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  1. I've never seen this thread until now... Wow, nice trucks!!! I just combed through 15 pages of some pretty cool looking stuff and I also noticed quite a few similarities too. A surprising number of you still have the factory rims. Me too and I love the look. Not too many rims out there fit well with the 2nd gens. Plus many of you are running aftermarket headlights. Mostly non-sports with Sport type housings. Like minds think alike? And I absolutely loved the pictures showing the areas where you live. Maybe its just my inner self who's looking to flee this state or that I enjoy this great country and all the cool places within it. Either way, lots of nice photos... Now I have to dig up some pictures of my truck so I can join in on the fun.
  2. Thats the same PS fluid I use too. Seems to be good stuff...
  3. Just make sure it's not blocked first because it sounds like it is...
  4. Looking from inside the engine bay behind the motor on the passenger side firewall. Look somewhere behind or close to the AC accumulator. You'll see a 90* bend or a hole in the firewall if the fitting was knocked off. That is the drain for the HVAC box to drain out the condensation from the AC evaporator, and also whatever water finds its way in the cowl from rain or washing.

    The Future of Trucks

    Yeah, that whole "auto" pilot thing is really misleading and I feel was released way too early. The road way infrastructures we humans navigate through every day is anything but black and white. Too many variables and unknowns for me to trust a computer to process an algorithm.
  6. I was unaware of a drain plug on the steering box. I guess I'll have to look...
  7. Having a drain petcock would make this so much easier too...
  8. And they werent cheap either...were they.
  9. No argument from me. But if there was an HID plug and play headlight assembly that wasn't close to a grand...and worked, I may consider that route. But they're all outrageously expensive and usually gaudy awful looking. Or we have to buy separate parts from various places and try to assemble something together after cutting and hacking which may or may not work right by the time you're done. So.....at this stage I'm looking for easy peazy
  10. Thanks IBMobile. I mistook you for having the Sport headlights. I'm doing as much research on this as I can but info is limited regarding whether or not I need to use a relay harness for running main 80/100 bulbs. With an additional 70/90 watts running though the headlight switch and wiring, I'm not sure... And sorry about the twitch too.
  11. Sorry guys for bringing up an old thread but I have to clarify something IBMobile said... I'm going to try some brighter bulbs in my Sport headlights and remembered this post. My questions are, I know my Sport headlights are 9007 main low/high beam and 9004 high beam. So how did you use the 9004 in the Sport as the low beam? Or was that a typo? Or do you run both 9007 and 9004 in the 100/80 bulb? And also, I cant find the Flosser bulbs but Amazon has the same thing in HELLA. Do you know if there's a difference? Lastly...you said you experienced no negative side affects running the higher wattage bulbs, right? Thanks.
  12. KATOOM

    Rear end clank?

    I remember you talking about ordering your truck and being pretty excited. I'd say you're doing pretty good so far on not having to replace parts... By the way, what u-joints did you put in?
  13. I've been running the EZ / RV275 combo for years and I love it. No excessive smoking, EGT's are easy to keep in check, and I can tow anything I have in the summer heat up some looooong grades. Plus they're the only "brand new" injector you can buy besides stock. Everything else is rebuilt and you have to be sure not to get garbage rebuilds. Most people arent willing to pay for quality either so...
  14. KATOOM

    Light under hood

    I disconnected the underhood light on my truck. Didnt think it was bright enough and I didnt need it turning on when I wasnt aware and running the battery down. My cell phone light is brighter than most flashlights and its always in my pocket...so thats usually my go to.
  15. So after dicking around with the adjustments by pulling the lights, adjusting, putting them back... I got bored and spent half of today swapping out the aftermarket housing frames for the OEM ones. It pays to not throw things away. Well the headlights are fitting more straight than before but I'm not sure how they'll shine. Do I think the frames were messed up?...no, just that the three adjustments were too hard to replicate since the adjusters are not exactly the same as the OEM ones are. I'll post back after I get the chance to drive at night.