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  1. I saw a review (for what those are worth) of this Flasher. Reviewer claimed he had same issue using it in his Excursion. When I cancel it, the lights go out but you can hear the relay doing 2 residual clicks. PFM I guess.
  2. Hi, I'm in the process of changing my light bulbs to LED's. Following Mike's lead, I installed the EP27L Relay from NAPA to eliminate the notorious Hyper Flash on Turn Signals. The Hyper Flash is gone, but I noted the Relay clicks 2 or 3 times AFTER the signal is cancelled. Happens regardless if its Left or Right. Is this what others are experiencing? Not a show stopper, just curious. Thanks. Leaky
  3. Update on my H/M trailer axles with no tags. While ordering new bearing kits today, the old bearing/races show up as being for 5.2-7K axles. Onward!
  4. Still pondering the HID and the DIY or Plug & Play option. My need to see how much Equity I have in my home to obtain a loan. In interim , I’m sold on the LEDs and want to covert all possible incandescent to LED. Sylvania ZEVO has 3157’s but they have caption “For off-road use only.” They come in a Red White and Amber. They are alleged to be Super Bright. Q1. Has anyone used these ZEVO? If so, any issues with inspections, or late evening roadside chats with law enforcement? Q2. The clearance lights on side of my Dually Fenders are Clip-in Hella Brand, and bulb’s are not accessible. Is there an aftermarket LED replacement? Thanks
  5. So, they are probably 7K maybe? Yes the other 2 axles have brakes, but for some reason the builder put brakes on the front and middle axle. I will verify it was those 2. Any reason it would not be last 2? Or first and last? I was really happy the rims fit so I can go to 16” tires. 16.5 are like looking for Hen’s teeth. Thanks Leaky
  6. Hi, Question was asked what size axles I have. I don't know for certain but would like to. I bought this trailer Homemade from a Welder who built it. Axles have no tags. The wheels are 8x6.5, the axle shafts measure 3" in diameter, and there are 6 leaf springs. With 8 bolt wheels and a 3" shaft it should be what? Maybe 7.5K? I have no idea what the curb weight is. Title states weight is 3K. and its 26' x 8'. I will tell you there was no shortage of metal when it was made. Wanted to give an update on the rims. My 6 94 Dodge 3/4 Ton rims do fit so I can change out to 16" tires vice 16.5. At least something is going right. And yes, I know it needs a paint job. Thanks. Leaky
  7. Mike, with exception of HID are ALL of the other lights on your Truck LED and if so any issues...like with turn signals. Thanks Leaky
  8. Russ just confirmed why you never see me hanging along side of a SEMI. NOPE! I only go around when there is a clear shot of getting around and with plenty of room SAFELY get far ahead from it and back in. Sometime in summer of 84 I was riding with an acquaintance on I77. He was following a train of cars in the passing lane leaving us along side a Flatbed which had a blowout on the trailer, my side of course. A piece of tread left a big dent in my door and to say the noise is unnerving is an BIG understatement. If I have anything to say or do about it, that was my first and last experience. There’s a reason some trucks have signs where not to hang out. Sage advice worth heeding in MHO.
  9. Maybe Ill just remove an axle so I can afford 4 of $200 tires. I suppose these China Bombs are on these overloaded Car Haulers (Non CDL) I see on I70 in far left lane passing everything and making every pony earn its keep. I’m nearly convinced I should put money in quality tires. It seems like any savings garnered from the China pops would only go against potential hospital bills. I’m looking at Nisaacs pics as I’m writing this.
  10. I am far from being versed on Trailers. As best I can tell they are 7K and I base that thenon fact it has 8 lug wheels. It’s Homemade,
  11. Thanks. I suppose it probably won't fit. Nothing else is going right.
  12. The trailer has set dormant for about 6 years on my property. (I just never used it and every time I cut the grass I find something else I need to fix. Just one of the problems of living on 5 acres.) I got Trailer off a Welder who used it for his business. It’s HD homemade 26’ x8’ Gooseneck. I am moving and need a trailer to haul all the crap I have 1070 miles one-way. It will be NLT 3 round trips when said and done. Can’t afford a new trailer and buying a used one is a gamble and whose to say it’s any better. So I’m going through it. It had 16.5 8x6.5 bolt pattern rims on it, but I have 6 - 16” /6.5 /8x6.5 rims, off a Dodge I’m replacing them with as well new bearings, lights etc to bring it into service. (I got away from the 16.5 because my recollection of a 16.5 flat on the road and the cost of the 16.5 tire and install was very costly.). I just put 6 tires on the truck which we all know is not cheap but the tires on it were OLD. Maybe they would have been better than the China Bomb trailer tires. So I’m open to any suggestions. Thanks Leaky
  13. So I would be remiss if I didn’t ask about the DIY route. How much time and savings?
  14. So where does one find these Morimoto HID’s and what can I expect to pay?
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