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  1. I would definitely call Eric. With Chritmas and all he can probably get them to as quick as anyone. Unless you know someone who has them on the shelf in Il.
  2. The new ECM is clouding your thoughts Rick. Everything is better when the truck runs right. Just kidding of course.
  3. I always figured the moved them to save money. No more bellcrank assembly or throttle cable. With what dodge sells the for they saved a pretty penny on every unit.
  4. I wish I had replaced that one when I had mine out. Mine broke later and I dont have much left sticking out of the firewall. My problem was in the blend door and yours might be also.The little plastic coupling cracks and causes problem. Google heater treater. They make a part to replace it with. It is easier to do with the box on the bench than in the truck.
  5. Same here when I did mine. Really had to work them hard to get them apart. I am pretty sure that all the vacuum lines under the dash connect to the HVAC box, IIRC. I did mine about 4 or 5 years ago and replaced none of the vacuum stuff. It was working then and still is now.
  6. Dual Egt Probes

    When I tapped mine I had the turbo off and just stuck a rag in the manifold, drilled and tapped the hole then pulled the rag out. Cant believe anything small that may have been left behind would not just pass thru.
  7. It might set a code since it is looking for 3 sensor inputs but the truck should run fine other than that I would think. Dont know where to a PCM either new or rebuilt. Not sure a new one would be available.
  8. Mine have cracked from the bead down into the barrell of the rim. Lugs are tjghtened with a torque wrench 95% of the time. @Dieselfuture
  9. I see them for my 02 on craigs list here and there. Seen them on ebay also. Gave up on my oe rims after the 5th one cracked.
  10. Key fob and lights

    Same here no exterior lights blink, never have.
  11. Turbo Upgrade HELP

    Mine was 2 of 1 and 2 of the other. I think that is standard for the HX anyway.
  12. Miss When Warmed Up

    Welcome to the site. Are you the original owner?
  13. Rules out another owner doing it. The reason i asked year is my 02 came with adifferent MAP sensor that is not available any more so I have a short harness adapter so I can plug into the available sensor. It coverts to the connector shown in your pic. I would think some were probably done the same way. Hence the splice maybe. Still shoddy work. I have done some butt connectors but used the heat shrink type with grease in them.
  14. This is good to hear, the source and that truck is performing the way it should.
  15. Was the truck a one owner and what year is it?