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    The Future of Trucks

    Two great era's to be stuck in... Personally I think the 80's were some of the best times in American History.

    The Future of Trucks

    Agreed... TV got boring and years ago. Its mostly just propaganda and indoctrination anymore. I cant even catch a good movie these past ten years that doesnt have a political/racial agenda...
  3. Thats because its french. We we...
  4. I've been using Redline PS fluid for years. Never went though the formal "flushing" process, merely changed the fluid in the reservoir many times. I think the stuff is pretty good...

    The Future of Trucks

    Anyone who's had the opportunity to witness a top fuel event will understand...

    The Future of Trucks

    People go to the drag strip to hear the roar of the motors and the smell of fuel... Not to hear the whizzing sounds of electric motors. Thats not picking on electric motors either but just making a point that just because electric motors are fast doesnt mean they give me the same kinda chub. Its like all the hype about robotic racing vehicles. WHY...? Whats the point...? Racing is about the human element.....not just winning.
  7. I see nothing wrong in that video...
  8. Glad to hear its working out for you...
  9. Sludge is a byproduct of oxidation and contamination. All oil can sludge merely because all oil can oxidize and become contaminated. The rate of sludge build up largely depends largely on quality of oil, driving condition, and change intervals in relation to the oil type and quality. Thats not overlooking the fact that a properly running engine will create less sludge too. Simply put, change the oil more often and there will be less sludge. Its really that simple...but most people are looking to simplify their life and fall for marketing gimmicks.
  10. I take offense to such slanderous one sided rhetoric...
  11. I dont get to drive my truck very often... Better pictures to follow some day.
  12. I like the looks of that deck... What brand and size? It may be an illusion but it looks bigger than a 1 din but smaller than a 1.5.