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  1. I have had no issues with the penzoil. Not knocking the Amsoil, I am sure it ois good product also.
  2. Sure looked like well seasoned dripping oil to me.
  3. Knee knocker, ya'll must be short. That thing puts a knob on my shin bone and makes me . Man does that thing hurt when you bang into it. I feel her pain. I ony hit mine when I forget to take out after using it.
  4. Be careful, there might be gaggle of those pesky NC, 357 eating chikens headed ya'lls way. Be careful when you stray into the woods. They're sneaky free Ranger chickens.
  5. Tricking my with the painted runs and drips. I see how you are now.
  6. Your tranny is almostmas well oiled as mine, externally that is. But under carriage has you beat hands down. The good thing, no rust anywhere.
  7. Get a test gauage aee what it confirms the pressure drop.
  8. Something is definitely wacked out with it.
  9. Never done that either. I think @JAG1 might have.
  10. Wish I could help but never taken mine off. Surely someone here has.
  11. Is with the quad connected or not or both ways?
  12. So am I. Since putting my old RV's back in and getting the MAP sensor replaced it is running with plenty of power. I have been avoiding a full WOT run until the HG is replaced. Might throw in a new set or just have these rebuilt when the head goes back on. One of the 2. Almost to 465k at the moment.
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