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  1. Air Dog lift pump. I connected the power to the PDC terminal. Thought thats what you meant above with your FASS.
  2. dripley

    Axle shaft u joints

    The OE ones, at least on my 02 anyway, came with NO nipple for greasing.
  3. Moved my AD power there when I did the ground mod.
  4. dripley

    Axle shaft u joints

    If one is going might not be long for the other either. I lost one of mine around a year and a half ago with about 400k on them. Replaced both to be safe. I used my ball joint press on both of them. Still took some persuading but no where near the trouble @Mopar1973Man had with his.
  5. That is why I used new for the dash pad and instrument bezel, the oe ones were backed by the sun for years just like most second hand ones have probably been.
  6. dripley

    Oil leak

    Mine were all still tight when I took them loose so I did not use any loctite on them. I will check here in the near future and see if any are working loose.
  7. dripley

    Airdog 150 problems

    The silence is strange. Not that the old was loud but you coild hear it until the Cummins drowned it out.
  8. dripley

    Oil leak

    Dont know how common it is but I just crossed 456k miles on mine and thats one spot that has not sprung a leak. My front gear case was leaking pushing oil back that way and maybe the front main seal. I did both not to long ago. If you still have the puke bottle on the front of motor that can contribute to oil blowing around.
  9. dripley

    Airdog 150 problems

    My 4g is working fine. Still strange not hear it run. I would not know it runs if not for the FP gauge.
  10. You mean like this or a seperate charge wire from the alternator? I woul almost think this wire does that, but this is from Sparky the Chicken's mind.
  11. Thats how I found. I probably looked on and off for near 3 years before I stumbled across the ones I got.
  12. Wired straight to battery, no fuse. The fuse does not protect the alternator any way. But I would have to to defer to electrically smarter than I to explain.
  13. I would not have bought either of those used. Just a short matter of time before they break again unless some history on them. Some of the other stuff might still be in a junk yard somewhere. Who knows. Going to be doing some junk yard searching myself pretty soon. I will keep an out if your thinking of going that way.
  14. Its only money. I have done my dash and the instrument bezel from LMC truck. Spent $500 on those two parts alone.
  15. dripley

    Hard to start

    The return into the fuel neck is above everything but maybe the cylinder head return line. Thats on level ground though. My thoughts any way. Both my return lines go to the basket. Both of them are above the fuel pick up by about 1/3rd tank, IIRC. On long road trips I run my tank down to 2 or 3 gallons with no cange in performance. So either the AD is removing the air as advertised or the return fuel splashing is not foaming that bad. Now this is in the in tank pump basket and not the stocker. Two differant animals.