sensor out and replaced it, and while i was doing that I discovered that my grease gun hose was leaking where it was shaved open by the drive shaft. I also replaced that the following week, and then when I was pulling the truck back into the shop to do the grease gun hose i discovered another leak on the No.1 crossover-tube nut. Hopfully my mpg and other stuff goes up. So far in about a
  5. Hey Guys, So I finally replaced the brake lines on my Dodge. I bought them off the web, and went with this stainless steel kit. Some things to note. Website For Brake Lines https://www.sstubes.com/ Website for Body Bolts https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/hillman-hex-body-bolt-5-16-in-18-x-1-in-with-washer-for-gm-ford These guys were awesome, and the lines came out in a big box, and they were fairly close to the oem ones. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WARNING!!!!
  6. Hey Guys, as you know I'm one of a few guys running a modified truck around here with larger injectors popped to 322BAR. So far the truck is running 100HP injectors a Dynamic Valve Body, and a Smarty. Current Smarty Settings are SW#7 TM3, T3,D4. The truck runs fairly well, and there is no smoke unless you really try. Even so its a light haze when passing. Ive played with the Timing and TM settings, and can say both have caused stalling issues at varying temperatures. However the stalling is alleviated significantly when you put the truck into Reverse for 30 seconds, then drop it in
  7. Hey Guys, <<For a List of vendors who have supplied junk parts or didn't stand behind their products....see the bottom of the article.>> pepsi71ocean here. I decided to finally write this article up after another round of people with issues with reman companies. So a while ago back in 10/2015 I shorted out my PCM with a botched rebuild on my Alternator(I forgot to add a sealing washer!) As a result, after replacing the defective alternator I still had no charging on the alternator. I went hunting for a re builder for my PCM. I was quoted almost $800 for a new blank fro
  8. pepsi71ocean

    Injector Install Video

    Injector Install Video Ok Guys, After a long waiting period here is my Injector install videos. All three videos are sequential and should help clear up any questions remaining from Mike's article. HERE. Pepsi's Notes While I used Mike's Injector Install write up, I felt that after installing and removing injectors several times I should shoot a movie that will help eliminate any of the "questions" that would pop up. I did this to help others out. This Guide is good for all model year Cummins ISB 5.9L Engines. The Bosch VP-44 Powered IS
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