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  1. Yes you would be fine either way. I personally just have the valve but have thought of adding a snubbed but not to worried about it.
  2. Head

    If you don't want to,cut the the radiator cap just put it on with a quarter turn. It will stay in place and not build pressure. You can limp home on it that way.
  3. Back to spark plugs...

    There is a little wood butcher in you after all.
  4. Is the ECT sensor? Could have sworn it started around 5v cold and went down as it warmed. But you have to remember my electrical abilities.
  5. My 02 is on its 3rd track bar, went on right around 400k or so.
  6. Not the electronics genius here by any means, but I believe the voltage should go down as the throttle is advanced. The sensors use a 5v signal. Something is amiss here.
  7. Did my VP go too?

    It is a toss up my friend. It could be either. I understand your thoughts on the VP. When my ECM died back in 09, nobody could offer me anything better than check your grounds. Heard that over and over. Me, I was sure it was the ECM but had no knowledge to back that up. So i spent a month or more before replacing it. A VP is a big ticket item also and without some other verification we are hard pressed to tell you to buy one and hope it works. I see to many people show up here after spending 2, 3 or 4 grand chasing problems with parts with no solutions. Dont want you to be one of these folks.
  8. Did my VP go too?

    Will that work going back thru the pump? I don't know just asking. Almost sounds to easy.
  9. Loss of boost and power

    Which one of those gauges is right. One is bouncing from 30 to 40 psi and the other 16 20 psi.
  10. Poor MPG

    Ethanol in diesel? Never seen that out my way.
  11. Good to hear she's cranking again.
  12. Email Notifications

    I all of A sudden get notifications from every thread I respond to started a month or so ago. I turned off notifications and still getting them. You want some of mine @AH64ID?
  13. Poor MPG

    I knew the Quadanese speakers would show. That part a bit over my head.
  14. Poor MPG

    I don't know about the quad tuning, but those tires and wheels sure are not helping. The weight and circumfrance will knock the mileage of quick especially on the 3:55 gears. If you had to lift the truck at all because of them, there is another mileage detractor.
  15. Maybe already asked, but is the starter clicking when try and start it during the issue?