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  1. dripley

    What an evening

    That job didn't match your credo for sure, "Overpaid and Underworked".
  2. dripley

    What an evening

    At first I thought it had to grease. That manhole is down stream of the interceptor. But a piece #3 rebar proved me wrong. Definitely no grease, just poop and tp plus various other none flushable paper products. Even found a stolen credit card. Turns out after rodding and hosing it all to break it up I found about 6" of recycled concrete in the bottom of the manhole fouling things up. Never knew poop could clump up into a 20 pound s**t brick.
  3. dripley

    I keep getting P0237

    I struggled with this code and the engine running greatly defuled. While observing my scan gauge you could see and feel when signal dropped out. I am 99% sure mine is in the wiring harness near the ECM. I was able to grab the harness, move it some and squeezed it. The problem went away. Also had a surging issue that I dealt with in same manner. That issue started again 3 days ago. Performed the same grabbing of the harness and it quit. There is a ground splice in that location for most of the sensors and I believe that is my issue. You might give that a try and see if the code stays away after clearing it
  4. dripley

    Airdog filters only?

    I think the pumps do but they dont take the filters into consideration. Even the Donaldson filters wont flow the fuel the pumps are supposed to push. @AH64ID is a better person to explain that. I have to admit I have never free flowed mine to see. I do know that my VP filled a 5 gallon in less than 30 minutes with one injector line diverted to it.
  5. dripley

    Cummins mistake

    Technicalities, always with the technicalities. Who knows you might be the only 2nd gen with the issue. Maybe we need to tear your motor down and see.
  6. dripley

    What an evening

    Reversing connecting rods would have been a lot more fun. Might have got beer while I was doing it too. Knew you had to have one that. BAWK!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. dripley

    What an evening

    Got off about 4:30, got back to the room and figured I would take a nap then get some dinner. Just kicked my feet up for the nap and get a call from CFA that the sewer line is stopped up. Get a plumber there and we open the manhole and are greeted with this.
  8. dripley

    Cummins mistake

    Where have I heard that before?
  9. dripley

    Cummins mistake

    Appreciate the info. After 442k if mine are backwards I don't want to know.
  10. dripley

    Lift Pump

    If you are going to keep it stock a 100 or 150 is more than enough. I have the AD II 165 on mine. At the time it was the only one that came with a kit to remove the in tank pump that Dodge blesses me with. Way over kill for my truck but I had room to grow if I wanted. Plus it was not that much more than a 150. That was about 200k ago and I did loose the pump about 80k ago and they replaced it no questions asked. Other than that I have had no other problems.
  11. dripley

    Cummins mistake

    You will have to pardon ignorance but what problems does it cause to have the connecting rods and pistons backward aside from the fact it just aint right?
  12. dripley

    Manual Boost Controller

    He did say he had one. Didn't ask what it was though.
  13. Well you can always pinch the line off as described above.
  14. dripley

    Manual Boost Controller

    You sure could. Not sure how much a stock engine is capable of myself.
  15. I have heard that about them. Thinking he could adjust it to see if the pressure went up.