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  1. One of my favorite ratchets broke Walked into lowes and out no questions asked. Guys like go grab one to replace it. No paper work nothing
  2. I'll abuse this jetta as much as possible I dont care if it only goes a few thousand miles. Still haven't been around a scanner that can read its codes.
  3. Jeeps have the same steering as our trucks but I'm sure have got rid of it. Same as the new 08.5 steering A stabalizer will fix nothing I'd look at axle mounts and see if that trucks axle is shifted. I'm assuming its leaf sprung. Is it If so theres a potential it walked a fair amount I've seen trucks with no abnormal where patterns that death wobble. And drivers who no the certain bump and speed that will make it let lose
  4. Ohhhh hotsy. I turn wrenches to but its different doing it 24/7
  5. You've been selling yourself for years You've down a good job marketing now you gotta learn to turn a wrench
  6. Very nice. That's going be a sweet deal. My trucks 10k what's a new ford weigh?
  7. Been running here 2500 miles a month. Feeling like something's going to happen. Had something rattling and never found it then it stopped on own. I think the rear end. I allowed pinion nut to come loose it growled I thought transmission. Took it to my tranny builder I was going to yank it h ed insisted it wasn't a tranny noise. Do finally I found the pinion nut on the dana 80 was loos allowing the pinion gear to walk in and out of the ring gear eating itself. I'm going to run it till it goes then unfortunately caught up the money to buy a ring and pinion 3.55 gear set and rebuild it. In the mean time I'm driving the jetta around town. I work 40-120 miles from where I live. The jetta just isnt the work rig I need. Also been debating a newer truck. I keep thinking my 02 is getting tired. But maybe shel go another 4 years who knows. Here she is parked for the night. That's a friends 12 valve its next to. They used to be 1ton twins.
  8. Lol yeah. I kinda close my ears whenever I hear or see built 47re. Most people that seem to say it have no clue what's in it
  9. 350 horse with a triple can break input shaft under normal driving conditions. Ohh you said intermediate. 😋
  10. Grid heater connections below drivers batter might be loose
  11. I wonder if I could do input shaft myself. My single isn't slipping but still I've had thoughts of upgrading to a triple.
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