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  1. I will be pulling my Injectors around 40,000 miles and I will see. I'm hoping that going from 300 to 280 bar in ~30,000 miles should be around 300 bad when I get that far. Which means I should get almost 50,000 before I hit 280 bar. Smoke free with a smarty is the goal. And it works great. @Dieselfuture and @diesel4life I want to get a hold of you two and @Mopar1973Man about writing an article about pop pressure. So we can get something put together loosely for future use. I'm sure @Marcus2000monster would find it interesting as well.
  2. pepsi71ocean

    Gummed up VP44

    I leave my lines cracked and use my FASS to push the fuel through, some cranking here and here and once you get 2 or 3 lines bleeding fuel i should fire up.
  3. pepsi71ocean

    Gummed up VP44

    I second the throttle body cleaner. I just find i bizarre that the pump is gummed up, unless the diesel is gelled?
  4. I second the 320 Bar pop pressure. My Dodge with my smarty never ran so clean as it does since I popped them. My idle is so smooth the tach signal doesn't even move now lol Personally mine were popped to 322bar, but I think that when it comes to popping them higher that one needs to do it based on the size of the Injectors. I don't think 60hp Injectors will do well at 320 bar compared to say 100s at 320 bar.
  5. @Shainer Sounds like it alright. My truck used to idle in the 870-900 rpm range, and the idle was cyclic. I can't remember about the low throttle/rpm operation, but I do know that you could feel a vibration on my truck in that 1,100 range. Mike had to advance his timing to a wicked number just to keep his truck happy. I do believe he said elsewhere that the more timing required the lower the pop pressure, the higher the pop pressure the more you can retard the timing.
  6. IMO it depends on a mix of pop pressure and injector size with programming. Can you smell diesel? are you sure you don't have any leaks?
  7. 206 to 248 BAR is really low. How many miles did you have on them?
  8. pepsi71ocean

    Dead truck P0216

    Currently ACE hardware has them, I just bought one a few weeks ago. I can get you a P/N for it. NAPA doesn't carry them anymore, god knows why.
  9. I have an update here, finally was able to get into the motor and found 1/2" of oil in valley where the oil cooler is, and also found what i think maybe some engine coolant as well. I'm working on pulling the oil cooler as we speak, Just need to figure out how to test it.
  10. My advise is to get a flax-plate if you have a stock one. Oftentimes the torque from lock up will rip the center out of the flex-plate, and you'll trash your transmission pump at the least, and the most destroy your transmission case as the TC spins around.
  11. I would unhook the high idle kit, and use a voltage meter to check against the wiring to make sure you don't have a chaffed wire. if you do it would most likely be in the engine room My guess would be the IAT lead since it runs near the transmission harness.
  12. Is the code only present when you have it switched to any of the modes?
  13. pepsi71ocean

    Shifting on a built 47RE

    @Dynamic Have you had a chance to get a look at my valve body yet?
  14. pepsi71ocean

    9004 to 9007

    Ah so is that because of the draw thought the switch? I noticed this started after installing my gauges.
  15. pepsi71ocean

    Dead truck P0216

    I have roughly 3 years on my current set of USCG fuel hose and it looks like it did when I bought the stuff. I highly recommend wrapping your fuel line in crinkle tube.