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  1. Thanks all for yalls help, I just went ahead and bought a used ecm for a 99 and she's up and running, the only thing I'm hunting down now is a whine that sounds like a boost leak, that increases with load or decreases when rpms are falling
  2. So I'm guessing the dealership has the knowledge and power to pull of a feat like that of the reflash and reprogram?
  3. Thanks for yalls help, I'm for sure going to a raptor after I figure out this ecm problem, I'm still trying to figure out if a 2001 ecm can be reflashed to fit my 1999 but so far I havent gotten a straight answer
  4. Would my chances be better if I were just to buy a 1999 ecm with the same part #? And thank you for sending it in here, I'll take a look at it when I finally get ready to install the raptor
  5. The truck is completely stock, after I get it going Im going to run a raptor, and gauges, but I'm getting 20 psi at the filter, I've changed the vp 3 times, first one was cause of the woodruff key jumped timing, so in goes the 2nd and the 3rd was just to try and fix this issue, I had a lift pump running constantly fiasco but I changed the pigtail and it ran for the 30 seconds like it was suppose to, I might just go have it reflashed and pray that I don't ruin anything after I install it and try and start it, and thanks for the responses I've made multiple forums and got no clear answers
  6. Thank you for the responses, last owner sold it to me cause he didnt wanna deal with the vp44, he said he changed the crank sensor and the cam, and the only codes I got during that time was a P0122, but I've had that one for the longest, with a P1689, and P0216
  7. The truck is a 1999 5.9 Cummins, for the past 6 months I've had intermittent problems which ultimately led to a no start, use to buck horribly until I turned it off and back on again, and it would run fine for sometime then back to bucking. Injectors are new, injection pump is new, so is lift pump. I recently took my ecm to get tested but they said they couldn't test it cause I tried to break into it (rookie mistake, I should've left it for the pros) which led me to buying a used one that came off a 2001 cummins, and still a no start, any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you
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