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  1. me personally i"m running 1/2" from the tank to the FASS, then 3/8's from FASS to VP and Fass to tank(return), I have a fass 95 and i have a FASS 150 spring in it. I dont have any issues with my smarty and 100's. But YMMV.
  2. Is that snow on the mountain in the background there Mike?
  3. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/04/11/opinion/sunday/coronavirus-hospitals-bronx.html?utm_source=pocket-newtab A good article that sent chills down my spine. I went to shoprite the other day, store shelves are still empty here.
  4. Back in the day these trucks required allot more work and labor intensive, like the old steam locomotives. ANYWAYS haha So I pulled the CKP sensor out and replaced it, and while i was doing that I discovered that my grease gun hose was leaking where it was shaved open by the drive shaft. I also replaced that the following week, and then when I was pulling the truck back into the shop to do the grease gun hose i discovered another leak on the No.1 crossover-tube nut. Hopfully my mpg and other stuff goes up. So far in about a
  5. Truck threw a P0336 today, POS CKP sensor. I suspect this may be the issue at hand.
  6. Well guys over the last week or so the stalling started getting worse, then the truck developed an odd idle and then yesterday morning I got fuel I literally lost 1mpg. Kinda puzzled.
  7. Well here's some videos. Snapchat-1583927354.mp4 Another one of the cruise control KVID6839.mp4
  8. Here's the crazy pandemic out here. Edit here's some videos Snapchat-2054442078.mp4 Snapchat-682259551.mp4
  9. I tapped into an unused fuse pin. Worked great for me. It's been that way for years. And the fuel heater is run from the ECM is run right through the fuel heater plug. I have a master switch, that controls it but yes I have it too.
  10. I wish I knew about this years ago when i bought my new Denso. But granted it has worked great since.
  11. I wrote up an article about this. I have the website that I bought them from. They give you all of options to choose from. Read the article, and follow it, there are parts for or trucks you can't get, so don't throw it all out first.
  12. They are saying that you need to spray down the car with Lysol and let it sit 1 hour and it kills the virus, but who really knows. Does your meter return backwards Mike? Out here they have meters that run both ways, so say your producing more then you draw, it gives the power back to the grid and then spins the meter backwards, if you go back to zero they pay you.
  13. They gave us a start at home unless you need to go out, but are allowing contractors and other workers deemed essential to work. Me, I'm not too concerned. Although having both asthma, and other health problems i feel like I should be.
  14. This would most likely help, as i have starting issues once you get much below 22F without grid heaters. The truck refuses to start at that temp.
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