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  1. 99 Ranger XLT 2.5LT 2WD 5SP Anitfreeze Leak

    MoparMan, Thanks, I'll do that first. Truck is due to for a timing belt change, this new symptom just moved it up I guess. Appreciate the feedback. Leaky Moparman, Any recommendations on a brand of tester? I need an excuse to buy a tool. Leaky
  2. Hi, 306K on the Clock. (Good truck. Normal maintenance cost.) "Slow"Antifreeze Leak Right Front side of Engine. Small 3/4" diameter puddle. Leak evidences itself in morning "after" driving. No overheating, heat is good in cab. Looked at if from every direction and no signs of leakage. Checked/wiggled all hoses, clamps - all are dry. Nothing around pump, radiator or side freeze plugs. Oil is NOT foamy. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. Leaky
  3. BLUF: Don't overthink going to Vulcan for your parts, excellent service/advice, and great customer service. Just do it!!! After countless hours of research looking for parts and asking for help through various on-line/local Vendors, Vulcan is my go-to Vendor. VULCAN stocks a wide-variety of fittings, adaptors, and fuel related parts that I have not found elsewhere. While in the throes of modifying my fuel module, and fuel system, I repeatedly Emailed Eric and asked him countless questions. Each and EVERY time, he responded with courtesy and patience. And I often received and answer outside of business hours. It is a business I want to personally visit when I'm in the PNW. I cannot say enough good things about Vulcan and Eric is great!!! Leaky
  4. Thanks guys. I contacted Eric and order has been placed with Vulcan. I cannot say enough good things about Vulcan and Eric is great!!! Leaky
  5. Killer223, Thanks. I will pull the Ignition Control Module again. I got a bad once already, this one might be suspect also. Appreciate the feedback. Leaky
  6. Hi, I'm looking for a single 1/2 Bulkhead fitting and some 1/2" corrugated fuel line. (ALL items above bracket in pic, less, washers, male QC, clamp and ties. ) Any one know of a source for fittings besides Vulcan? [Note: Nothing against Vulcan, they are great to deal with, extremely helpful, I can't say enough good about them. I'm just looking for source closer to me given Christmas mail delays etc..] Thanks. Leaky
  7. Hi, Truck starts fine all the time. Once it's warmed up, it develops a miss as if its starving for fuel. Fuel pressure is good. Timing is correct. injectors tested/serviced, fuel filter/plugs/wires changed. I have an OTC 4000E OBD1 scanner and everything is within specs. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks. Leaky
  8. Thanks! Very nice. I appreciate it. No question about there ever being fuel in that basket!! And where did you get the Red and Silver Bulkhead fittings and adaptors please? Leaky.
  9. 015point9, Thanks. I am using the kit your link discusses. Leaky
  10. dripley, Thanks. Meant to say T-Block vice T-bar. Its the plastic horizontal junction between top lines and bottom ones.
  11. Need to drill 5/8" hole in top for bulkhead fitting and a 1/2" hole in the basket. I'm concerned about the basket since it's so thin. Is a Step-Drill best way? Also, I'm told the caps on the T-Bar just "snap" on/off IOT remove the check-valve. Either my fingers are weak or someone used glue. Any advise please? Thanks. Leaky