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  1. DONT float gears in these transmissions. This discussion has been hashed out for years and seems to get very heated depending who's defending what position...but no matter, it still stands as a FACT that doing so is damaging to the synchros and simply isnt what the transmission was designed to do.
  2. Yeah but all that liberal hot air is warming things up...
  3. This summer has been fantastic this year. Surprisingly cool temps overall, with the occasional high days. I've been planning for wood early this year so hopefully I have a handle on things before the cold winter days roll in. The funny thing about the weather patterns I have noticed these past few years or so is that I remember the hottest part of the day being around 1-2 pm. Now the hottest part of the day is 4-5 pm. And the afternoon heat is intense, like you feel like you're burning even though its only in the mid 90's. Weird... I remember there being a rumor that the planet has turned slightly off its axis due to normal patterns in weather, or one that said an earthquake knocked it off a few degrees. Maybe its true.
  4. Filling for bankruptcy doesnt mean you loose your house... If you're struggling so much that you cant make ends meet then maybe you need to talk to a bankruptcy attorney for advice as to whether this is an option for you. Some will offer free consultations but just make sure you get more than one opinion so you're not led astray. There are options Mike... But finding someone who can give you the correct help can be hard.
  5. Well I'm sure you're doing what you think is best for your situation... Sounds like you're chasing your tail too so maybe tone down the power a bit and make that truck a tad more reliable and hopefully you'll get through all this. I cant speak for everyone but I'm sure people are praying for you.
  6. Its because the fuel is running out of the lines. The fuel system must retain a "prime" whereby the fuel stays in the lines when the engine is off. Also, there is NO pressure in the fuel lines/system when the engine is off. Anyone who says so is mistaken. Think of the fuel lines like a straw in a cup of water. Put your finger over the top and pull the straw out and the water remains in the straw. Thats a "prime". But put a hole in the straw and the water will run back into the glass. The size of the hole is dependent on how fast the water runs out of the straw. This is whats happening with your hard starting. When the engine is off, somewhere the fuel lines lost their seal and the fuel is allowed to run back to the fuel tank. When you go to start the engine the fuel lines/system must re-prime before the engine will start. The larger the leak the shorter the truck has to sit before it hard starts. This is also why you can typically find out if this is the problem by parking with the nose pointed downhill, because the fuel tank is then in line with or higher than the engine and the fuel has a harder time running out of the lines.
  7. We obviously dont agree but based on the pictures and information I've seen so far, I do not believe the pilot walked out of the flywheel on its own. I think it was drawn out by the wiggling input shaft from internal problems, especially since it looks like its still intact sitting on the input shaft in one of your previous pictures. But no matter, lets just hope things hold up for you this time around... And hope your mom is doing better too...
  8. Its your truck Mike but I'm wondering why you're "upgrading" your clutch and rebuilding the transmission. You clearly are making too much power for the 4500 given your driving conditions. Why ask to deal with this again in the future? It cant be cheap to rebuild that tranny so why not put that money towards something stronger?
  9. This is not what injectors sound like...^ I'd check the APPS way before tearing the injectors out and having them pop tested.
  10. This advice... I have a Sport and the OEM headlights were frigging bright...! But because they were yellowing I replaced them with TYC stock replacements and the output is nowhere the same. Dont get me wrong, they're not dim but they're not as bright as the factory lights were. I have the relay harness for full voltage to the bulbs too. If I could find some OEM housings I think it would be worth the money but they dont make them anymore and I dont believe anyone has them either.
  11. Leaks can be very difficult to spot. You have to feel all the fittings for diesel residue since diesel doesnt act like gasoline. And a leak doesnt have to mean fuel escaping the fuel line either but rather it can be air entering. The most common places for leaks are ANY fitting you've messed with. Its surprising how hard it is to get some fittings to seal tight. The other places are the single banjo on the back of the head (towards the drivers side) and the T fitting just below it. The T fitting doesnt use banjo fittings but rubber ends. The torque for banjo fittings is 18 ft lbs. The other non-visible thing that can leak is the o-rings on the injector crossover tubes in the head. They can dry out and leak. Its definitely worth shelling out the few bucks for new o-rings when replacing injectors.
  12. It sounds like the APPS. Check its voltage or replace it.
  13. It clearly sounds like you need to mellow out your tune...or put the 4500 aside and get yourself a G56...or both.
  14. First off, thank you for the kind words. I appreciate all the ethical people on this forum. Yes, Quad 4x4 is correct in that a bad pilot will damage the input shaft bearing. But generally speaking, most pilot bearings are NOT oversized sealed roller bearings either. Rather what we see in the automotive industry is either a solid bushing or an exposed needle bearing. Both can easily go bad too from holding the clutch pedal in while the transmission is in gear at stop lights. A BAD HABIT some people have too... Also Quad 4x4 is correct in that a bad thrust bearing will cause the input to push/pull which generally is not a problem for the pilot but rather bad for the counter gear alignment. All that said, I guess an easy way to understand if the pilot could have been the problem all along is to see if the roller pilot bearing still on Mikes input shaft (per the picture posted) is bad. If its still intact and not falling apart then its likely that the movement of the wiggling input shaft drew the pilot out of its position. As for lubrication... Well I cant comment on that since it would take further investigating in the transmission to see how everything else was holding up. If there's a obvious condition on other components which is consistent with inadequate lubrication then you can only conclude that there was a problem. But if the overall condition is good but only that a few components failed then I would lean towards crappy Chinese parts or a poor rebuild...or both.
  15. A few things I dont agree with your assessment are... If the pilot was completely out of the flywheel then the total clutch assembly vibration would have been intense since no pilot support would allow the clutch plate to walk off center. Even though the pilot was not fully in place, it was still keeping the input shaft from wobbling, and you can see that by the grove it made on the flywheel too. And, there's no reason for a pilot to move out of its pressed position...especially if its in working condition. The input shaft is free from the countershaft and would have to be severely out of alignment to place any deflection on the counter shaft. What I'm guessing happened is exactly reverse of what you're thinking... Whereby I bet you find that one of more of your main or counter bearings is toast, which placed pressure on the input shaft. Thats what destroyed the input bearing, which then in its movement caused the pilot to creep towards the wobble. Did excess power do this?...I cant say but more power definitely does place more stress on things. I have no idea what your driving style habits are like so I cant comment, although unless you're towing huge amounts of weight with that transmission, I cant even imagine why it would fail in so little miles unless something gave away. Without attacking the almighty lube...I'm going to say that inferior bearing quality (from China) or a lubrication issue was the cause. I do not believe this was caused by the pilot bearing.
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