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  1. I agree i know exactly when or if my converter is locked temp gauge not needed to know
  2. Doing clutch on our 2007 trans is a 5 speed question mark. I have no clue I just drive it. Truck is cab n chassis 2wd 1ton I better call six states to make sure they have a clutch and rear main I'm assuming throughout bearing is included with the clutch? Should I do rear main? It is leaking alittle, I want this to be wam bam yank turn it put it back together It doesnt really bother me that it leaks. Theres a chance itl leak after I change it anyways. Anything to look out for? Local shops are busy so I'm going to pull tranny Thursday night get flywheel turned Friday and put back together by monday. Will also fit normal work schedule in. We talked about the labor it's a grand that's not huge deal it's being without it for a week plus. Just cant be down that long. Plus I gota earn my keep somehow and would never pay for labor on my 02 wich is my work truck
  3. I like that sexy white truck. And yes with 4.10s a 35" plus tire will work well. Should see 20mp or damn close
  4. I have no idea what size turbo. To much miss information on foroumns. Really no clue what the 62 65 14 turbo will do for me. Sounds like my hy35 is running cooler than yours. I'm on 100injectors smarty on 9 and waste gate turnbuckled. Also have 3.55s and 35s run same rpm as you. Towing a 10k machine is when things get toasty. Hopping the turbo helps that.
  5. I'm torn weather I think the hot side of the trans is info worth knowing. If the cool side in the pan gets hot then theres for sure serious problems.
  6. I think pan temp isnt a bad place. Then you know its running cool and is cooling well. Would be cool to see temps directly from the tourqe converter before it enters the heat exchanger on the block.
  7. It falls on its face over 3000 rpm? 😳 Factory spec is at 2700rpm right?
  8. I pulled the bed off. Had a skidsteer handy to yank bed off. I can suck 30g gallons out of the tank. That's running with fuel light on. My girl friend ran it out but she ran with full light on for like 2 days. No clue how I cut the draw straw. I was alittle worried after reading about people running out at a 1/4 tank. My assumption is they dont follow directions or use common sence when installing parts. But we all know what we get making assumptions
  9. I think that is about the recomended size for 150 injectors. I went with a 62 65 14. Unfortunately I havent put it on yet. I wanted to be able to upgrade from 100 to 150 injectoter.
  10. 59 bucks even had a small battery in it. I didnt even try to talk the 59 pawnshop price down just about worth it just to get the battery. So glad makita is holding true to 18v and not making obsolete tools like dewalt did to they're 18v line
  11. I had my truck running to. So so easy to let hydraulics do the work
  12. Yup its known secret. Work smarter not harder. No beating involved. Ok I did learn on the second bearing The first one I cried alot attempting to remove with a sledge hammer. Wtf is holding this on I kept asking myself.
  13. Use a socket and short extension and trucks steering system to knock bearing loose. Back bearing bolts off a 1/8" or so turn knuckle and wedge socket and section against axle
  14. Somewhere in this website a guy put a resistor on the apps wire and it stay locked longer then with out.
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