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  1. That is similar to a J-hook. Never seen anyone use a turnbuckle before. It holds the wastegate closed, and allows more boost pressure to be built.
  2. Did my VP go too?

    Why not pressurize the system from the VP fitting and see where the leak is coming from? Takes like 30 minutes.
  3. Did my VP go too?

    You can feel up there and get the connector off without taking the bed off. A small set of needle nose pliers will help
  4. Did my VP go too?

    Replacing the filters should take care of the fass sounding like a rock tumbler. It should purr smoothly.
  5. Did my VP go too?

    I had an issue like that once. Could never figure it out, until I replaced the water separator. Fixed it and the pump ran normally from then on.
  6. Did my VP go too?

    Yeah, that’s sucking air hard. If the quick connect is fully clipped onto the suction port of the basket, next is to look at the quick connect to pushloc adaptor and see if that connection is letting air in
  7. Did my VP go too?

    Can you post a video of the fass sound? Upload it to youtube first.
  8. Poor MPG

    Leaving it on lvl 4 all the time is still using wiretap, and 25% wiretap at a minimum is a lot. Try running on level 3 for a while and see what your mileage is. 3 is CANBus fueling only, and uses the entire 0-30 psi range of fueling. Your canbus fuel settings look pretty good for your mods, but if level 3 feels sluggish, you can bump those by 2% across the board as a start, and still control smoke very well.
  9. Post turbo egts

    I don't know about any pre-made downpipes like that. But it's just an 1/8" NPT bung that would be welded in there.
  10. Did my VP go too?

    That won’t work in this instance. @Royal Squire has a 1/2” draw straw. You have a 3/8” suction port and 1/2” line.
  11. Did my VP go too?

    If it sounds choppy while running it's sucking air. It does take care of air separation, but it is still possible for air to get past the filter, or there could be a suction leak beyond the pump, like in the JIC fitting above the return line. Double check all of your connections. I've found that quick connect fittings (particularly the style you're using) push on a lot farther than they appear before the click happens that indicates it's fully seated.
  12. Did my VP go too?

    No, his fass has all pushloc or JIC fittings, and one hose clamp connection. Only quick connect is where the fass connects to the stock suction supply on the basket.
  13. turbo

    Those will help with a 62 mm. But they're way too small for a 66 mm. My recommendation still is to either find a good hx35, rebuild your current one, or consider a 62/65/12
  14. turbo

    Do you have larger injectors? If not, is going to be laggy. A 62 mm is usually a good first turbo upgrade for those looking for more power. A 62 can be run with stock injectors, but it is also laggy.
  15. turbo

    A quick search of the info you gave on the Garrett turbo returned a majority of turbos suited for cars. So without an actual model number off the Garrett, I wouldn't use it. I'm also wary of Cardone, purely because they supply parts stores with remanufactured turbos and charge 1k for them. As for your current turbo, 1/4" is a lot of radial play, but if there is 0 axial play and the compressor wheel isn't hitting the housing, its OK to run. My suggestion would be to pick up a good used genuine holset turbo (can be found on Facebook for $300 or less), or if you're adventurous, try rebuilding it yourself.