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  1. Been out in jeep quite abit lately. Got a new toy to now not even rubber can hide from my hacking. Improvement was very noticable on these fronts. Photos wont load. I bought a tire knife and turned the jeep tires. There kinda a cross between a tsl and Parnelli dirt grip
  2. Offcourse I have to share a picture turned out I shount have because I'd rather have not known the under sides coated in diesel. Grrrrr
  3. There are good shops Dynamic happens to be one that's computer savvy. There builders youl never hear of in your area maybe even working out of they're garage. Look towards small shops race car guys. Sled pulls
  4. Fuel pressure will fluctuate with voltage slightly. But barely. That pump looks normal I wouldn't assume it's been replaced. Mine was done at bout 150 I now have about 180 on the second pump it still has the void sticker. Would be nice to go to 500 on this pump.
  5. Lol deep is mid I guess. Goerend holds +2.5 ppe + 4 I do really like the goerend pan. I was unsure about how low the ppe hangs but hasn't seemed to be an issue
  6. Maybe the pinion nuts backed of little and is allowing the gears to walk in and out of eachother causing a vibration that is harmonically removing bolts slowly. This happened on my dana 80 took me a long time to track it . This also ate my gears. I'm still running it but getting tons of metal dust nd chunks. I may upgrade to a dana70 when my 80 goes. Damn thing just keeps going but is eating itself. I did think wheel bears. Checked both sides multiple times. The have that little staple thing that keeps the axle nut from backing off I think that cant come off because the axle bolt flange keeps it from backing out. I think. I had done rear rotors nd thought I'd reinstalled bearings without the correct preload. Almost all things come back to what I ws just working on this why I kept going back to wheel bearings.
  7. I think goerend is mid pan. The ppe like I use is what guys call a double deep. Over years I've never hit a rock or tree with my pan. Closest I cam to do any damage ws when a Buick skylark kinda side swiped me and drove under my rear axle. I do really like my ppe pan I did lots of reading and had to have it. It is a damn solid unit.
  8. Haha I wanted to see if tv stop had been fiddled with. Are we locked down?
  9. I was like sweet noones at Walmart in mtn home at 9PM last night. Well they were closed
  10. No we can read pressure off the accumulator port in the the transmission. I'll have to make up another gauge. Th he last one exploded in my cab when trans pressure broke 200psi. It's only 165 ish now. Alittle bit ok slack in cable is okay. Would Wednesday work sometime after 5
  11. Lol. Yeah we're all going to get it. **** its coming. I live the bachelor life maybe I need to stock up
  12. Technically it shouldn't have alot of free play. The procedure to djust this cable is checking it at wide open throttle with converter locked in 3rd. Rpm when it makes the shift at wide open throttle should be 2800-3000. Tightening the cable will make it shift higher rpm looser lower. Theres is tv stop inside the tranny to set minimum pressure off idle this is what I I am curious about.
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