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  1. TV cable not adjusted properly. Might be to loose causing quick shifts under light throttle. I'd look at TV cable first. I haven't done at mod nit I have gone through and cleaned all battery connections. I also haven't check for ac noise. In 15 years my alternate is one of the few things I haven't had to replace.. I have had battery cable issues and it caused all kinds of weird shifting Check terminal block below driverside battery for losses connections. I gues that's the grid heater. Those were loose causing me issues to. Good luck
  2. I'm what those but dyno mod feelers. Hmm that didn't sound right
  3. That's awesome. I dont have alot of time, logging fuel is not high on priority. Though logging dirt loads is.
  4. Been virtually no change with smarty. Or settings but I'm not able to run consistent. This tank I hauled 10k a few times in stop and go traffic last tank I didnt nit still got 500 on 28gallons 500 plus a few miles for 27-28 gallons. I haven't measured the tires I have on. Smarty is set at 33" . These should measure 31 32 just haven't done it yet. I'm burning a tank every 3 days so I should be more on top of it with real numbers. It's not super important though if I go empty at 400 miles I'll no something's up
  5. I never said I'm getting 20. I have got better then 20 but not while packing 2k om the truck. I'm getting 17-18 depending on conditions of each tank checked. Towing alittle mostly empty but always 9400lbs. 3rd gear is perfect for slow rd towing 65 and under. I definitely cant fo 80 in 3rd. I'm sure my ratios of my mpg is off but there is no deciding that it's working very well for me. I wouldnt doubt your numbers are off to. I'm sure I could get in your truck and like how it's set up just fine. Only thing I wouldnt like is spinning so many Rs om the freeway . Well that and shifting gear. I love getting out of our big truck and just pushing the pedal down in my pickup.
  6. I was wrong about 8 smoking less. It smokes as much if not more than the rest. 47re is shifting alittle sooner but still in the range I like. Going to leave it here for a tank. I've been getting right at 500 miles on 27-28gal of fuel by right at I mean few miles over. I always rd down on everything that costs money. And rd up on things that pull in money. That way you expect to pay more but you earn more, make since. Ohhh I have speed limit set at 85 i passed a car that was riding my blind spot. And was doing over 90. Not sure if it went over because i haven't recalibrated to 32" tire or speed limiter just doesnt work.. Smoke is there but manageable. A faint haze most the time and black when on it. I got on it from a stop to merge with eagle rd traffic broke tires loose fir aways. Truck is pretty quick. For being heavy. Can feel it lift the front up alittle when leaving a light alittle harder than normal. Not noticing any weird power curve. I think before on odd settings or any setting with timming I was noticing were it maxes timing. No added time throttle is smoother, feels more liner not noticing a change or dead stop An hx40 would clean up smoke but be laggy compared to the hy35? This hy35 spools quick. I think I'm kicked off after this reply so I'll see you all at the circus tomorrow have a good night
  7. Good thing you didnt change gear ratio and swap to higher bar injectors for that fix. maybe the straw to blow off valve was plugged and new oil cleared it out.
  8. I think sw8 is smoking least of all the tunes I've tried so far. It should be max fueling that smarty is capable of. Itl go black then instantly clear up. 7 sustains smoke much longer I think 6 smokes less. Hmmm no timming advance smoke less. I'm not smart enough for this smarty
  9. Ok you sold me on the 4th gen mirrors. Did you lose your antenna after you used it to unlock your door
  10. At 65mph 3rd gear locked I'm at 2400rpm. Being able run 3rd to 65 makes the range between 3rd and fourth gear very usable and adjustable between roads and driving conditions. I'd imagine small tires and 4.10s st times may feel like a one speed tranny. The more we talk about this the less I'd want 4.10 and small tires. I did get my 65mph reading with 285x70x17s wich I just mounted wich are slightly shorter than my 285x75x17s Picked up a second set of aluminum geniii wheels with kinda decent cooper sst pro tires on them. I wonder if mike can make it to Ontario without shifting gears. Lol kidding. He does run on the river and mtn rds where speed is often reduced Normally run smarty on 6 or 7. Though right now its on 8
  11. I'm running sw7 empty sw6 towing. Both on d5 the rest default finding I cant tell much difference between 6 and 7. Not in smoke mileage or power measured by the but dyno. Pretty sure default sw6 tm is 4 and sw7 is 5.. You got my curiosity up. Pulled off the freeway. Gona put it on 8 and leave it there for awhile I'm definitely not smoke free . Might be because I have sac style injectors even without programmer shes alittle smokey Sw8 loaded getting back on free way
  12. I have 100horse I injectors stock turbo and smarty doing whatever it does. I also ran for a long time with just injectors. With 35s and 47re 3.55s it appears I can match Mike's manual transmissions rpm by touching the little button on the end of the shift hand and grabbing 3rd gear. Might actually be slightly less rpm. I can run 65 pulling grades at 2000-2200. I cant remember exactly. Under 2500 that's for sure. I dont like winding it passed 2000 but do on acasion if I have to downshift on a grade. Wich is semi often on mtn rds like mike says. 3rd gears is perfect to go 55-65
  13. Yes fronts a dana 60 Dana 60 and 70 share the same cover. Wich is cool because theres some sweet dana 60 covers out there. But that may be where there similarities stop. There is also a dana 70 hybrid hybrid with what I'm not sure 80?. I haven't researched it much because I have a dan80. Regardless the 70 70/hybrid and dana 80 are plenty stout for any tire combo and whatever weight we want to put on our trucks. I like cruising at 1800-1900is rpm on freeway 3.55s 35s 47re are perfect. Can run cool towing 20k. And not slow down on the rolling hills. It does sound like a airplane. Hitting 30psi with cruise set on the rollers. Though I'd rather not tow that heavy if I can help it, most the time I can. We just bought a 20,000lb machine my old man has towed it a few times with the 6.7 you can bet I'm not gona put it behind my 47re. Machine and trailer 26500. No thank you We have a big truck for that. I bet you find that 3.55s will work just fine
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