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  1. My last pump was a Blue Chip pump purchased around 2011. It came with a new PSG. It lasted about 275k miles. At the the time it was the only one I could find that offered a new PSG. They do still sell them both ways as does DAP. But they are darned pricey at BC.
  2. One of the reasons I went with MOOG was the orientation of the zerk. Very accessible. Just turn the wheel and a grease it. I turned the other one better just was not thinking on this one.
  3. I would start with Craigs list and such like that. They are out there but pricey.
  4. I think shot of starter fluid would be enough to at least see if it will fire off. Might still be some stubborn air stuck in the system. When I replaced the head gasket and the last VP all I did was reassemble, couple cycles of the lift pump and it fired right off both times. Replaced the pump head on my AD and it 2 hours to get the air out. That **** is stubborn sometimes.
  5. The injection pump sends fuel to each cylinder individually. If you have one bad injector it should not affect the other 5. My #5 injector line broke in half right near the head. The truck still ran and I had to drive it for a day until I could get a new line the next day. The other cylinders worked just fine.
  6. When I buy stuff from Advance if I order it on line and pick,it up I usually get for 20 to 25% off. Walk in the store and buy it, it's full retail.
  7. All that part with your fueling mods above my pay grade. I do believe I would have bought the Quad before the Comp had it been available when I bought the Comp
  8. @Stanleyget a quad. It takes more effort on your part to tune it, but the results will out do any canned tuner like the Comp that I have. But you will have to put more effort into it. Great for most but not for all. A presonal decision.
  9. Did you bleed the fuel lines all the way to the head and 2 or 3 of nuts loose while cranking?
  10. I think some of mine are false positves too. Still dont think its the ECM. Wishful thinking maybe.
  11. Very helpful on many occasions.
  12. I am having trouble with mine also. I have lost the WTS several times. Most of those times I was able to get it back by running the cluster check and it was right back on. A couple times it came back on its own. I have also swapped in a spare cluster and unplugged and replugged the cluster with succes to get it back. Maybe I just dont want to admit the ECM needs fixin. Hope I am right. Life is getting in the of testing much else. I have written this up in a thread titled "dead truck".
  13. Well the glitch stppped last Monday a week ago. Shut down me 4 times that Monday. No WTS light, no start. The first 3 times I ran the cluster check and bam had the WTS back and she started. The 4th time I ran the cluster check 4 times with no return of the WTS. I had my spare cluster in the back seat and figured I might as well stick it and see what happened. Plugged it in and the WTS was there. Drove 40+ miles home trouble free. I did drive the wifes to work the rest the though. Drove it Saturday on quick trip and sure she shut down a quqrter mile from the house anf the cluster check did not work. I then uplugged the cluster and plugged it back in and bam the WTS was back on. Fired her off she was fine for the rest of the trip, about 4 miles. Has anyone ever pulled the connectors apart in the dash? There is what appear to be red release tabs for that purpose. I have pulled on them but dont want to rip them apart. It appears that a couple of the sockets appear to be pushed back further than all the rest. Still scratchin my head over this.
  14. If it still functions properly I would not worry about it. I re sealed my booster 3 years ago and still have the switch I bought back then. I do not remeber what I did to not replace it however.
  15. Anything 5% or less does not have to be labled anything over 5% has to be labeled. My truck loved the bio diesel. Though at the 20% level I loose a little mileage, 1 mpg or so. I ran some bio just labled as 5% bio mass diesel. I got 22.5 mpg on the interstate running 75 mph. Repeated 3 times from 2 different stations in Tennessee. Thats the only places I ever found it labled just bio mass. The bio diesel always got the same as #2 diesel at the 5% level. The labeling should be improved just help you know what fuel you are running. Does not seem that will be happening anytime soon though.
  16. 3 legged chickens make good jacks, very strong. Happy you safley off the road.
  17. I went thru pretty much the same thing a few years back. I replaced my battery cables and did WT's ground mod. Already had a Timbo apps. All that cleared mine up. This trucks are very picky about their DC power supply. And they dont play nice with alot of AC noise.
  18. My last pump ran 275k on 2 stroke. Its replacement is at about 45k. All on 2 stroke also. Never heard of anyone being denied a warranty over 2 stroke or for that matter all the other plethora of fuel addatives out there.
  19. That was a good call. Really enjoyed it.
  20. Yes but nothing major. Some bondo and alot of sanding. You pretty much have to prep it just like you are going to paint it. Imperfections show up in the vinyl just like paint. About 5 to 7 years. The horizontal surfaces go first and you can replace a piece as need be. I dont know noticeable it would be between the old and the new.
  21. Was actually talking to @JAG1 and Mike tonight. The Mike and Mike show. Jag had not heard of wrapping. So hence the sratement. It was fun to watch. He says all he does is put stickers on but he knows what he is doing.
  22. My youngest son has had a love affair for S 10 pickups but has been without one for a long while. Found a 98 with 140k for 800 bucks. Original paint and was in pretty fair shape for a 22 year old truck. Anyway he wraps vehicles of all shapes and sizes and is transforming this one. Got to watch him for a while this afternoon. Makes it look so easy, even if his socks are a bit strange h This one is for you @JAG1 If you close you can see the top of his son's head. Good 3rd gen day for the Ripleys.
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