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  1. Pulled over at craters of the moon, debating pushing on home. Got to thinking most all my driving in this trucks well into the night. Half way into a 4hr burn and im outa steam. Also wondering how I lived with old school lighting for so long. Those on the fence, do it. Doesnt matter if you get good led bulbs or retro fit hid. Both are so much better than halogen youl kick yourself for not doing it sooner. Ok pressing on.
  2. I think time in general causes failures we cummins guys at times are picky most everything works right up until it doesn't any more
  3. Coilovers in. Now she's screams on rough two track trails put tge pedal down. She's becoming known as a utv killer. 45mp. These shocks are valved for my rig front end weight tire size, suspension geometry and etc kind of terrain I run ohh and valved with lack of sway bars in mind. One of the best mods I've done so far. Also sitting on 35s now Learning alot on suspension and steering talking to lots of shock builders and shops that do rock buggies jeeps and stuff. Geometry is Geometry. Some if this may blend over to the dodge. Been on the trails alot. Looking for hot springs to. Really liking this offroad stuff and meating some pretty cool like minded people
  4. I've been doing jeep cables with a harbor freight hydraulic crimper. Works great. Husky auto electric guy ive known most all my life says no to solder. Autozone starter is in truck cranks fast. Kept my Denson. Also this tool roll is badass been using it at work and in the jeep. Atlas46.com has badass rolls too. This ones by stepp22. Thanks guys for the help. I didnt want to believe it was the starter. Lol
  5. Ok. Ill take it apart tonight. Don't really need it right now but do need to go to Mackay in a week or so. Thanks for the tips
  6. Thanks for the replies guys.. Regardless im going to do cables,, voltage is good to the starter.. 14 while being jumped.. just a click. Whats a good brand.
  7. Is this enough wear to cause a no start. Getting just a click. With starter and jumping passed relay. I think these are larrybs contacts about 8 years on them. Thinking ill put this back together and chase voltage cable issues. Both batteries new two weeks ago. I havent done cables ever so I guess it might be time for terminals and cable's ill build them Was hoping to just have worn contacts but I dont think thats causing my problem. Had a slow cranking issue paired with a fuel leak for awhile and kinda letting it go cause I don't drive it much lately Starter is factory starter from 02
  8. If you could hold a blum bob through the ball joints. String going through each at the center. Thats castor at zero. Lower ball joint forward is positive castor good driving characteristics. Lower ball joint to the rear is negative castor and shitty driving characteristics
  9. So my housings are now terribly moisture filled thinking about drilling a hole so air can get out. 1/2" or so.
  10. It doesn't look hard to re pin the truck side. But yes bulbs are fixed in less I cut theyre wire and swap thd wires around before the plug or wire a new plug on. Here's a vid. After a quick drive im liking how I have them adjusted Mike will point out the dark spot on drivers side. I did play with bulb depth tonight they seem to work best shoved as deep in the housing as theyl go. Haven't had any one flash me yet. You'd think all this light talk would make me get my cab lights all going. Damn things.
  11. Morimotor told me to run the lights upside down. That was it im done washed. Im emailing gtr now to see wich way the ultra is wired 9004 or 9007. I do like the 2stroke 3.0 unreal light improvement compared to the stockish bulbs. I have walked about 200yds away from the truck and don't feel they blind me. Less so than alot cars that blind me with theyre bright as **** whatever lights theyre running. I've also come to realize photos and words of lights can't be trusted from the internet. Going off mikes or anyone else photos I couldn't say wether the 2stroke is way worse or close or ho-hum. But every one always loves what they run. I would say if a person is willing to repin or run these upside down that these are a very substantial improvement over stock. If it wasn't for these issues I'd love them. Im liking these lights but have a bad taste for morimoto part of it was due to being all email but I didn't feel I ever talked to someone that eats breaths sleeps light. Mike needs to have theyre emails forwarded to him. He'd do a much better job and might convert a few who may be on the led hid fence. Made a few adjustments on driver side and punched passenger a few times. Got them realigned better after flipping bulbs to propper orientation. Might go for a drive and see if I can tell a difference
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