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  1. Marcus2000monster

    Foglight wiring issues

    Where will the grounds be located?
  2. Marcus2000monster

    ABS kicking in

    Hmm so do you think this is the cause of the abs kicking in since I installed different gear ratio?
  3. Marcus2000monster

    Foglight wiring issues

    @Mopar1973Man My test light lights up on both wires of the fog light socket whether the switch is on or off
  4. Marcus2000monster

    ABS kicking in

    @Mopar1973Man @Chris O. I don’t want to have to remove the Diff cover to determine the tone ring tooth count and I called the dealer and no go any other suggestions?
  5. Marcus2000monster

    Foglight wiring issues

    Oem style. I’m thinking I’ll try a new set of bulbs next.
  6. Marcus2000monster

    Foglight wiring issues

    Itll have to wait till after work but yep ill do that tonight.
  7. Marcus2000monster

    Foglight wiring issues

    Its usually After the truck sits for a little that they come back on. Iv swapped out the relay and the 15 amp fuse.
  8. Marcus2000monster

    ABS kicking in

    That would be awesome! Im showing it off to the guys here at work when they show up.
  9. Marcus2000monster

    Foglight wiring issues

    I have not ill do that tonight. Its wierd the truck will be sitting dead still and they turn on and stay on for like 5 mins and just shut off and then they stay off for a while.
  10. Marcus2000monster

    ABS kicking in

    Thank you! This tool is cool! Love the Symbol when you plug it in!
  11. Have you scanned for codes? My truck threw a code and then the symptoms started.
  12. Marcus2000monster

    Foglight wiring issues

    Did you have issues with the lights flickering or shutting off? I cant figure mine out. Iv swapped the relays and fuses checked grounds and wiring replaced the light switch and still doing it.
  13. Marcus2000monster

    ABS kicking in

    @Chris O. Could you contact me via phone at 4063615634 or here on the website regarding programming the abs module with your tool. Seems that you cant get messages from me on the site. Thanks
  14. Marcus2000monster

    ABS kicking in

    @Mopar1973Man How do I figure out the tone ring count without taking the diff cover off?
  15. Marcus2000monster

    Quadzilla display project

    @Quadzilla Power @Quadzilla_Stephen Any updtes on the new monitor? I’m considering picking up a quad soon and I’m wondering if I can upgrade from the Adrenaline WiFi version to this monitor without too much additional costs? ThNks for your good work guys!