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  1. The screws that attach the dash pad to the dash were the hard one for me. I dont think you can roll it back far enough to get to them. You would have to reach over and back to the dash to loosen them. I took off after removing the HVAC box. Between that and the dash being busted it was easy to remove. Getting them back was not hard until you get near the drivers side. I left the dash hanging on the drivers pivot so it was pretty tight for the last 2 or 3 screws.
  2. 2nd time I parked our 1st 5th wheel I got the wife to drive out from under it. Thats when I learned if you dont open the tailgate the king pin will do it for you, no problem.
  3. He gets alot them from Industial injection. But I dont know that is his only supplier, Thats definitely a question for @dieselautopower. This should get his attention. I have never had any trouble calling them myself. The pump I bought from him a year ago was done by Industrial Injection.
  4. Me thinks my proof reading is lacking. It NEVER dropped my cord would be more what I was trying to say.
  5. I have one made Hopkins that has been fine for me. No idea where its made. It dropped my cord. Dont even remeber where i bought it.
  6. Welcome. I am sure find a couple other folks that feel the same way. I know I am one of them. Had mine since new in 01.
  7. Will a larger alternator put that much more load on the engine if in dailey driving? I know it will using a winch or other large draw devices.
  8. Helped me greatly when did mine a good while back. This made the work quite easy. I did a dash replacement at the same. Dont hold back while you are in there. R and R everything. You will be sorry if you dont. Great right up Mike.
  9. I put the LMC in mine 4 years or so back and it has well. I did not remove the whole dash. Just took the passenger side loose and hung it from the grab handle. It worked just fine though there are 3 screws on the drivers side that are to get to. I also rebuilt the hvac box. Used all the old parts except for the heater core and evaporator. I also put new foam an the doors and a Heater Treater connector for the blend. It has worked fine until the blend door actuator failed a couple months ago.. Used this for a guide. The only other part that failed was the main vacuum line where it passes
  10. I am in no way the electrical guru here but I do know that WT's ground mod is spot on. I have not had an electrical gremlin since doing the mod.
  11. I did not have any cutting out or stumbling. Closest thing to that I ever had bucking at high load and rpm and that was from a clogging fuel filter. Surging and dead pedal were my biggest gremlins. No more though.
  12. I assumed you were trying the 1/2 ton harness since that where the dash came from.
  13. I buy things from Advance on line for the 20% off they cant give in the store and just pick it up. Sounds like they may have had it in stock if he got an hour later. That is fast. The last couple things I ordered from RA got here in like 3 days. One day quicker than they said economy shipping would take.
  14. I am rather fond of the truck. It has presented with some challenges over the years but has still treated me rather well over the years and I believe it has many more left for me to enjoy. I would also wonder how much the 1/2 ton gasser vs the 3/4 ton w/Cummins differs. A lot of unknowns for an electrical neophyte such as myself.
  15. I have no personal experience but Dodge tweaked alot of stuff that would cause issues from 2000 to 2002 where they want work. 98.5 to 99 I would not know. most of the harnesses I see on my 02 have tags with part numbers for what thats worth.
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