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  1. Liferunner Triple all the bearing upgrades and all that hoopla? What converter are you running now?
  2. I towed horses up a few grades today Lots of power. I'm on sw6 tm2 d5. Time2 so I can toggle all sw#,s and not worry to much about fuel and timing together Egt stayed below 1200 at all times. One grade I pull on highway in middle from a stop start jamming gears and accelerate up the hole hill. Didnt try to grab overdrive. Topped out at about 2200 and ran to top that's 60 65ish mph . Before I could peg 1500egt just thinking about it. I'm very happy with how it pulled and ran cool.
  3. I'd soft line it of you get new lines https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F123647780790
  4. Up my transmission pressure and played with TV. Tm5 is just to much fuel down low for my liking normal driving its shifting at like 1500. 1-2 shift light throttle is wa bam under throttle it lurches forward as it grabs. That's just to harsh for me. 2-3 is still my sloppy shift but also harsh under light throttle. Tm 4 is still early shifting but I like it. Tm3 doesnt seem to gain much down low pull. I'm leaving timing at 2 duration 5. Has tons of power pulling from 1800 2200. I may have felt it go flat but I was doing 90 messing around. I never drive like that. If it makes power to 2200 I'm happy. I'm not sure sw number matters at all. When revo settings are changed. To bad it cant store different settings on each sw# and tune on the fly Then I could have setting pre done and see instantly what they do.
  5. Drain plug is still the best 47re upgrade ever. Hauled some dirt then did this on the job site. Bumped up pressure This made 1-2 harsh 2-3 still not what I want. Backed of TV slightly slightly better but shifting sooner than I like at light throttle. Probly going to going back in and back off pressure just a touch then reset tv. My eyes popped out of my head. There was a bolt in the pan. The torxe bolt that's in pressure solenoid plate. I think that's what called. But being put didnt seem to affect it. This tunning never ends. I like it though. I am curious to try a valve body done by dynamic or anyone really would it be bolt n go or would I be tunning for years. With more pressure I did notice the truck sounded different as soon as I dropped it into gear. Seemed to need less throttle to move.
  6. I dont think so. They're hydraulic fittings jc maybe, seal on a taper. Kinda like a brake line. Check to make sure the plastic separators haven't started letting the lines rub together. My did and ended up dumping all the fluid as I went down the highway loaded. Got to town and it wouldnt move ounce I stopped at a light. I now watch that stuff religiously. In shifts I can tell if its low on fluid but cruising unless it slips I cant tell. A temp gauge would help. I'd see a drastic temp change with lack of fluid. Or pressure gauge. My lines are now mostly rubber. That leak at your exchanger isnt to concerning more a annoyance. I'd almost make a bet that you can snug it and it stops leaking. Good luck
  7. I want a quad 🙄 I'm fiddling with the s03 feels like playing the lottery. Gota get the numbers just right but dont know what the numbers are Heres my floored egt. Lol. Cruising to
  8. I'm same as mopar man. 3200-5000. Our trucks can be tuned leaner. Less air less dense than sea level.. At sea level fuel/ratio will have more fuel in the charge and make more power. Than up at higher elevations. Maybe more heat to. Is your waste gate opening? I saw a very noticable reduction in egts with waste gate turn buckled shut. My stock hy35 goes over 35psi. But I rarely see over 30 driving normal. Are you standing on it to hit that 1250 on the flat. I used to hit 1400 with my foot on floor locked when I was making only 22psi. Now I'd imagine I might be able to hit that still but I'd have to be trying very hard to do it. I cruise at 1800rpm at 700-800 deg and less than 10psi ov boost Whoa them are skateboard wheels. 10mph difference at same rpm.
  9. Dynamic. I'm hoping to drop the pan and up pressure today. I hope. I'm just shy of 150 right now. With the plate drilled .106 would bumping pressure to 165 be okay? Maybe 170. 3 or so revolutions on the pressure screw maybe 4. 15-20psi should change everything noticably Thanks for all your help.
  10. Got my 2nd twister muffler. Actually the 4-5" is flop pro and the 5"6" is fte. Quality is a little lower on fte nit it has solid looking welds. Truck is now much quieter with both resonators on. Maybe even a stockish sounding idle with a slight turbo whistle. It does seem to whistle more when on the throttle I am very happy. No drone now and much quieter.But still enough good sound to be noticed. No ratty straight pipe sound or like how the straight through mufflers sound. Everyone around it has commented asking if I put a different turbo on. Finished very nice quite sound
  11. Did you go 285x75x17 That's what I run. They measure an actual 33" tall I think 11 wide. They're a closer to 35" tire than 33" I'm about 9500lbs empty 7x09 on hy35 turbo Cruising at 1800rpm is the sweet spot for good mileage on my truck. I also have 3.55s. I dont check my mpg religiously though I'm hoping to make 600 on this tank of fuel
  12. I've seen those come loose, put a wrenches on it. See if snugging it fixes leak only thing I can think that thing does is warm fluid to operating temp. I've thought about bypassing it and running lines straight to cooler
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