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  2. I believe this is what you're looking for. But just to be sure, I'd call Genos. https://www.genosgarage.com/product/gm-dg-01face-9902/gauge-mounts2
  3. I have a temperature gauge mounted in my dash for monitoring both my manual transmission and rear differential. I ran a thermocouple on my stock Dana 80 cover and then a year or so later on my Mag-Hytec differential cover. I towed heavy during the winter and triple digit summer heat, and my findings were more than enough to let me know that I made the right choice by putting a Mag-Hytec differential cover on my truck. Gale Banks and his BS marketing video's can shove it...
  4. I remember years ago when the dual rams were unheard of but now I've seen many other manufactures use them. Some people say they're great and some people dislike them... I dont see why they'd be a problem unless one ram failed.
  5. I'm currently looking at a Patriot 7x14 dual ram 14k or a Big Tex 7x14 scissor lift ram 14k. They have their differences but its amazing how many differences are out there in the dump trailer world... Trying to figure all that out before I make a purchase too.
  6. I'm in the market for a dump trailer... Any suggestions? What to look for and what out look out for?
  7. Both stupid videos... I too can make YouTube videos and not prove anything.
  8. I found both the Fastcooler transmission coolers and the MagHytec differential cover I installed on my truck to be effective and did what I was looking for...
  9. Strangely random post for a transmission cooler thread. But...if you take the time to watch all of Gales differential cover videos you'll notice that he actually reveals nothing and merely trolls the mindless followers. No facts, no data, no information other than speculation, conjecture, and a whole lotta hype to better prepare you for the new Banks differential cover soon to be introduced. And in doing all that, he also took stabs at other popular differential cover companies who already dominate just to better open up the playing fields for the market he wants to jump in on. Pretty pathetic in my opinion... Nonetheless, this thread is about the NV4500 transmission coolers.
  10. If by "thermal blanket" you mean an exhaust blanket to cover the exhaust pipe next to the transmission...then you wont see any differences until you're pulling something heavy. The exhaust pipe isnt that hot during normal around town and light freeway driving. But pull a long grade with a heavy trailer behind you and your 900* - 1200* exhaust pipe will definitely affect the neighboring transmission temperature. At least thats what I found to be true...
  11. I just want to point out that I have a temperature probe mounted in the drivers side Fastcooler for a dash mounted temperature gauge. I have confirmed the gauges accuracy with a laser temp tool at the Fastcoolers and the transmission housing and found that if the gauge reads a specific temperature then the entire transmission will test very close to the same temperature with the laser tool. The only times I will see differing temperatures is if I try to take a reading off of materials which are of a glossy/shined/polished surface, whereby the readings will be off. I'm not sure if the thermal camera is affected by those variables as well...
  12. Glad to offer any help... What are you looking for? In regards to the thermal image, what did you use to see that?
  13. If you ever make it out here and you have a trailer full...I'm happy to lighten the load.
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