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  1. trreed

    It died...

    Well my nv5600 is holding up to roughly 650 hp/1400 tq, and has been for a while now so I would argue the rear bushing being a weak point. Woth proper fuel pressure and maintenance, a VP can last for a quarter of a million miles. @Mopar1973Man and @dripley come to mind with high mileage VPs. A p7100 can leave you stranded just as easlily as a VP. As for not messing with it, a p pump swap will take hours of your time tinkering with it to get the timing and AFC set up, and if you use a stock gear, you run the risk of timing slipping because it’s not keyed
  2. trreed

    It died...

    I’ve had HO and SO pumps back to back. Definitely lost a little bit of low end feel with the SO pump. P7100 can be swapped in for anywhere from $1500 to $5000, and requires cam removal. I’ve seen p24 valves that run very well with p pumps, and some that run like garbage. Depends on how well you set it up. Hot rod VP pumps are known for shorter service life over a SO pump, and a SO pump will make the same amount of maximum power (~750) My vote is to stay with the HO VP. That’s what you’re used to and the truck won’t feel any different. Finally, I’m also in Colorado and willing to offer advice/help if wanted
  3. Spicer kit only. Power-Lok parts are getting harder to find and Spicer kits are a guarantee fit
  4. trreed

    Towing without gauges

    Ran both the dimmer and ignition switch to the radio fuse via a add-a-fuse module. No dimmer for me.
  5. trreed

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    I don't think many know specifics. You can roughly guess what they're using. It's the same as everyone else who is making good horsepower. They usually don't just give out their setups willingly.
  6. trreed

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    Top feeds, large compounds, and large injectors.
  7. trreed

    Quadzilla V2 Custom Tunes

    800 some on fuel. with nitrous, even the HO pump will break 1k
  8. trreed

    47RE advice

    @Ram Man 02 - this is a touch off topic, but I grew up in Delano. I remember driving by your truck on River St all through high school, and I was always jealous of it. Had a black 1500 back in those days.. I made sure to keep an eye out for yours when I was in town last month too. Good to see the rust hasn't gotten to it!
  9. Another train of thought is that the 1st, 3rd and 4th gens all have an air box right behind the headlight, and the 4th gens can even choose if they suck air from the fender or directly from the grille. So there might be a benefit to a Ram Air style intake in 2nd gens
  10. trreed

    Towing without gauges

    SCII can't decipher the ECM reading for whatever reason. But the late model ECMs do have barometric pressure sensors, so they can report in psig across the data connector. Which the SCII obviously doesn't connect to. @Me78569 explained to me a while back why the information across the OBDII is jacked up, but i've forgotten.
  11. trreed

    Quadzilla display project

    That would require running the USB-C cable through the firewall and adapt to the 4 pin Deutsch connector, wouldn't it? It'd be back to the PV2 screen style with updated hardware
  12. Single disk won't hold up to the mods you already have, unless you reallly baby it. Best to have the dual disk from your point on if you want to keep building it.
  13. trreed

    New Project

    Pump, lines, gear, and fuel filter acquired. Have a lead on a turbo, not cracked gear case, and dampener tomorrow as well. The 12 valve will rise again!
  14. trreed

    Seat upgrades

    Superduty seats are an issue in 24 valve cabs because we have in-seat belts, whereas super duties have external belts.
  15. trreed

    New Project

    I was just looking at all of those links! Almost had a lead on a pump this morning in Kersey, but it sold.