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  1. Does anyone know of a good and "reliable", for lack of a better word, VIN decoder for the Dodges? I'd like to see how my truck was configured when it was new, back in the day.
  2. Yeah that's just one of the downsides of the smarty. I've shot an email to Diesel Performance Converters, to get a new converter and prepare my truck for the Quadzilla. I've had it with the Smarty
  3. My man, this article should be pinned somewhere, great writeup! If anything, the conclusion we can draw from this thread is this: Smarty probably works, somehow, with a stock truck. Not really recommended though, so just get a Quadzilla to be sure.
  4. Very much appreciated; great article as it sheds some light on a tuner with surprisingly little research into it, despite being so common.
  5. But I'm going to shell out whatever a Quad costs. It's definitely the way to go.
  6. Aha! You see I'm getting a Quad, there's no doubt about that, but it'll be later this year as I just blew $2600 on new wheels and tires Until then, I'd love to know what the smarty is up to, especially with the timing now that I've got somewhat control of the fuelling. This, because I don't have upgraded studs as far as I know, and y'all have me worried that the OEM ones will suddenly stretch and cause me a real headache.
  7. I read up on it real quick, it's controlled by an internal timing piston coupled to a cam ring inside the pump, where the piston is moved by fuel pressure, and the amount of pressure in the piston assembly is then again controlled by an internal pump & solenoid. I'd assume this is what the Smarty fiddles with, but as I'm saying, I can't hear any difference, I've seen @Me78569's logs, and they state that it definitely fiddles with the timing. To me, it looks like it does so, extremely harsh, and just about immediately commands about 18* of timing the very instant you touch the throttle, sure, you're going to need some extra time to burn all the fuel the smarty throws at it, but to me it sounds like it would be really rough and not so good. Me and my dad once reflashed a 3500 with the common rail 5.9 (If my memory serves me right) because it ran like crap, the owner had a Smarty S-06 which we then connected and tried out, it did NOT like ANY of the tunes with the added timing, it ran like crap with those tunes and rattled so bad you could mistake it for running on gravel rather than diesel. Ran good with any other tune, but it definitely didn't enjoy any added timing by the Smarty. Shame I don't have the datalogger handy, I'd like to find out how the different timing levels behave, since it now fuels more naturally relative to the throttle position, it would be nice to find a setting where it just doesn't instantly bump the timing to 18*, but start at maybe 12 or 14* and work it's way up from there.
  8. How was SW2? If you recall. I only had access to the datalogger for a short time so I can't check myself. However, how does it adjust timing? I can't say I've noticed any difference in sound between the different settings, both with or without timing added. Usually there's a noticeable difference in sound if it adds timing, where you get a horrible timing rattle with aggressive timing. Can't say I've noticed any extra rattle or it running any different. **EDIT ** Removed double post, phone had a hiccup.
  9. I also run a S-03, I ended up on SW5, with Torque Management at 1, Duration at 1 and Timing at 3 because I run bigger injectors; according to the Smarty website, that's the timing setting for bigger injectors. The throttle response feels natural, but I'm thinking of getting a proper datalogger of my own to see what it's doing, since it usually will command like 18* of timing with really heavy fuelling as stated above, and that's not really wanted. I've been doing high power diesel mercs for quite a few years and the Bosch M-series pump in those are reminiscent of the P-series found in the 12v, and in those engines we'll usually set the timing around 12-14* which seems to work just fine for 500+whp, but that's static, so if you floor it on low RPM's it's a timing rattle out of this world. Hence, I can't imagine in my wildest dreams that heavy fuelling at 18* would be any better
  10. Holy crap dude, that's wild Thanks guys! She's ever so slightly rough around a few edges, but I'm getting the lower half of each side resprayed sometime this summer, and a badly fixed dent on the rear right corner fixed properly at the same time. New taillights are on their way in the mail I found some bits of 8" stainless that I can extend the tip with, so it's 8" all the way to the axle, that way, it looks better from behind
  11. Gave the "Big Red" a wash yesterday and snagged a few pics after! Don't mock my huge exhaust tip, I'm going to rework that, sometime.
  12. Yeah dude, I think it's like a unison thing all around the world I'm having a look into the lights there this weekend methinks, I'm going slightly crazy not indicating Thanks man! Yeah I've recommended the forums to my mates who also have mopars
  13. LifeRunner


  14. Thanks man! My entire rear end turns into a party whenever I indicate, so for now I'm going to enter BMW mode and not indicate at all
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