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  1. dripley

    Hi from Germany

    Welcome. That's quite a collection you have. Are they all for personal use?
  2. dripley

    High Fuel Temp

    My feelings exactly.
  3. Here is the splice, about 8" from the ECM plug going toward the VP. There is another splice of the 5v signal to the the MAP and oil pressure sender/switch that might be my issue but I have not found it yet.
  4. dripley

    High Fuel Temp

    Heat sucks, but subfreezing weather sucks more. Just my preference any way.
  5. Several folks have gone to a 1 piece driveshaft to eliminate the carrier bearing. They seem to have good luck with it. I have no personal experience with one, just what I have read.
  6. I take it that means you will be sleeping behind the couch with the next acquisition or maybe in the yard??? the truck looks mighty good, I do have one off topic question, where are all the long bed trucks? I have been looking for a while now and all I find are short beds. Maybe one out 30 or more are long beds.
  7. Mine is LS and dont have any problems with it. Drives well in the mud I drive it in on the job and does well in the winter with snow with the tires I have on it. Not alot of off road stuff for me though.
  8. dripley

    High Fuel Temp

    I have never had to worry gelling for the most part, just not in that cold of climate 90% of the time. I have seen near 0 temps with no problems for some trips. I have wondered about the fuel temps with both return lines going to the fuel basket and the fact I have always run my tank low on road trips both winter and summer. Just never have had filters clog prematurely or any other side effects that i know of.
  9. dripley

    Mouse in my heater/AC fan?

    I guess I have been lucky in my neck of the woods. Took my hvac box out 6 years or so ago. No debris to speak of. At least nothing to block air flow. some crud in the bottom but that was it.
  10. dripley

    Speaker Replacement

    Looking at replacing my radio. Should I ditch the amps on the speakers? Dont know squat about this but would like to know what I need to buy.
  11. dripley

    Mouse in my heater/AC fan?

    Hey, hey, hey!!! Thats my kin you're looking for. That could be problem.
  12. dripley

    Front End Wander

    Mine was not tight the day I bought it. It has wandered from day one. Kind of grew to accept it. Even after I rebuilt it was back to new but still liked to wander. Getting close to that day again.
  13. Good news, glad your making progress.
  14. On page 2 there is s post by @IBMobile about 1/4 the way down with the cliff notes version. It is nothing but the steps.
  15. dripley

    Lack of power

    I believe that should be gat minus the g. Looking "at fuel pressure".