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  1. Mike, Thank you very much for a valid response to my question. Appreciate it!
  2. I did my Grid Heater By-Pass using a SS581. (It's a great modification that will reduce unnecessary demands on the electrical system and I don't have to disconnect my Grid Heaters in the Spring). Mine works great, but I want to change my SS581 to a "protected" relay. Call me gun shy but anything that threatens the electrical system is a no-go with me. Is there another "Protected" relay besides the SS598 that can be used? The reviews on the SS598 are horrible. Thanks. Leaky
  3. Per Connected Automotive Systems there is a Interface with Laptop based S/W that performs and does what the DRB III does. Does anyone have experience with this Emulator? Thanks Leaky
  4. it’s all good. If something is not dripping from these diesels, the engine should not be turned over. I have not timed the duration, but it appears to be a drip, a pause, a drip, vice drip,drip, drip. I just want the fluid level to drip below sensor so I can examine/replace the grommet. If I pull the sensor now, it will go gush, gush, gush, and Ill go cuss, cuss, cuss.
  5. Mine leaks where barb enters tank. Can the grommet be replaced, if so where might I find replacement. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks Leaky
  6. Need an ECM repaired. I looked at Pepsi's Chart. Think I will pass on Auto Computer Specialist. So moving down the list, has anyone dealt with dieselsystemservices? If so, I'd like to hear about it. Thanks. Leaky
  7. 01cummins4ever, Thanks. It's driving me nuts. And, the stress on the Starter has always been a concern to me.
  8. 01cummins4ever, Thanks. No. it will NOT fire off instantly - when HOT- with the FASS 150 Lift Pump disabled. However, if I use a FASS DP02 Lift Pump, it starts HOT all the time/everytime.
  9. Just curious. Does this mean the VP44 must see at least 7psi in order for engine to start or No? The reason I ask is because the HOT Start Mods to disable the Lift Pump would result in VP 44 seeing no pressure since the LP is disabled. Correct? Or does taking the Lift Pump off line make the VP44 dependent on getting the fuel, which is very hard on it.
  10. I do have 1/2” inch lines, from the FASS all the way to the VP 44 via the OEM filter. I’ve followed most every recommendation you have provided.
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