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  1. That’s awesome! Glad the tip jar worked out and I’m glad that you found a hosting company to suit your needs!
  2. As this is a big mis interpretation of what I was trying to say I’m quoting this first. When I said make everything financial available to the members I was purely speaking of members donations. Not towards the business you run not at all as I say I am only speaking towards the funds funneled through donation is all. I can help with those things and be happy to do it if you would like. You just need a couple of guys to help you get this site to what you want it to be. It’s seems like your drowning trying to juggle this site being in the black instead of the red and trying to run a bui
  3. Put all things mopar, tech, write ups, how to in their own forumn with the ability to see title and description but not read the contents or the Q&A Base the site on levels of membership Free= browse entire site dated back 1 yr. 1 post in each general forums unlimited replies in said posts. 1 sent private message a day except to mods and admins. Access to the store. Ability to view and purchase all things full price in tech and how to forum, or with the purchase of a membership 10/20/50% for each tier off of one item. 7 day trial excluded. 7 day trial= SLT perks fo
  4. That1Guy02


  5. I don’t have either of those. My fass runs straight to the injection pump. The shop took all of my stock stuff out and not the right way either. The sending unit is still in the top of the tank. However the put a sump in and ripped out the block mounted lift pump and filter housing. I had to plug the lines and plug off the factory wiring harness. Essentially my fass is my lift and sending unit, but I get what your saying I will use that fass as the “factory” system
  6. So essentially I just need to see if the fass will free flow when not powered on? Which it should being that gdp gives you the option of leaving your fass ddrp in place and functional(shouldn’t be a difference in base design). Run the “to engine” line from the fass to the GDP pump. Then the return from GDP pump to the return on my tank. Throw a plug in the return port of the fass leave it wired up kicks on runs for a few seconds Hobbs switch kicks it off, or just leave the fuse out in the junction box in cab throw in if I need to prime the system.
  7. So I’m guessing probably not? I could see if the fass could free flow when off where it would work unless the filters were clogged. Does the check valve keep fuel pressure from bleeding off (returning to tank)? I’m sure all of this isn’t worth the amount of effort I’m putting into figuring it out lol but now it has peaked my interest.
  8. I guess it’s a more of a piece of mind thing with the filters so I suppose I will decide when I make the purchase. However the the shop that put the fass in took all of my factory lines filters and lift off the block back to the tank. Only thing they didn’t do was plug off the factory wiring harness so water didn’t get into it. Called them oh we threw that away yeah sure you did you got it on a shelf gonna sell it to someone needing it.
  9. Well I was mainly thinking of the added filtration, and it’s already there. I get free fuel for my personal truck but they don’t always buy the best ?. I know I know just spend the money on diesel at a station, but I have a big enough transfer tank that I can usually make it 16-1700 miles without touching a fuel station. So that’s an added bonus on the lay off and going home usually saves you 4-500 dollars. However I like the water separator of the fass and the filtration it provides. I guess I could buy a housing and make my own but it’s already there ?
  10. So this might be a stupid question. Can I leave my fass and sump installed(forgot to add to my signature) and just run the mechanical with the fuse pulled from the run start plug in the junction box? In my head it will work as long as the fass will free flow.
  11. Lol I hear yuh there this one actually lets me spend most of what I want where I want so I can’t complain she’s just a tight ***??. Thank you for the advice I will for sure keep that in mind for the future. I really like the idea of a mechanical pump. Is it a pain to install? I need to do a little more research into because I don’t know much about them. I’m digging the shorty conversion. I got a buddy who is in the process of making a shorty out of a 2019 F450 single cab I’m curious to see how it turns out.
  12. Thank you for that I see what you mean...I still have a lot left to figure out lol? I do plan to do this in two stages mainly so the wife won’t harass me to bad lol. So maybe I will leave the inside be for now Unless I should do both? I don’t really push it that hard unless I’m on the interstate and trying to maintain a constant 75-80 and I just cringe to see the tach setting so high for hours on end. This is a little off subject but has anyone swapped gearing with a thin carrier front and back?
  13. I appreciate all of the advice guys. I will definitely be using them I do plan on getting with them for a final order and pulling the trigger on Monday when they open back up.
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