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  1. LiveOak

    Wait to start delay

    Might this be of help? http://dodgeram.org/tech/dsl/FAQ/cold_wx.htm What were the temperatures when you attempted the starts when the WTS light illuminated? I believe the ECM receives temperature data from the IAT sensor? If it possibly receiving erroneous data, this may conceivably cause or contribute to this issue. Have you tried plugging in the block heater for several hours prior to starting to see if the WTS light still come on? I would at least verify everything supplying the ECM with data is functioning properly before looking into the ECM being the problem.
  2. LiveOak

    Big change in my life...

    Too late. Already happened. Just gotta deal with it and be thankful for the blessings the Lord brings our way.
  3. LiveOak

    Big change in my life...

    I'm gonna have to trade mark that! Hippy Badge!
  4. LiveOak

    Big change in my life...

    OK, I just got on the scale the wife has in her bathroom and it says 246 lbs. She tells me that it is not real accurate but I have a doctor's office scale out in my storage building and I verify it there. Plus I reserve the right to amend my weight because I think the wife has got on the scale too many times and broke it. LOL! Just kidding. Wow! I didn't realize that I was that heavy. I gotta work on that! I may be negatively affecting my fuel economy in my truck not to mention that is just not healthy nor smart. Now you have me watching the scale. Guess I need to be.
  5. LiveOak

    Big change in my life...

    Hahhhhhh!!!! I long for the days that I used to weight 171 lbs. as a very young man of 13 or 14 years old. I was over 200 lbs. when playing high school football. Prior to entering the Army at age 24 I could run a 4.4 40 yard dash, a 12 second 100 yard dash, was bench pressing 400 lbs., squatting 550 lbs., and dead lifting just under 600 lbs. I was 237 lbs. then. GONE are those days! The Army told me I was over weight the day I walked in their door. Go figure. When I stopped lifting, it was really tough to maintain height and weight but I managed to do it. I am falling short of the mark now. I need to lose about 25 lbs. at least and probably more. My beekeeping over 100 hives and my daily hikes to gather beehive data from the weight and temperature scales helps to keep me in half way decent shape but I need to cut back on the deserts and portion sizes my German wife who is an EXCELLENT cook puts before me at the table. I cut out alcohol and dipping Copenhagen both of which will just slowly kill you. I am still 237 lbs. but some of the young man's muscle has been replaced with "table muscle". Mike, maybe we need to challenge or push each other to lose that poundage. I can coach you on the Beekeeping but not so sure about losing the poundage.
  6. LiveOak

    Big change in my life...

    Yeah, I know what you mean, I get MRI's periodically for my issue and contrast sucks. I can smell it and taste it just as soon as they injected it and it feels weird until the circulatory system thins it out. Those are good goals. I am gonna be 61 years old real quick and I am 6'2" with the same issue. Seems like no matter what I do, I am not breaking that 230 lb. barrier. I get close but no cigar. A good diet and effective exercise on a regular basis I think is most important.
  7. LiveOak

    Big change in my life...

    I have been taking tumeric for my joints and authoritis for a few months now. Seems to help some. You might try Black Cummin Seed oil or Nigella Sativa oil. It is touted as a remedy for conditions such as allergies, asthma, diabetes, headaches, high blood pressure, digestive disorders, and rheumatoid arthritis. I can vouch for the blood pressure part because I nailed a 110/70 at the VA clinic last week. The cardiologist was VERY impressed that a 61 year old fart like me did that. She wanted to know what I was doing. Now I walk my apiary everyday which covers about 90 acres up a fairly steep hill but I think the tumeric and black cummin seed oil helps. I also take fish, flax, and borage oil. L-Theanine and GABA along with L-Tryptophan to aid with enduring human stupidity with grace and good form.
  8. Yes. Meaning and intending to imply that there actually is a setup or kit to make the concept work. I don't have this on my truck. At the time I had the pto covers installed, I did not know about this kit. If I DID, I would have installed these pto covers which I have a pair in hand but figured, I would never bother to do all of the fabricating and locating the parts so I went with the other pto covers that just have the elevated fill hole. I don't tow much so this would probably not be at the top of my list of mods. The other set of pto covers that I ended up having installed seem to be doing their job. The oil fill level is much higher and I have in my opinion a better gear box lubricant fill. Go back and read my post, what prompted this report was that the latest edition Diesel Power Magazine has an article on this very thing that caught my eye. I didn't think anyone would bother to assemble an oil cooler kit like this unless they had some special and particular purpose for it.
  9. LiveOak

    Big change in my life...

    Damn! Can't win for losing. Hopefully AirDog will step up and stand by that life time warranty. Have you called them to see what they can do?
  10. The article did not do any testing yet but did mention that it is expected that a 20 - 25 degree temperature drop is expected with the cooler.
  11. Hey guys. Just wanted to follow up on this. These pto covers and transmission oil coolers really DO work. Today I got my March 2019 Volume 15, No.3 version of Diesel Power Magazine in the mail today. To my surprise and reading pleasure, there is a really interesting article starting on pg. 92 about adding a transmission oil cooler to a G-56 transmission using a Flex-a-lite fan driven cooler, a pump and some other wiring items. Here is a link to the article on line: http://www.trucktrend.com/how-to/transmission-drivetrain/1811-custom-oil-cooler-cures-hot-g56-transmissions/ Seems a small bit complicated as far as reliability might be considered but if one fabricated the plumbing with steel braided lines and proper fittings and fabrication, this could be a REALLY nice upgrade, especially for folks who tow, run heavy, or hot shot.
  12. Hey guys, in my enthusiasm, if I missed it and this vendor is already here, sorry about that but I did not see them. I saw a link on Survival Blog this morning and took a look and they make a lot of really cool stuff for our truck among many other things. http://trex-tech.com/index.html
  13. LiveOak

    Big change in my life...

    Wow! Mike! I am so sorry! I had no idea this has happened. I have been rolled up in my little world of issues and have pretty much closed out the internet to a large degree. I just got to this last night got to the email that Me78569 sent out. Just got done reading through this entire thread. You are in our prayers and I am glad to see that you are at least on the mend. Hang in there and keep the faith! I'll be in touch.
  14. You might want to try the Red Line 75W 80 I used. It did not totally fix the fussy 3rd gear shift but sure did greatly improve it. The other thing I did was to add the TDS pto covers which raise the oil fill port to make the transmission hold and extra 2 pints, maybe more.
  15. Getting back to topic for a final follow up. The 50/50 blend of Amsoil MTF/ SAE 50 synthetic is working well but with an * that I recommend all heed. This blend of transmission oil DOES work very well once it has reached operating temperature. When it is cold, the transmission if VERY VERY stiff with respect to shifting gears. The colder it is, the worse it gets. Once the transmission oil has reached full operating temperature, the transmission shifts VERY nice and smooth. Having had some time to work with this transmission fill, I have found that on cold days, for the first start up, I will start the truck, allow it to idle a few minutes and then place the transfer case in neutral. Then I place the transmission in 4th gear and allow the engine to warm up. I usually let it idle with exhaust brake set on to aid the engine reaching full operation temperature faster. Once the temperature gauge is showing good movement to warming up, I shut the exhaust brake off and go on my way. By then, the transmission oil is warmed up enough to shift without much issue. Just have to be easy with it and let it go in gear when it is ready. Sometimes a double clutch helps out. As it warms up fully, I can shift like normal. My 5 gallon pail of Red Line 75W 80 synthetic came in and I decided to use it on the wife's transmission since it has a very fussy 3rd gear shift if you rush it. I went with the Red Line based on my phone conversation with Cody at Super Stick Transmissions. He indicated that he liked the Red Line the best. He was DEFINITELY correct on that call. My manual shake test told me the Red Line was not as vicious as the Amsoil MTF and way thinner than the SAE 50 synthetic but more viscous than the Pennzoil Synchromesh that was in the transmission. I am very impressed with how much smoother the wife's truck shifts now. The fussy 3rd gear shift is MUCH better. The Red Line oil does not need to be warmed up near as much as the 50/50 blend in my truck. I may change over to the Red Line for my truck in the future.