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  1. Need an ECM repaired. I looked at Pepsi's Chart. Think I will pass on Auto Computer Specialist. So moving down the list, has anyone dealt with dieselsystemservices? If so, I'd like to hear about it. Thanks. Leaky
  2. 01cummins4ever, Thanks. It's driving me nuts. And, the stress on the Starter has always been a concern to me.
  3. 01cummins4ever, Thanks. No. it will NOT fire off instantly - when HOT- with the FASS 150 Lift Pump disabled. However, if I use a FASS DP02 Lift Pump, it starts HOT all the time/everytime.
  4. Just curious. Does this mean the VP44 must see at least 7psi in order for engine to start or No? The reason I ask is because the HOT Start Mods to disable the Lift Pump would result in VP 44 seeing no pressure since the LP is disabled. Correct? Or does taking the Lift Pump off line make the VP44 dependent on getting the fuel, which is very hard on it.
  5. I do have 1/2” inch lines, from the FASS all the way to the VP 44 via the OEM filter. I’ve followed most every recommendation you have provided.
  6. Some have responded that they have 7-12 PSI while cranking Engine. AND they run as much as 18+ PSI down the road. With the FP Relay in PDC removed, my gauge shows a solid 15 PSI while cranking Engine. My FP stays a solid 17 down the highway. Q1:I am not understanding why my cranking pressure is so high compared to the reports of others (I.e. 7-12 PSI) Called FASS. Was told some VP44 are finicky about the high FP and the HOT Start issue) Was told to trim Spring to lower PSI. I can do that, no problem. Q2: If I trim the spring to reduce the “cranking pr
  7. OK. No Valves it is. I've erased the idea. Sorry I brought it up. Bad Bad Bad idea. I'm down with that. I'm just tired of the HOT START issue. Any engine that needs to be cranked excessively before it fires, most especially a Diesel, is embarrassing and I'm certain the Starter does not enjoy it either. The "load-tested" batteries are good, the Starter is strong, and has no issues. Now back to the back to the Ball and Spring at the RETURN on the FASS 150. Did not find a 14psi Spring at Vulcan, contacted them asking for one, and apparently they don't stoc
  8. With the Fuel Pump Relay removed, it cranks a healthy 15psi of FP on the installed Mechanical Pillar Gauge. I know the FP needs to be no more than 12PSI or I have Hot Start issues. I got it. Question remains: Would my idea of a Ball Valve on Return Side of FASS 150 allow me to control it? Good/Bad Idea? Has anyone done it? I know the Air Dogs have an adjustment with lock nut on them. But my FASS 150 does not. Thanks.
  9. Mike et al,, I have also tried the Starter Mod with no joy. I then went to the Relay Mod. Question: What if I installed a Natural Gas 1/2" Ball Valve on the return side of the FASS? Looking at it, I could easily put 1/2" Push-on fittings on the valve. Do you think this would work? Thanks. Leaky
  10. Almost a year ago, I replaced my VP44, purchased through DAP. Truck runs fine, but I STILL have a HARD START issue when truck is hot. (I.e. I stop at a Rest Area on a trip.) For the life of me, I cannot remember if the "failed" VP 44 had an issue with Hot Starts. It could very well have been an existing issue prior to my replacing the VP44 and I attributed the hard start problem to the old VP44. Regardless, the problem is still alive and well. Please note, the engine kicks right off with a mere bump when it's cold, regardless of time of the year. I have a FAS
  11. As I age, good tires, power steering, cruise control, a bag of tools, and a properly functioning AC are paramount. I can deal with the rest.
  12. Thanks. B-days come to way quick now. I use to wish I had tools. Now that I have “almost” what I want, I’m hoping I will have enough time to use the tools.
  13. Thanks. AZ returned my money and I’m going with the Four Season Package. It’s half dozen @nd another buying anything anymore. We just hope there was no unhappy employee in China that day. COVID 19 is real. I know of 2 COVID cases. One, a long time friends wife died and another’s Uncle survived it. I’ll be 66 on Wednesday and we’ll I toy with it. Too many projects to do.🤗
  14. Thanks. Of course it’s 90 here today. Got the Compressor off and found it’s not even close. Line connects on side vice the rear as on OEM. If I buy the 4 Seasons from RA it’s 192.90 savings compared to AZ and that includes Fedex. Everything was wrong with AZ kit plus I had to buy an Orifice Line separately. $192.90 is $192.90, you know what I mean? Hope you and yours are OK with this COVID-19. Regards Joe
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