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  1. Can I get cavitation in a VP44 pump system with the frame rail mounted Raptor? If possible, how do I tell, as I sense no vibration or reduction in performance?
  2. My truck is a 2000. Another question for you guys out there in never never land. Do you feel a diesel - air separation system is worth the expense? I am running a VP44 to which I added a Raptor frame rail lift pump some time back to insure adequate fuel pressure to the injection pump. I asked if I could retrofit my Raptor with an Air Dog separation system. Bit so far have got no answer back. Presuming an air - diesel separation is warranted, is there any reason to choose Fass or Air Dog? Not looking to spend $600+ unless there is some real benefit to my system. Any thoughts?
  3. All your comments were spot on. The problem area was in fact the positive terminal on the driver's side battery and/or the cable to the starter itself. I only found this out after paying $650 for a new starter installation that the repair shop insisted was the source of my problems. As they had agreed to work on my truck on a Sunday to get me back on the road, and the fact that I had no alternatives available to me, I was reluctant to get into a argument with them.. I did suggest a voltage drop test and trying to jump start the starter before doing anything else. It was obvious that they d
  4. I even thought the same thing, so I put a new clamp on the ground terminal of the driver's side battery (+ side looked good with no movement). Did not change the truck symptoms at all. How do I do a voltage drop test accurately to diagnose the source of my problem? Step by step please so I can make sure shop does it right and what would various readings specifically tell me about the source of my problem(s)? Back to leaking tappet cover. Could oil soaked wires to starter or starter result in my symptoms?? Thanks for your thoughts guys. With the leaking tappet gasket, earlier bad diesel
  5. Help!!!! Traveling cross country with truck and car on trailer. Trying to limp home 1500 miles with a badly leaking tappet cover (1 gallon oil leaks out per 200 miles!) Pulled in to get fuel. Went to start truck, heard click then nothing! All lights, dash lights, windows, cabin lights, etc. DEAD! Checked batteries, terminal connections, grounds, fuses, etc. all seemed good. Removed terminals from batteries and reinstalled them. Heard door open alarm so turned key to run. and had dash lights, windows etc. Tried to start, heard click again then nothing. Lost all dash and interior lights
  6. To Mopar1973man. I just spent some time reviewing your article on removing the tappet cover, Really fine article and I intend to use it step by step to remove my leaking tappet cover. If I read correctly you took off the old cover, newly gasket-ed it and replaced it. If I saw correctly, the tappet cover did not have a vent. You had the opportunity to replace the old cover with a vented cover but chose not to do so. As I don't plan to remove my timing cover breather, how do I decide to replace my old cover with a vented or non vented cover (i.e. add a second vent)? Is there any advantag
  7. Thanks Moparman, Dieselfuture, and Haggar for your quick replies. I am a bit confused however or maybe I didn't give sufficient information or ask the question right. Let me try again. I do not have a puke bottle on my timing cover breather. The hose is routed down and back to behind the transmission. I am not getting oil on my radiator or anywhere up front. I do however intend to do the Mopar1973Man vent mod when I have the truck apart. To date the basically stock truck has run 325K miles with no breather on the tappet cover. When I replace the leaking tappet cover should I buy a new
  8. OK guys lots of help, ideas. Let keep it simple for the next question. As my 5.9 VP44 does not have a breather on the stock tappet cover, only the breather in front of the timing cover, plumbed down and back along the frame, IS THERE ANY REASON/ADVANTAGE FOR ME TO BUY A TAPPET COVER WITH A VENT WHEN I REPLACE THE LEAKING STOCK COVER?
  9. I was advised in this forum not to reuse the collected oil from the breather/crankcase ventilation in the engine. However after posting my last note, I came across a Cummin's Crankcase Ventilation Kit (#CV50115) made by Fleetwood which provides the hardware and instructions on how to route collected oil from the 5.9 timing cover breather back to what looks like the oil pan. Is this a bad idea? If so, why is Cummins selling it? Has anyone performed this mod?
  10. At present I do not have anything else wrong requiring repair in the vicinity of the tappet cover. As the truck is leaking about a quart of oil every 200 miles and I plan a 2500 mile trip to the West Coast, as soon as I get my vaccinations, I really must get it fixed. About 50K miles ago (2 years) I replaced the dead VP44. At that time I rebuilt both the oil seeping vacuum and power steering pumps. Once I get this tappet cover issue fixed, I hope that I don't have to tear apart that side of the 5.9 for another 200K miles. That is probably 5 years for me. Is there no one here who has in
  11. Grinding is supposed to be on VP44 bracket and anchor bolt head, not pump itself, to allow clearance of new billet cover. O ring seal in billet cover is supposed to be a vast improvement over stock gasket which gets hard , cracks and leaks. Better than RTV also, I hear. Certainly not as messy. Not doing for bling. Would like a leak prof solution to what I hear is a common problem with 5.9's. As it is so much work removing things to get to tappet cover, don't want to ever have to do this again. Has anyone here actually done the VP44 bracket mod to install the billet cover?
  12. Greetings. New to Forum. New to Cummin's Mods. Would appreciate any help/advice I can get. Patient: Mostly stock 2000, 3500, 4wd, Auto, Raptor f.p, VP44 i.p. Stock breather on timing cover, no breather on tappet cover. 325K but seams to run good, no appreciable smoke. Used 99% highway driving with lots of 5th wheel and trailer hauling. Illness: Massive oil leak from bottom of factory tappet cover. Engine and sub frame coated with so much oil from leaking tappet cover, it is hard to tell if hose from stock breather is dripping much oil or if anything else is leaking.
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