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  1. You mentioned in your other thread you had made it to step 5 if the diagnostics. I figured you had looked it up on the site here.
  2. It goes in place one of the intake cover bolts that is open to the intake.
  3. I am all for that especially just a sensor. I couldn't find in the town I was in when it and the VP went. So I ordered one that was there the day after I got home. I didnt think to just unplug the Comp. I guess it would ride more bearable.
  4. I was wondering how that would work, just disconnected. When mine failed it registered O. Barely fueled the engine enough to get home. Unplugging would get the opposite results if I am reading this right?? Still not good but might have been easier to drive home.
  5. Were ever able to complete the 1689 diagnostics? That would help. My hunch is the ECM. But it is a hunch only. I lost mine back in 2010. Cranked and idled but would runaway if I touched the throttle. Mine however was spitting out codes by the handful. It never however set a p0606, failed ECM. You could send your ECM in and have it tested but that cost money too.
  6. My job watcher sucks. After one bad day of framing the mistrust is so bad I have to send pictures with hours and man counts everyday to be sure we are not taking advantedge of there offer to pay overtime they budgeted. And then 6 weeks later they shut us down and owe us $700k. I spent all day today boarding the place up and their rep calls and asks how it is going and then sends me an email asking for more photos. On a side note their overtime budget was $20k. Think I will not send the photos.
  7. Good luck with the sale and the move. Looks beautiful where your headed. Dont forget some winter time pics after you get there and winter does too.
  8. You mean you are not supposed to bleed while sticking your hands and arms into weird places? I see to stick mine where the zip ties aren't. And no it has nothing to do with chicken coops.
  9. Definitely much better here today.
  10. Careful now. I have had mine for 18.5 years and it has been more reliable than any of the last 4 vehicle I have owned since I learned more about it. My VP died back in late November and I had to have towed. The last time that happened was back in 2011. Any thing else was fixable where I was.And those times were very few and far between. Ok I had my fun now, they all have there pros and cons. My has held up beyond my expectations. But not without a couple hiccups. The ECM blown at 2017k was the worst. The good thing about that was finding this place and all the helpful folks here. Dodge got me thru the first 200k and me and this place got me thru the next 300k. The members here have always impressed me,
  11. The company I work is just as smart. 22 years and never missed a paycheck. The only time I saw any cut pay was the great recession. We only lost our job bonus but still got a bit of a Christmas bonus. They even still paid for my fuel. The owners took a bigger cut in pay than I did percentage wise and took care of all there employees. many years back the company got in world poop by growing to fast. These same owners hocked there houses and put the money back into the company and kept it alive when many would have just closed the doors and moved on. I have the utmost respect for them. They know that you cant be successful with out good help; OK, enough of the praises of WHB, its a great company. The folks that shut our job down just did it out of the blue with no discussion with us. We are sitting about $700k in the hole with no communication with them. They did finally talk to our VP and CFO and evidently made some headway. So I am going back to help close the job down for now. Not sure what is in the future for starting it back. Again, we shall see.
  12. All of that is very true and we had alot of momentum going. Now it will take a lot to get that back if we start again. At least a couple weeks just to get back where we were Wednesday. And if they are broke that will be another story.
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