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  1. dripley

    Fuel Pressure Question

    It would be good to get the sensor back away from the snubber from what I read here. My gauge is at the end of 3 feet of line from the needle valve. It is an EV and has served me well for the past 6 years.
  2. dripley

    Engine stumbles

    My AD has been sitting on 20 at idle for 8 years, I doubt that will cause a problem on yours, Of course you can turn it down with no issues, just be sure you keep it at 14 psi minimum. Keeps full fuel flow thru the VP.
  3. My grids are disconnected and I plug mine in when temps drop into the 20's for about 30 to 45 minutes and the truck starts fine and I have heat in no time. So I would have to aree with @AH64ID on the plug in time not needing to be long at all actually. That is if your son can wait a bit longer for the heat.
  4. dripley

    Fuel Pressure Question

    I would get a mechanical test gauge and see if maybe the sensor for the EV2 might be going bad. Do you have any protection for the sensor from the pusles from the VP? I use a needle valve barely cracked open to protect my mechanical gauge. The electric sensors need this or something similar for the same reason. @Mopar1973Man has the EV2's also, as others and use a different method to accomplish the same thing.
  5. dripley

    Fuel Pressure Question

    His pump has a pressure regulator adjustable on the outside of the pump just like mine. I have never opened it up to see if there is a spring and ball inside of it, but it is adjustable with out opening anything up. @Collinst15 have you tried turning the pressure up? Is your FP gauge mechanical or electric?
  6. dripley

    Fuel Pressure Question

    I am the same pump ad you and see the pressure at idle as I do with just the pump running, 20.5 in my case. I would definitely check the voltage and be sure the issue is not there then swap the filter. Though if they are as new as you say they are they should fine unless you got a dirty load fuel. That does happen sometimes. How old is your 4G pump? I have the AD 165 II. Bought it 8 or more years ago. The original failed after 4 years. No problem, AD warrantied it. 2 months ago that one failed. No problem again, they warrantied it. Now I have a 4G like yours, i just hope the problem might not be in the pump.
  7. How are yoy reading your codes? The 1693 is telling you there is a code set in the companion module.
  8. dripley

    Hello Everybody!

    Welcome. Mike is right we can help you spend your money. So settle i and lets have some fun.
  9. I have to agree with this. Good chance this fried the ECM in the first place.
  10. Alot of that depends on which way you go tuning wise. The EZ and rv 275s would be great together. But if you get a quad , that changes things
  11. dripley

    Well guys

    Damn good to hear!!!
  12. Just did that one myself. If you are so sure the connector tubes have never been done then I am thinking neither have the injectors. If I get far enough in to change those orings I am not that far away from doing an injector swap. Got any idea how many miles are on the injectors?
  13. dripley

    2wd low setup

    The CAD will be on the passanger side of the axle. Rectangular in shape with vacuum lines attached. I do not know what is on the non CAD axle. @Mopar1973Man has a non CAD and could add something.
  14. Might not be a bad idea along with the injectors if they both have been a long time being replaced. Are you the original owner?
  15. dripley

    Well guys

    Is the bag bouncing with you or did they pull the tube?