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  1. Hi, Installing a new cylinder head. This is my first experience with Torque (and) Angle. Manual says: Step 1: Torque to 50LBS Step 2: Turn additional 90 -100 degrees I have a TA360 angle gauge for Step 2. Question: After taking each bolt to 50FtLb's per tightening sequence diagram, do I go back and recheck each bolt to insure its at 50FtLb - BEFORE - proceeding with STEP 2? Thanks. Leaky
  2. Leaky88

    Cylinder Head Dowels on Ranger 2.5

    Hi, Can someone tell me how many Cylinder Head Locating Dowels are on a 2.5 Head please? My bad, it was late at night, I was rushed to get it to Machine Shop the next day and not mindful of them. Called Ford, they said there are 2, but Salesman said illustrated Diagram showed 3. But you have to order pack of 4 for $21.xx. Thanks. Leaky
  3. Leaky88

    99 Ranger XLT 2.5LT 2WD 5SP Anitfreeze Leak

    MoparMan, Thanks, I'll do that first. Truck is due to for a timing belt change, this new symptom just moved it up I guess. Appreciate the feedback. Leaky Moparman, Any recommendations on a brand of tester? I need an excuse to buy a tool. Leaky
  4. Hi, 306K on the Clock. (Good truck. Normal maintenance cost.) "Slow"Antifreeze Leak Right Front side of Engine. Small 3/4" diameter puddle. Leak evidences itself in morning "after" driving. No overheating, heat is good in cab. Looked at if from every direction and no signs of leakage. Checked/wiggled all hoses, clamps - all are dry. Nothing around pump, radiator or side freeze plugs. Oil is NOT foamy. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. Leaky
  5. BLUF: Don't overthink going to Vulcan for your parts, excellent service/advice, and great customer service. Just do it!!! After countless hours of research looking for parts and asking for help through various on-line/local Vendors, Vulcan is my go-to Vendor. VULCAN stocks a wide-variety of fittings, adaptors, and fuel related parts that I have not found elsewhere. While in the throes of modifying my fuel module, and fuel system, I repeatedly Emailed Eric and asked him countless questions. Each and EVERY time, he responded with courtesy and patience. And I often received and answer outside of business hours. It is a business I want to personally visit when I'm in the PNW. I cannot say enough good things about Vulcan and Eric is great!!! Leaky
  6. Thanks guys. I contacted Eric and order has been placed with Vulcan. I cannot say enough good things about Vulcan and Eric is great!!! Leaky
  7. Killer223, Thanks. I will pull the Ignition Control Module again. I got a bad once already, this one might be suspect also. Appreciate the feedback. Leaky
  8. Hi, I'm looking for a single 1/2 Bulkhead fitting and some 1/2" corrugated fuel line. (ALL items above bracket in pic, less, washers, male QC, clamp and ties. ) Any one know of a source for fittings besides Vulcan? [Note: Nothing against Vulcan, they are great to deal with, extremely helpful, I can't say enough good about them. I'm just looking for source closer to me given Christmas mail delays etc..] Thanks. Leaky
  9. Hi, Truck starts fine all the time. Once it's warmed up, it develops a miss as if its starving for fuel. Fuel pressure is good. Timing is correct. injectors tested/serviced, fuel filter/plugs/wires changed. I have an OTC 4000E OBD1 scanner and everything is within specs. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks. Leaky
  10. Thanks! Very nice. I appreciate it. No question about there ever being fuel in that basket!! And where did you get the Red and Silver Bulkhead fittings and adaptors please? Leaky.
  11. 015point9, Thanks. I am using the kit your link discusses. Leaky
  12. How many holes were drilled into the basket? Thanks. Leaky