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  1. Definitely not legal in my state. Not worth taking a chance on a visit from the state sponsored terrorists either. It sure would be nice if somewhere or someone posted an honest, no nonsense rating of what percent CBD oil is in legal over the counter products.
  2. So more or less what I am getting is that unless you can get some really good ganja and extract the oil from it, you are at most getting maybe half the benefit and the over the counter stuff being sold, you have no idea of what you are getting and are probably wasting your money?
  3. So, of the CBD oil that can be purchased on the open legal market, who makes the legit CBD oil? There are 100's of brands all pushing their stuff and making wild claims. You can't trust Amazon or online reviews anymore.
  4. I was wanting to try some CBD oil for my dog Max. He is very old about 17 years old, deaf, does not see well, and has problems walking and even getting up to walk. The wife gives him an aspirin a day which seems to help a little. I have heard various comments about how CBD oil has helped other pet owners in our situation and wanted to try it. The problem is that there seems to be NO standardization or much of anything with respect on how these CBD/Hemp oil products are made or marketed. I got a 100 ml bottle of Green Roads CBD oil at a local drug store for about $27 and looked on Amazon to see what was available there. As best I can tell, Amazon is either not allow or does not allow CBD oil sales on its website but DOES allow Hemp oil. Apparently and as best I can tell, Hemp oil is made from Hemp seed and CBD oil is made from the entire Hemp plant. I am still as lost as an Easter egg on Christmas about CBD oil and Hemp oil. Which is the better way to go? Do they actually work? They are expensive as hell, are there more reasonable priced alternatives? Any help in getting me pointed in the right direction is greatly appreciated. If in fact these products do work, I may try them myself.
  5. I have some questions about CBD oil. Is this the correct place to post these questions? Glad to see you are doing better Mike.
  6. I take NO joy in posting this and wish this were NOT the case but THIS is why the fences, gate, posted signs, and security is going up on private land pretty much everywhere. It's not just in Idaho or Washington. I wish it wasn't like this. In my opinion, the government encourages this because they just allow it to happen and when they do prosecute.......the dirt bags that do this kind of thing either get off with NO penalty or a slap on the wrist. Add to this that the fines and penalties are laughable and do NOTHING to deter this kind of behavior.
  7. Mike, I have a feeling it is mostly because of how bad people behave. In times long past, for the most part, people respected other people's private property and acted in a responsible and morally decent manner. Now and in recent times, about all I can see is that for the most part (and there are exceptions) people are pigs and using that analogy is a huge insult to pigs. Land owners are fed up with how people behave, the financial losses from jerks and criminals, and the constant expense of trying to prevent vandalism, theft, and criminal activity. A few years back a group of people set a fire in 4 places on one of our properties. It took the forestry department almost a week to put it out and ensure it did not relight and it burned over 200 acres of our forest land. The gates, fences, cameras, no trespassing signs, and other measures went up and I prosecute in every instance. My neighbor and I prosecuted 2 dirt bags that were trespassing on his and my farm riding around on ATV's looking for hunt stands and tools to steal after they had already stolen items a few time before. We both prosecuted and made it as difficult for them as we could. They still got a slap on the wrists but now they have a criminal conviction. Another HUGE problem for land owners is liability and being sued by idiots who trespass and get injured. My farm and liability insurance costs about $7,000 a year and the cost goes up every year and I have NEVER made a claim. I actually prefer to have people out on our land provided I know them well and we have a VERY CLEAR understanding of EXACTLY what they will be doing. It is an extra set of eyes and ears out there to help me keep up with what goes on. Unfortunately, there are few I find trustworthy enough to allow this.
  8. I would have to do a title search and review the deeds. If those roads are private property, it makes no difference that they were allowed to be used before for access to public lands by the previous land owners. The current land owners are well within their right and legality to close those roads off and prosecute trespassers IF in fact those roads are NOT public roads or easements. I realize a lot of people may not like it but would you like it if people just helped themselves to drive their vehicles and have free access to your property?
  9. If they are not blocking a public access road or easement, then they are just exercising ownership of their private property. If they ARE blocking a pulbic access road or easement, then that is a totally different issue and they are breaking the law. Have you contacted the National Forest Service to ask them what in fact is the legal access to these areas. I don't support nor approve of blocking legal & lawful access to public lands.
  10. This is a hot topic and definitely an issue with its gray areas. Speaking for myself as a land owner, I cannot begin to express how fed up and upset I am about free loaders, trespassers, poachers and just flat out pigs who dump their trash, destroy fences and gates, illegally cut trees, set fires, set up camp sites, go digging for artifacts, dump tires, washing machines, refrigerators, televisions, help themselves to hunting & even setting up hunt stands, spotlight at night poaching deer, go atv joy riding of which some groups have exceeded 50 riders, theft of tree stands, game cameras, feeders, gate chains & locks, tools & other equipment, etc. I think you get the idea. I loath easements but I respect those that are legally already established and strictly abide by them. Private property is just that PRIVATE. It belongs to the owner to use and enjoy legally as they see fit. I cannot believe nor understand the huge numbers of people who think that it is perfectly fine to free load and just do whatever they like on someone else's property. In my view the trespassing laws are no where near stiff enough or have adequate teeth to knock this crap off. State and local governments in my opinion sponsor, encourage, and lend their tacit approval to the trespassing and vandalism by preventing stiff penalties which encourage free loaders to engage in this criminal activity. There is more than one side to this story. I don't approve of blocking public roads or easements. What likely happened was that the owners just like I have contacted the county road commissioner and ensure that particular road was not on the county's road list, checked their deed and title insurance documents to ensure the road was NOT an easement or public road and THEN blocked it off just like I and my neighbors have because they became fed up with all of the above not to mentions the wild parties, alcohol, and drug use that takes place on these trouble spots. Maintaining county roads even it dirt roads is VERY expensive for the county and they jump at the opportunity to drop these roads from the county road list especially if they have no other easement value like access to a property owner's property. They become attractive nuisance points for ****** bags to party and raise hell at because it is not tolerated where they live. This is the wave of the future like it or not. A LOT of people want to gripe and grumble about private property ownership but when it comes to paying property taxes........they sure do like these private property owners who for the most part carry the county on their backs with the onerous property theft/blackmail payments........also known as property taxes they pay footing the bill for many of the local government waste, fraud, and abuse projects. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/06/22/us/wilks-brothers-fracking-business.html#commentsContainer
  11. Typo on my part. I meant Super UDT 2. It is the only Super UDT you can get unless you find NOS stock.
  12. Unfortunately, I took down the website last week. It is no more.
  13. Watch this before you buy after market filters. As far as engine oil, I use Shell Rotella T-6 but any good grade of oil will work. I prefer synthetic oils due to my tractor being stored outside year round. For hydrostatic drive transmissions, I STRONGLY recommend using either Kubota Super UDT-2 or Chevron All Weather Synthetic THF. https://cglapps.chevron.com/sdspds/PDSDetailPage.aspx?docDataId=294507&docFormat=PDF Neither one of these transmission/hydraulic oils is cheap but the make a VERY noticable difference/improvement in how a hydrostatic transmission performs in my opinion. I certainly did on my Kubota RTVX-1100C.
  14. This is a link with several pictures to when I had the Farm Boy Performance 5" straight pipe exhaust system installed about 10 years ago. It is still in good condition and doing its job. Wow! 10 years already! Where does the time go??? https://tractorfarmandfamily.com/topic/555-5-inch-turbo-back-exhaust-install-on-my-2002-dodge-ram-cummins-diesel/
  15. Wow! One step forward and one step back. Sorry for the less than great medical news Mike. At least it appears that you are holding your own and overall doing somewhat better. One step at a time. One day at a time.
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