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  1. 0.006 is the amount of backlash the ring gear has when the pinion is held stationary. It moves more than you think it would. Rotational play in the pinion is going to be that 0.0xx backlash plus the tolerance of the free-to-rotate pinion teeth.
  2. Hey now that’s my good brain cell you’re **** talking there. My other two aren’t good for much of anything.
  3. Mine was around 1/8 turn. Now it’s almost no free play after the rebuild
  4. Stacked in the same order. Fun fact, the rear pinion bearing isn’t shimmed. The damn race is. Yeah I got lucky. Turns out Spicer etches the number of shims needed to set the pinion depth on the pinion. I didn’t know that when I put the factory size stack of shims in. Backlash was 6 thou and pattern was just off square of the center of the tooth
  5. Backlash came out ok without shims. Pinion I was able to reuse the factory shims
  6. It lives! Pattern came out great. Differential is dead quiet. No howling, chirping when turning, or other goofy noises. Now for the “break-in”!
  7. I’m not sure what happens to the price if you need hard parts replaced
  8. Super Stick Transmissions. His stock 5600 rebuild is $3250 with core, 5 year/100k mile/700 HP warranty. Also offers modifications to the oil passages for increased shifting speed. So I was really high on my estimate above. He also offers a 1000 HP capable 5600, and an over 1000 HP capable unit.
  9. Exactly. And that's on the high side for a quality rebuild. Prices are so much higher that it's literally not worth it to find an alternative anything for a 5600.
  10. Yes, but they’re not in the same class. I can’t tell you specifically why the 5600 can’t use a GL-4 fluid, but I can tell you at $4600 per rebuild with almost a 1.5 month wait right now, I’m going to be putting in what’s recommended and not be experimenting.
  11. Can and should are two different things. Yes I can put 80w-90 in my 6 speed (and actually had a shop do that.... idiots) but it doesn’t mean I should. Accelerated wear and poor shift qualities will come around when those brass synchros are eaten away and cold weather hits
  12. We have talked about fluids for three different transmissions, none of which were the original transmission in question. There are synchronizer differences between Mike’s NV4500 and your NV5600 that dictate the different fluid requirements. Also, Mike had a shop tell him that they would willingly warranty any damage caused by their recommendation of using a known wrong fluid. Sure it worked, but Mike’s scenario is a one-off situation. Based on that, I caution trying to find a replacement fluid for the NV5600. As @dripley has said, OEM parts are no longer made, and most on the market are cheap knockoffs. There are only a handful of people who rebuild these transmissions correctly, and they charge around $4600 for a stock rebuild, and you gotta ship the trans as freight to them. Depending on which carrier you use and the distance, there’s another 500-1000 each way. Why play with fire on a rare transmission trying to find a different fluid when pennzoil synchromesh is available at chain auto parts stores for $8.49/quart? It’s just not worth it.
  13. Yeah, assuming @Dieselfuture reaches his maximum torque of 1000 ft-lbs in 4th gear (1.39:1), that's 1390 ft-lbs input to the D80. Adds up quick, if we assume maximum torque can be reached in 3rd or even 2nd. Even more when in 4Lo and an additional 2.72:1 is multiplied in.
  14. With the G56 it has more to do with gear rollover when switching from a dual mass flywheel to a single mass flywheel. ATF is too thin to be quiet with SMF. It doesn't have as much to do with synchro protection.