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  1. Heater cores in. Then decided to service and rotate tires. Turbo is looking good and clean Definitely putting heat out the vents now.
  2. I'll give it a go. I broke the brake light switch dont even know why I unplugged it.
  3. Wasn't as horrible as I thought. probly an hour to get it out. I am reinstalling with heater hose adapters. Instead of tearing the truck apart more. I may see if i can finangle the swivel lines through but on a quick look in the dark I don't think they go without do the other 3hours of disassembly
  4. I do believe the pitman arm taper is different. I know fir sure 2002 is the correct taper. Not sure on the other years. It will bolt together in the wrong taper but uts not seated like it should be
  5. I leveled mine 2" rear is still about2" higher. I measured 5" rake before deciding to lift the front 2" Still tows stuff just fine. However its a 3500.
  6. My lie o meter reads 28 with duck sac 7x009 actual mileage is 17-19 i can bust 19 if i run only freeway Thats with smarty on 9 and 62 turbo auto trans with 3.55s and rpm less than 2000 tires about 32.5
  7. Driving a big rig teaches pedal. I guess i do agree with 0-100 in that since. Ounce and done. If aut also make sure it dhuftd at or very near 3000rpm
  8. I dissagree if pedal is rarely ever pushed to the floor why would I care what smke or power is there. A wire tapped quad with 7x009 has the potential to power through a stock clutch or auto trans . Exspecly from a stop.
  9. Fabbed some long arms and ohh man ride is amazing. Literally night and day better. I did 3link arms are 31" long instead of the 15" from the factory. The jeep guys call this a midterm but its a long mid arms. These arms are about 8" longer than jeeps coming off the showroom floor today.
  10. I think it ws about 10years ago you advised me to clean
  11. I think it would be waist of time money to upgrade turbo to anything less than a 62 62 68 12 paired with 150 injectors. Muffled by the long fte twister muffler. Your choice of 4 or 5" The semi mufflers are more likely to hve rust problems then the twister mufflers because the packing traps moisture Your truck will then make you grin ?
  12. I'd shoot for 400ish horse. I run 3.55gears 47re I feel the 4.10 trucks are wrapping higher rpms than I like. Im getting great mpg and run 80mph with 18k in tow Maybe its cause I've been doing it with the same truck for 15 years. When in others trucks I'm always looking for another gear as 4.10s have em spinning 2500rpm My trucks spent a fair amount of time running 7k heavier though latly a 10-12k machine is the heaviest I tow. I lock over drive out if driving in town or speed limit is 65 or lower. If I didn't run the freeway a
  13. Been a few years since I've done valves I have cleaned iat ounce I would say my truck idles smoother like less popping compared to otheres if that makes since. It used to loap alitt when injectors where new and would sometime die when going from reverse to neautral. It no longer does either
  14. Hmmm My truck has always sounded different than othere cummins I've been around. Otheres seem to idle more healthy sounding I dunno. Maybe mass airflow sensor or something
  15. I've been running 33-34" tire for 10is years . I always lock it out of overdrive till getting on the highway. 62 65 14 turbo works well for me with 3.55 gears 32.5" tire and 7x009 injectors temps cool power great, bottom response amazing though if I stand on it from stop or low rpm 1500 itl smoke like all the kids want . Fuel mileage good to.
  16. I ran bearings till they melted the abs sensors. My bearings seemed to get tighter at the melt down stage. Make sure rotor mud collectors arent bent rubbing rotor I have 1bad balljoint replaced all 4 a year ago I'd still eliminate driveline
  17. More tlc. Oil pan gasket , rear main seal , steering column, clutch, transmission front axle rear axles injectors 2hp. All under way on the back patio . It drives me crazy that I cant figure out why photos work and sometimes dont work. Makes this forumn worthless
  18. My first thought ws ujoints on the front drive line. I'd pull it off see if the problem goes away
  19. https://lugnut4x4.com/product/94-00-dodge-dana-80-disc-brake-conversion-kit-8-lug/
  20. Was it the factory starter. If so I'd give you 30bucks for it.
  21. It's got friction modifiers because it's very slippery synthetic.
  22. I'd probably not do al that. Most likely copy your tune or someone that my injector turbo set up. That's partly why I havent done it yet is because I dont want to **** with it
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