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  1. My last pump was a Blue Chip pump purchased around 2011. It came with a new PSG. It lasted about 275k miles. At the the time it was the only one I could find that offered a new PSG. They do still sell them both ways as does DAP. But they are darned pricey at BC.
  2. One of the reasons I went with MOOG was the orientation of the zerk. Very accessible. Just turn the wheel and a grease it. I turned the other one better just was not thinking on this one.
  3. I would start with Craigs list and such like that. They are out there but pricey.
  4. I think shot of starter fluid would be enough to at least see if it will fire off. Might still be some stubborn air stuck in the system. When I replaced the head gasket and the last VP all I did was reassemble, couple cycles of the lift pump and it fired right off both times. Replaced the pump head on my AD and it 2 hours to get the air out. That **** is stubborn sometimes.
  5. The injection pump sends fuel to each cylinder individually. If you have one bad injector it should not affect the other 5. My #5 injector line broke in half right near the head. The truck still ran and I had to drive it for a day until I could get a new line the next day. The other cylinders worked just fine.
  6. When I buy stuff from Advance if I order it on line and pick,it up I usually get for 20 to 25% off. Walk in the store and buy it, it's full retail.
  7. All that part with your fueling mods above my pay grade. I do believe I would have bought the Quad before the Comp had it been available when I bought the Comp
  8. @Stanleyget a quad. It takes more effort on your part to tune it, but the results will out do any canned tuner like the Comp that I have. But you will have to put more effort into it. Great for most but not for all. A presonal decision.
  9. Did you bleed the fuel lines all the way to the head and 2 or 3 of nuts loose while cranking?
  10. I think some of mine are false positves too. Still dont think its the ECM. Wishful thinking maybe.
  11. Very helpful on many occasions.
  12. I am having trouble with mine also. I have lost the WTS several times. Most of those times I was able to get it back by running the cluster check and it was right back on. A couple times it came back on its own. I have also swapped in a spare cluster and unplugged and replugged the cluster with succes to get it back. Maybe I just dont want to admit the ECM needs fixin. Hope I am right. Life is getting in the of testing much else. I have written this up in a thread titled "dead truck".
  13. Well the glitch stppped last Monday a week ago. Shut down me 4 times that Monday. No WTS light, no start. The first 3 times I ran the cluster check and bam had the WTS back and she started. The 4th time I ran the cluster check 4 times with no return of the WTS. I had my spare cluster in the back seat and figured I might as well stick it and see what happened. Plugged it in and the WTS was there. Drove 40+ miles home trouble free. I did drive the wifes to work the rest the though. Drove it Saturday on quick trip and sure she shut down a quqrter mile from the house anf the cluster check did not work. I then uplugged the cluster and plugged it back in and bam the WTS was back on. Fired her off she was fine for the rest of the trip, about 4 miles. Has anyone ever pulled the connectors apart in the dash? There is what appear to be red release tabs for that purpose. I have pulled on them but dont want to rip them apart. It appears that a couple of the sockets appear to be pushed back further than all the rest. Still scratchin my head over this.
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