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  1. I have not started nor driven my truck for about 6 months. She started right up but the exhaust brake in not working. I have suspicions that our dumbassed cat which has been crawling up into the engine compartment may have something to do with it. I think I have some ideas on where to start troubleshooting but it never hurts to get as much information and advice as possible before hand. Does anyone have any comments or suggestions on solving this problem. Thank!
  2. LiveOak

    eaton roadranger 10 speed swap onto 5.9 Cummins

    I realize this is a dated post but WOW! JAG took the words right out of my mouth, great minds think alike! Absolutely amazing. What a remarkable example of engineering, ingenuity, and down right American resourcefulness. Great job!
  3. I have found that I get the best fuel economy at around 45 to 50 mph but in this day and age, driving that slow is now a safety hazard since even the slow pokes drive 65 - 70 around my area. To use the left lane and not have people up on your butt, you have to drive at least 80 mph and sometimes people are doing 90. Driving 45 mph on the Fort Campbell manuever reservation when you could drive through there which basically had no traffic, I regularly got 24 to 25 mpg and on my best run totally empty during Summer got slightly over 26 mpg. My fuel economy drops like a Simonized piano once I pick up the speed and gradually goes down to around 12 to 14 mpg driving 75 - 80 or above. Our trucks are not exactly the most aerodynamic vehicles on the road and aerodynamic drag is squared as you double your speed. It is a HUGE drop from 45 mph to 85 mph. Nowadays, I just take it easy on my old girl. Still got my 2002 just as it is in my signature. She is almost 16 years old. Around local driving I get 17 - 19 mpg. On the highway, I still get 20 - 23 mpg depending on how fast I drive, what, and how much weight I am hauling. She has been a good ole' truck.......God willing........I think I'll keeper another 16 years.
  4. Just to ensure ALL air is purged, try loosening the fuel line fittings from the pump forward up to the injection pump. You can do each fitting individually looking for a nice fuel spray. Let it spray for a short moment looking for air pockets purging. When a steady fuel spray appears, tighten that fitting. This should take only few seconds at each fitting. Normally this should be able to be done by just removing the cap from the OEM fuel filter canister, bump the starter and let the lift pump run until the canister over flows. I am not exactly sure of how your fuel system is configured so am playing it safe. The OEM fuel canister you can manually fill and then torque the top tight or you can leave it setting loose on top of the canister and let it over flow and then try to tighten when it does. (this method makes a mess) I have done both and prefer to just fill the canister from a known clean fuel container, allow for the new fuel filter to absorb the fuel, then install and tighten the plastic cap. Move over to the VP44 pump and loosen the fuel line fitting and repeat the purge procedure. Now bump the starter a few time to push as much fuel forward into the injector pump. Finally loosen the injector lines to the first 3 injectors. (more if you prefer) Now you will have to turn the engine over with the ignition switch until you see a very pronounced fuel spray at each injector line fitting. Continue for several revolutions of the engine to ensure all of the air in the lines is purged. (yes this will make a mess). Quickly tighten each fuel fitting as quickly as possible to minimize any air that may seep back into the fitting. Make sure all of your tools, rags, etc. are secured out of the way and accounted for. Hold the throttle at about 50% and crank the engine over (ensuring you have a fully set of batteries). Hopefully it will start and sound like a wounded buffalo but hold the throttle pedal at 50% and allow the engine to rev up but not over 2500 to 3000. Hold this engine rpm until all of the other cylinders catch on and the run smoothly and push any remaining air through and out of the injectors. Hope this was not TMI. This is what I had to do when my fuel sending unit went bad and I ran my truck totally dry on fuel. Hopefully yours will fire right up as well. Good luck!
  5. Is the pump (lift pump) coming on for a full cycle when you just bump the starter and release the ignition key?
  6. If you are using the factor fuel filter canister, you likely have air in it. You will need to purge the fuel lines upto and through the fuel canister, then you can crack a few injector lines and watch for the definitely pronounced fuel spray, then tighten. If you can get 2 or 3 cylinders to fire, the rest will push the air through the injectors and catch on. The engine will sound like it REALLY does not like it until all the cylinders fire. I have the same year and type engine in my truck. It is very finicky about any air in the factory fuel canister after changing fuel filters.
  7. LiveOak

    4 Inch Exhaust Needed!!!

    Kinda late to this thread but I had a Farm Boy Diesel Performance 5 inch exhaust installed on my truck back July of 2010. It is still doing well but I don't have near the salt and other road hazards you all do. I installed it primarily due to an egt problem after installing larger injectors. http://forum.tractorfarmandfamily.com/topic/555-5-inch-turbo-back-exhaust-install-on-my-2002-dodge-ram-cummins-diesel/?tab=comments#comment-3823 I believe I paid about $280 for mine when I bought it. It fit tight but just right and sounds good. Helped out with the egt issue as well. http://www.farmboysdiesel.com/product/budget-exhaust-fbd-5-straight-pipe-6/ Its not stainless but depending upon where you live, it may be more cost effective than stainless. Here is the stainless system they carry. http://www.farmboysdiesel.com/product/mbrp-xp-series-5-single-dodge-exhaust-system/
  8. I don't do Face Book. I never realized it would be such a pain in the *** to post a short video.
  9. Sounds like you are doing a lot better since the last time we traded posts. Glad to hear it. We didn't get any honey last season due to the drought. It was a major accomplishment getting my hives through the Winter. I experimented with bubble wrap insulation and was able to save many of the hives in trouble. You should be grafting some queens from the surviving hives, building some nucs, and splitting the rest of the hives to recover from your losses and build resistant stock from the surviving bees you have. Even if you don't have the time and experience to graft queen cells you can use a Cloake board to get the bees to make some queen cells for you easy enough.
  10. Thanks for the kind words JAG. Not sure this is a problem that ever gets solved.........through faith and understanding, you hopefully learn to live and be at peace with it as it is how the Lord created us in the cycle of life. The passing of both souls was a compassionate calling by the Lord. For my sister and I it was expected yet the "expected" in this type of thing comes as a shock to the soul in spite all the mental preparation before that day comes. Death comes like a thief in the night........even when you expect it.........it comes unexpectedly. It is a journey we ALL will take dealing with the passing and ourselves one day passing on. It just takes time. Yep, the video was about exercise equipment. I have been sticking with it pretty regular and have made some noticable gains. Namely vastly improving my respiratory ability. Things that used to leave me short of breath are MUCH easier now. I have cut my mile times in half from when I started. This is the model I got: https://www.proform.com/hiit-trainers/cardio-hiit-trainer-pro So far I am really satisfied with the machine. ProForm is sending me new bearings but I did not notice any drag caused by the noise so I am hoping it may be a matter of breaking it in. Right now.......without jinxing anything, they are doing excellent. I have about 50 big ten frame hives, 6 nice 8 frame hives, about 15 nucs, and 3 three frame queen nucs. I have been trying my hand at grafting queens but had to take a break due to weather and so many things to do in the apiary. Right now there is a MONSTER HUGE nectar flow on and my bees are wearing everything bearing nectar out. I have tons of photos and video's on my smartphone but have not figured out how to post them all just yet. I did post my queen grafting first attempt here: http://forum.tractorfarmandfamily.com/topic/3701-my-first-attempt-at-grafting-queen-cells/ and my first swarm of the season: http://forum.tractorfarmandfamily.com/topic/3699-first-swarm-catch-of-the-2017-season/ got covered with ticks and chiggers catching that one! How are you doing with the bees this season?
  11. I don't have a YouTube account and I cannot imagine how much more time it will take if what I have done so far took over 3 hours. This is my first smartphone. The file I am trying to upload is an mp4, 48 second long video that is 98 Mb. I can't send it to my email because everyone puts a 25 Mb limit on the size of a file attachment. I spent the last 3 hours trying to upload the video by logging in on my smartphone and uploading directly but no luck. For some reason, I can text video's no problem. Why? I have no idea. One of these days I may get this new stuff figured out.
  12. Hi guys. It has been a while since I have posted here. Hope you haven't written me off. Our family has recently been through some of the worst times of our lives and it has just been recently like I have the spirit in me to venture outside of my small world here on the farm. I have been to get my spirits and mind right but the first thing I need to concentrate on is my health. I recently purchased a ProForm Hiit Trainer Pro Elliptical which I have come to like a LOT. Even the wife likes it too. Recently it started making some worrisome noise which I think I have narrowed down to a main shaft bearing. It makes a strange ratcheting or weird grinding noise that I think is a bearing. I can feel a momentary vibration in my hand and the tension spring vibrates in tone with the noise. Take a look and listen and tell me what you think. I apologize in advance for the lacking cinematic skills of my video. 😀 Sorry for the no show video guys. I have tried for the past 2 hours to upload it and after if uploads I get a error 200 message stating the upload failed. Maybe I can get ahold of Mike and text him the video and he may be able to figure a way to post it.
  13. The check engine light stayed on an uncomfortably long time. Out of an abundance of caution, if you have not already, I would check to what if any codes latched. A couple of the magnetic oil pan heaters would probably help eliminate such a long wait for oil pressure.
  14. My fuel sender does something similar. The separation membrane inside the fuel isolator becomes stiff and initially will indicate low fuel pressure and no fuel pressure on cold days. Once the engine compartment has had some time to warm up, the fuel isolator separator membrane becomes more flexible and eventually indicates accurate fuel pressure. I tried changing mine out and the new fuel isolator did the same thing. Now I just let the truck warm up a bit before a drive off and the fuel pressure gauge is usually indicating accurate. I have my Air Dog set at about 18 psi.
  15. Hope you have the Winter fronts installed on the grill/radiator. They will hold a good bit of what the block heater puts out allowing the entire underhood area to maintain some degree of warmth. Also be mindful to either check under the hood or at least blow the horn good to chase out any animals that may make themselves a nice warm bed there for the night, especially if you have a cat. Do you have a way to plug your truck in at work?