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  1. Well guys looks like we got what we wanted!! Thanks @W-T this is awesome info! Also what brand alternator is that?
  2. Did my VP go too?

    guess I'm going to order a draw straw from vulcan.
  3. Did my VP go too?

    Fuel module is stock. Half tank currently. Went out and ran her agin. Same thing. I wonder if the grease was thick enough? Or the leak is elsewhere?
  4. Did my VP go too?

    Alright I started her up and she did it again but it was off and on this time. It would do it for 15 secs and then quit for 10.
  5. Did my VP go too?

    I don’t wanna be one of those folks either haha! Just got ba i from town guys we’ll start her up ina little while and see what happens...
  6. Did my VP go too?

    Thanks man! Hopefully I can get to the bottom of this! Headed to town in 30 mins so when I get back I’ll see if the truck still does what it does. I’ll replace the filters either this evening or tomorrow morning. If those both fail I’ll check for leaks doing what ever treed is going to tell me to do!
  7. Did my VP go too?

    Thanks! Iv got Dad picking up the filters in town tonight.
  8. Did my VP go too?

    I don’t know how to do this yet or I’d tell you! Lol. What’s your opinion? Vp or air in fuel?
  9. Did my VP go too?

    How did you pressurize at the Vp44? Air hose? @notlimah Did you check out the video of what the truck is doing that I posted?
  10. Did my VP go too?

    It never starts hard. It only IDLES like crap when warm. Also it never used to lope when releasing the clutch and it does that now warm or cold. The clear hose is going to tell me if there is air in the fuel. If there’s not I’ll suspect the VP44. Obviously I want to try the cheaper options first and work up to the Vp44. I’m ready to replace it if I have to but not if I don’t have to.
  11. Did my VP go too?

    By all means tell me more how do I do this? I got the grease on the fitting but I haven’t drove the truck yet I will be driving t in about 2 hrs. @Shainer I’m taking it absolutely seriously! Doing everything I can to find the problem! I’m goin to grab a clear hose if the hardware store or napa has one this afternoon after work. We should easily be able to tell if there is air in the fuel then. Mike mentioned elsewhere that I could start the truck shut it off and put the blower end of a shop vac in the filter neck and pressurize it and leaks would them show. Good Idea?? I do appreciate the help guys!!
  12. Loss of boost and power

    Any engine codes?
  13. Did my VP go too?

    Can the air in my fuel be causing the low mpgs? I’m pretty sure it goes down farther every time I drive it!
  14. Did my VP go too?

    Thanks guys I’ll try this tonight. And hope it works!! And Mike which draw straw do you recommend from Vulcan?
  15. Did my VP go too?

    I would really like to keep the pickup tube stock if at all possible. Someone mentioned not using the push to connect fitting and just pushing the hose over the suction tube and clamping it. Will that lock out he air? @Mopar1973Man could I just pack it on without taking it off so I only have to take everything apart again? It will that not get the desired results?