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  1. My new truck has M-55s and they hum like mad at hwy speed. Prob just because they’re cupped bad. Evan is your truck leveled? How much? Planning to do an exhaust soon to my truck. Should I go 5 inch or 4? Stainless or aluminuzed? Your truck looks sharp!
  2. Where do I get this PRND21 cover? So the driveshafts should bolt up? How hard is it to change the input shaft on the t case?
  3. I agree that a built auto and a swap are about the same money wise. I think that manual is better for towing though. Pulling hills in overdrive just sucks they’re is no power at all. Drop a 5 speed in 4th and you can pull a grade all day.
  4. Well as much as I was excited about having an automatic and not shifting gears as much I can now say I hate my automatic! I have hauled two tractors now with my new truck and it absolutely sucks! I am planning to do a 5 speed swap at this point. Here is my parts list so far please add what you think is necessary and add any ideas or concerns about it. NV4500 Bellhousing (will the standard one work or will I need a special one?) Clutch (South Bend ConOFE) Clutch Fork Slave cylinder and resivor NP241DHD t case (will the DLD behind my 47RE work?) Driveshafts
  5. Like these guys said if they’re is no visual marks on the housing and no in and out play your most likely fine. I though the same thing on my truck but it was totally fine. Good luck!
  6. Part of owning a CTD they like to leak. I can put up with leaks though for reliability and longevity. Good luck getting that fixed!
  7. Yes you can. We use right stuff gasket maker. Works very well. Try to let it dry for an hr or so before filling with fluid.
  8. All I did was pop ring and pinion out and reinstall the 3:54 set. It was very easy. Some trucks require shimming but mine didn’t. For a quieter ride, better mpg, higher speed.
  9. I have a used set of 4:10 ring and pinion. I’d sell them for a good price. I just did the same thing but the other way around in my old truck. It’s not very hard.
  10. So I’m thinking maybe a dual disc converter. And a valvebody should do the job? What mods would I need to lockup all the shifts through 4th? I saw a video of a 24 valVe with lockup through all the gears.
  11. Looking for turbo suggestions for RV275s and a can bus tuner?
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