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  1. Used is only problamatic if the unit has problems. The edge products are somewhat year specific as in the 01 and 02 are different than the earlier models. I dont know about the xzt.
  2. I drove mine with just rv275's for about three years. I also have an aftermarket waste gate that opens near 33psi. I could feel the extra power up until boost exceeded 20 psi or so then the engine would defuel. Pretty much had to drive by the bosst gauge. I got pretty good at it but it was a pita.
  3. Thought these things didnt break in till about 400k. At least it seems everyone selling them wants you to believe that.
  4. Once the ECM sees about 20 psi of boost it is going to defuel the engine. You either need an electronic boost fooler so the ECM does not see 20 psi + of boost or a tuner that has it built in. And then a boost elbow to allow the HX to build more boost. Pretty much what @Me78569 just said.
  5. Happens to me occasionaly too. The ad thing that is.
  6. Kinda shied me away too. But I just bought 4 from RA for $14. Think I wil try them.
  7. You will save a nice chunk of money diy. Even upgrade the wire size from OE. Its not difficult at all.
  8. You can buy pre made ones off the internet at several places. It is alot cheaper to make your own with the ring terminals. and military battery terminals. I did all of mine out of 2/0 and place ring terminals on the smaller wires for about 100 to 120 bucks.
  9. I soldered mine about 20 months ago with no problems. Nothing against crimping, I just dont possess a crimper. I used an electrical grade of solder but dont remember the designation now. I also used the adhesive lined shrink tube but dont remember it being dual wall.
  10. My 3 AD 165 pumps have all dropped 3 to 4 psi at WOT. Even the new 4g pump. My pick up is only 3/8", could be why.
  11. Not much sliding with the 5600 on plywood. Dropped it with a floor jack and was able to get it out just dont remeber how. The second time was to replace the throw out bearing so did not have to get out from under the truck. The third time was in the dead of winter so I paid someone to do it.
  12. They are the same on mine too. Maybe the 02's are different than the 00's?
  13. Thanks for sharing that one on the synchromesh. I usually pay $8+ for a quart for it. Just got 14 more for the shelf.
  14. I have had mine both ways and did not notice any difference.
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