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  1. Marcus2000monster

    Manual Boost Controller

    Not reading the whole post are you?? I have a qaudzilla boost fooler.
  2. Marcus2000monster

    Manual Boost Controller

    As far as boost? HX35= 35 psi HY35= 32 psi Oops my bad I looked back over and realized what I said didn’t match your question.
  3. Hi folks it’s been a while since I posted! Life has been busy! So I received my boost controller yesterday from eBay and I’m curious if there is gains without having a Qaudzilla? Of course I hope to get a Qaud before long but I’m curious if I could use it to build more boost without tuning? I do have a boost fooler.
  4. Marcus2000monster

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    Beautiful truck! Sometimes I wish I still had original wheels on my truck for that good looking stock appearance. What ya for hanging off your hot hnim the first pic?
  5. Marcus2000monster

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    Got her scheduled for a full detail on the 31st!
  6. Marcus2000monster

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    I wish I could get a level kit for my truck becuase it does the same but I don’t know if I want the extra wearand tire that Mike talks about.
  7. Marcus2000monster

    Everyone post a picture of your truck!

    Wow that is a huge boat!!
  8. I sure love the color of my truck but man it shows every last rock chip and tiny scratch.
  9. Marcus2000monster


    Yep there’s a mother reason not to buy a ford! Lol
  10. Marcus2000monster

    Tach jumping

    What did you scan with?
  11. Marcus2000monster

    Hp goals

    Thanks guys for the great advice! Much appreciated!
  12. Marcus2000monster

    Hp goals

    Currently working on my GED
  13. Marcus2000monster

    manual boost controller

    Gotcha. Well I’ll get one on the way so I can get it when I get the Qaud. Anyone wanna loan me 675$? Jk lol Ordered two of them just in Case one breaks.
  14. Marcus2000monster

    Hp goals

    Today I’m starting up again with my old boss in Construction. I was working with my Dad in the church furniture Industry. We got extremely slow.
  15. Marcus2000monster

    manual boost controller

    I do have a boost fooler donut should work fine right? Obviously it ships from China?