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  1. HE351 swap

    So where do you spend near 1k on a rebuild? Sorry if I come up with a few dumb questions! Lol
  2. HE351 swap

    That sounds good. I can always mod it in the future... the rebuild kit I priced was from dap. @Me78569 is it possible for someone like me to do the rebuild?
  3. HE351 swap

    Haha I understand! I’m thinking I’ll go with an unmodded turbo although it sounds cool. What do you honk the rebuild Aline would cost? Still 1k?
  4. HE351 swap

    Ouch that’s a lot! Rebuild kits cost 100 bucks where is the rest of he money going?
  5. HE351 swap

    What does a rebuild cost for an He351cw?
  6. HE351 swap

    How much hp can my stock clutch hold? Currently it has been holding a hot unlocked Juice without slipping...
  7. HE351 swap

    Sounds like that’s the ticket...
  8. HE351 swap

    Thinking I may leave the wiretap unhooked is this possible to do but still have all benefits of v2 tuning?
  9. HE351 swap

    Thanks for the input! Appreciate it! @Me78569 did mention that the sxe would not spool well with stock injectors. I do not have a Fass 150 pump yet. Currently runnin a Fass ddrp with 16 to 17 psi at idle and 13 15 wot. I normally keep the Juice on 3 or 4 and 6 when I wanna play. But let me tell you I baby my truck and have never put it too the floor! Lol If I did the He351cw would it matter if I did injectors first Or last? If it matters than I would be installing injectors and turbo at the same time. I have a Cs2 for guages. Would eventually like to have a isspro set. I left dap a message yesterday so hope too hear from them tomorrow! What hp is a stock clutch good too? Ifs my understanding that with v2 tuning which will be purchased before injectors and turbo that I can define the truck too lower power levels which may be in order to save my clutch until it dies or I decide to go with a Southbend Dd clutch. With full qaud tuning and injectors and turbo I estimate a 450 to 500 hp truck which is plenty for me and if there is a smaller setup to get around 400 to 450 pleAse fill me in! And fyi FYI I have never slipped the clutch no matter how hard I punched it on level 6! That’s why I have come too love this forum far more than any other. I have seen threads on cummins forum where people are just out to get each other and that’s not what the forum is for! I really appreciate the fact that the problem here are lookin out for you and don’t mean harm in any way. No offense to any cf guys that are here!
  10. HE351 swap

    Where will the wastegate bracket mount?
  11. HE351 swap

    Seems like my best bet is the He351Cw and a aftermarket exhaust brake.
  12. HE351 swap

    Does fleece sell a stand-alone controller?
  13. HE351 swap

    If I get a new turbo what size should I get ? Still trying to decide if I want to do the stock HE351 or the modded one or a new one as you suggested... If I get the turbo how hard are they to rebuild?
  14. HE351 swap

    Can you get a bigger exhaust housing that bolts too the turbo or would you get more cost that way?
  15. HE351 swap

    I think I want to go with the he351. What exactly would need machined? I would like to get a quote from my local machine shop.