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  1. 2 wal mart batteries here as well for about 100 bucks each.. Had them for a couple years and they work just fine. Group 27. Everythig else is higher it seems these days until we get back to some semblance of normal.
  2. Have you checked the wire and connector that goes to the starter solenoid?
  3. See if your buddies know any shops. Some are just after you money. Got 3 grandsons in the Army and their downfall is car dealerships. They seem to have learned quick but usually after one bad experience. I wish you luck. On a different note my old man spent time down your way back in 42. Paris island and short stint at Lejune before moving on to more training. Thanks for what you are doing for the country.
  4. I like that white one with no bed.. I have perfectly good white long bed in the back yard. Could bring it to me? Chicken express maybe???
  5. Unless you have the clutch alignment tool that comes with a new clutch dont unbolt the the pressure to look inside. You will have a ****** of time getting it back together. I am sure you can get one on line, they are just plastic but hold the friction disc in place so you can bolt the pressure plate on. If it is not aligned the tranny will not mate back to the motor. That is unless someone here has another method, which might not surprise me. I am not trying to scare you off of this project just hate for you to see it aint going back together on Sunday and you need the truck Monday. I spe
  6. I am not disputing what @Mopar1973Man can do in 2 hours. But if you have never pulled the tranny on your Dodge I would budget more time. I could not pull my 6 speed in 2 hours unless some one held a gun to my head. It is not overly complicated but can be a chore. It all depends on your level of experience. Watch some videos or better yet go spend the night at a Holiday Inn Express, I hear that wonders on the brain.
  7. Does yours lock in the upright position? Mine just flips up and down. If mine stuck in up position I would have suspect something is lodged in the hinge or it has broken.
  8. I am 68, no fat fingers just small keys. If the interior is as nice as the exterior sounds you could ask 15 to 20 and hope the right buyer comes. That is just my best guess. We have seen some big numbers on some of these trucks. Is it a one owner?
  9. I am trying to figure out the Ripley value my self. Never heard of that one. I know my Ripley value is to low. Still looking for that garage find for cheap. It does sound like a fine truck. The 53 block is the only bad spot I see in your description. How to price it is over may head. Dave Ripley
  10. My oldest is a step son. I have kown the boy since he was 2. His "real" father never wanted to be bothered with children. Had a talk with about his father once he was grown and if he was curious just to just ask and I would give what info I knew. He told me he had no desire to know and that was it. He is pretty smart, he lives in Texas now and all I can do is call him to see how he is doing. My youngest has not figured that yet. But he is a big help when I really need it. I am the lucky one.
  11. There should be a fill plug on the side of the tranny. On the drivers side on the 5600. I would think it would be on the same side for the 4500. the fluid would be just below the fill hole. Just stick your finger in there. I should read a bit further before posting. But I would like to add that my pedal would pull up before I replaced the master but after the new install it does not pull up anymore. Same thing was true before the OE failed in mine many years back. Not sure what that means, just my experience.
  12. Oh yeah. Even on the of chance that I did order the right one, I had the documentation from Blue Top of what they were sending me. The only I was watching was the tracking. When will it get here. I sure wanted to get the swap done. It was even on the invoice in the box. Never looked at it. Damn. I am only 68 so I like to think I am so much smarter. Nice try on my part. Been while since my last bonehead move. Not the first time but hope its the last on a job such as this. I do have shop here in town I get some things done at. Pretty good folks and have always treated me fair
  13. Got a brand new Blue Top gear in a box and this was the weekend to put it in. Also havd a new track bar, pitman arm, and stud formthe drag link. A bit cold on Saturday do I didn't start until about 1. Got the track and every thing apart except for the fluid lines. 18mm and wouldn't youknow it Imdont posess one. So I just wrapped up for the day and figure to get said wrench in the morning. Head out Sunday morning not even thinking about it being easter Sunday and found most places closed the day. But did find HD open and bought their last 18mm wrench. Get back to the house and finish tak
  14. Very good article. Matched up to my 02 perfectly. Much simpler than I thought.
  15. Mine failed with the fluid leaking by in the master cylinder 10 years or so ago. A new master fixed it then. A few months back I started having some trouble getting mine in gear with out jamming into the floor. I did not notice it creeping like the first one when it failed but never sat and held it to see if it would. I convinced myself that it was another master going bad and replaced it. Luck was on my side this time and it helped alot. It can be either. Part of my problem is the tranny does need refresh to get back a 100% though. This one has about 325k on it.
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