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  1. Here, yes. After explaining to one just to have different one and have to go back square one again gets old. And they each blame the other with me having to fix the issue.
  2. I ran a K & N for near 9 years before coming here and learning about the BHAF. I liked it better and made the swap. The wifes 2000 Dakota ran one too for 165k. I cleaned the one in my truck 3 times, hers twice. Per the intructions I soaked in the cleaner and rinsed with a garden hose with no nozzle just the water running lightly and definitely no compressed air. Matter of fact it was still a bit dirty when I was done. Then re oiled it,, reinstalled it and waited znother 50k then reprat. You can say what you want but yall saw my cylinder walls at 455k. They seem to have faired pretty darn good. The called once to let me know the place she was at getting her truck serviced had cleaned hers after the fsct and blew it out good with compressed air. I made her go buy a stock and she brought the "clean" one. Voids as big as quarters thru out the media the no oil would bridge. I would think over cleaning like that has probably caused the biggest failures on K & N filters. Just my theory. But the BHAF is still my filter of choice and will remain so. Especially since I just bought 4 of them for some reason. I smell a raffle.
  3. Now I could deal with that but these jobs dont allow it. Like yoday I look at what the framer did while I was gone and he chose to deviate from the drawings and we spent all day long back tracking. Deviations without approval opens a whole new can of worms. Cant seem to make them understand that. This is my 6th week of framing and 5th different framing foreman. Its total bullchit.
  4. I ne er heard it until the K&N and then the BHAF. Funny thing is I dont hear it when I pull the BHAF and intake pipe while the engine is running.
  5. March of 2021 for me. Though today would be just as good for me. Its time to go home and take care me and my own. 40 years on the road have taken there toll. To many things missed.
  6. Vacuum has nothing to do with the fan coming on. Swap a different relay in the PDC like the horn relay and see if it works better. They are all the same. It is possible for anything mechanical to fail slowly or instantly. Or it could be a bad or dirty connection hence why it seem to work after you pulled the fuse and relay and put them back in and itworked better for a while.
  7. I will be interested in the price. I pay about 22 bucks per tire for DT free replacement. I have probaly broken even on it thru the years and they once gave me the replacement without me bringing the tire back from Iowa. Just took my word for it. New tire or old, they always replaced it.
  8. Mine is the same. Never heard it with the stock air box on it.
  9. I wouldn't know how to fix but I am sure that Smarty would be happy to help. Cant be the first time this has happened.
  10. I know WT had a pic of his under hood with what @JAG1 is talking about but I dont think it was in the mod thread. I definitely remember how big the wire was and how much of it was under there. Thats why questioned the 4/0 cable. It is an impressive picture. But then again most of us dont have the electrical needs that @W-T has.
  11. Had a 96 V10. A lot of power and fun to drive. But it and the petrol pumps had too close a relationship. She couldn't drive past them. Glad gas wasn't but a $1 a gallon back then.
  12. As I remeber when I replaced my battery cables there was already a + wire between the two pre mod. I replaced it along with the other OE battery cables with 2/0 cable. Not long after that I did WT's grounf mod. One wire I did not add was an additional ground cable between the 2 batteries that I heard mentioned later. I did not remember seeing that in the original description of the mod, but heard from others that it should be done. I did add a #4 ground across the radiator between the 2 battaries. I know WT has a boat of extra elctrical demand on his truck due to radios and what not so I question the need for a 4/0. I am thinking he needs that on his due to the extra electrical demands that he has. I do agree they should tied together as they were in the OE state and the extra ground cant hurt any thing.
  13. What, buy one or install it on your camper?
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