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  1. I just filled my first full tank. I Got 15.7 mpg. Not bad but I’d like to get a few better.
  2. Yes. According to this site 3.57:1 final ratio. If I go 4.10 ill be at 2.83 final ratio. 70mph at 2016rpm now that I’m looking at it I don’t think tire size is included in the final drive ratio Calculator
  3. Ive been reading through a few of your older posts that cover this issue. I found another more “in-depth calculator” where I was able to put in the 47re gears and see what rpm Is at what speed. http://Www.grimmjeeper.com/gears.html So I’m looking at Falken A/T3W 285/70r17 which are exactly 33” in diameter. With 3.73 gears the final ratio is 2.57. 70mph = 1834 rpm. Does that sound about right? What is the ideal cruising rpm for long haul gas mileage?
  4. Appreciate all the info. Unfortunately Ox doesn’t make a locker for the 70 or 80. Gonna shop around a bit. Still trying to figure out the best gear ratio and tire size. I’m working out my priorities for this build as well
  5. I’m headed to the salvage yard This week. I’ll keep my eye out. Do you really think it’s worth the trouble swapping in an 80?
  6. Been looking at a few lockers for both my jeep and Ram. Really want OX Manual lockers but they don’t make them for a Dana 70. Bummer. So now it’s between air or electronic.
  7. Installed a nations alternator. Looking at 50mVAC off the B+ and 20mVAC at the battery. Gonna keep monitoring it and see if I see any symptoms of excessive noise.
  8. Ran into this exact issue on my jeep. Angles all messed up. Wicked death wobble at 55. I have all adjustable control arms and track bar. Was planning on doing similar to the truck but I think I may have underestimated a stock rams offroad capability. Again...I think I’ve underestimated her abilities. I haven’t poked around too much with the axles. Did rams come from the factory with LSDs? After I get the camper built I’ll check in with north county spring. Hard to know what I’ll need without the final weight in the back. Airbags are definitely a great option. I hoping to keep the weight down as much as possible. Gonna try aluminum framing and sheeting. Need to test these welding skills.
  9. New denso starter installed. W-T mod and complete charge system rewiring complete. Fired right up. This is what I’m seeing off the B+ with the ground on the alternator chassis. 46mVAC with the occasional 57mVAC when something kicks on.
  10. I’ll keep that in mind. I could see the bed flexing a bit more with all that weight of the camper.
  11. I guess I have some things to think about. I’m Building a overland camper so there’s lots of options. I’d like to have some decent clearance and off-road performance...but I’m going to be driving this all over the country and Mexico.
  12. Appreciate the replies. I bet it’s been tough on this truck too. I pressed out want was left of the track bar bushing and put a new one in. Steering is much better but still sloppy. Lots of new parts are going on this truck over the summer.
  13. This is what I’m working with. Is that a spring spacer above the coil cup?
  14. Appreciate all the info. It has a single block in the rear. I don’t recall seeing any extra leafs. The front has springs with no spacer. But I’ll need to double check when I get home.
  15. That’s an interesting problem. Failing torque converter maybe? I’m pretty new to these trucks so I’m learning along with you haha.
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