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  1. Both items may be necessary. We do need to figure out your tune though. Is there a way for you to share your current tune with us?
  2. Mike this isn't pop pressure. It's about a lot of fuel. He says it's like algebra to him. So point him to the tune repository, make sure he can load a large injector compound tune, and see if anything improves. https://mopar1973man.com/forum/185-standard-quadzilla-adrenaline-tunes/
  3. It depends on what trim level you have. Mine was wired for them, the plugs were just hanging out behind the door panel. Plugged them in, and everything worked right off the bat. Mirrors run off the IOD fuse. That switch looks like it'll work just fine. Another thing. If your new mirrors have heat, you'll have to get a new climate control stack that has the 'Mirror" button in it for heat. That was plug and play for me as well.
  4. Timing and fuel is where all of your power comes from. Even adding a big turbo like a S475 only nets you about 50 more hp. You're in need of a tuner is what it boils down to.
  5. Removal and replacement is fairly easy. The two bolts holding the exhust downpipe to the elbow are known to snap, so soak those in ATF or PB Blaster for a few days. Why replace the oil supply line? Those don't usually go bad. Cleaning the CAC will be a PITA. Removal and soaking in a detergent like Simple Green may be best. Lastly, you are correct on it being a HX35W. You should be able to find one fairly reasonable. Most of use here are wary of parts store (napa, autozone, etc) or Chinesium turbos. Genuine Holset is usually the easiest bet.
  6. No. TST comp is wiretap ONLY. Seriously. Give the Adrenaline a try. I bet you’ll pick it up quicker than you think.
  7. It should have an actuator, which tells me someone got their grubby mitts on it at one point, and removed the solenoid and didn't tune for the absence of the stock parts.
  8. Oh absolutely. "why won't this thing go faster?? WHY WON'T IT SHUT OFF??"
  9. They still drove it 20 miles like that! Crackheads are interesting creatures.
  10. I suppose they could.... but it’s very difficult to tell that there is even a Quadzilla, and if they find it, it’s got a generic name for the Bluetooth. Then theyd have to download the iQuad app, create a tune, and be close enough to you with the truck on to load up any prank tune. Man, that’s a fantastic prank idea. But I’m the only one of my diesel friend group with a quadzilla so I’d be pranking myself.
  11. What tune are you currently running?
  12. It’s alright to be overwhelmed with V2. Like Mike, I’m on my third year of it and am still learning tricks. Don’t give up on it just yet. It’s a delayed gratification thing. You say you don’t have time to learn it, but you do. Once you understand what each variable does, and how it interacts with the tune, you can think of something different you want to change at night, and in the morning, implement it on your way to work. Most recent example i have is my timing reduction settings. I started with the goal that I wanted the turbos to spool faster. I then went back to the article Nick posted above (because I forget all the time what everything does) and figured out that I wanted to adjust both the Low PSI Timing Reduct and the Timing Reduct Scaling, because those two work in conjunction to pull timing. And then during daily driving duties, I messed with the values until I found something that I liked and that the truck responded well to. That’s my whole process for making a tune. Make it simpler chunks.
  13. Can you get a data log for us?
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