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  1. a couple of other folks here have used the spicers with bad results. I would look elsewhere.
  2. That is what I will get when I change over. If @dave110 can do it I can. Not very electronically savy my self.
  3. The later 01's will work, the earlier 01's only read one computer and not both.
  4. When I was thinking under I was thinking between the shroud and the radiator. I do have one on the cross that has the fog lights in it but had no idea of all the other things it has in it. @Tylerhud, you could see it any of the things in that cable are working. If they are it still may be aftermarket. All the wires one color is what made me think that.
  5. The main reasons I kept my 16's were price and bigger selection of tires. Doesn take me long to burn thru a set.
  6. I have thru 2 sets of oe aluminum rims. 5 or 6 of them cracked. My ball joints passed saftey early this year 1/16" mabe a bit more up and down. As far as brand thats a pretty wide open topic. I put Moog on mine 8 or 9 years ago. Nobody has anything good to say about Moog anymore but mine have held up well. @Dieselfuture, whats the weight rating on those 4th gen wheels and tires?
  7. Ouch. It is more labor than anything but the parts are maybe $100 retail.
  8. Mine does not have a wiring harness under the fan shroud. Sounds after market or modifacation to me. What color are the wires?
  9. We would would hope in the amazing world of chickens that most folks do. But nothing is perfect.
  10. There are wiring diagrams including the grounds in the articles section here. Sorry but I cant link them on my tablet.
  11. If the drive pressur is high enough to overcome the holding pressure of the acutator yes it will open the waste gate. But for testing purposes all you need to do is presurize the actuator. I would think something is engineered into the system to allow for the drive pressure pushing against the waste gate.
  12. Several folks here are using them including @Mopar1973Man. Going to get one myself one day. Still using my old scan gauge II for now. It reads codes cel or no cel, as long as there are stored codes. If you have no stored codes that would be why the AZ code reader is picking nothing up.
  13. You can ask that question of he seller on line. I have never heard of one that would not read a stored code, cel or no cel. Of course I have led a sheltered life and cannot offer personal garauntee.
  14. The exhaust pressure does drive the compressor to make the boost pressure. My wastemgate is connected to a hose that is connected to compressor side only. So in my small mind it is the fresh air that opens the waste gate, unless I am missing something. The only time I have ever done mine was by grabbing the shaft while everything was fully reassembled.
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