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  1. Dieselfuture,, No, I have not. My sensors are unique to say the least. Please see picture above. And I cleaned up the tone wheel and removed any excess grease I found. I checked the routing of the sensor wires, ensured all connections were tight. Went into it pretty cautiously after reading Mike's experience.
  2. Update: Cruise Control works now, BUT the Brake and ABS light come on intermittently. I can put the Cruise on and it works fine. Then - without notice or symptoms - the Brake and ABS light will illuminate and stay on until I shut down the truck. When the Brake and ABS light come on, the Cruise continues to work. L and R wheel sensors have been changed as was the one in Differential. I also cleaned and inspected the tone wheels for damage, movement, etc. Now what? Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Leaky
  3. UPDATE: It appears a company called AIP Electronics makes these sensors. Nothing $150 won't take care of. Part number on Sensor proper is KH 21A9 and a 14A9. Initially I thought KH stood for Kelsey Hayes but that didn't wash. During all the research I found a Sensor for a 99 3500 listed as LF ABS106 RF ABS107 by AIP. So, I'm in the holding pattern again. It gets better. The starter is dead on the Zero Turn so the grass will continue to grow. Leaky
  4. Thanks for looking. It never fails for me. I have 99 Ford Ranger with 2000 parts on it. I saw Mikes article on changing sensors and thought "that won't take long, I'll get that done and mow the 5acres. Grass continues to grow.
  5. OK. I'll take it one step at a time on the tone wheel. Nothing wrong with cleaning it up I hope. Take a look "my" sensor. Been to a lot of websites and never once was this displayed as an option for an ABS Sensor for my truck. I'd just be happy finding a source right now.
  6. Got wheel AND hub off, mine is obviously an older one when compared to your article on changing sensors. My luck. There is no metal tab on top sensor. Sensor is located at bottom, with 2 bolts holding it on. Have not taken 2 bolts off, but it appears I have the wrong parts. You mention tone wheel failed. Was it missing a tooth or what? Mine was covered in dirt and debris. I cleaned it up. All teeth are present, square, no signs of physical damage. Is this an either work or doesn't issue? Previous owner used a red grease. Any recommendations on type please. Thanks. Leaky
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  8. Thanks. Point taken. New sensors ordered today. Leaky
  9. Not opposed changing sensors. Since it's a $170 change-out, I checked Resistance and A/C output on each. LF- 1158 ohm; Voltage output was .002 volts RF- 1200 ohm; Voltage output was 1.5 volts Anyone know what A/C voltage range is please? Thanks. Leaky
  10. Hi, I'm trying to select the correct range of gauge to monitor my 47RE with a 5" aftermarket pan. Choices are: 100 - 280 or 140 - 320 Any suggestions please? Thanks. Leaky
  11. Nope. ABS and Brake warnings remain on after Cruise Control is turn OFF. These warning lights remain on UNTIL I shut the truck down. When I start it up, the ABS and Brake warning lights are NOT on. If I turn on the Cruise the cycle begins again.
  12. Hi, Correct one problem, along comes the next. Guess that's why these trucks are called a Labor of Love. I tried to use the Cruise Control. All it does is illuminate the ABS and Brake warning lights. I know I'm not the first. Leaky
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    Hi from Germany

    And I thought Illinois was bad.
  14. Leaky88

    Hi from Germany

    Tiller, Thanks. So a gallon would be a "little" less than $5.72. I will not complain about it being $2.77 here in IL. But Diesel has always been cheaper than benzine. Correct? How strict is the TUEF inspections on these older Diesels?
  15. Leaky88

    Hi from Germany

    Tiller, Thanks for pictures. How much is Diesel per Liter now? Leaky