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  1. Marcus2000monster

    manual boost controller

    I have an extra I’ll sell. 5$ is shipping.
  2. Marcus2000monster

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    Thanks Mike for covering that for me!
  3. Marcus2000monster

    Lack of power

    Yep anytime. I personally have the Fass Tiranium 150 and I think it’s kind of noisy. I would go with the Airdog complete system. You won’t regret it.
  4. Marcus2000monster

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    I recommend gettin rid of that K&N those are known to foul up these trucks. Go with a BHAF filter. @Mopar1973Man can tell you more about that.
  5. Marcus2000monster

    Lack of power

    Yup there’s your problem. You need 18 22 psi at idle and 14 16 wide open throttle. I would get a Fass or Airdo fuel system as the stock on will just keep going out. It will be a surprise if you didn’t ruin your Vp44 yet. Replace lift pump and then see wht happens.
  6. Marcus2000monster

    Lack of power

    A video of what your exhaust sounds like! Lol glad you like it!
  7. Marcus2000monster

    Lack of power

    If your injectors are original I would just replace them anyway. They can be had from DAP for under 350$.
  8. Marcus2000monster

    Lack of power

    Right on have you check d fuel pressure? If not I suggest parking the truck until it has checked out.
  9. Marcus2000monster

    Lack of power

    Sounds like low fuel pressure to me which is going to lead to a new VP44 which will cost you a cool 1200$ or more. Maybhve already killed ur pump. Did you scan for codes with a obd tool or just assumed there was no codes becuase of no cel? OT: @Hawkez seen u have a FTE resonated? Thinking about installing one to reduce highway cabin noise. How do you like ours? Could I get an exhaust sound clip?
  10. Marcus2000monster

    Front End Wander

    The 2010 t style steering upgrade I have heard is pretty good. Blue top steering gears is a vendor here and has many good reviews. Personally I haven’t used either one becuase I have never done front end work. Here’s a link. http://www.bluetopsteering.com/apps/webstore/products/show/7304079 Looks like they’re out of stock but you can send yours in for them to rebuild.
  11. Marcus2000monster

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    How do you like ur xzt?
  12. So I maybe selling the 24 and buying a 12 valve Cummins in the near future. What is the best year of the 12 valve? Any other tips or advice also appreciated
  13. Marcus2000monster

    New Tire Size found 235's to 245's

    Just what I’m lookin for. 2k @ 70
  14. Marcus2000monster

    New Tire Size found 235's to 245's

    https://spicerparts.com/calculators I may be wrong but I calculated by entering the new gear ratio hat the tires would make. I entered 3:69 for the R&P ratio and 34 inches for tire height (calculated at tire size website) and 70 mph for speed limit.
  15. Marcus2000monster

    New Tire Size found 235's to 245's

    According to spicers calculator I would be at 2035 average rpms at 70 mph.