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  1. You are pretty darn good at it. And i dont mean that in a bad way what so ever.
  2. Good to see some come out of all the bad. I worked with my wife for 15 years traveling around country building resteraunts, mainly chick fil a's. I know alot of folks that would have bet against that working. But much to my surprise and joy it worked out beautifully. Some of the best we have had out 47 we been married.
  3. Just to be sure I edited my post to say there NO baffles in my tank. Left that important word out.
  4. Welcome. That is quite the story. I have daughter who has been thru a nasty divorce 7 years ago and on going since with 2 grand daughters in the middle of it all. Its heart breaking. Enough of that. Our commonality here is the trucks. Male or female is secondary. I am preparing to divorce my job and retire. That will be an easy victory. Since buying it in 01 it has been on the road constantly. I have managed to keep it mechanaically sound with the help of every one here, cosmetically it has suffered. So I hope to bring it back after I retire. Be nice for it to look as good as yours does
  5. We have menbers here that have. But me personally I would not do it for the above reasons. Impull the fuel from and it will drain the tank. Has worked fine for the 10 years since install of the AD. To answer your question, there are not baffles of any kind in my tank. Open from one end to the other. As far as I know all the 2nd gens are that way.
  6. I have not. Never had a reason to and all has worked well for me since the install. Does make one curious though.
  7. This ground mod is by far one of the best. Thanks @W-T
  8. The reason I brought up the over oiling is that I just drowned mine. I did some service work on mine and replaced the accumulator and the orifice tube. I added a couple of pag oil for the new accumulator and pulled a vacuum on it and let sit. I forgot to close the valves on the gauges. Well it lost vacuum and I realized gauges were open so I pulled a vacuum on it again and closed the valves and all was well. Thought after the charge the high pressure was up over 220 psi at idle and about 80* outside. Ran to work that day and when pulling in the driveway at idle the line on the condenser blew a
  9. Some of the folks I pulled it on probably wished that all I had done to them. But when I cant see your headlights in my mirror you are to close. Had someone tailgating yesterday morning at about 50 mph and all I could see was his windshield. Had to back of the gas 3 times before he stayed back enough for me to see most of his car. Courtesy on the road is getting to be a lost trait now a days.
  10. I miss mine. It is the ultimate solution for tailgaters. Used to have alot of fun that.
  11. Yes. A 237 code. Intermittently at first as it was it cutting in and out. Then a constant code when they failed. I could watch it on my scan gauge. The SG reads the map strangely, as in weird boost numbers. At idle it shows about 26 psi and when the map died it would read 14.6 psi. You could still drive it but at greatly reduced fueling.
  12. I cant count how many folks almost rear end me when going from 2nd to 3rd. Too many folks in a hurry to get to the next stopping point.
  13. The AC should not almost kill the engine. Mine would lope a little at start up but smooth out pretty quick. I have problem with mine at the moment. I accidentally over oiled the system. Have all new part to replace the old with. How much oil did you add? And did you know how much was in the system?
  14. So you like running 75 or 80 too. Good to hear. I make a lot of road trips and try to end them as quickly as possible. Within reason anyway. At least thats how this old man drives.
  15. I believe that is Rock Solid Steering.
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