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  1. I've never found a 47 for 150. Think 400 is the lowest ive seen . I haven't looked in dynamics area bought 10hours from me.
  2. I got my truck at 150k . All ujoints shot except inside the dana 60 I've never done thise yet. Been thinking about doing them because I'll have to listen to one clatter limping one day. I have done front driveline a total of 3 times now to get to 350k truck isnt ran in 4wd very often but has had quite few adventures pulling the horses through slop I was unsure of. Rooster throwing on the turbo for miles hanging in the borrow ditch kinda adventures. With the please dont stop prayer rolling in my head. Rear drive line only ounce
  3. 500 or whatever mike has is alot of power. I also believe he believes it to be reliable and was saving money. Maybe in his head keeping prices below what a 47re costs
  4. Man at 327 my trucks a baby compared to some here. Its amazing to see the 2nd gens running alot of miles
  5. Delo 15/40 here to. Run it in my pickup and all our dirt equipment. I change every few months. Not sure on my oil change mileage intervals but I ran about 45k last year.
  6. I also doubt the tone ring. I've found my truck to be mostly trouble free only needing consumable parts. Good luck sorry I can't help
  7. Lol. Ford or dodge even make parts.. **** seems all the same to me.
  8. I agree. Stock 4th gens would cower till the stick center seat area needs to be grabbed.
  9. Takes work that good shots of light as the eye sees it and not the camera. My silver stars always look prett good in photos but brighter than actual. This ball of flame coming at me didnt look near this bright. This could possibly be close to how my silver stars actually look
  10. Lol. Ford on our trucks isnt really a bad thing. They've always had tighter steering however you need football feild to turn one
  11. I see no reason not to run 4th. Dodge also feels the same. As it warranty fix for 3rd gens
  12. Since were talking tires sleds and brakes. I just grooved my basically bald tires. This made huge improvement on snow. Ive also aired down to eat some shoulder. These tires are not quite to 50k .Being in 4wd keeps the truck ging straight hen 47re shifts to 2nd gear. My rotors and pads are some kinda ceramic voodoo pad and napa rotors show little wear after 45k this is towing off and on. Sometimes with no trailer brakes. Rotors are consumable mostly not even worth 30bucks a rotor to turn them. These my go the life of the truck and stopping power is pretty darn good. I do roll up to all stop lights like I'm in big truck maybe that's why my pads and rotors last. The 47re also has a fair amount of braking and down shifts well. I've drove trucks with exhaust brakes and never thought they were the nats as for slowing down but when your at 32k your slowing way before you get to the stop Hes a she, christine and seems to fight the machine in deep snow. If it's only 2ft deep shel find the 4ft drifts to get stuck in.
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