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  1. What didnhose genuine Cummins battery’s run you for price? I assume you installed those in a second gen?
  2. Marcus2000monster

    Engine stumbles

    Mike I think we’re off track. @pepsi71ocean mentioned that he raised his pop pressures to 322 and had a smoother idle and less smoke. I was just wondering if they’re was any reason I couldn’t do the same thing and set mine at 320 or so being mine are 75s and his were 100s. I would love decreased smoke and smoother idle.
  3. Marcus2000monster

    Engine stumbles

    I realize I have to send them in to dap to get repopped I’m just wondering if they’re is any reason I couldn’t do it being I have different mods than Pepsi?
  4. Marcus2000monster

    Running Cool

    How did the heater core go? I’m putting my interior back together this morning. I didn’t mess with the evaporator like I should have but oh well. It’s honestly only as much a pain as you make it.
  5. Marcus2000monster

    Need help, fueling issue?

    Definatly sounds like air in fuel. When i had to remove that 90 on my truck when i put it back on i cracked it because i overtightened it. drove fine for a couple days till it broke off truck ran as described and i lost a qaurter tank of fuel in 3/8 of a mile. i would inspect evrything you mssed with for whatever reason and go from theyre. If need be get a clear fuel line and splice it in somewhere an d you will see bubbles if theyre is air in the sytem.
  6. Marcus2000monster

    Engine stumbles

    Any reason I couldn’t bump my pressures up to get this smooth idle and reduced smoke?
  7. Marcus2000monster

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    We would love to see he pics in the thread! And nice truck!
  8. Marcus2000monster

    3rd gen track bar on a 2nd gen

    Napa bar here just changed last night and what a difference!! Just got to straighten the wheel now. I suggest getting the Napa bar with the lifetime warranty and then if it fails which it likely will you get a new one for free!
  9. Marcus2000monster

    Coolant leaks - Oil Cooler

    Iv got what I think a front main seal going out that I need to fix. Leaking oil pretty bad and plastering the underside. Also my truck threw a crank sensor code today and started bucking so that’s next tomorrow. I might add that I put a new track bar in tonight and I started on the heater core. Oh and it got a new steering gear last week and running boards etc. the list goes on.
  10. Marcus2000monster

    Quadzilla display project

    Funny question but what floor mats are those in this pic?
  11. Marcus2000monster

    Quadzilla display project

    Oh ya that looks awesome! Good work Qaud team! Is the monitor going to be wireless?
  12. Marcus2000monster


    Might be the multi function switch.
  13. Marcus2000monster

    Wastegate spring?

    I’m willing to give this a try. Someone just let me know what i need. @2000Ram2500 Once we get this down pat someone needs to make an article.
  14. Marcus2000monster

    Quadzilla display project

    Me to I’m waiting for the new monitor befor I buy....
  15. Marcus2000monster

    Where to buy front end parts?

    Thanks guys I think I'll go with Napa and rock auto.