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  1. Thanks. I went back out and verified there is no trace on the wire. Just a black wire. I took a couple more pics also. There are 2 branches coming off the Loom, 1 going to LF ABS Sensor, and one going to the Proportioning Valve. And the mysterious Black Wire.
  2. Just taking a little break from my TC Lock problem - which is still under study/investigation. While digging around, I found this black wire beneath the ABS module. It comes out of the same wiring harness as the wires/connector for the ABS. I rings out to chassis ground. I assume a bolt/screw goes thru the eye, but I see no place within black wires reach for it to go. Does anyone know where it's home is please. I bought truck second hand and it looks like the LEFT Fender might have been replaced. Thanks. Leaky
  3. Thanks. Explains why truck barely turned and fired using my Spare DDP-02 with less pressure. So once started, is the 20 psi still OK for the VP44? (I might still be paying off the FASS 150. )
  4. Thanks for inputs. Also, the W-T Mod was done some months ago, followed Mikes lead verbatim. Noise is at acceptable normal level but I’m still pulling ALT fuse/connector to do a 2nd test WRT TC issue. Thats what I like about these trucks, you can always move on to another problem when in a state of consternation over another one.
  5. Ground cables are new/clean and AC noise is .015 - .020 measured with a Fluke like Mikes video shows. I do intend to pull ALT fuse from PDC and 2 wire connector from back ALT and test drive to see if the TC problem remains. (It’s always good to have 2 problems going at once so I can alternate between them. Reduces the boredom/stress.) Thanks for all the replies. Leaky
  6. Thanks guys. Some very good points. The FASS I have is putting out every bit of 20 psi and maybe more. When I turn on the key, that gauge immediately swings up. Conversations with others indicates they have LP putting out 20 with no problems. Then I hear the VP44 has such close clearances it does not like too much fuel pressure. From what I read, the causes of the hard start when hot are due either to a damaged diaphragm in the VP44 or too much FP. I hate to crank the starter any more than necessary given the amps and work it has to do. I figured the switch would be easier for me to control the on/off situation given the location of the fuse for the FASS. Thanks again for the replies. Leaky
  7. Hi, Installed reman VP44 from DAP, no codes, no problems. But engine now requires excessive cranking to start when hot. It fires right off when hot. Truck has FASS 150 that provides 20psi all day and I've always used a protected isolation relay between ECM and the FP. In preparation for a trip last weekend, and with limited time, I modified my existing isolation relay by adding the NC relay and using the B+ from brown solenoid wire to hold FASS150 at bay during cranking. Moparman has an article on it. No noticeable improvement was seen. I switched to a FASS DDRP-02 I have as spare (circa 13psi) and truck fired right off. Suspect problem is too much FP from FASS 150. But I want to retain the FP 150 for the FP it provides to VP44. (The one I just replaced.) I have read that one can change a spring in the 150 to reduce FP. Again, I like the 20psi for the VP44 and would rather not dink with the FASS 150. Since the FASS runs for 10 secs when key is turned on, I am entertaining getting B+ for the newly added NC Relay shown below - from another source than the solenoid, and installing a NC spring loaded switch to control the LP NC relay until engine fires. This procedure would only be done/needed when engine is hot. Anyone see a problem with this? It seems like a harmless mod but given the problems these trucks have with AC noise etc. I need to ask. Thanks. Leaky As soon as I get this done, I need to find out why I have a TC Lock/Unlock issue that magically appeared during my trip.
  8. Hi, I have a 2nd Generation Truck but “possibly” looking for a second truck for the wife. Ran into a man today who I have not seen in a while. He bought a truck BEFORE getting a huge Toy Hauler and has decided he now needs a Dually. I rented a 2016 a couple of years ago for trip to Wyoming. Anyone own own one of these? And what are the pro and cons please. Thanks Leaky
  9. Mike, do you know if DAP is still a good source for a VP44? Thanks Joe a.k.a. Leaky
  10. Thanks. It’s always good to know what “might” be in store for me. The VP44 on my truck is a remanufactured one. The truck still had an OEM Carter Fuel pump mounted on the engine when I bought it which might account for it having remanufactured one. First thing I did was install a FASS pump and replumb it. The only other code I’ve received is a P1291. My truck throws this when the relays are disconnected during warm weather. Just thankful this did not happen last weekend on trip to WY and back. The only about today was a heavy rain but I drove through rain last weekend. I certainly don't want to condemn the VP44 given the cost of replacement if there is something else I’m not seeing that could be causing the problem. I’ll keep looking. Leaky
  11. Thanks. So I might as well ask now. What’s involved in changing the VP 44 out. Lessons learned etc. Thanks
  12. My turn. Got same code today after 2200 trip last weekend. Cleared, drove 15 mi and it’s back. Please define “issues with PSG on VP44”. Not sure I really want to know what PSG since it’s used in the same sentence as VP44. I can see the TACH taking minute dips and it sounds like a cylinder miss does on a GASSER for lack of better description. Please listen to attached. Thanks Leaky New Recording.m4a
  13. Hi, I need to haul this truck but do not know the Curb weight. Dealership DB does not go beyond 90. Any one know a DB I can tap? Thanks Leaky
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