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  1. Make sure you let them know that there's basically no screen inlet on the MAX A/C setting where it draws down by the passenger feet. So when the fan is on high it will suck up hair, dirt, leaves, paper, napkins, wrappers, etc...off the floorboard.
  2. Actually I think its more about how you treat your vehicles than what kind of terrain your vehicle sees. I have a 20 year old truck that looks beautiful with an interior that smells clean. I still use it for driving to work, hauling trailers for whatever projects I'm doing, taking the family vacations, and getting wood for heating my house. When cutting wood, the dogs and I go up the hill in the morning and come down early evening with upwards of 10+ cords per load. And yeah its a lot of work by myself so any help is always welcome. I actually wash my truck from time to tim
  3. Looks like a disaster... You definitely should rip apart the entire dash to replace it, and change the engine while you're at it just for good measure.
  4. Yes. Remove the HVAC fan and you can reach up and feel the entire evap with your hand. Depending on your girth it might not be as easy as one, two, three since the seat on goes back so far...but you can definitely tell if there's any debris on it. Mine was clean but then again I dont park under dirty trees all day either.
  5. The time it takes to get this job done is going to be relative to the amount of skill someone has and whether or not they need the truck as a daily driver.....and what problems you may or may not run into along the way. Also, not everyone has the ability to evac and re-fill the AC system which means taking the truck to an HVAC shop twice, and not everyone will find their truck to be cooperative during the process. Meaning, as things get old they tend to be more fragile and susceptible to breaking. The dash is huge and everything is tight fitting which means a lot of tugging and pulling and
  6. Yes, I'm the only KATOOM... And yes, my heater core is still doing great. No leaks, no problems, and I dont regret doing it the short cut way either. It saves time and money and in my opinion the factory way of removing the entire HVAC box just to replace the core, along with evacuating the AV system, is a complete waste of time for 99% of people. I'm not suggesting only doing it the way I did but definitely worth trying unless you have AC problems that need attention, in which case it would be smart to address them while everything is apart.
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