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  1. I ran bearings till they melted the abs sensors. My bearings seemed to get tighter at the melt down stage. Make sure rotor mud collectors arent bent rubbing rotor I have 1bad balljoint replaced all 4 a year ago I'd still eliminate driveline
  2. More tlc. Oil pan gasket , rear main seal , steering column, clutch, transmission front axle rear axles injectors 2hp. All under way on the back patio . It drives me crazy that I cant figure out why photos work and sometimes dont work. Makes this forumn worthless
  3. My first thought ws ujoints on the front drive line. I'd pull it off see if the problem goes away
  4. https://lugnut4x4.com/product/94-00-dodge-dana-80-disc-brake-conversion-kit-8-lug/
  5. Was it the factory starter. If so I'd give you 30bucks for it.
  6. It's got friction modifiers because it's very slippery synthetic.
  7. I'd probably not do al that. Most likely copy your tune or someone that my injector turbo set up. That's partly why I havent done it yet is because I dont want to **** with it
  8. Tractor/hydraulic fluid cures all I run Chevron thf1000. Have been for a long time I recently stumbled on ati superF transmission fluid Make sure trans has 100psi ish at wot and at least 50is at idle. You check pressure on the accumulator test 1/8" not fitting to any pressure gauge 50-200psi range. Verify tv lever is working on driverside of tranny.
  9. Freaking amazing How many trannies you been through?
  10. 5" rake is what I measured on my 1ton. I've still got some rake but less than I thought. Raising the front kind lowers the rear. So glad I didnt go 3" Did you get your stuff installed. I think your going toove the shocks. They're a game changer
  11. Its always good seeing it layed out on the bench and going over it with the builder. This is mine around 100k ago. It's a basic build single billett etc. Its towed hard and seen lots of freeway. I'd spend alittle more money and do a triple and dynamic valve body if I had it to do over. Hoping to get another 100k before doing it again this time with triple
  12. Are you running wire tapped. I hit 1100 quick then that's about the roof. I can run grades with my foot on the floor t about 2000 rpm feels and sound like it hold the trajectory with no asphalt needed. If your hot and the quads running my thiughtvwould be to shut it off . Tune from factory base line then bring in just quad timming then maybe alittle fuel if it stays cool
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