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  1. Photo bomb, jeep has been busted up pretty good latly, broken front shafts knuckle ripped a tire winched 5 miles. this kicked off chromoly shafts, steering track bar rework. Drilled bigger rotors to fit jeep 5 4.5 bolt pattern. Our trucks steer like **** compared to this jeep. Ive semi researched doing true cross over steering on the dodge. Thd jeep is incredibly presice compared to a drag link tie to a tie rod got to see inside a grizzly locker. Had to disassemble to remove broken shaft
  2. Thanks, it was fun Getting ready clean it up and bolt it together. He wants it black with no chrome no gaurd. Ive been unable to talk him into to kicking the tip back. I guess it looks kinda cool just pipe passenger will learn quick what not to grab getting in and out. This truck had a trash can sized exhaust filter that was removed that kicked this project off. Guess its time to make sure the neighbors are awake.
  3. 14 bolt baby. Alot of my suspension research come from studying rock bouncer vids. The fabrication and technology is amazing
  4. Sweet. Hell have to drive my truck after getting to know his. Good turbo comparison
  5. I would have pushed a borg 62 65 14 or 62 68 12 on you hard core. I read through this and see screaming eagle ill have to go research S300 57/65/14cm Not surecwhat i think about that but im sure its a better flowing turbo than the hy35 Have you installed injectors yet? Theyre easy to do i have the injector tool but have pulled them with out it. When i do my next set im going pull front tires and set truck on the rotors. After putting a couple lug nuts back on.
  6. I do agree with mike. My injectors have over 100k truck still runs okay but not as good as it used to and is smoking different than it used to. I guess im going to have to dig to see what turbo you went with
  7. There isnt a replacement for fuel fed vehichles yet so i highly doubt our stuff is going away antime soon. Can you imagine the pollution created from battery powerd cars and the machines to create these batteries not matter what its a lose more pollution from green vehicle production then just burning fuel in pur cars.
  8. I did watch about 40 minutes of this new vid that popped up in my feed. Guy does a very good job of explaining what hes doing and why. And the wrench to remove carrier. Why didnt i think if that. Not a how to but a interesting vid on a dana living the sled pull life. The offroad world i feel is driving axle advancement big rear ends are being turned it to frontvends and 47vspline 🤪 Ok back on topick Wait ill take all dana 80s and versions of 70s.
  9. I beleive you to have common sense, youl be just fine
  10. Well maybe my 3500 box is better than whatever was and has since been put on that truck. Everyone says theyrevthe same. 🤔 Im on the factory box running 33-37" tires for 12 years acasiinal use towing on washboard choppy rds The brace may or may not help, it hasnt appeard to get my money yet.
  11. I dont like towing more than that skidsteer thats in the kenworth. Lol kenworth empty is 22k
  12. Theres lots of videos of very good techs setting up gears on youtube. Ive watched hours and hours read specs watched more vids did more reading bought tools figuredvout what tools i could do without. Then go out in the garage and truly fubar **** up then go watch more videos do more reading , ohhh ok maybe i better buy that tool. I think i get it now. I never truly get it its a constant learning process that never ends. Thats the great thing about the internet if ones willing to learn a person can teach themselvs how to do anything
  13. Well ok if I must. We just have to KEEP IT STUPID SIMPLE i know how hard this is sometimes to accomplish. If you cant fix it with a welder and sledge hammer im out
  14. I got stuck under a 6ft bar as i tried to loosen a pinion nut. With my shear body power. The truck lifted nut did not loosen then bar set back down on my chest. Then i nearly freaked out being pinned down. I dont think ill ever invest in pinion depth tools though the depth is marked on all pinion gears. I dont mind running some patterns. Ive been meaing to fab a pinion yoke that doesnt press on the splines. Is just there to get pinion snug with no play for set up. Set up bearings everywhere there are shims under the bearing is a must. Did we take this topic off topic. Doing gears has opened up a hole knew world were now everything is possible. I do realize there will probly be more failures learning from them is key. The axle i smoke uses a crush sleeve. I used the old sleeve for the 500 attempts at propper pinion depth then on final assembly crushed the new sleeve at the correct rotating pinion pre load. Rotating pre load is read with a beam tourque wrench. Im sure there are other ways. The beam is easy simple and cheap. Damn you guys got me all excited to do another set of gwars.
  15. I haven't looked at dana 80 specs or 70 tourge is probly rotating of 12-20inchlbs that puts actual nut tourge way up there. Its all easy when axcess to proper tools knowing how to use tools and hit numbers that are provided. I say easy but i still was lucky enough to smoke my first set of rear gears. I think due to a combination of things one of the biggest not setting pinion bearings or i guess seating is the word im after. I i hit the numbers correctly but the pinion loosend as bearings eventually seated themselves throwing gear mesh aswell as preload way off. No corners can be cut with gears. There is a ball park backlash aswell as pre load. Even printed gear pattern but this ball park is fairly small. As particular as you are about stuff youd for sure be a good gear guy. Could charge anywhere from 750-1500 just labor to set up a single set of gears. For me just dana 80 parts are exspensive so doing it twice would be a huge expense. So ill wait run it till it dies maybe gain some more gear installs before i tackle it. Edit Dana80 pinion pre load is 25-40 in lbs actual nut tourge is high but doesnt necessarily affect turning preload due to pre load be setvwith shims
  16. I just did 4.88 gears in my jeep. Lucky me i got to do 2 sets in the rear. I made set up bearings and have all the tools now to do it. Gear and bearing set for dana 80 is 800-1000 bucks. I thought about doing 4.10 do the front at same time.
  17. Sorry i missed this or id of come and helped. Couple hours easy peasy . trade you my labor for your labor later on for some color on the ford. For what its worth im running napa ball joints. One was bad in the box one went bad after a month or so. But i havent changed it yet. Also put cheap ball joints in my jeep i barely drive the thing and all went bad inside a year. Those were from auto zone. My truck is fine with a bad ball joint but it bugs me. I need to tear it down but. Id probly pull all 4 and be done with the napa cheap junk. Or just the one. Now if Warranty payed for labor and garunteed a lasting part is be all over it.
  18. I love how you guys are KISSing this switch to death, lol
  19. My dana 80 pinion nut came loose and took the seal out. This also allowed the pinion the walk in and out of the ring gear. Ever since it wont hold a seal and is dieing a slow death as chunks of metal and sludge are always in the oil. Its been eating itself for about 100k. I exspect it to lock up on me any day but the damn thing just keeps going. I do have a grooved yoke but reinstalled just off it. Id assume vibrations are keep it from sealing more than anything. I think ive done the seal twice but have done alot of piniin seals in the last few years so im not sure Im watching for a dana70 or disc 80 but may have to deal with drumbs or a american axle whatever those are.
  20. Center wheel and be done with it. All good concerns posted by otheres but really doesnt mean anything lifted stock or otherwise. KISS Keep it stupid simple. That's a concept us cummins guys have a hard time grasping even me.
  21. I've got my best mpg running both directions on the river. I think gravity is about half from horse shoe bend to Lewiston so numbers are likely not realistic compared to the rest of the world
  22. Good deal. But I wouldn't say 35s require these mods. Years and miles require them. Im not sold on the steering box brace. The engine crossmember is very close then the bumper then frame flex and I garuntee that steering braces won't stop a 30ft long frame from flexing. What steering is on that I think 2005 is still shitty steering What steering was on it and how much was it lifted
  23. 04 shutvof like you turned the ignition off got it home and went back in the dirt.
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