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  1. Now that I have stock injectors I decided to give a used smarty a try. So far I’m pleased. No wiring no check engine light and feels like a lot more power although it’s no more than most canned tuners. I’m happy for now.
  2. I am 100% stock right now and last tank was 17.4 and I can telll this next tank will be even better.
  3. Mike I have struggled financially all my life. I find that if your can cut out some small bills that you know you can do without it really does help. Idling you have any subscriptions or anything like that that you truly don’t need but I’m just saying that it helps more than you think.
  4. No tuner right now. Seems like my truck don’t like tuners. Pigs as in slow or fast? My biggest concern is that sometimes it runs good and smooth and sometimes it don’t. That’s what has me stumped.
  5. Take it easy and move slow.
  6. Who cares about free time. Mike you need money and you are acquiring work that will pay BILLS!
  7. Yes it was prior. I had way high egts and lots of smoke and they’re still is a little bit but not much. And. Can’t find anymore boost leaks.
  8. I just fixed a massive boost leak. Replaced intake manifold and plenum gaskets and all.
  9. So my main issue is a knock. It’s only when warm and don’t always do it. I’ve also noticed higher egts and a decent amount of black smoke which is supriseing for stock injectors? Also seems very gutless but that’s problably from stepping down in injector size. Can anyone suggest some remedy’s for my issues before I sell it and go buy another that runs right?
  10. Nice truck! Looks very sharp! Wouldn’t mind seeing some more pics!
  11. Likely your abs wire got severed or your wheel bearing is toast.
  12. Thanks for the replies sorry I haven’t been around for the past few days. So I’m going to have the truck aligned and ask for more caster and give them a new set of camber bolts?
  13. I would like to see more income for you. I would also like to see more adverts.
  14. this is what a 24 valve should sound like. This truck idles so perfect. This is what I need my truck to sound like! On a side note the 1693 code disappeared.
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