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  1. I put a long digging bar through the studs tourqe to lug spec wich is like 118ftlb I think for a 9/16 stud. Big nut is super tight
  2. I cant tell a difference with 2stroke. I dump a quart in here and there for the pump. Then I forget for a few tanks. No change in idle either.
  3. I want to say it works incredible 7x009 injectors alone with truck running its factory program, smoke is greatly reduced actually almost gone has good power off idle while towing egt's are a non issue. Turbo is actually lighting sooner as its breaking in. moving slow at 1000rpm it's got a pronounced whistle that it didnt used to have. No it's not a leak ;) doesnt whistle like a ford but it is noticeable. You can hear the air being pulled through the filter pretty fiercely if that's a word towing it has power to accelerate up grades while egts stay below 1200. Before it had power but unable to accelerate because egt's would climb. I did have to turn smarty off because it was just making to much for the tranny to handle under light throttle accelerating with a load. Empty it was fine. Boost numbers without smarty seem to be down about 5 ish psi. I havent broke 40 since going to the factory tune. 38ish is the most I've seen dragon a trailer up grades. Driving around empty it hits 30 but that's about it. I rarely push the pedal down very far. I dont know what fuel mileage is it's spending quite about of time idling now that were dropping below zero. Not sure what my next upgrade is maybe a valve body. Just leave it alone and save for what I'm sure is coming since it's got over 150k on it. Yeah I need to do something about the ugly turnbuckle holding the waste gate closed. I gota say I'd recommend a 62 turbo paired with 100-150 injectors heck maybe 75s. No programmer needed. I'm sure timing tuning would get some more power and fuel mileage bit this set up is bolt and go, at least on my truck.
  4. Make sure pinion nut is tight. Mine somehow backed off. Allowed pinion to walk in and out if ring gear. It did some damage but I'm still running it.. Front drive line can vibrate and sound like its coming from the rear of the truck. I dont think 120 is that hot but it us warmer than the rest.
  5. If it were mine I'd unhook TV motor and zip tie or wire TV valve to what looks like 70% of its travel then go for a drive it may or may not drive correctly and may cause harsh firm shifts under light throttle. It should downshift under brake pedal. If it does then I'd be looking into TV motor or wiring, sensors that feed it and tell it what to do. Also you may with key on truck not running see the motor turn the valve as throttle goes from idle position to wide open position. I'm guessing at that though I have no idea if motor will move without the truck running. You may also test at idle maybe rev to half throttle seeing if it moves or not. Again all just guessing on my part. A well placed go pro camera could also watch it as trucks driven through the gears.
  6. It's already 4" I'd run it. Down here in dry southern ish idaho I ran 4" pipe off a 3rd gen for quite awhile You can by delete pipes but they may be to short depending on how much the thief's cut out of the system
  7. 48re has a TV motor I think. To me it sounds like pressure under idle conditions is low. I'd be looking at TV issues. I dont know what how or if TV on 48re is adjustable
  8. No not my driveway. But has to do with this.
  9. Yes it is clear lense. 9007 lows 9004 highs
  10. What's difference though. Same bulb socket right ?
  11. https://hidkitpros.com/shop/1994-2001-morimoto-dodge-ram-hid-kit/ I also called asking why 2002 is grouped with the 3rd gen. Not 100%
  12. I called hid kit pros and they said with properly adjusted lights the kit I posted works well. Maybevtheyre just trying to make a sell.
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