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  1. So I can text you Biden & Harris memorabilia and your computer will pick it up and notify you? LOL!
  2. Once I am done with a few project on the farm, I may give Linux another look. I would like to be done with Windows for sure. I guess I have been using Windows for so long, it is psychologically difficult to make that jump.
  3. I would like to make that jump but the big problem is that the programs like Turbo Tax and others as far as I am aware are Windows only.
  4. I initially copied the documents, picture, and video's, etc. to the SSD. Access was lightening fast. I went back and copied it to the HDD and deleted it from the SSD. The SSD is much slower but not so slow that I find it a problem. This computer is FAR over my head in it's capabilities vs. mine but I expect to gradually grow into it. As computers and the software continue to change and develop, it will last me awhile I hope. Many thanks for the advice and suggestions.
  5. That is EXACTLY & PRECISELY why I purchase my truck. I had a POS 1993 Chevy Suburban 2500 4 x 4 that was a gas toilet, the engine developed a rod knock at about 18,000 miles, the dealer did NOT replace it with a new crate engine but did a half assed short block rebuild/replacement that was never right. Even with a Mag Hi Tech deep transmission oil pan and additions HD transmission oil cooler, the transmission would over heat and puke. The side view mirrors fell apart and were replaced under warranty, the AC sucked even with the rear AC on full blast. And it was SLOW and had NO POWER.
  6. I think there are more than a few computer savy folks on this forum. I recently purchased this computer: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07WDSGD1J/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 This is the first time I have used/own an SSD & HDD equipped computer. My question is, what is the best way to used/manage the data on this computer. I am transferring my documents and other files from the other computer to the new one. I have been searching the internet looking for information on this topic and for the most part I am find recommendations to stor
  7. This might help. 5 Ways to Get Better Fuel Mileage You may want to check and clean or replace the IAT sensor as well.
  8. I looked at East Coast Gear and missed those shafts. Thanks! I will keep them in mind. To make that upgrade would cost me about $3500 for the parts plus installation cost. That is just a LOT more than I want to spend on a truck that aside from my wanting a TruTrac, does not really need all of that upgrade. If the Yukon Dura Grip does not work out, I may take another look at East Coat though. Great catch.
  9. My concern on this type of upgrade is that it appears that few to nobody has done it. This is probably for very good reason. Just far more hassle and cost than I want to dive into.
  10. Replacing the axle was NEVER an option for me as that is just FAR too much money to throw at something that does not get regular and essential use. If off roading gets that bad, I have a Kubota RTVX 1100 C with a 2 inch lift kit and 28 inch tall tires equipped with a winch to get me out of sloppy messes which I take great pains to avoid.
  11. Talking with Joey Sanchez @ 4WDFACTORY.com tells me that I can install the guts/axles from a 99 or earlier CAD front Dana 60 in theory which are 35 spline axles but there is not CAD mount on my axle nor the vaccum tubing and asscociated brackets & hardware. The axles would cost about $700. The caveat is that they have NEVER done this axle upgrade in their shop and I am pretty confident neither has any other reputable shop that I am aware of. Just too much unknown and complication. Hence elected to go with the Yukon Dura Grip. The 32 spline axles are strong enough for what I can throw
  12. OK, here is the deal on traction aid devices on my particular 2nd Gen 2002 2500 but this applies to 00 - 02 2500's & 3500's. The rear axle being a Dana 80 is compatible with the Eaton TruTrac Part # 915A567. This in my opinion is the best limited slip/locking device for the rear axle. The front axle on the other had is an odd duck thanks to Dodge cheaping out and electing to buy 32 spline Dana 60 front axles. There aside from an ARB Locker and some other axle lockers that are NOT suitable for full time use on public roads, there is as far as I am aware of ONLY 1 traction d
  13. Agree. If I had a factory limited slip, I would not be replacing it. I think I would just add a front TruTrac in that case. I have open diff's front and rear and they REALLY suck in mud or even damp grass. Having a front limited slip differential that does not affect steering dramatically is a BIG plus for me as I am on logging roads from time to time. I kinda had my doubts and did an eye roll on the 20,000 mile thing too.
  14. The Eaton TruTrac is not a differential locker per se. It is substantially similar to the Torsen differential: Torsen Differential The Eaton TruTrac achieves similar if not stronger results: Eaton TruTrac Exploded The Eaton TruTrac to my understanding provides the best of both worlds in that it provides a locking function but does allow axle differentiation thus minimizing torque steer in frront axle applications. I think this guy can explain it better than I can starting at 5:20 if you don't want to listen to the entire presentation:
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