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  1. Completely worth it. I've bought the aluminum "you bend it" bulk brake lines and it's just not worth the trouble unless you have a custom application.
  2. All I can say: I've done new yoke, new bushings (multiple), new u joints, and new carrier bushings. I've not been able to get my t case to never stop dripping out the rear. I have the tool to pull the bushing without removing the tail housing so it only takes a few minutes to replace the bushing. I'd be happy to try anything. I have a new bushing and seal sitting on my shelf but I'm just not ready to try (and most likely) fail yet again lol.
  3. I've been told but never actually confirmed this: Can you run a small difference in gearing between a front and real axle? For example, can you run a 3.54 rear end and 3.55 gears up front (or vise versa)?
  4. I think the more relevant take away isn't an argument about battery size, but battery cost. Cheap batteries seem to work fine.
  5. Are swap bars made of a type of "spring" steel?
  6. Yes! Or at least selectable front. I had a mechanical front and rear on a off-road only Jeep. If you were in 4wd and the front locked you were going straight whether you wanted to or not. W/o lockers, 2wd is really 1wd and 4wd is really 2wd.
  7. I'll add I bought group 31s from a auto parts store and they $119 ea. I'm on year 4 with them. It was over 110 degrees for 57 days this summer in phoenix. Hottest summer in history and it beat the old record by 20+ days. My batteries are fine. Normally, you see lots of dead batteries in the summer. I can't tell you how many Tesla's I saw dead on the side of the road this summer or in limp mode going 20mph because the heat destroyed the range of those vehicles (lots of AC and they do have a cooling system to keep the batteries happy).
  8. I use Goop but I live in AZ and the super glued just won't set up on glass when it's 120 outside. I let the Goop set up for 24 hrs before attaching the mirror.
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